Monday, March 23, 2020

3-23-2020 Monday 3:45pm

Good afternoon
Been a really quiet week.  No.  Not due to self-isolating (I do that 95% of the time so it's actually always quiet here) but due to having food poisoning for almost three days--LOL!  Silly me.  I had some deli meat that was a couple weeks old and the turkey had been on the slimy side to begin with.  I thought if I used it in something I heated up that it would be fine.  Since I have IBS issues to begin with, as you know, so I didn't put two and two together on the first day and kept eating the concoction for two more meals.  Don't want to waste food, right?  Duh!
Let's just say I got a lot of reading done in my bathroom book.  ;)
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons...which is such a good book.  I love Laura Landvik--but I have put off reading this book for years...   
...because it was one of the last books my dear friend, Ruby, lent to me before she died.  We loved the vivid descriptions of her quirky characters and would discuss the books at length after I finished reading them...and commiserate...and laugh and laugh.
I met her when we lived in Wisconsin and we kept in touch after Dagan and I moved away.  We'd still make visits to see each other and she never arrived or I never left without books.  Ruby never met a bookstore she didn't love.  ;)
Ruby shared so many books with me over the years and was the one who got me on to murder mysteries and detective novels.  And yet she had a hard time watching Dexter...not because of the gore...because she was so worried about "our Dexter" it was just too stressful for her--ROFL!  Ruby had such a huge heart.  Our favorite TV show to chat about and giggle over was Big Bang Theory.  I can't watch a repeat without thinking of her.  She never got to see what happened to those crazy nerds.
  I still miss her.
Anyways, I digress.  With stomach cramps and the whole nine yards---I lost a few days as far as anything creative or constructive goes--LOL!  I've just been playing catch up since then on dishes and laundry and such.  Never got to a calligraphy class--so there's still time to vote on which calligraphy style class I will do next.  So far it's Amy in the lead with 5, Flourish has 2, and Kaitlin has 1 vote.  You have till Wednesday morning to leave your pick in a comment or an email.  :)
We had a dusting of snow.  
Twice, actually.
Normally I see the partridges in pairs like this since it has been above zero (evidently find-a-spouse temps up here).  No more huge coveys.  This is what I see nowadays.  Pairs.
But as soon as they saw snowflakes!
They sometimes start squawking out there in the pre-dawn.  Annie finds their racing about quite interesting.
I rarely see the jackrabbits (snowshoe hares) in the daylight any longer.  Mother Nature confusing the the critters with a little bit of snow and cold-cold...well, I had one show up for an afternoon snack.
It posed so nicely for me.
Barely moved while it sat and chewed.
Stared right back at me...quite confident in its ability to dash off at a moments notice.
They are quite beautiful...and turning darker every day.
Well, life rapidly changes around us...stay safe!  Stay at home and keep your distance, if you can.  Wash, disinfect...check on each other...stay in touch.  We are blessed to have phones and the internet at this time...and letters will never go out of style in my book!  
Be kind.
I'd love to know what you are binge-watching or reading or creating or whatever you are doing to pass the time.  Oh, and you can still vote on last week's calligraphy question till Wednesday morning.  (You know one thing I'll be doing this week--LOL!)  Till next time...virtual smiles and hugs!  
:) :)
"Let us keep courage and try to be patient and gentle."
Vincent Van Gogh


  1. My comment to get your comments--when blogger is in the right mood--LOL! ;)

  2. We have been re-watching MI5 on BritBox. We did watch the series about 10 years ago, but we don’t recall much about it.

    Tonight we watched the Miss Fisher movie on Acorn. We liked the Miss Fisher Murder Mystery series, but the movie was so-so,

  3. I watched part of The Great Food Truck Race...that was on replay and I took too long so maybe I can catch up some other place and time. After three days it goes off into space. (New fangled stuff anyways)

    Deli meat is always questionable...who knows how long it has been in the deli before you got it. Slimey too...oh my...IF I get deli meat ( not often) we try to eat it the same day I buy it!
    Glad you are okay, food poisoning can be so hard on us older folks:)
    Your bunnies are so cute!

  4. I'm reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, along with several other books because that's the kind of reader I am. I'm watching a lot of movies because we have a free preview of Showtime. I've seen most of the movies on HBO, which I get free, so the Showtime movies make for a nice change until HBO gets some new stuff that I like other than Curb Your Enthusiasm. I understand about missing Ruby, but the reason I miss friends is different. I always had to move away and leave them. Ruby will stay in your heart.


  5. Hi Rita - relieved you are over the food poisoning. Loved seeing the bunny posing so nicely and peeking at you while it did and the partridges - Annie had a great place to peek outside.

  6. Oh no - sorry to hear about your food poisoning! Love the rabbit shots.

  7. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. That stuff can be really bad. So far we've just been watching our regular shows. Our washing machine broke down and we had to have someone out to work on it. I wasn't sure if we could get anyone but luckily we did. Things seem so strange these days especially when you hear or read the news. It's like the whole world has suddenly changed.

    Take care Rita

  8. Sorry to hear you had food poisoning. You must have been miserable. Know what you mean about wasting food but next time throw it out!!

  9. Well, you and I are pros at self-isolation. Lately the only time I go out is when I go shopping in town (and I'm REALLY dreading to go this time).
    Food poisoning is a horrible ordeal. I recently ate some eggs from a carton that had NO expiration date - and I don't remember when I bought them. So far I'm not sick (knock wood....).
    I love the partridges and especially that beautiful rabbit.

    I've been binge-watching movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock. I just watched "Dial M For Murder" and "Lifeboat". I'll probably watch "Shadow of a Doubt" next (one of my favorites).

  10. Glad you are over your food poisoning. The bunny is really sweet. I watched the new Hulu drama "Little Fires Everywhere" -- at least the first three episodes. The rest (five) will be released every Wednesday. Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon star in it. Also lots of Trevor Noah skits. He is putting up the "Social Distancing Daily Show" without an audience from his home. Very funny and who doesn't need a laugh these days?

  11. Poorly Rita,
    that sounds bad...
    Also a reason for me to be vegan.. have you ever heard from food poisoning got from vegetables or fruits.. it always are the animal products!!!

    I voted you know! Lol!

    I love how super you got the hare!!

    Stay healthy and take care of you and your diet!!!

    I have so much to do just now... walking the woods, painting..time flies even faster than usual!

    Big hugs, Susi

  12. Forgot to mention that I love the Big Bang Theory as well. I watched it with my daughter ....
    I can imagine that you often think of your friend!!
    She lives in your mind and heart!

  13. Hope you are feeling much better. Food poisoning sucks. Big time! That bathroom book you are reading sounds funny. Have a good week. Stay safe and well.

  14. I nearly gagged while reading you ate bad deli meat. And more than once! I went 80/20 plant-based in January, still eat cheese, eggs, and fish very infrequently. Nevertheless, in just two months, I was able to stop my statin and blood pressure meds which I had been on for decades. I don't miss eating or cooking meat. So much easier to make plant-based meals. While in self-isolation, I've been doing a lot of cooking, serving hubby and me three meals a day. I'm also currently binging Blue Bloods through Amazon Prime in between watching a lot of YouTube. Looking forward to warmer temps and less rain so we can work in the yard and take more walks. Stay safe, friend!

  15. Oh, no! Food poisoning is a horrible experience :( I trust you're feeling much better now. Your patio view with the courting birds is a sweet sign of spring. It must be fun having such up-close-and-personal bunny visits :) I'm re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel right now. Stay in and stay safe!

  16. I rarely leave the house so self isolaton is pretty much the norm for me. I love reading but because of the condition I have I am unable to read more then a page or two at a time.

    I had food poisoning back in 2012 and it was horrible

  17. I'm sorry, I had to snort-giggle when I saw the first photo, LOL! I can totally sympathize... empathize?... mmm, whichever, haha. Because I've lived with IBS-M for all my life. All the reading I've done in the bathroom over the years has probably earned me a degree in something, although what I'm not sure. Ha! Hope you're feeling better now. You have such great memories of your friend, and especially over books! What a blessing!

  18. No on that food poisoning episode and yes on that jackrabbit which is quite large and very pretty to see. I have been keeping busy with lots pf phone calls to friends and family in various parts of the US because everyone is home it's so much easier to connect now. Also we have been watching episodes of Midsomer Murders and Vera by streaming them. It was lovely to read about you and your friend, Ruby.

  19. Girl you have to be more careful of the things you eat. I know I'm guilty too of chancing food that is past it's prime. As a daughter of parents who lived through the not so great depression I was drilled to NEVER WASTE food!!!!
    Love seeing the critters at your door and love seeing the jack rabbit changing colors ♥
    Take care!

  20. Sorry to hear about getting food poisoning. That sounds miserable! Am happy that you are feeling better.

    Haven't been binge-watching anything yet. Without having to drive to the homeschool co-op and other activities for the girls, we've been able to get caught up on some subjects and activities at home that we've been wanting to do. It feels good to do that.

    I can't believe how big the jackrabbit is! It's huge!! Its fur has so many pretty colors in it.

  21. We've been watching films ether on Prime or Netflix - enjoyed 'Alpha' last night! What a HUGE jackrabbit! Chrisxx


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