Tuesday, December 15, 2015


  Good Morning!  
Good Morning!
Just a few mornings ago.  
A dusting of snow.
It all melted away by afternoon. 
Looks similar this morning.  From what I can find online we could get an accumulation of a few inches by Thursday.  If we do I hope it stays till Christmas.  :)
I think both Karma and I are missing old routines...and are trying out new ones.  After a winter breakfast Karma was used to checking out to see if she wanted to go out on the porch.  I'd have to open the door to let her smell and feel the cold to decide.  These days she is loving being able to spy out the patio door whenever she wants...regardless as to whether I have opened the blinds or not--LOL! 
But she has started to wait by the patio door in the morning... 
...because she wants me to crack the door open so she can smell the air and feel the cold.  Even if it is just for a minute or so on these winter days. 
When we had all that snow close to the door I reached out and scooped her up some snow to eat.  (You know how she likes to eat snow.)  She misses her porch, I think.  But is getting into new habits.
Oh, isn't this just the cutest little bottle brush?  I think it is more often purchased to clean baby bottles, but I needed something to clean my new coffee carafe and it works like a charm.  
I took this picture of the kitchen table right before I sat down to check email and work on the blog.  Coffee mug in place for T Stands For Tuesday.  (Tastes particularly delicious this morning.)  The kitchen table is mostly cleared off...
 ...and so is the craft table in the studio.  You don't realize how much stuff you have piled and piled up when you aren't using a room.  Took me quite a while to slowly put things away.  I left out the things we wanted to use for making more Christmas cards and birthday cards this winter.   
Leah was over again for a Craft Night on Sunday.  She was working on making up some Christmas gift tags that will be recycled from year to year.  At least for her friends and family that know her.  With us she uses beautiful bags, boxes, and cloths to wrap presents and we give them back to her so she can reuse them.  Now she's making up some pretty gift tags that can be reused, too.  Not for this year, but they'll be all set for 2016.  :) 
While she was doing that, I was pulling rubber stamps off of the wooden blocks.  (Just using a box cover to hold them.)  Starting with some small ones.
Next I have to clean off the gummy glues and foam remnants with some glue remover.  Then we're going to try a couple different ideas I found online to transform them into cling stamps.
I already coated the back of the party hat stamp I want to use on the inside of my birthday cards with a thin layer from that bottle of "Tack It Over and Over" glue.  (I haven't gotten around to trying it with the MISTI yet, but soon.)  I bought a package of cling vinyl, too, to try to attach to the backs.   
There are other ideas to try, too.  But we are starting with these two.
We want to switch over all the wooden stamps and make them into cling stamps so we can use them with the MISTI or acrylic blocks.  (You can see so much better where you are stamping with acrylic blocks.)  I've been thinking about this for a few years...but it is such a huge project.  This entire cabinet is filled with 98% wood mounted rubber stamps.
So this could take all winter.  Or all next year--LOL!  One of those projects you have to keep plugging away at when you have some time in-between other projects.  And--depending on what method we decide on--when you have the money to put into it, too. But--I keep thinking about how much easier the stamps will be to use and how much more room we will have!!  Those wooden blocks take up a lot of space.  
In anticipation (and since I only had like 4-5 blocks) I bought two sets of acrylic blocks.  On the left is a super cheap set of small-plain-fat blocks and on the right is the Tim Holtz set. 
Both Leah and I were surprised at how thin the Tim Holtz blocks are!! 
They do not look like they'll be easy to use.  Leah did a quick try and it did seem quite tricky to use these on a thin cling stamp that has no foam pad on the back for more width.  Does anyone else have these?  What do you think of them?
Anyways, Leah and I had a wonderful Craft Night again.  She doesn't plan be back for a Craft Night until January 10th.  But Leah and Ian might be over for a little visit tomorrow.  :)  
The Paseo is dead again.  
I hadn't driven it in a few months.  I believe I have driven over to McFamily's once since I moved here but I don't remember when that was.  I brought the ottoman cushion (yes--I left Princess Karma's stack of cushions for the time being) and a couple small things (for eventual free-cycling) to the garage and thought I should at least run the car for a while.  Nope.
This car just hasn't wanted to hold a charge for years, as you know.  Leah told me they bought a charger so they didn't have to borrow one anymore and that she'd drop by and hook it up by today so we could leave it overnight and see if it starts tomorrow.  She's out and about tomorrow morning, anyways.  (She and Ian go walking with her grandparents three times a week--well, Ian gets to ride in the stroller.)  
Anyways, we have to see if the Paseo will start and decide if I want them to leave their Galant here while they are out of town for Christmas or not--because I'm going over the check on their cats while they're gone.  (I didn't even know this when I tried to start the car--so good thing I did, eh?)  Cars!  
Speaking of cars--since I don't like driving the Paseo in the winter when it does run (so light it has no traction) I had already set up a ride on the Senior Bus for the dentist on Monday the 28th.  Yes, I just went ahead and made an appointment and have my fingers crossed I will be feeling really decent by then.  Think positive, right?  :)  I do need to get this tooth fixed or pulled before it does start to really hurt.
So that's it, I guess.  Karma is sleeping next to me in her chair by the kitchen table.  Caroline is coming to clean this afternoon--barring her going into labor.  I believe she's due on the 18th!  So, I won't see her when she's on maternity leave for six weeks.  So exciting!  :)  I'll make sure Caroline doesn't do too much today.
I'm hoping for a thick white week.  ;)  May you get what you are hoping for this week.  Are you ready for the holidays?  Do you have favorite movies you watch?  Do you listen to Christmas carols?  Do you decorate?  Are there any little ones in the family?  Well, only a week and a half left...and, of course, then there's New Year's around the corner!!  Spread the love and joy, everybody!!  :):)
"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."  


TexWisGirl said...

i hope they'll leave their car for you, just in case the paseo doesn't want to hold a charge after all! yes, i figured karma would miss her patio freedom, but she gets to see out on ground level now. :)

Jenny Woolf said...

I hope you get a White Christmas too! I hope they'll leave their car for you too, even if you don't drive much it is nice to have it there if you need it. I guess Karma likes to smell the air because that is a cat thing, although to be honest I don't know if cats have a better sense of smell than humans. I like to smell the outside air too though :)

Deb said...

Wow - I can see you have been busy doing wonderful creative things! I love how organized you keep everything. I was much more organized when I was younger. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and as always, regards (and Merry Christmas) to Karma!

Anonymous said...

I looked up "crafts" in the dictionary & found a picture of you!!

Darla said...

I don't stamp much and the few stamps I own have wooden backs. I kind of resent the storage space they take up. I'll have to follow and see how your experiment works.

Valerie-Jael said...

I am glad you have settled in so well, Karma too! I can imagine her putting her whiskers outside to sniff the snowy air! Hope you get your snow. Here it's warm and wet....Great idea with getting rid of the wooden blocks, saves a lot of space. Keep well, have a good week, and happy T day, hugs, Valerie

Cazzy said...

I guess you have moved house! Well clever Karma checking the weather before going out! Love the brush. Thin mounts - don't know, haven't bought them because I am not convinced they are for me. Un-mounting stamps - yes it would take me a year or two if I started to do it!
Tidying - I need some of that! I actually got in the mood to tidy my desk and make Christmas cards yesterday... but after I started I somehow ended up clearing the small non crafting cupboard in the other corner. Now my craft room looks worse than it did to start with and I still haven't started on making those Christmas cards!

Janie Junebug said...

I'm glad you and Leah spend time together. You accomplish so much. I love this year's Christmas card. I showed it to Willy Dunne Wooters. He was impressed. I have plenty of food in the house, so I guess I'm ready for the holidays. Didn't decorate this year. I can't get the decorations out of the attic and a certain very tall, strong someone hasn't been around much. I don't listen to many carols. It will be a quiet Christmas, and that's fine. Like you, I always watch It's A Wonderful Life.


DJan said...

The weather has been really strange lately. When I see that the coldest spot in the US is Tucson, you have to wonder. And you're in Fargo with no snow. Strange! You do look very organized, Rita, and Karma looks like she's enjoying the new place overall. :-)

GrandmaG said...

I took advantage of Bath and Body Works' 3-wick candle sale and now our home smells "festive" as my oldest grandson said ;) As you know, I finished shopping, wrapping, and card sending weeks ago. So I've been truly enjoying the last couple of weeks. Over the weekend my Cross-Stitch and Needlework magazine arrived. Today I bought floss for several projects. So I'm feeling happy and relaxed :) Hope you get the snow you're wishing for!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Here in NY they are already predicting 60s and possibly warmer by Christmas, so I think we can forget about a white one this year! I am not a big stamper and have a mix of wood ones and clings. I agree the acrylic blocks make it moxh easier to see what you are doing. Happy T Day!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love how Karma is getting a breath of fresh air! Good luck with all those stamps - they certainly do take up a lot of room! I must say I am not a fan of thin acrylic blocks -my favourite is quite chunky! Our Christmas carols have already been on and will certainly be our listening choice in the car - if you can imagine 2 seniors singing their hearts out on the Motorway! Hugs, Chrisx

carol l mckenna said...

Karma and you and your daughter-in-law always seem to be enjoying life so creatively ~ Love your posts and all your creativity ~ Of course, Karma always 'steals the show for me' ~ xox

Wishing you the magic and love of the season,
artmusedog and carol

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am really surprised Karma wants to go out in the snow. Bleubeard, who loves to go outside, won't budge when he sees the white stuff. He has kitty paws that won't touch snow. and of course, Squiggles has virgin paws that have NEVER been outside.

Those thick acrylic blocks weren't cheap when I bought them about five years ago. I paid about $20.00 before taxes for a five block set. Nice and thick, but I would call that expensive. I've never seen the thin ones, but would not like them.

I guess I'm the odd person out, because I know lots of people who remove their rubber from wooden blocks. I much prefer the wood mounts because they stamp so much better than without wood. Unless red rubber is cut very close to the stamp, it's hard to get it positioned properly. At least it is for me. And I'm not a fan of clear cling stamps because they refuse to cling for me. I've tried everything, and washing doesn't help, either.

I have some similar tacky tac, and as long as you don't get it wet, it will last forever. Once you put the stamp under water, you can forget it, though. You have to reapply the tacky stuff.

Really enjoyed your post this week. Loved seeing the container your stamps are in, and of course, your red mug. Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, hope your car runs whether you drive it or not. I hope both you and your car feel better soon!!!!!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

No snow here thank God!! We have been enjoying record breaking above normal temps all month so far and it is wonderful!! Wow- your craft table is so neat and organized-you wouldn't want to see mine at the moment. I too have hundreds of wood mounted stamps and have taken a few off but don't think I'd ever get through all of them! I have never used the Tim Holtz clear mounts and those I do have are much thicker and I love them! Perhaps by Inkadinkado-not sure- but I did get them at AC Moore. Good luck with your Paseo and a happy T day!

Carol said...

Karma is so darn cute :) Hopefully she will adjust soon to not being able to go outside. They do make outdoor cat "jungles" that are cages join together so they can get outdoors and still be safe. I'm sure they are pricey but your daughter-in-law can probably create something like them :)
Have a good week.

Denise Price said...

Hello! That bottle brush is very cute! Next time I need a new one, I'll look for that style.

I am looking forward to the holidays, but first...I'm looking forward to the new Star Wars movie. I'm hoping to see it this weekend.

It's good to see that you are using your new craft space. Have fun! :)

froebelsternchen said...

Karma is so sweet ! You settled in very well now! I also got rid of most of the wooden blocks as this saves a lot of space. Well done! Happy T-Day!

johanna said...

i loved the photo of Karma between the blinds;) make yourself a way... and the bottle brush is so nice!
good luck with the stamps Project. yes, it will be time consuming. i bought mine without Wood whenever possible (about 90%) due to space reasons. actually i have a set of acrylic blocks and i´m lazy and don´t even use a "cushion Sandwich", but roll them with removable glue and put them onto the block temporarily. works fine (well, i often make test impressions on scrap paper if i fear to ruin someting). not sure about the very thin acrylic blocks... i think on some stamps i would ink my fingers, too;) no experience though...
happy belated t-day!

~*~Patty S said...

Getting situated and settled in new surroundings does take time. Karma looks quite at home.
Your stamp project should keep you entertained for some time!
Good luck with that Rita :-)
I picked up a few new wood mounted rubber stamps in NM. I try hard not to be tempted but you know how that can go.
I like snow and it is especially pretty at Christmas. From the sounds of it not many of us will be having any this year.
Happy day after T Day
Thank you for your nice visit and comment.

Krisha said...

I do have a small set of acrylic blocks from TH, and was surprised to as to how thin they were too. I use them occasionally, but usually reach for the thicker ones I bought in a set of 3......I think they are the same ones E. was talking about.....pricey......but well used by me. They also have a grid scored into one side, makes it easier to alien the stamps.
Belated T-day wishes and thanks for the visit and the comment.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No snow here, although today is a cool day, well it is a cool morning suppose to be around 28°c today so don't think it is going to stay cool.

Linda said...

No snow here in Montreal, and it is extremely rare to have green around at this time of year here. If this keeps up we may have a green Christmas, another rarity! Lovely photos. :)

voodoo vixen said...

I had to smile at Karma wanting to smell the cold outside... my two cats have a catio (outside cat run) and it really doesn't get much use once the really cold damp weather arrives. I will be back to see what happens with your stamps as I have often thoguht it would be easier to use them with an acrylic block but wasn't sure I wouldn't ruin them. Those thin blocks aren't as easier to use as the nice thick ones with a finger edge. Annette

Anonymous said...

What a cute bottle brush... And I like the snowy scenes.

Intense Guy said...

Perhaps Tool Girl Leah could rig up some sort of
cage for Karma to go out into. It would open at the patio door and let Karma be outside. Something like one of those tall parrot cages?

I think we are just going to have mud this Christmas (which is okay with me!)

Far Side of Fifty said...

You should make Karma a snowman in a cookie sheet...lol:) I bet she would like it!
Yes those acrylic sheets seem to thin for stamping or whatever you will do with them")

Hilary said...

I love it that Karma likes to eat snow. How funny is that!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Rita. McFamily time!

Sherry Ellis said...

That is a really cute bottle brush! It looks like a flower. I'm glad it works as good as it looks.

Karla B said...

Most of my stamps are not wooden and I think it's better because you can see what you're doing.Karma loves snow and so do I specially because we are evaporating here as it is so hot.I love visiting your blog and get to know about Miss Karma, Leah and Ian.Have a magical week and happy belated T-day!

Feral Turtle said...

How I wish my craft area looked as neat as yours Rita!! Wanted to pop by and wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope this season is full of family and friends and a great New Year to you too! Cheers.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your bottle brush is so colorful. What a great idea to clean bottles! Interesting that Karma likes the cold weather and air...even if it is for only a short while.