Monday, July 15, 2019

7-15-2019 Monday-2:15pm

I am obviously not moving fast today.  Can't believe how tired I am--still.  Already afternoon--but here I am...and getting better!  :)
Tuesday night Leah was over.  She kind of got me set up for them being gone Thursday through Sunday and she needed to repair a skirt she wanted to wear over the weekend.  She didn't get here till 10:30pm and left at about 2am!  So we were both tired for the Dr. Ryan visit on Wednesday--LOL!
Dr. Ryan.
The good news is that the steroids are working.  Not exactly sure what caused this but he thought it was some kind of rheumatoidal or arthritic flare...but didn't think I have rheumatoid arthritis.  Said "rheumatoid" covers a broad area.  Or could be a virus...or something related to auto-immunity.  He threw out a few ideas.  So no concrete diagnosis...but he was impressed by how much my leg and knee and ankle had gone down.  Dr. Ryan was just the same as other doctors in the total lack of interest in hearing about a reverse temp or below normal temp (which I am still running).  Said he'd never heard of the extreme sweating I had, either.  Was just glad the steroids were working.  
Got another round of steroids with a refill.  He said some people have been on steroids for up to a year with no ill effects and off we went.  Wants me to email him through the system in a month to let him know how I am doing but he fully expects the steroids to eventually get rid of the foot/toe and hand/knuckle swelling, redness, and pain.  Hasn't so far, but they are a little better, I think.  I definitely need the refill.
Regardless, I might find out more when I eventually go to the new rheumatologist in October.  I am just glad I can walk better--only limping a little compared to before (unless I walk farther, like to the mailboxes)--and can stand for longer, too, and my toe doesn't get as purple.  I've been able to tend to Annie every morning and do my journaling (even if in my chair to keep my foot up and not at the table like normal).  I'm impatient for my hand/knuckle to get better.  You use your hands all day long, you know!  Maybe the next round of steroids will do the trick.  (Tomorrow is the last day of pills again on the second round and I am far from rid of this.)
Anyways, I came home and looked up arthritis flares.  Said can last for weeks, run a low grade fever, malaise, fatigue, stiffness, joint swelling, acute pain, and often sudden onset.  Didn't mention an entire leg swelling up from thigh to toes, but I fit all the rest, I guess.  Steroids give me that light at the end of the tunnel--hurray!
Dagan stopped by after work Wednesday and emptied the Litter Genie and brought out my trash.  Leah dropped off some taco meat in the evening.  I was totally set up well for while they were gone.  They have been just wonderful!!
Thursday they finally mowed our lawn here.  It has rained so often that our grass was really long.  I went out and swept the patio of most of the grass clippings and got the birds fresh water. 
The flowers are looking good... 
...considering they've been soaked and soaked and blasted by high winds. 
I try to pick a task or two every day.  Friday was do a load of clothes and water the inside plants.  Saturday was check mail and unload the dishwasher.  Sunday was make soup.
But a lot of the time this is my view--LOL! 
Annie loves it.  She learned to jump over my leg and not step on me.  Annie always comes up by jumping on the arm of the chair first.  Who knows why.  She could just jump right up on to the footrest.  Cats.  LOL!
Oh, and note--I couldn't even get these soft, pliable slippers on my foot before because (1) my ankle and foot were half again as big and (2) I couldn't bend my knee, anyways--LOL!  The little things in life--ahhh!  So nice.
Anyways, this was the view this morning.  It's 91 degrees right now says it feels hotter.  Bless the soul who invented air conditioning!!
So...I am well on the way to getting rid of this, I think.  The arthritic flare or virus or whatever it is.  Still exhausted.  Still running reverse temp.  But am on more normal hours with fewer naps, so that's good.  Normalcy is returning, folks--whoohoo!!  I am even hoping for a nice, quiet, movie-watching Gramma Day this week.  We'll see.  Been a month and a half!!  July is half over already.  Goodness!
Nice to have some positive news to share, anyways.  Thanks so very much for all the comments, emails, well-wishes, cards, letters, prayers, and good thoughts.  I needed every bit of them...still do.  ;)  May you have a productive, peaceful week.  :) :)
"Sometimes I go about pitying myself, and all the time I am being carried on great winds across the sky."
Chippewa, translated by Robert Bly


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :) :)
Thanks everybody!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

So glad for you Rita that the pain and swelling has begun to lessen. Getting slippers on is encouraging too. Keeping you in my positive thoughts for you.

DJan said...

So glad to hear that you're recovering from the mystery malady. Whatever works, and it seems the steroids are. I laughed at the picture of your legs and Annie! :-)

Bonnie said...

I am so glad to hear things are finally going in the right direction! It sounds like you found a good doctor and the steroids are helping. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and sending you all my best.

Terra said...

I hope you continue to heal, it sounds painful and limits your mobility so let the healing continue. Your porch area is pretty.

Janie Junebug said...

I love your polka-dot slippers. They look cheerful, and you need cheerful. So glad you're improving. I always tell doctors that if my temp is 98.6 that it means I have a bit of a fever because my normal temperature is low. I never really get a response. Maybe that's because they think I'm crazy.


Jon said...

It's very encouraging to know that the steroids are working. Sometimes a below-normal temperature happens after an illness when you're immune system is run down.

I'm glad your health is improving - and I love the photo of Annie in the chair (with your slippers).
Last night I was sound asleep and my cat Bosco leaped onto my stomach and nearly killed me. He's very heavy and it completely knocked the wind out of me.

Hopefully Annie is more polite and careful....

Divers and Sundry said...

I think I have those exact same slippers! So soft, aren't they! :) I'm so glad to hear you're getting better. I know you'll be glad to get this behind you so you don't have to ration your energy. Your patio is a bright spot :)

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I am so glad that the steroids are working for you. You have lived with so much pain for so many years. I wonder also if you don't have a really high pain tolerance and so live with pain that would really do the rest of us in! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Steroids can do wonders but can have terrible side effects also, good to hear you are improving

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Such good news that your swelling is going down and pain is not as bad as it was. I'll need to look up arthritis flares because how you describe them is very similar to what I've been feeling like (I have osteoarthritis in my spine, knees, and hands). I'm going in next Tuesday to a doctor who specializes in arthritis and see if there's something I can do.

I love your slippers! They are so bright and cheerful!! Something fun to look at as you recover more.

Air conditioning, indeed, is a life-saver. On these super hot - 90+ degree days, it feels so much better to have cool air! I bet Annie loves the cooler air inside than being outside. :)

Intense Guy said...

It seems getting better takes a lot longer than geyting sick. Hugs.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear that you are better ...or at least improving! Sure wish they knew for certain what it was! :)