Monday, July 20, 2015


Good morning!  
I thought I would pop in and say hi.  Been busy and sore and tired, but happy.  We've had rain off and on...

...and some blue sky days. 

I've seen quite a few sunrises.
Too many. 
Haven't been sleeping well.
I even took coffee thermos pics, but won't be able to post tomorrow.  Maybe just link this post anyways to T Stands For Tuesdays...because the following Tuesday is moving day so now's my chance.  ;) 
Miss Karma is still barfing... 
...and finding newly emptied places to hide... 
...and catch 20 winks. 
Boxes have come and gone (to the garage). 
Leah was here several nights last week to help me with the pantry.  Dagan has hauled out many more boxes to the garage.  Leah packed up the low cherry cabinet and taboret, too.  One night McFamily was here all evening and brought take-out for dinner!  Sweet! 
Karma and I had a quiet weekend this past weekend. 
I packed a suitcase (borrowed from Dagan and Leah) to live out of for the next couple weeks and gathered up the things we don't want packed till the actual move.  Karma was glad to see my in my nightgown all weekend... 
...because that meant no visitors--LOL! 
We relaxed.  Both needed it. 
So, today the packing crew arrives to pack everything we didn't get done.  And this is what it looks like pre-packers.  Fairly empty in the living room.  (Didn't realize how much I was used to looking about and seeing spots of bright color everywhere until they were all gone.)
Just some odd-shaped items and boxes left...and all the satchels.  
All the ink pads are packed away... 
...and the punches.  
Dagan and/or Leah will be coming over in the evening this week to take things off the walls and take the spacesaver apart in the bathroom.  Shouldn't take them too long.
The desk is empty except for the stuff we are still using. 
 Under there--the triple dresser is empty and packed.
Boxes and stuff that we need to move ourselves the day before the move are in the entryway. 
Half my clothes are given away.  Nice!  Big black trash bags with things like bedding, rugs, and fabric are on the floor. 
Only one drawer in the shorter dresser has anything in it.  That rug rolled up in the corner...I am hoping will work in the new studio so I don't have to be afraid of spilling paint or glue.  Can hardly wait to actually see what it looks like.  (Ordered on Amazon.)  
We won't know if it will work in the studio until we bring it over and see if the door will still open and shut.   Otherwise it will go in the living room TV area.  (Hope it holds together for a while--was really inexpensive.)
We didn't pack up anything much in the actual kitchen...couple of drawers.  On the counter I have some silverware, plates, and such saved out to use for the next week.  Even the rugs are washed and packed.
We got pretty far in the pantry.  Were running out of boxes.  They can pack up all but the bottom shelf (Karma food). 
Same here--bottom shelf stays with bags and paper plates and hand towels. 
They can pack up the rest of the tea and coffee. 
Even my frig looks bare without all my colorful magnets. 
The packing crew will be here this afternoon.  They'll come back every day this week until they have everything packed that they can pack before the move.  Tomorrow the maintenance man comes, too, in the morning to check the apartment for any issues that need fixing.  Thursday morning Karma goes to the vet for her shots.  Going to be another busy week.  I am hoping to have a couple of quiet days this weekend before we go pick up the keys next Monday.  Moving day is on Tuesday the 28th.  We'll bring Miss Karma and her cat box and eating supplies over early before the moving company arrives that day and I will stay there with her.  I haven't heard what time that will be yet.  If I do get a chance--a lull when I am functional--I will post.  :)
So excited to be going to the new place.  Now I need to get dressed, bring out more trash, and double check what I DON'T want packed this week.  ;)  To tired to search for a quote today.  So glad this is almost over with.  :):)  Be back when I'm able.  Have a great week!!  


  1. I hope the packers are there on time, they don't break anything, and don't take a whole lot of time ($$$) - It seems like you made a nice big "dent" in the moving effort!!

    Hope Karma (and you!) feel better and can just watch the movers take things away.

  2. The amount of uproar involved in your moving just blows me away! I thought I had a lot to move when we left Colorado, but it was nothing like this. You've made me want to go and empty out my closet of all those things in there I never use any more. :-)

  3. Hello, dear Rita! I share your excitement. Your place clearly indicates that a move is imminent but that you are staying ahead of schedule. It won't be long now! I'm sorry Karma is still barfing. I hope the barfing subsides shortly after you get situated in your new place and life returns to normal. I continue to think about you both every day!

  4. When you first mentioned this new apartment, I TRULY felt you would get it--I was right. Now I feel you'll love it--I HOPE I'M RIGHT!!

  5. "Moving day": Two of the best words ever.


  6. sorry you're not resting and karma's feeling the stress, too. :)

  7. Was happy to see your post. I was getting a little concerned, but also knew you must be super busy the closer you get to moving day. I'm glad to hear you're getting more excited about the new place. I still can't believe this all worked for you. Best wishes!

  8. So glad you had time to post, especially since this is a BIGGIE for you and for T, too. I'm simply thrilled for you. Seems to me there isn't much left to pack, so hopefully the cost will be far less than anticipated.

    Bless those kids and all they have done for you. I know how much you appreciate both of them.

    Thanks for sharing this FINAL Tuesday in your OLD apartment before the move. And thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday, too. Hope the move is smooth!

  9. Moving is a lot of work and upheaval and I'm sure Karma is feeling the stress of it all too.
    Best of luck on your move next week.
    Take care of yourself Rita!
    I'd say don't work too hard...but well that would be easier said than done right now.
    That sure was a gorgeous sunrise you snapped...I confess I see more sunsets.
    Happy T Day...will be thinking of you next Tuesday oxo

  10. I can't imagine what a task this is as I haven't moved for over 31 years! Please do watch out for yourself and take breaks and drink lots of water. Best of luck with your move. Hope Karma can settle soon. Happy T day, and see you next time -perhaps from your new home:)

  11. You have gotten so much done! I know you must be excited about your new place and looking forward to settling in and getting everything where you want it.

  12. I'm been thinking of you a lot and hoping you hadn't over done everything and crashed.. will keep sending you positive thoughts and prayers. It's almost OVER ....Yea........... :)

  13. Oh my goodness you've been busy!! but looks like you've made a lot of progress, so good luck on the move! and happy T day ♥

  14. Well, you two are nearly ready for the move - you certainly seem to be organised - much more than were when we moved here (nearly 3 years now) I hope you have a good week and that the move goes well! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  15. Wishing you nothing but ease and grace with the rest of the move. How fun it will be to celebrate your new place.

  16. Such a big job but so close now to moving day, Karma will be pleased when it is all done and I reckon you will be too

  17. Best of luck with your move. I'll be looking forward to seeing your new surroundings when you are settled in!

  18. So much work but also very exciting. Hopefully Karma will be able to relax after a few days in the new place. Maybe you should try and wear your nightgown so she knows your home to stay. :)
    Happy T day!

  19. I hope everything goes well with the move, and that Miss Karma likes the new place!

  20. You should be in your new place this morning. Hope the move went smoothly and you and Karma are getting settled. What an exciting - and long-awaited - transition. I'm so happy for you that this day has finally come!

  21. You are on the final countdown! So exciting! What fun it will be to unpack in your new place!! I hope all goes well with the move! :)

  22. Wow The time has come. So sorry I haven't been around to visit. With summer here and computer issues, I haven't been online much. I hope your move goes well and that you are feeling better and get the much needed rest you deserve! xoxo

  23. Hope you love your new apt and Miss Karma too. Changes are good challenges!
    Much love



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