Monday, July 29, 2019

7-29-2019 Monday-11:15am

Good morning!
Unbelievable.  I didn't even realize I had not taken one picture all week.  No photos today.
Monday I took two large containers down from the top shelf in the bathroom to go through for donations...and put my back out, apparently.  My own fault.  No more lifting stuff like that for me anymore.  (I promised Dagan and Leah.)  I was so happy to have gotten things done last week I guess I pushed it a little too far.
Tuesday I could't move without shooting pain on my left side.  (I'm not sure if it is actually my back or a pulled muscle, but it's in the same place back below my left shoulder blade kind of.)  Dagan was coming after work to haul all the winter clothing and donations to the garage for me.  I felt so stupid for having done this to myself that I hadn't told either Dagan or Leah.  Dagan was so sweet.  He watered my planters on the patio, scooped Annie's litter box, got my mail, took my trash out, emptied my dishwasher and even asked if I wanted him to make me something for dinner (no, I had eaten a very late lunch).
Wednesday I woke up and my other knee (right one) was all weird!  Felt like a pulled muscle in the back and it was swollen.  I just had finished that third round of steroids on Monday.  Well, shall we say that knocked the optimistic wind out of me?  I woke up with a stiff neck, was exhausted and ached all over.  (Steroid withdrawal?)  Took a three hour nap.  Watched Netflix DVDs that came.  End of season three of Outlander and started season six of Ray Donovan.  Did not even want to think about the other leg swelling up--but how could it not cross my mind.  So--escaped into DVDs.
I knew Leah was coming over on Thursday.  I had hoped the knee thing would disappear so I hadn't said anything...but it hadn't.  I told her and showed her how my knee was puffed up and hurt.  Felt like crying, to be honest.  I am sooooo worn down from these last couple felt like that camel's straw.  Leah had brought with her the last steroid refill she picked up.  I didn't want to start it unless my knee got worse.  If it did--I would--and we'd have to go to the orthopedic walk-in clinic again on Monday (today).  My back was a little better (heating pad) and the stiff neck was, too.  Toe and knuckle the same.  Just waiting to see what happened.
Friday.  Knee was about the same so I didn't start the steroids.  Leah had forgotten something the day before and was sending Dagan over after work with some deli turkey she had picked up for me.  He stayed for a while for a nice visit.  Dagan wondered about Gramma Day on Saturday.  I said if my knee and everything was about the same in the morning I'd let them know and Ian and I could have a movie day.
Saturday.  My knee actually felt better than it had been--whoohoo!  So, Ian and I had a Gramma Day for the first time in two months!  I had never seen the Lego movies so we watched both of them.  (Gramma wasn't all that impressed, but Ian loves them.)  Of course, we had to watch a little PJMasks before he had to go, too.  And--yup--no pictures.
Sunday was just zombie woman recovery day.  Annie has spent a lot of time in the chair with me this last week.  Maybe she knew I was not feeling my usual self.
Well, today--knee still okay.  Knuckle worse the last couple days but toe about the same.  I am beginning to think they will never go back to the way they were.  They stay within the same range though, at least.  Haven't gotten noticeably worse.  Back is still acting up.  Worse some days than others.  (Thanks to whoever invented the heating pad.)  Am generally low on spoons, but able to get done what I have to and glad I have been more independent again.  Life goes on.
Tomorrow Caroline comes to clean.  Wednesday I go meet my new GP for blood pressure check and filling that prescription.  I'll fill her in on the last couple months and show her my toe and knuckle--LOL!  Won't she be glad to have me as a new patient complete with a mystery illness--LOL!  She may refer me to some other specialist or back to the orthopedic doctors...who knows?  At least my knee seems to have settled down.  Maybe I pulled a muscle from all the crooked walking from the toe--LOL!  And I finally had a Gramma Day!!  :)  
Meanwhile--end of the month stuff.  Banking, make out my grocery list for Caroline, get my bullet journal ready for August, etc.  August!!  Do you believe it?  I don't even believe a post from me without pictures--LOL!  ;)  I wonder if anyone will read this? 
That's it from here.  
Thanks so much for listening.  
I hope you all have a really good week.  :) :)
"The beginning is always today."
Mary Wollstonecraft


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)
Isn't this weird to have a post without pictures?!

DJan said...

I read it and loved it, Rita. I sure hope you continue to get better. I know how debilitating it is to have so much pain all the time. I'm slowly getting better myself, but the pain rarely recedes so that I don't notice it. So glad you got a Gramma Day! :-)

Lady Fi said...

So sorry to hear about your knee! Hope you are doing better... and yes, a bit weird without pictures! LOL!

jinxxxygirl said...

Letter on its way to you dear Rita... Hugs! deb

Bonnie said...

Please be careful lifting things that are up high! I've made that same mistake getting heavy boxes down from the top of a closet. I've been told that lifting heavy items over you head can cause many problems!

I am so glad you had a Gramma Day! That had to help lift your spirit and of course Ian's too!


Far Side of Fifty said...

No picture...I read anyways! Sure hope the new Doc has some insight as to what is happening! Take Care!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, Rita, I read it. And it didn't need photos because you described everything so brilliantly. Nice that you had Gramma Day and Ian got to enjoy you, Please let us know what the new doctor tells you. Both good news and not so good news. We want to share it with you.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

No more over the head lifting down Rita. Gramma Day was a blessing. Leah and Dagan are blessings too. Hope that you and your new Doctor work together figuring out what is happening with your body and what can be done.

Diana said...

I don't mind the "no picture posts" at all. I'll read anyway, with or without. Pifting you up in prayer that your doctor(s) will be able to diagnose whatever is going on and provide the right treatment. Hang in there, friend! Thinking of you! Hugs and blessings! ♥

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, Rita, this sounds miserable, what a hell of a disease this is. I do hope you get some relief soon. Don't bother about no photos, for goodness sake. I am glad that Annie is being good company, and brilliant that you got in a day with Ian ! Fingers crossed and good vibes that your doctor can help.

Jon said...

I'm definitely no expert, but it sounds like you might have pulled a muscle. Rest and stay immobilized as much as possible (I know - - easier said than done...)

Ironically, I know of two other bloggers who are having back trouble - - and I had it last week. I don't know what I did, but I was in agonizing pain and could't walk for several days. Fortunately it's much better now.

Almost August already??? Soon we'll be thinking of Halloween (my favorite time of year).

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Parents and grandparents watch a lot of movies and tv shoes that we have zero interest in because we love our children & grandchildren

Far Side of Fifty said...

Just wanted to share this with you.
From a blogger I follow.
My most used essential oil this month has been Frankincense. I had gout starting in my big toe again and I really, really wanted to head that off. So I studied up and found that if Frank is rubbed topically on the toe and you drink plenty of cherry juice you would help. I tried it and 'viola' it helped. A little soreness still there but nothing like I have had in the past.

R's Rue said...

Love the quote.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

What a surprise to see a post without photos! Sounds like your body is really giving you a lot of challenges with all the pain. I hope your pain subsides and is more bearable. It's frustrating living with pain each day. :(