Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Good morning!  Yes, it's still morning...but I am running later today.  Was sick a couple days last week and it threw off my sleep schedule a bit.  Anyways, we did see peeks of blue sky a couple times this last week...but they were brief.  See that bank of clouds on the horizon?  The sky was completely covered over and it was raining 20 minutes later.  (Yes, it is windy up here.)
Can you see the field beyond the garages?  Looks like a good size pond forming, doesn't it?
We went from the drought fire warnings to flood alerts to freeze warnings.  Yes, I saw a few snowflakes yesterday when I was helping bring things up from Leah's car with my little green cart. 
Leah and Ian were here in the afternoon.  All the planning was done for a simple birthday invitation for Ian's first birthday next month.  (I covered the info with a post-it note.)  This was just the sample/template card.  

We will be making them using orange cardstock (you can see on the table) for the base and a light cream cardstock for the information sheet slotted inside.
And for the ladies over at T Stands For Tuesday...one of my trusty new red insulated coffee mugs!  Hi, everybody!
While Leah was working on getting the info sheets to print the way we wanted them to...I thought I'd take a video of Ian.  As you can see, Gramma's place is absolutely not kid proof.  It's like letting Ian loose in an art & craft store--LOL!
Tried again.
You may notice that neither video made it to 30 seconds.  Ian is always only about 2 feet away from something interesting he really can't get into--LOL!  This is why I am extra excited about the new apartment!  All this stuff will be in the art & craft "studio" where we can shut the door.  Whoohoo!  Which means McFamily will be more likely to want to stop by for visits...and it will be easier for Gramma to watch him, too.  ;);)
Miss Karma hides away in the bedroom while Ian is here.
To Karma, life without Ian is the way it should be...
...peaceful and calm.
Her life is going to start changing soon.  The purging and packing is going to begin shortly.  As soon as I get the official word...Karma is going to know something is up--LOL!
My Amazon order this month brought tears to my eyes.  I had ordered this to send to my dad.  His latest love had been doing the easy sudoku puzzles.  So, I shall do them myself and think of Dad every time I pick up the book.  :)
I also got The Night The Sirens Blew by Allen W. Taylor.  I didn't know there was a book about the Fridley tornadoes 50 years ago until Pat (my BFF in high school) told me about it.  And she sent me Amazon money so I could order it--OMGosh!  Thanks, Pat!  I haven't started it yet, but you can bet I will read every word.
Plus I ordered a gift for Dagan--LOL!  
Dagan is the official pooper scooper over at McFamily's.  They actually have two of the typical plastic scoopers (one shorter handle and one longer) that bend and are just horrible to use, IMHO--especially with two cats.  Truth be told--after the first visit I was actually carting Karma's scooper back and forth in a plastic bag every time I went over there in April--LOL!  So, I ordered one for Sammy and Annie...well, for Dagan.  ;)  I haven't heard yet how he liked his "present"--ROFL!
There's been so much rain that Dagan and Leah's sump pump quite working and they had about 3/4 inch of water over most of the basement!!  Awk!!  So they have been busy dealing with that the past couple days...and will be dealing with it every night till it is all cleaned up and dry again.  Always something, right?  It's also been too wet for the sprinkler system to be installed so they can finally put grass on their yard.  And the current prediction is probably sunny for a couple days and then right back to rain and more rain.  They always say--go with the flow, right?  Well, there's been a little too much "flow" lately for McFamily--LOL!
My Mom is doing really well.  Has had a smaller boot on her foot for a few days.  Goes to physical therapy five days a week and they say she's doing really great!  We chat every night...which is new because before this we talked maybe 2-3 times a year.  We have not had daily contact since I left home after high school at 17...but now we actually get along--ROFL!  
Love you, Mom!
Oh, and I added a link (hope I did it correctly) to my facebook page on the right side of the blog under my other websites or whatever I called it.  I had no idea there were so many Rita McGregors and that I was so very common--LOL!  Anyways, hopefully you can find me on facebook if you want to be my friend in Faceville.  ;)
  I am still quite lost on there, though.  I realized how much I am only used to blogging and have not otherwise been involved in social media.  I can't figure out those boxes that pop up on occasion and how/where to respond to them.  It took me days to find where to even update the most current posts...and I'm still not sure I have that right, either.  Goodness!  I am just trying to learn how to keep up with posts on there--LOL!  I am sure I'll figure it out eventually.  But don't expect much of me for a while, okay?  :)
Things are going to be super busy for me as soon as I get the official word on the North Sky apartment.  But Sheree already told me to go ahead and mail the Karma form to Dr. Sleckman and we are not expecting any problems with my approval.  Just waiting for it to be "official" before I start packing things.  
But it has truly started to sink in.
The planning and list-making has begun!  :):):) 
I imagine it will be harder for me to keep up online.  I promise to at least blog.  (Could possibly even be more often because I'll have more to tell you?)  Just don't know how much time I will have to get around to visit in Blogland or Faceville.  The next few months are going to be jam-packed for this old hobbly Swede, I tell ya!  But I promise I will do my best to remember to have my camera nearby, to post blogs, and to try to get around when I am can.  And I'll let you know when I get the official word from Sheree. 
 Meanwhile, Leah and Ian plan to be back on Wednesday.  We'll be working on the invitations.  Today--I am working on moving lists...laundry...making soup and bread...and cutting some orange paper.  ;)  And tonight while I watch TV I might struggle with some sudoku (math in any form does not come easily for me so this should be good for the "old dog" brain) and think of Dad.  :)
Life is good.
  "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."
Helen Keller  


  1. Hi, dear Rita! Hi, Kitty Kat Karma! Your weather has been fluctuating wildly - coat weather one day, swimsuit weather the next and umbrella weather the next. It was fun watching Ian crawling and exploring. Last night I became a grandfather for the 4th time. It's a boy! Our family is very excited.

    Su Doko puzzles are fascinating and great exercise for the brain. Your dad will be proud of you for choosing to solve them in his memory. I am very happy to know that your mother's recovery is moving forward nicely. God bless her!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Rita!

  2. I'm so glad you and your mom are communicating. I'm sure it means the world to her. Ian is a smarty pants. It's hard to believe he's almost a year old. You saw snowflakes? It's 90 degrees here. I can't stand to go out during the day. The humidity is terrible. No one has ever given me a gift as beautiful as that pooper scooper.


  3. It's a very sensible thin to use a thermal insulated mug whilst crafting....the number of cold hot drinks I finally get to...!

  4. So glad that your mom is doing well & that you talk to her much more often--& I bet that she is, too!!

  5. hoping you get official okay soon so the frenzy can begin! :) nice to see karma relaxed and ian getting busy. :) amazing your weather, though. we're sopping wet here, after 4 years of drought status. amazing.

  6. I'm sure you wil be much less tired once in your new place and close the door to the art supplies:):) Karma has no idea what's in store for her yet-good thing she's resting up. The invitations look wonderful! Not a fan of soduko puzzles myself- I much prefer crosswords, but you're connecting with your dad is a big incentive. Have a great week and a happy T day!

  7. No! Can it really be a year since Ian was born? But look at him: he's very much yearning to become a toddler. And I give thanks every time I see you here that all is going as it should. Somebody's guardian angel is watching over your mom right now. :-)

  8. Young Ian is super cute, how lovely you can share videos of him with us. It's a real treat. Having a door an your art room will be a big blessing for you - all! ,lol
    Karma may even choose to hide in there as the wee fella grow, eh, lol.
    Sending best wishes for early news from Sheree and I'm so happy to hear your mum is doing well. What a blessing you still have her in your life. I miss my mum still after 10years.
    Happy purging and Happy T Day :o))

  9. Seems like it was only YESTERDAY that Ian was born, and now you're making plans for his 1st birthday party.

    My friend Sally bought me one of those pooper scoopers and I thank her EVERY time I use it, which seems like it's daily now that I have two to clean up after. Before that, I was using a small plastic thing, not even a scooper. I love mine, so I know Dagan will love his, too.

    I felt for you when I read about the sudoku puzzles. One of those things that brings tears to us all, I'm sure. Glad to read your mother is doing well, though.

    Still have my fingers crossed for the move. And of course, I know Karma will catch on soon enough. Now every time I leave the house, Squiggles knows. Sometimes, he even starts acting out. Bleubeard, on the other hand, takes it in stride since he is used to me leaving him behind and in charge!!

    Thanks for sharing your week with us, as well as your black and red insulated mug, for T this Tuesday.

  10. I saw flakes in the air yesterday! Crazy! I was wearing shorts and a tank top on Sunday...Monday snowflakes! I happened upon this today and thought I'd share.

  11. I can't believe In is turning one already! The invites look really nice so far. It is nice that Leah enjoys crafting as well. Keeping all my fingers crossed for the move. Thanks for your nice comments on my post today.

  12. I have always loves that Helen Keller quote. :)

    Ian is on the move. LOL Cute little boy. It's hard to believe he will be one year old soon. Time sure flies.

    I'm glad your mom is doing better. And I'm glad you're chatting with her more. I bet she loves that. :)

    I hope things go smoothly once the big move begins. :) I hope Karma will be able to adjust. I'm sure she'll be happy wherever she goes as long as you are with her.

  13. What a cutie Ian is! Happy Birthday to him!
    Leah is so nice!
    The best for the move to you!

  14. Mother Nature sure has been in a flux this Spring :( I had to dig my sweats back out yesterday but at least we didn't have snow !!!! Ian is adorable and a busy little bee :)

  15. Can't believe you are making birthday party plans for Ian already. Seems just like yesterday.... I'm excited about your big move. It is a big job but I hope you will have a minute here and there to keep us up to date.


  16. Wonderful sky pics Rita.
    I just added a Virginia sky shot to my Flickr pages with Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: "The sky is the daily bread of our eyes"
    I never tire of looking.
    Ian turning a year old already = Mon Dieu time does move fast!
    Hope you had a Happy T Day
    Thank you for your visit and kind words!

  17. How can he be one already! Good to hear your Mom is getting along okay after her injuries. Packing list...yes that will keep you busy and out of trouble:)

  18. I had no idea there were so many Rita McGregors either... Until I ended up spending ages checking out a bunch of them to find you. But never mind... You were easy to identify when I got to where you were on the Rita list, so I knew I found the right you, if you know what I mean.

    Don't worry about how often you manage to visit Blogland or Faceville... I've not been so great with keeping up with what's going on with people myself lately.

    It's going to be great when you have your new place! Your craft stuff will all be in one room out of the way, Karma will be hiding in another (the bedroom) I expect, and you and McFamily can relax in the living room, safe in the knowledge that Ian isn't about to eat your glue, turn the long letter you're in the process of writing in to confetti, or do any number of other things to craft supplies that will either make him sick or you annoyed.

    I used to do Sudoku puzzles... Haven't done any since before I lost my sight though. I enjoy math, so I used to love the mental workout of doing them.

    Glad your Mom is doing well.

  19. The Facebook link worked so I have sent you a add friend request, funny isn't it how as we get older we either become closer to our mums or drift apart I am really close to my mum, we talk every night and see each other two or three times a week

  20. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Nice to see Karma relaxing! And wow - you've had a lot of rain! Here too.

  21. Anonymous8:02 AM

    "To Karma, life without Ian is the way it should be…peaceful and calm."
    That cracked me up until I tried to cut-and-paste it and now I'm totally frustrated. But it is very funny. :)

  22. My dad is a great Sudoku fan too - does one or two every morning. I can feel your feelings when you got and open this book.

    I bet Karma would like to see those rain-formed ponds stocked up with some Koi fish for her to watch and fish for!

  23. I'm working backwards because I have been out of the loop. That's great news that you are getting along better with your mom. And I'm so thrilled that you're approaching the time when you really will be moving. Wow!
    Cute, cute video!

  24. Can't believe Ian is almost 1 already! How time has flown by!!


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