Monday, March 09, 2020

3-9-2020 Monday-noon

Good midday!
I splurged and got the critters a suet cake and some sunflower hearts.  Tossing out the sticky suet was funny.  It landed on one corner so that it stood upright on the cement.  Nobody would go near it.  I moved it over on to the lawn.  Nobody has touched it that I can tell.  I know I don't really have the right kind of birds, but I took a chance.  BUT...
...they're not eating the sunflower hearts!?  That is usually such a treat.  They smell okay to me, but maybe they can tell they've gone bad or something?  They'll eat all the regular bird seed and leave the sunflower nuts.  Crazy!  Not even the jackrabbits?  How odd. 
A sure sign of spring for me...the partridges have gone crazy!  They chase and chase each other all over the place out there.  Love is in the air, I guess--LOL!  They're so busy chasing I can put out a third of the seed I was and there might be some left in the morning.  So I take it the jackrabbits are a little preoccupied, too--LOL! 
We had it get up into the low 40s a couple of times.  Right now today--back to a chillier 15 F.  But the warmer days melted the snowbanks quite a bit, as you can see.  
Tuesday I stopped the new supplements and went back down to the bare minimum again for a couple of weeks.  That helped.  Leah stopped by with some premade foods I could nuke.  (She's such a sweetheart!)
Was a pretty quiet week because kind of in recovery mode or healing mode or whatever.  Low spoons has been the norm for a while.
Thursday I had a couple packages arrive from Amazon.  Dug deep into the side of my thumb with the point of a boxcutter--duh!  So I was up to even less for a couple of days--LOL!  It's healing fine, though.
Dagan came by after work on Friday to fix my Chromecast that wasn't working.  He has the magic touch for things like that.  Both Leah and I had tried--he fixed it in no time but wasn't quite sure how he did it--LOL!  The magic touch!
Saturday I had a Gramma Day!!  Ian got to see what I ordered him--his very own big blue craft mat!  When he puts up the side of the gatetable it covers the table almost!  
He was just as fascinated by the salt lamp I got.  We had just seen one at the Natural Grocery store where I had told him I had seen one on Amazon that was larger and cheaper that I had been looking at.  
It has a little metal cup inside the top that you can use as an essential oil diffuser.  A small set of essential oils is supposed to be out for delivery today.  Hasn't arrived yet, but you can be sure I will try out the diffuser when they get here.  :)
Ian seemed a little tired.  Probably a bit worn out from being sick recently.  Gramma's is a nice quiet place to rest.  We watched the second half of Cars from the last time he was over.  He watched some PJMasks episodes, too.   
But Gramma was bored.  (I like Stinky and Dirty better--LOL!)  Said I wanted to do something else.  Ian said sure--and wanted to do alphabet and number workbooks that you use a waterbrush with.  
We had fun guessing what was in the hidden picture to go with the letters of the alphabet.  Lots of laughing! 
That's what we were finishing up when Daddy came to pick him up at dinnertime.  I have to say there's been a big difference with Ian since he's been off the sugar!  He's been just a joy and full of smiles and hugs!
Yesterday I did some laundry and caught up on comments.  I usually try to respond to each comment on the blog but was two weeks I just responded to questions and a few really funny comments I couldn't not let them know they made me giggle and a few conversational ones I couldn't pass putting my two-cents worth into--ROFL!  Okay--you know me--I can't always remain quiet--LOL!  
Anyways, I may have to do that more often...not responding to every blog comment.  I hope you don't mind.  Just like I don't comment every single time on your blogs.  Especially those of you who have the energy to post often--LOL!  But I read your blogs, I love each and every comment, and I hope you always know that.  :) :)
Last night I worked on the calligraphy lesson I was supposed to do on Wednesday.  (Somehow the calligraphy days are not as consistent for me as the blogging days.)   
This is another practice alphabet that I traced... 
...and this is the calligraphy medallion exercise that I did freehand.   
So, I have finished the beginner (pointed pen) calligraphy class.  Now I have to decide what to work on next.  Practice what I learned in this class or start another one?  I have several of these online classes.  There was a lot of tracing in this first one.  I know I could use a ton of freehand work...but then there are some fun styles to try in the other classes and they have a lot of repetition?  Well, I'll try to remember to take pictures of the various classes I purchased with the different styles (fonts) to learn so you know what I'm talking about.  
This week I go on Thursday to the hospital for that bone density scan.  If you've ever had one let me know what they do, okay?  Is it like an x-ray?
Leah and I always plan to try to get together on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Doesn't always happen, of course.  This last Thursday they were switching their big TV for a replacement (was under warranty).  It's a big TV and takes two people to move it!  I hope this one works right.  And I hope we all stay healthy so I can also get in another Gramma day this weekend with lots of hugs.  :)
Everybody stay safe and keep washing your hands, etc.  Me--I'm a constant face toucher, now that they brought it up--LOL!  Hard habit to break...especially when you're blowing your nose and wiping your eyes all the time...and used to holding your chin in your hand while you read at the computer.  Good thing I spend most of my time in solitary confinement--ROFL!  
I will try not to touch my face--or much of anything else- while I am at the germy hospital and clinic.  If that virus is determined to pounce upon me, though, it just will.  But I haven't gotten the other dangerous flus and viruses that went around, despite being one of the vulnerable population and taking no extra precautions.  This time I'll take some extra precautions...only because this one seems a bit more sneaky...but, beyond that, I just hand myself over, you know?  No matter what happens I think my soul is okay...or is okay enough.  ;)  I most sincerely do try to live my life like each day could be my last.  One day that will pay off--ROFL!  ;)
I pray all of us are safe or if we do get it that we get over it quickly and don't infect anyone else.
Meantime, enjoy your days and appreciate the little things.  We should all do that every single day, regardless, right?  Live life with no regrets.  Don't let joy pass you by.  Life is such a precious gift.  Till next week...I'll say bye for now as I watch the crazy partridges racing about with spring fever and Annie dreaming of sinking her teeth into a chipmunk--LOL!  ;)
"If things go wrong, don't go with them."
Roger Babson


Rita said...

My comment to get your precious comments! :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you got your Gramma day(and hope you get another) Those critters are a picky lot but seem to be pre-occupied as you say! Your calligraphy exercises are looking great-I keep telling hubby he should practice more but he is content on the computer or watching films....and he does a lot of our cooking, which he says he enjoys!
I hope all goes well at the hospital...I am a face toucher too, so be careful!
We are taking pretty much the same approach as you are about the Corona virus, we are always conscious of the dangers (also in the vulnerable categories) but not getting into any panics about it! We saw plenty of empty shelves this morning on our shopping trip that proved that some folk are!!! Take care, hugs, Chrisx

Bonnie said...

Every Spring it seems like all the outdoor animals start acting a little different. Just part of nature and the change of the seasons I guess. One of my cats, Zeus, has been a little more hyper recently and I told him he had Spring Fever. Who knows!

I'm glad you were able to have Gramma Day and I'm sure Ian enjoyed it. You have such a nice place for him to work on projects now. I bet he loves having his own special work surface!

I've had several bone density scans and it is no big deal. It is very much like an xray. They had me lay down on a table and I think I had my knees up if I remember. They position you in a certain way and you have to be still but it doesn't take too long.

Take care and I hope you get more spoons!

DJan said...

I enjoyed this post, and I think I know what's wrong with those sunflower hearts. My birds, when I fed them, didn't like things not in their shell. I think they go bad quickly. Anyway, that's my two cents. :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I'm glad spring has sprung for animals in love. You know you don't need to respond to my comments. I have Mr. and Mrs. Smith on HBO. I love that movie. It makes me a bit sad that Brad and Angelina split up. I'm taking the usual precautions and then some--extra hand washing, not going places I don't really need to go.


Anvilcloud said...

I think I am doing a good job at not touching my face but only when out on a short shopping excursion. Otherwise I am at it.

You don’t need to respond to my comments since I never return to read them. This comment and response thing is something that Blogger does poorly.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The scan is just a scan, you lay on the table and they run a machine on an arm over your body...easy peasy! You have to lay on your side if I recall correctly! Love your Ian's hair...he is getting so handsome!
Hope you have a good week this week!

Lady Fi said...

Awww - fun times! You still have a lot of snow, I see.

froebelsternchen said...

Take good care of you! Great that you got your grandma day with Ian! You do a fabulous job with your calligraphy Rita!

Big hugs, have a great week!!!

Susi xxx

Friko said...

Your final paragraph says it all. Let’s make the most of what we have when while we have it.
Good luck to all of us.

Jon said...

I'm really puzzled as to why the critters aren't eating the special goodies that you put out for them. And I'm amazed that the partridges are thinking about love when it's so cold outside...LOL
I'm so sorry that you cut your finger with the box cutter - - on top of all your other health problems! Take care.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Rita, I did enjoy this longish post and thanks for all the updates on the critters and the family. Hope that box cutter cut wasn't too bad. I've had that happen with just a sharp end of paper or cardboard. No worries about not responding to every post because it can be hard to do. I never reply to comments within the comments section, but every now and then will do some comments within a current post, when I remember. Life gets busy for all and as you wisely added, enjoy your days and appreciate everything even the little things. BTW I've had a bone density scan a few years ago and it wasn't worrisome at all.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad you are feeling better. I wonder why the jack rabbits didn't like the suet. I agree that sunflower seeds go bad quickly if the seeds have been removed. I had that happen to me one year when I didn't want to have to pick up the seed mess.

Glad you and Ian had a good day, but I'm sorry the Amazon box caused you so much pain.

Stay safe, take extra wipes and nose-blowers to the dr. Never had a bone density test, so I'm no help there. Stay safe, though.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Strange that the birds are being so picky..............
Time spent with our grandchildren is wonderful, blessed time as so many grandparents miss out on.

Divers and Sundry said...

I have better luck hanging the suet. It's odd they won't eat the sunflower hearts, though. Gramma Day! Always fun :) Be here now is my motto, and I'll be taking some extra precautions in the now. I can't help but think we're behind the curve on precautions here in this country. I hope Italy isn't a picture of where we'll be two weeks from now. :(

Dee said...

Dear Rita, like you, I don't leave my home much because of not driving, so I don't think, even though I'm at high risk, as you are, because of my age (84 in April) + asthma + COPD. I'm trying to be cautious and at the same time not become so concerned that I forget to live the moment and rejoice in it--just as you suggest. Peace.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's interesting how Ian's personality has changed since he's been off sugar. I remember when I did the Whole30 I was surprised at how sugar is in almost everything that is available at the store. The only way around that was to buy non-processed foods and cook from scratch - just like my grandparents did.

I had to laugh about the suet and how the birds wouldn't it it. They can be finicky sometimes, can't they?