Monday, August 05, 2019

8-5-2019 Monday-11:45am

Good Morning!
Woke up so plugged up I have to breathe through my mouth.  But it's a beautiful morning now that the sun is peeking out.
 Had thunderstorms during the night and it was dark this morning for some time--she says sneezing and scaring Annie into the bedroom--LOL!
This week Caroline came to clean on Tuesday.  Wednesday Leah dropped me off at the West Acres Clinic and went to drive around because Liam was sleeping in his car seat.  I went in only to discover that my online appointment that I made...well, it didn't exist.  I won't try making an appointment online again, that's for sure.  Had to make a new appointment for the 12th, then texted Leah to come back to pick me up, and she dropped me off at home again.  So, I don't meet the new GP till next Monday.  I have enough blood pressure pills to last me till then, so no problem.  But I felt badly wasting Leah's time.  :(  She said she didn't mind. 
Thursday morning Caroline came with groceries.  In the evening Leah came over for a Craft Night!!  I asked her if she could make it over to work on Christmas cards last week because I needed some "normal" soooo badly--even if I couldn't do a lot.  
We had an absolutely wonderful evening.  Worked on the white-three-tree cards.  I am so glad I bought all these trays we can use for drying stuff!  This was the stack in the studio after Leah left.
We were so close to being done.  I only managed to tape on the inside red sentiment with a little tape runner.  Leah did most of the work.  She punched out the snowflakes... 
...and glued the bauble in the center (can't remember what they're called but they look like a big water droplet) and then glued the snowflake on the inside.
We finished that set--TADA!!!  Feels fantastic!
Yesterday I moved them out onto the kitchen table... fold and stack them. 
This is the satchel we keep Christmas cards in.  (I have another one for sets of birthday cards.) 
This set took up half the satchel because of the bling on the snowflake--LOL!  But this the the card we plan to use this year for Christmas, so they'll be out of there in no time.  ;) 
Saturday was a Gramma Day.  Ian and I worked on another of the craft project boxes Tori sent Ian from England.  The parts had glue on them that wasn't dry yet so we stored them in a shoebox on his bookcase until next Gramma Day when he can finish putting them together.  Hard to tell but this box was about baking and this is a doughnut and a pizza--LOL!
Strangely the doughnut has two icings--pink and brown.  Maybe there was supposed to be two doughnuts?  We decided we'll put icing on both sides of the doughnut--LOL!  Ian doesn't care.  The process is what is the fun part.
Then yesterday I did a load of laundry...and got it put away in sections throughout the day.  Hand was pretty sore.  Yes, hand and foot still the same--along with everything else with this old, cranky body.  Except waking up clogged up and sneezing--that's new--LOL!  But no big deal.
They're mowing for those apartments across the way that I see out my window.  They zip by on their riding lawn mowers.  The grass has to still be quite damp from the thunderstorm and it's 68% humidity.  So even if it is only supposed to get up into the low 80s it is going to be thick and sticky out there today.  
Leah is planning to try to come again for a Craft Night on Thursday again this week!  :)  Pretty soon she'll need to make invitations for Liam's birthday party which will be coming up early September  too.  Feels sooooo good to be working on something creative again!!  I needed some normal.  I really did.  Even if things aren't normal...yet--LOL!   ;)
Have a thoughtful week, my friends.  Let the people you love and care about know what they truly mean to you.  Spread the love and positives.  The whole world needs it.  We can start in our own back yards...lavishly spreading.  :) :)
"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them."
Elizabeth Gilbert


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

Craft times sound delightful :) So much joy shared there. I hope your head clears up and the next dr visit is productive.

We're getting odd pop-up showers here, and I don't remember that being much of a thing in the past. Odd weather.

Janie Junebug said...

The snowflakes and trees are beautiful! Sometimes I think I would like to see snow again. I've had some problems, too, with appointments I've made and then no one seems to know who I am. Ian's craft projects are great. He will always remember Gramma Days.


Bonnie said...

Your craft night sounds like a lot of fun! You got a lot accomplished too! I hope you do have another one this week if you feel up to it. I am so sorry your appointment got messed up and was not available. They should not let people schedule online if they are not going to keep the appointment. I have been having more problems with getting wires crossed with doctors recently in trying to get my knee surgery scheduled. I really wonder if there is any common sense left in this world!

Please take care Rita!

Jon said...

I'm so tired of all the thunderstorms here in TN that I decided to send them to you (*smile*). It's a shame that your online appointment was bogus. I guess it's best to phone (although even phone appointments can get screwed up).

Glad you had a productive craft night. The Christmas cards are beautiful - - and the Xmas season isn't really too far away...

DJan said...

How strange that your appointment didn't show up but it felt like it did. I do hope this is just a cold and that you will be well and happy, no swelling, soon. My back is better but not 100% yet, and I'm not sure it's a good idea to hike this coming Thursday. So we're both still working towards wellness. Love your upbeat post, Rita. Sending you some virtual hugs. :-)

Serena Lewis said...

I was plugged up for the past week too. I hate not being able to breathe through my nose.

Good that you have enough BP pills til the 12th. Bummer about the appointment glitch though.

YAY! A craft night! I'm so glad you and Leah had a great evening together. The cards are looking lovely! That storage container is so neat with all the different compartments.

What a fun craft for Ian to do on Gramma Day.

Sorry that you're still dealing with the flare-up to some degree. Good luck for the 12th...hope you like the new GP better than the last.

Have a lovely week!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I do admire your craft abilites
Finding the right GP can not be easy

Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound a bit better this week! Hope you get to see that Dr eventually! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think trying to sign up for an appointment online might not be the best way to know you had made it. My friend Sally, who has a doctor for every body and interior part receives reminders on her phone the day before her appointment. I wonder if your Dr. does the same.

Those cards are beautiful. They sure show how much work you put into them.

Sounds like you and Ian had a great Gramma day. You are lucky that Mc Family lives so close.

Hope this is a good week and you have a good visit with your new GP on the 12th, dear Rita.

Dee said...

Dear Rita, I so understand what you mean by saying you need "normal." That's how I've been feeling--or was feeling during May and June and then July came along and with it the need to read the pdf of my historical novel. And even though I can do only a little each day, it's still the "normal"--that is, the creative writing that is, for me, prayer. I'm so glad for you that Leah is helping you find the normal again. Take care. Listen to your body. You've had to learn to do that and you do it well. Peace.

Lady Fi said...

Your craft night sounds wonderful!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Dear Rita - I've done it again! So much to catch up with not least your ongoing health problems - I do hope you get sorted soon! I had gout a few years ago so I do have a little idea of what pain you were going through. I still have an arthritic knee and my big toes still hurt when it is cold or wet for long periods. This sounds nothing like as serious as your symptoms though! I see to have developed a ganglion on the back of my wrist (I think in days gone by a ganglion would have a hefty thump with the family bible!!) the doc says if it gets worse to go back but trying to get an appointment at the health centre involves getting up early and ringing, being cut off, ringing again(repeat) until you either get through or not - if not you through it all again or go to the emergency dept at the hospital...or go through the whole process again the next day! There is an online facility that means you can book your own appointments but when hubby looked last week the first one available is September!!! I'm glad you have Leah and Dagan around! Ian and Leah made a great job of your patio! You seem to be having the same mixture of weather as we are here some of the rain we have had has caused so much damage and then we have a short spell of hot weather and we sleep with an electric fan running - no air con here, although I think with climate change being the way it is it will soon become more popular - one of my sons has it! I have some snacks too that at least are better than potato chips - the Parmesan cheese ones sound good! Glad you have had a Gramma day at last - even if you did have to sit through (awesome) Lego Movies - if I have an ear worm, then so must you dear!!! :-) I loved seeing the partridges but not as much as I enjoyed seeing Annie watching them and the other creatures around! Well done on the Christmas card making - you look to have a good stack there! I'm impressed by your coffee stash too!! I really will try harder to keep up - I think I need to organise my day to at least get onto the computer for some part of every day! Good Luck with the Kondo-ing - I keep trying to throw stuff out and then giving things a reprieve...something else I need to be strong with! Sorry for this long catch up - I now have a thought that maybe I should have sent an e-mail as you may not see this!! Big Hugs and get well soon! Chrisxx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's so nice that you and Leah get regular crafting time together. Your cards are usual! I like the way that you dry the cards. That's a clever way to keep to save space while they dry.