Thursday, January 12, 2017


Good Morning!
Quick post.
Before I forget...I can read YouTube comments but haven't been able to respond to any at all recently.  I'll keep trying, but please know that I read and appreciate every one.
We had Library Day here on Tuesday.  (I was able to renew the two audio books I never touched the previous two weeks--LOL!)  When I arrived there were several ladies spread out around a table coloring on adult coloring book pages.  The roads were bad so Kirsten was late.  I sat at the table with the ladies but didn't really feel like coloring.  Great idea for a group activity, though.
A frozen Kirsten arrived.  People waited in line and looked through all the selections she brought with this time.  I was asked if I wanted to stay and color, but I decided to go home.  When I got home I thought--well, I would like to work on some more card fronts, though.  I thought of my New Year's Eve card for the year about the power of love and being more open...
  So I packed up the tape and papers, grabbed my red coffee thermos, and went back down.  Through the conversation it was decided that an informal (not on the calendar) afternoon group would be nice.  People could bring whatever they wanted to work on or just come by to chat.  (Sounds like the idea Leah and I had at the same time when I first moved in, right?)  Thursdays at around 1:30pm was picked.   
So, I will go down for a while this afternoon.  BUT--I actually have a repairman coming to look at my frig between 3-4pm (and the lady said he might come earlier even if he's running ahead of schedule).  Shock!  I had called Nazar Monday--left a message to tell him the frig is making a loud racket and isn't freezing things solid in the freezer anymore.  He never returned my call but a lady called me late that afternoon to set up an appointment to check the frig.  I was shocked--LOL!  Maybe things are looking up, eh?
Monday I saw this rabbit eating on the patio...broke my heart.
I haven't seen Chester since then, though.  I'm keeping an eye out.  (Those of you who remember Gunsmoke will know why I call him Chester.)  Poor thing!  I sure hope it's okay.  Was getting around and eating, so maybe there's a chance.  I'll let you know if I ever see Chester again.
When Leah was here Monday for crafts we played with the new toy.  Fancied up a set of 12 winter cards--had put together previously.  (We get the basic paper on and then can add whatever we want on the top.)
We used the new Stick It double sided paper on the card stock before we cut the sentiments.  Awesome!  Instead of burnishing them down on the front of the card with a bone folder you can just run them through the die cut machine again and that's it!  Whoohoo!  
Seven of these are already in the mail today and five more are set to start.  Could have used a few more--LOL!  Well, gives me a good reason to make more cards, eh?  
I shall.  I shall.  
Well, this is a quick post for me.  
Just wanted to pop in.
Wind chill warnings again the last couple days.  
22 to 24 below at night...
and that's the regular temperature.  
We are having our McFamily Christmas on Sunday!  I haven't seen Mr. Ian since before Christmas so Gramma is excited.  He'll get to open his toys!  I really need to remember to take pictures...or a video!  (Videos seem to possibly be my thing this year so I hope you like them.)    
Bye for now!  :) :)
"Be humble for you are made of Earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars."
Serbian Proverb


GrandmaG said...

We're expected at least an inch of ice Friday. No snow just ice. I really hate ice! Lucky for me I don't have to go out if I don't want to. Nice perk of retirement ;)

Intense Guy said...


Sounds like a nice time just talking to other living breathing human beings that aren't "all in your face" is a nice change of scene for you.

I suspect Chester's purpose was to feed some other hungry wildlife. Bunny are so darn cute though...

Neesie said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Rita (I hope it's not too late to wish you a fabulous 2017 jam packed with creativity!)
I think it was a fantastic idea to go and join in with the ladies, especially taking your own artwork. It sounds like your new plan for the Thursday afternoon will be a huge success.
Poor Chester... oh my heart nearly broke watching him struggle, but at least he knows where to find some food.
Lovely cards as usual and I'll finish by saying good luck for the fixing of your fridge and thanks for the video. It's lovely to hear you natter away xoxo

ChicagoLady said...

Unfortunately Chester will probably be dinner for any hawks that hung around this winter.

Divers and Sundry said...

We're having a high today of 74F, so it feels more like Spring than Winter here. Poor Chester :(

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Since I can't see the video, I take it Chester is a rabbit with a bum leg. I'll be so glad when I get my new computer back.

I would gladly take your snow over our ice that is predicted. I may be without power for days if we get as much as they are saying.

SO glad you joined in on the fun, because this will be a good thing for you. Have a super Friday and weekend, especially at the McFamily Christmas dinner.

DJan said...

I feel for Chester, too, but I don't think he'll make it. Poor little guy. I am glad you are getting such quick turnaround about your fridge. :-)

Krisha said...

Happy New Year Rita!
Poor Chester, he looks so cold ( I know they are well insulated with fur....but still ) and yes, I do remember "Gunsmoke."
You cards are so pretty, clean and simple is always a very good idea. Do you make them as greeting cards or as note cards?
How are your bullet journals going? How do you set them all up? I want to start one, but hesitate on how to set the page up. Any tips???
Hope you and Karma stay cozy and warm through the winter weather.

Carol said...

So glad you have made headway with getting to know people there and having a fun activity time will be nice. Poor Chester... It's cold here and we are getting ice as I type. Hoping the power stays on and we can stay warm but have the firewood ready just in case.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Those adult colouring books look too something, can't think of the right word my mind is blank, anyway I couldn't do them because of the tremor in my hand and the lines are too close together and all just not something I would like to try

Stephanie Faris said...

It's SO annoying, waiting for repair people to show up. And then "They may show up early!" I once scheduled the cable company to come between 12-4pm. The guy showed up at 8am. I was still in my PJs... Surprises like that are NOT a good idea.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Chester, I suppose he got hit by a car or something. At least he had food. Well how about those ladies getting together after all...duh? You should have a pretty new fridge in that apt...hope the repairman gets it fixed:)

Feral Turtle said...

That's pretty awesome that you went back down and spent some time with your neighbors! Maybe there will be a gem in there. Love your new toy. Looks like it does pretty amazing things. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family Rita.

Serena Lewis said...

Poor Chester! I wonder how he hurt his leg. Not good as he will make easy prey for predators. :'( You may have to refresh my memory on Gunsmoke. It will probably come back to me when I hear the story.

Funny, how the craft ladies have ended up doing what you and Leah suggested when you first moved in. Good that you spent some time with them. :)

The cards are lovely!

Enjoy your McFamily Christmas — Ian will be so happy to see you again.

Love and hugs xo

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's such a good idea to have a group of people come together to work on whatever project or activity they want to do. I've wanted to do a craft club here, but never have gotten around to it. There's something special about having a group of people who you can create and talk with on a regular basis.