Friday, September 09, 2016


Okay, I'm going to try this.  I've been getting some practice typing by making occasional comments on blogs and answering a few emails (until I get too frustrated and tired of correcting all the mistakes--like I just lost half this sentence twice--not a good sign).
I think this is going to be a long one...if I can tough it out.
Caroline shopped for a lot of different groceries for me this month.  Odd little bags of flours here on the counter that I finally got into mason jars and labeled.  Plus some black beans and basmati rice--quite ordinary for me.  Cashwise didn't have sucanat, so I had Caroline pick up some organic cane sugar.  But--ordered some sucanat from Amazon since then and it looks very different from the cane sugar--oh well.  I won't waste food so will use both.  ;) 
 I am still having a terrible time trying to highlight anything except something very short.  So part of this post is centered and part isn't...and I can't change the color or font size...and I just lost most of this sentence...grrr!  Exactly why I am not typing much online and haven't been posting blogs.  If this takes me all day because I have to keep taking breaks for my body (and so that I don't throw the new laptop out the door) I am determined to post a blog today.  Even Leah said the keyboard is off on Dagan's old laptop and she has trouble with keys being in the wrong place, too--so it's not just me.  Hard enough to learn how to navigate windows--but then not being able to type normally, either--grrr!
Anyways, I am going to try to make a new WFPB (or even a Vegan recipe) at least once a week or more.  I made this WFPB (no oil, butter, or eggs) banana crumb muffin recipe.
The oatmeal in the topping was optional.  Most of it fell off despite being pressed into the batter, so I don't know if that was a worthwhile addition.
 I guess they were passable.  Not good, but not bad.  I had Leah split one with me when she was here for crafts a Monday ago and she said they were okay--not terrible--LOL!  Got an edible/okay from both of us (but much more edible with some butter on).  We both have a sweet tooth and would probably add more sugar than it said...and that was the WFPB "illegal" cane sugar, by the way, too.
 I now have a few doves who kind of hang around my patio quite a bit.  They even just settle in and sit around in the grass or on the rock-bed.  I have some news about the ground squirrels, but I am not sure I have the stamina to talk about our big resident-management meeting we had Wednesday.  If not this time--next post.
 Also tried a new lentil soup recipe that was delicious!!  Will definitely make this again soon!  I knew I'd love most of the WFPB soup recipes.  :)
Leah remembered to bring over the matches-my-patio-chairs Ian chair.  So cute!  I wanted to keep it inside.  Ian used it to watch some "Africa" (that's what he kind of calls all the nature shows now) when they were here yesterday.  Miss Karma had to check it out first, of course.
I switched our craft night from Monday to Tuesday this week.  Just having one of those days.  And then I woke up on Tuesday and my right hand was messed up!?  I've had a lot of soreness at the base of my thumb on my dominant hand for quite a long time--since before I moved, I think.  It would ease up or get worse depending on how much I used it.  I figure it's arthritis since I have arthritis just about everywhere else--even in my jaw.  
Well, woke up and couldn't lift anything without this new sharp shooting pain in my thumb/wrist!  Scary to me, I tell you.  I mostly write and do crafts & art!  Need my hand!!  Anyways, Leah really helped me out tremendously that night because she cut up the squash and cantaloupe I bought this month so they wouldn't go bad.  She even volunteered to bake the squash and scooped it all out for me before she left so that I have it all cooked and in the frig.  AND she cut out all the pattern pieces for the pads alone, too!  

What would I do without her?  She's an angel in my life, that's for sure.
Wednesday we had the big meeting here in the morning (with all the resident complaints concerns I'll tell you about at some point but am currently on the verge of tears trying to type this so highly unlikely I will tell you today).  Wednesday afternoon Leah and Ian were going errand shopping and they were going to stop at that new Natural Grocers to look for a couple things for me and drop them off later.  Well, we had half a dozen storm alerts beeping on the cell phone and got hit by a violent thunderstorm that was just unreal!  Was raining so hard that I couldn't even see the garages across the way!  Was like a gray wall outside the patio door!  I kept in touch with Leah via our cell phones.  She and Ian were stuck over at Office Max.  And did it ever rain!!  Leah sent me this picture of the water that came in under the back door at Office Max!!
 Whoohoo!  I got that picture on the blog!!  At least there are accomplishments in this strange new laptop world, eh?  One step forward--ten steps back.  ;)
Anyways, Leah and Ian went home before the next rain arrived that we could see coming on the weather radar on our cell phones. (Wasn't as bad, though, at all.)  They went out shopping again yesterday.  Leah texted me from Joann's.  They had 12 X 12 scrapbook papers on sale for 10 for $2.00!!  So there were lots of pictures texted and phone calls back and forth.  We got a bunch of paper on sale and ordered some at the sale price for mass producing more simple Christmas and birthday cards.  Whoohoo!!  :)  
 Also picked up a tree stamp, a sentiments stamp set, a snowflake punch, and a snowflake embossing folder.
Notice I have the sewing machine set up on the studio table.  Well, I've been spending time in there at the art table and chairs have been moved into that Karma (our lover of change) barfed all over the desk chair and the floor in there.  When I sit in there she walks around my chair and cries.  OMG!  Can cats have OCD?
Karma will have to get used to me spending time in there--sewing--plus I plan to spend more art table time actually working on art journals and even writing letters in there.  She will just have to adjust.  Karma's ever-changing horrible torturous life, eh?
Anyways, Dagan also came over after work yesterday to get this new laptop to cooperate with my printer (which he did--oh, and he came over shortly after my last post and fixed the scrolling).  Leah and Ian showed up, too.  We all ate Quorn chicken nuggets for a quick something.  Ian discovered his new chair right away and watched a little Africa with Gramma.  Even if they couldn't stay long, it is always a treat to have them all over at the same time.  :)
I can't remember which morning this was, but I actually got a dawn photo with sunshine.
 My hours have been a bit all over the place lately.  Karma loves it if I am up really early because now the sun comes all the way back inside to the apartment door.
 I try to tell her that her life is pretty darn good.
 But she has short term memory loss. 
Myself.  I've had random bouts of insomnia the past month or two.  Laid in bed from midnight till 2:30 last night--thinking if I just laid there long enough and didn't move I could fall asleep.  Nope.  Got up and read and watched nature shows.  Finally got to sleep around 6:30 this morning--and had a long nap.  Sucks!  I am really tired enough with chronic fatigue in the first place without the added gift of insomnia--LOL!  I haven't had to deal with the big "I" since menopause.  How annoying.
Well, except for some more pics and videos from Leah (obviously procrastinating on dealing with youtube videos on this new computer if just typing and dealing with photos is tricky enough)...and the big are caught up.  Caught up enough, anyways.  Oh, and it took two days before I could lift-push-pull-grip with my right hand without shooting pains, but it is much better!!  Whew!  That's my "good" hand.  
I am not even opening the blinds or feeding the wild pets today--so you know how tired I am.  Hopefully I will get a long, good night's sleep tonight so I can get more done tomorrow.  But today--going to be a lazy day, for sure...she says as she yawns.  ;)  Well, at least Karma will be very happy that I am not off in the other room running that noisy machine and she can spend the day curled up quietly with me on my comfy chair.  Karma heaven day today, I guess.  Have your own kind of heaven day!!  :) :)
"Take care of yourself--you never know when the world will need you."
Rabbi Hillel


  1. the post looks fine on this end. don't worry about centering or font or whatever. hope your hand will be okay. and i hope you can get some rest, too. i like ian's little chair.

  2. Hi Rita - I hope your day is going well and that you are feeling better. So nice that you family is close to help out when you aren't feeling well. Insomnia is sure no fun. Hope you get over it. Have your tried some Essential Oils for that. I have a couple that help me relax and get to sleep. Hope you are getting the hang of your new computer. It is hard to back and forth from a Mac to Windows. I prefer my Mac! Have a nice weekend and as always, regards to Karma and McFamily!

  3. I hope your neighbors didn't complain about you feeding the birds and ground squirrels... the bums anyway.
    Your post looks just fine on the new computer, you are getting it all fixed!
    I hope your hand stays straightened need it! :)

  4. Gosh Rita, I feel for you. I used my friend's Mac when my phone and internet were out, and I was LOST. Once you know a system and a keyboard, it's automatic and difficult to wrap your brain around a new system, especially if it's temporary. It's even called "muscle memory" because you've done it so much, you no longer have to think about it. I hope you get used to the new laptop soon.

    The post looks good, font looks the same and all. I wouldn't worry about it. We just love to hear from you and Karma, of course.

    That soup looks wonderful. I would probably eat that in a heartbeat, except right now, hot soup is not something I want when my house is so hot, even with the AC on.

    Have a super weekend, and I hope you feel better soon.

  5. It's a fine post, even if it's not a "fun" post. You managed to get the pictures on, who cares about font size or even centering, etc. when you get the message across! Hopefully it will get better from here. Poor Karma, I think that yes she does have OCD. :-)

  6. I'm sorry you had such pain with that hand, and glad it's not so bad now. I hope it's not something that's going to keep happening.

    I know what you mean about the being exhausted and yet not able to sleep thing... I hate those times!

    I'm sure you'll get the hang of the new laptop in the end. Just like Karma will get used to you making use of the craft room.

  7. I hope you have caught up with some sleep - I know how you feel! I have to take some medication at bed time and if I'm not asleep in the first 20 minutes or so once I am in bed I can be awake for a couple of hours - tried getting up once but just felt nauseous! Your soup looks delicious! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Trust Miss Karma wanting to check out Ian's chair just the right size for Ian and Karma but not at the same
    The soup looks like something my parents would like, not me I am not a big soup person

  9. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hate insomnia. Haven't had it in a while now. I hope you get some nice long nights filled with restful sleep. xo

  10. I just bought some sucanat myself and haven't tried it yet. All these new ingredients are really tempting to try out.I'm not trying to eat vegan but I do like the idea of eating lots more veggies and trying new tastes. That soup looks delicious. :) I can't wait for cooler soup weather. Hugs-Erika

  11. WOW...if Leah feels the same about Dagan's keyboard, it surely must be off. I wonder why they would make a keyboard that is so different for people to get used to. Crazy and very frustrating for you! Good that Dagan was able to fix the scrolling for you at least.

    Glad the muffins turned out okay even if they weren't something to rave about. Maybe the taste-buds just need to get used to the new flavours. I must admit that I don't like any baked goods that have banana as an ingredient. There is just something about cooked banana that makes me cringe. hehe

    I love putting lentils in my soups. I make a delicious Shepherd's pie with lentils too. I might post some pics on my blog for you to see. Bradley loves it too.

    I'm worried that the news about the ground squirrels will not be good as I know some people view them as pests, don't they? Please tell me there weren't complaints about you feeding them? :(

    OUCH on your hand pain! I used to get that sort of pain with the carpal tunnel syndrome and I haven't had it again since my surgery. I too put it down to arthritis because I have arthritis at the base of my thumb and in my fingers. It definitely sounds like a nerve issue. Do you get pins and needles or numbness too? Perhaps you just laid on your hand the wrong way through the night?

    How lovely of Leah to help you out. Awesome!

    Sounds like our summer storms. So glad you and Leah were safe indoors when it hit.

    Great buy on the scrapbook papers! Gotta love those sales!

    Karma does not like you in your studio/crafts room...goodness me. I've heard cats can be very temperamental. Years ago, our then-landlords had a cat and the landlords went away on a two week holiday. They had someone come in to feed their cat during their absence but, when they arrived home, they walked in the door and were met with an defiant, angry stare from their cat as it deliberately pooped on the carpet. It was like the cat was punishing them for going away. haha

    So the melatonin isn't helping with the sleep patterns any more? Or is the insomnia a different thing? I sure hope it's only a temporary phase for your body.

    Now, I'm off to read the latest post. :)

  12. The muffins look marvelous. Shame they didn't taste marvelous!!!


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