Friday, January 20, 2017


Good Morning!
I promised you eye doctor news so here we go.
Okay, I don't have macular degeneration.  :)  Dr. Grosz said I have cataracts in both eyes, an epiretinal membrane in my right eye (like a layer of saran wrap on the back of the inside of my eye), and pseudoexfoliation of the lense capsule in my left eye (the bag the lense sits in is a bit larger so that the lense is loose).
Leah is so smart.  She recorded the entire results conversation on her cell phone and sent it to me so I could listen to it again last night.  (I didn't even know you could record audio with a cell phone.)
The saran wrap isn't bad yet.  If it interferes more with my vision down the road a different kind of surgeon could remove it.  The loose lense bag could be an issue during surgery (usually not), but could mean the new lense could shift and/or float away into my eye (again, a different surgeon to fix that).  Not usually a problem, though, and he's done many thousands of surgeries.  Some people might need a different type of lense put in 10-15 years down the road. 
Leave it to me to have more things I have never heard of, eh?  LOL!
Wednesday January 25th I have my pre-op physical exam with Dr. Topley.
Wednesday February 8th I have cataract surgery on the left eye with the loose bag.  Thursday morning, February 9th, I have to go back to Dr. Grosz for a post-op check up.  Sometime about a week after surgery I go for a follow-up to Dr. Dye.
Thursday February 23rd I have cataract surgery on my right eye.  Friday morning, February 24th, I have a post-op check up with Dr. Grosz.  Sometime about a week after that I have a follow-up with Dr. Dye.  About a month after my second surgery I can get tested for my new glasses.  I should see better far away.  
Oh, and I will be putting in three different kinds of eye drops on a schedule for a month or so.
The two weeks between surgeries I will have a hard time seeing and might even have trouble watching TV, I guess, because I am extremely nearsighted and my eyes will be so different with one done and one not done.  Leah is going to set me up with her audio books.  I doubt I will be online much at all.  Other than to let you know I am surviving--LOL!
I haven't even gotten back to those of you who have been commenting recently.  For a while here I might just respond to questions and not necessarily be able to get back to each comment.  But they are greatly appreciated!  Greatly!  I can use the moral support.  The eye thing still freaks me out.  Not sure why?  I should think about that.  
Anyways, here's something funny for you!  McFamily's grass is so plush and thick that when I walked barefoot on it this summer I didn't feel like I ever touched the earth.  Leah uses organic fertilizer...and the rabbits all know it!
Little did McFamily know that they would be "feeding" the rabbits this winter and watching rabbit games, too--LOL!
Gramma loves these little videos!
Ian and the toy dinosaur.
Miss Karma...well, I have been encouraging her to sleep and rest.  She even spent all day yesterday on my bed and I brought her in little bits of dry food and even brought her in some water in a small cup so that she had no reason to walk about unless she had to go to the bathroom.  She shakes her head a lot more when she is walking.  She gets her calming spray on her collar.  I'm hoping for the best...but only time will tell.  So far so good, though.
I was so drained and sore since the appointment, the heating pad has been my best friend--LOL!  I think I might be able to work on letters again now today.  (You know I'm in bad shape when I can't even write--LOL!)  
I'll leave you with McFamily pictures from the McGregor Christmas in northern Minnesota the beginning of January.
Ian has a Fargo hat like Daddy's--LOL!
Mama, Ian, and Daddy sitting on a snowbank. 
They were up in Warroad, Minnesota by the Canadian border.  Yup--we need to be bundled up when it's below zero.
Well, that's about it.  Forgive me if you don't privately hear from me as often for a while.  I'll try to post as often as I can on the blog.  I am reading blog posts as much as possible till the surgery, even if I don't always comment.  Thank you for all the prayers, positive energy, and good thoughts sent to Miss Karma.  :) :)  
Love and hugs!
"Ring the bell that still can ring.
Forget the perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in."
Leonard Cohen


Deb J. in Utah said...

Glad to hear that you have all your surgeries scheduled so you can get everything done and over with and start getting better! That will be something to look forward to. Cute videos. Your grandson is so cute. Prayers for success with your surgeries. As Always, regards to Karma and McFamily!

Jenny Woolf said...

What a really gorgeous little video of Ian! He is such a dear little child.
I am sorry you have all those things wrong with your eyes, but glad that the doctors have seen it all before and it's all in a day's work for them. I don't know anyone who is OK at the idea of having stuff done to their eyes, but it will get done and then you'll be able to see again.
Please give Karma a hug from me, I hope that she gets lots of rest!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the doctors are able to do surgery to fix your eye problems; they could have told you, "At your age, you don't need surgery. You've seen enough!!"

Serena Lewis said...

I absolutely loved the videos — thanks, Leah! Seems like news has gotten around all the bunnies that Dagan and Leah's yard is a cut above the rest with top-notch dining. hehe OH MY, and how cute is Ian?!!! His face just lights up.

Cataract surgery is fairly routine so I'm sure it will all go well. Dad did really well after his cataract surgeries. The drugs will definitely help you to relax. Bummer about having the other eye issues though. Hope they won't be too much of a problem.

Poor Karma. My heart goes out to her and I'm praying she will heal up sooner than later. It's hard when things like that crop up for them, especially when they are in the later years. :(

Cute McFamily pics. :)

Rest up, dear friend.

Love and hugs xo

Intense Guy said...

I hope your eye surgeries go smoothly and you heal quickly AND afterwards you can see like a hawk!!

McFamily's jackrabbit videos put a huge smile on my face!! As did Mr. Ian with his dinosaur!

I hope Miss Karma lets her ear heal. I imagine she is bewildered by the whole thing.

DJan said...

Good that you don't have macular degeneration. I'm afraid I do, but for now I'm pretty stable. I take a boatload of supplements that are all for my eyes. And I'm also glad you have the dates all set up and I'm one of those praying that it all goes well. Don't try to read or comment on my blogs. I know you're out there. :-)

Janie Junebug said...

Maybe the eye stuff freaks you out because you haven't heard of a lot of it (neither have I), and it's your eyes. I don't like the thought of having anything done to my eyes, although most physical stuff doesn't bother me much. That Leah is the best. Ian's hat is hilarious.


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's so good that you don't have macular degeneration. I'm hoping that after your eye surgeries for the cataracts that it improves your vision far more than you think is possible!

When I was a child I went with my family to visit relatives in Warroad. It certainly is in the far northern part of Minnesota. It would definitely be chilly this time of year!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

My dad had cataract surgery on both his eyes and was surprised how much his eye sight improved after the surgery, so I hope you have good results as well. For some reason the video wouldn't play which is annoy

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am glad to hear you got it all set up! You will be okay!! Oh I love Ian's hat! Oh it is icy now so be careful outside...but warm, I like warm:)

Divers and Sundry said...

Congrats on not having macular degeneration! and the best of luck with your upcoming surgeries. Do what suits you, and take care of those eyes. I imagine the entertainment of your own private nature show will keep you from getting too bored. That does look like fun :)

Jon said...

I didn't see this post until today. I'm so glad that you don't have macular degeneration. My mom had it and it was no joke. It's a good thing your conversation with the doctor was recorded. It's always beneficial to hear things more than once.

If it's any small consolation, I've known numerous people who had surgery for cataracts and all were completely successful.
By the way, much like you, I am extremely nearsighted.