Monday, January 20, 2020

1-20-2020 Monday-1pm

Good afternoon!
The critters seem to always know when a storm is coming.  The partridges were just hunkering down where they knew there was food...which is why I tend to keep the blinds only half open so I am less likely to scare them away.
 The cottontail was here for a couple days, too, before the storm hit. 
Wednesday I went to meet another new doctor who set me up with different BP pills so that the dry cough should disappear within a couple weeks.  She was okay, I guess, but I decided that I'd like to try this other doctor who is also listed as an osteopath.  Do have to go to a different clinic to see her, but I am going to try her (Dr. Kessler) for the new BP pill checkup end of February.  I'd like to find a regular doctor that I feel comfortable with, if I can.  Oh, and I go back for a random free BP check any time after I've been on these new pills 2-3 weeks.  
Because of the clinic visit, I never got around to doing the calligraphy lesson on Wednesday...but I did do a small section on Thursday so I could at least check it off my list.  ;) 
Was kind of tired and head stuffed up again this past week.  Leah wasn't full of energy, either, but we managed to get the oval wooden labels velcroed to the new bins in the bathroom on Thursday night.
 Used velcro dots and Leah's label maker.  They can be removed or changed as needed.  Nice!
By Thursday night the wind had arrived...and continued blasting my windows all day Friday.  We had 60mph wind gusts on Friday and 50mph on Saturday.  Yup--another blizzard when the snow arrived on Friday.
 Annie seemed unconcerned--LOL!
 But she did check for critters after I tossed out some seed onto the new drift across my patio.
There was lots of drifting with those high winds.  
Even after it stopped snowing the winds blew the ground snow around.
Immediately,  the seed was covering up with snow. 
In just ten minutes it was covered. 
But the local critters know to come here and dig.  The cotton tail got very busy digging a hole down to a layer of buried seed. 
There were a couple layers of seed down there, actually. 
As soon as either the rabbits or the partridges come to eat the smaller birds show up to gobble up any seed that has been unearthed by the bigger critters who can dig deeper. 
I took these pictures one right after another of a partridge sitting on top of the snow drift... 
...while the gusts came... right after the other... 
...and I could barely see it for a second... 
..over and over. 
They learn how to endure the wind, I guess.
By later on Saturday the wind died down a bit... 
...and it was easier for them to dig out seed that was barely covered by the lighter wind. 
Annie seemed annoyed that the birds were so hungry that they didn't even notice her trying to scare them away.  (Good!) 
CatTV hasn't lost its appeal, though. 
 Annie will binge-watch chipmunks and squirrels, especially.
We've gone into the deep freeze again.  Both Sunday morning and this morning I couldn't get the patio door open because it was frozen shut.  By about noon the sun had warmed it up enough that I could open it and get some seed out there.  Partridges ran from beside the building where they had been huddled together...
...and four of them came scooting out of that hole that the rabbit had started after the storm--LOL! 
Startled me!  I bet it was nice and cozy huddled together inside that hole, though.  :)
The snow banks keep rising, settling, and then rising again with the next storm. 
Was -18 F this morning when I got up (which is about -28 C) and it had warmed up a little by then. 
Anyways, today--I took a Musinex and am doing laundry...because I need to.  Would rather be curled up with Annie in my chair under a warm blanket--LOL!   Been that kind of week.  Binge-watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix.  :)  Having quiet, peaceful days is always a good thing.  ;)
Till next time...keep smiling!!  :)
"May you grow still enough to hear the splintering of starlight in the winter sky and the roar at the earth's fiery core."
Br. David Steindl-Rast


Rita said...

Comment to get comments. :)

Deb said...

Another big storm for you. Your storms really remind me of the winters we had years back when we lived in Nebraska. I remember going out to our car to go to church and the car doors had frozen shut. I hope you find a doctor you like. That is always a challenge for me. Right now, Charly and I go to the same doctor and Charly likes him and me, not so much. Have a good week and stay warm in all that snow and coldness.

Jon said...

It isn't always easy to find doctors that we're comfortable with. I hope you'll like the new one when you go in February.

Your neck of the woods is really getting pounded with blizzards. I keep seeing it on the news. The snow looks beautiful from your window views but I always feel sorry for the critters. I'm so glad they can get nourishment at your Cafe (which is immensely popular). Keep warm and cozy!

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm always amazed by your snow. They're predicting a few flurries here, but I may not even see them. I hope you settle into a relationship with a health provider you feel good about. I've been fortunate with that. I stuck with Grace and Frankie for a season and then moved on. Stay warm! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Frankie and Grace makes me laugh, I like Lilly Tomlin....Jane Fonda not so much because I am of that era that she messed over.
Tomorrow should be better temperature wise. Annie knows how to zone out! :)

Bonnie said...

Goodness, you have sure been buried in snow! And those low temps are hard to take. We've had snow, ice and below freezing temps but that's nothing compared to what you've had there!

I sure hope you find a doctor you like. It makes a difference and it is not easy to find the right one. You and Annie stay warm and make her share the TV!

DJan said...

We have finished with the snow for the moment, and it's just warm and rainy. I love your pictures of Annie and her Cat TV. She's so engrossed! :-)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Annie loves her cat tv and it shows

Carol said...

I LOVE Grace and Frankie! I don't get to watch it often cause hubs doesn't like it and I forget to watch during the day while he is gone.
You have a nice collection of critters for Annie to watch. My dogs watch the birds and squirrels at my feeders but they are very noisy about it :( I don't have anywhere near the numbers of birds I usually have at the feeders. Hoping it's because of the hawk nesting in the woods and not because the population is declining, which is a big problem in lots of areas.:(

Dee said...

Dear Rita, thank you for that ending quotation. I'd never read one before by Br. David Steindl-Rast. I wonder if he's a Brother in the Benedictine Order. I so enjoyed the seed & bird & cottontail & Annie saga. We have so little snow here in Missouri, but we did get about two inches last night so I woke to a winter wonderland. Quite beautiful. Take care. Be gracious to yourself. Peace.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Isn't it amazing how the wildlife can adapt so well to these frigid temperatures? They are good scavengers to find all the seed under the snow.