Monday, January 13, 2020

1-13-2020 Monday-10am

Good Morning!
A week after that blizzard plows were still moving snow out of the way in the parking lot across from me.
It's quite amazing how much snow is pushed about or removed after a big storm so that people can get to work, see at intersections, and park to shop or get to appointments...all in a matter of days.  Those of you who don't get snow might like to watch a little silent tidying up.

After a tractor finally came through to clear the walking path, someone tossed some seed out on the snowbank.  I caught a jackrabbit nibbling away.
Maybe was someone who lives on second or third floor above me who also likes to watch the critters eat?  They wouldn't be able to see them on my patio below but they can see them coming and going all day long--LOL!  
Well, still learning new (spiritual/healing) aspects of what I am supposed to be doing in 2020.  A former blogger turned pen pal, Des, asked me if she could hear more about the energy work, so I linked her to my other blog where nine years ago I had written a six part series of blog posts because people had been asking me back then about the very same thing.  
I was shocked that it had been nine years ago.  Coincidentally, I finished the series up on New Year's Eve.  Since I hadn't read them since I wrote them I decided maybe I should read them again now in order to see what she would be reading.  They were copied and pasted off this blog so occasionally the formatting is a little off...but I sat down to re-read them all.
Some of you have been around long enough to have read these back then or have known me in real life--but I'm sure many of you do not know me that well.  If you read these you will have a better idea who I am and why the jackrabbit's death and getting the Healing angel card were such a big deal to me.
Probably won't surprise anybody that this is the short, choppy, bits & pieces version I put together in blog posts back then to explain about my background with "energy work", a little about my guardian angel (GA), and how "soulcomfort" came about.  So, if you're interested grab a cuppa and settle in.  By the time I came to part six I realized what I am supposed to try to do this year...
**** what I was supposed to work on nine years ago...
...that I tried, failed, and gave up on back then.    
Not sure I will have any more success now, but I will have to try.
Anyways, Leah came over Tuesday night.  We just talked about all of the Soul Comfort stuff.  :) :)
Wednesday I worked on the calligraphy class.
I use tracing paper so that I can reuse the original workbook pages over and over again.
Did alphabet practice for two hours and this wasn't even the end of lesson three.
I definitely forgot about how difficult it is to learn how to move your entire hand and arm but not move your wrist or fingers.  Reminds me of when I went to italic calligraphy classes and had to learn to hold the squared off nib in the exact same position while you wrote.  That was with a dip pen with a specific type of nib...and the teacher insisted we learn on an easel.  Writing more upright was a total new learning experience also.  This is something new again with the pointed dip pen.  Maybe I should try it on the easel?  LOL!  Regardless, I do know that a LOT of practice is involved. 
Leah came very late on Thursday and we just chatted and caught up.  Maybe get to working on something this week.  I'm just glad to have time to connect.  :)
Friday was questions day on the blog,.  I'm so glad some of you are enjoying those.  
Saturday was an R&R day.  I am pretty well shot doing more than usual, but hope to get accustomed to it.  
Sunday was Gramma Day.  Ian painted in a watercolor workbook while we watched CatTV.  (Annie is not the only one who likes those videos).  After we cleaned up the painting stuff we watched some Stinky and Dirty for a good hour, the new favorite show.  Daddy and Liam came to pick Ian up and stayed a short visit.  Nice!  :)
As soon as they were out the door Annie came out from under the bed for her turn at CatTV--LOL!   
Today is laundry and that will likely be all she wrote--LOL!  I have an appointment with another new doctor (you may recall my last new-to-me doctor left the clinic) to get my blood pressure checked and I'm going to ask about a different BP pill as this one does make me cough a lot.  So, another busier than 2019 week for me--LOL!  I'm keeping up so far.  ;)
Will be talking more about the six part blog posts at some point.  Would love to hear comments and questions.  Can leave them here or email me.  Positive or curious thoughts are welcome.  I am not into negatives or arguments, though, as you might assume.  I'm perfectly okay being your nutty, out-there friend...or relative, for that matter--ROFL!  ;)
Have a really good week.  I'm hoping for good sleep and some productivity.  As Roy Rogers used to sing...till we meet again.  :)
"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make."
Jane Goodall


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Divers and Sundry said...

All that snow just amazes me! The energy work is interesting to hear about. With what little calligraphy I've played with I remember how hard it was to maintain hand position. Your lettering looks nice! The Cat TV looks like it's be a soothing thing to have on, like those videos of fireplaces and aquaria.

Deb said...

I always enjoy your blog posts, Rita. I will have to look back on some of those older posts. I have heard of energy work, but really don't know too much about it. I hope you are able to achieve what you want to with it. Have a good week.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You must be real dedicated to do calligraphy! Yes we have enough snow now. Cat TV is a great thing for Annie! Hope you have a good week!

Bonnie said...

I have a feeling this was all meant to be with the rabbit and your energy work. Your renewed interest in the healing and energy work seems to be creating a positive change in you which can end up being healing for yourself as well! I hope you have a good week!

DJan said...

I will take a look at those old posts when I've got some time. I do know that your energy work is fascinating to many of your admirers, Rita. I really have to laugh when I think of Annie's TV addiction! :-)

Jon said...

Wow - it obviously takes an enormous amount of work to clean up after a blizzard! It's fun to watch the snow plows but I wouldn't want to do the grueling job. I'm glad one of your neighbors is throwing out seeds for the critters.

Providing links to those six old blog posts is a good idea. You put a lot of effort into them and they're worth rereading.

I never yet had a chance to see the cat videos on YouTube, but I will soon.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

so much snow glad I don't have to clean it up

Dee said...

Dear Rita, thanks for giving us the URLs for the 6 postings from back in 2010 that you've suggested we might like to read. I will read them--some later today and some in the next few days. The barometer is bopping around and so this is a Meniere's day. Not conducive to thinking! Hope all is well. Peace.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your calligraphy is beautiful! There was quite a bit of snow. Happy to see so much wildlife enjoying the food you provide for them.