Tuesday, July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021 Tuesday--8:15am

Good morning!

Yesterday I was at the clinic doing the pre-op lab work and then Leah and the boys stayed for a visit so I never got around to blogging.  When I have medical appointments on Mondays I will likely always have to switch to Tuesdays for the blog. 

Anyways, ever since the storm that blew in the Canadian geese they have been around every day because that lonely guy down the way in my building feeds them bread.

They're beautiful birds.  I like to visit them.  But I don't want them visiting me.  And it's not because they can be aggressive at times (which they can be--large birds who know it--generally not intimidated by humans) but because of the endless gross, slippery poop situation they leave in their wake.  

There was a pond right next to our parking lot where I worked one time...let's just say if you have never slipped and landed on a sea of goose poop you are fortunate.  The guys used to go out on breaks to spin their cars around in the parking lot in the middle of the night (yes, I worked graveyard shift)...sliding with delight on the slimy layer of poop.  Yes, there can be so much of it your tires have a hard time gripping the pavement.  Plus geese do not usually care to move for anybody or anything--and they were all up and wandering about again by morning--so you had wait for them to move to creepy crawl with occasionally slipping tires in order to get out of the parking lot to go home.  Car horns don't phase them, either.

You may remember the goose with the broken wing four years ago.  Yes, I put out water and some food sometimes...but that was an animal in crisis.  (Which was caught and brought to a farm to heal.)  I had to buy a scrubber brush to clean off the patio--every day.  She'd sit and drink water and poop at the same time--LOL!  So, you'll pardon me if I don't want eight of them pooping in the grass that McFamily has to walk across to visit me (so they don't have to wear masks or be exposed to the many possible covid germs in the building)--LOL!  


I have had a visitor I was excited to see.  Got a quick poor shot of a ground squirrel!  So happy to see one again.

There was a grown cottontail, too.  This one can certaily reach the marigolds--LOL!

Well, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has stopped by for kind words, well wishes and prayers.  New folks, too!!  And thanks to each of you who took the time to send a card or letter or private email!  I can't tell you how much it means to me in this stressful time.  Thanks so much!!

Tuesday was a pajama day, for sure.  I am getting in as many of them as I am able lately.  ;)

Wednesday was my pre-op visit with Dr. King.  It was her very first day (but she had been a nurse for years).  She was really nice--we chatted and laughed.  I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her if I couldn't get Dr. Kessler.  I have been getting really lucky with doctors lately.  ;)

Dagan stopped by after work with my old laptop (had not done anything to it yet so it was still good to go).  Oh, tried the new laptop cord and it still wouldn't charge and said 6%--plugged in.  Newer laptop, too.  Already had a different issue--must have gotten a lemon.  Microsoft Surface, I believe.  Anyways--all under warranty, I hope.  I think Dagan and Leah will end up sending it back for a replacement.  Microsoft wanted them to go through more testing--but I needed one that was working.  So I am back to the old problems with the old computer--LOL!  But it is working, at least.

My hours have been altered--due to falling asleep in the daylight hours and things like Annie barfing at 4am.  But it is good that I have been up way earlier than my normal hours because I have an 8:15am apartment inspection tomorrow and then have to be at the hospital at 7am on Thursday for the biopsy.  Whew!  My night owl self is all out of whack--LOL!

Starting on Thursday I was working on gathering writing supplies for Grandpa's desk again.  Leah had previously helped me with the two sizes of white envelopes in the bottom drawer when the drawer dividers first came.
We're going to have to change our Thursday Craft Nites because their schedule has changed.  Last week it was Friday night.  I had done a load of laundry, brought out trash, watered planters, and finally set up letters I owe in my padfolios (but haven't gotten much farther than that yet).  Leah came over and she was doing all kinds of things to save my hands.  (That girl should have wings, I tell you!)  She did the dead heads in the planters, vacuumed, made ice cubes, and made some chaffles I can reheat in the toaster.  She helped me put away all the colored envelopes I had gathered together from various spots.  (I know it doesn't look it but those ones on the right are cream colored.)
The two bottom drawers are deeper but not deep enough to even stand an envelope up.  The top two are even shallower.  We got in the kraft envelopes on the left side that night.  I filled the other slots with various printed stationery papers...
...and the top drawer, too.  Have room to spare even.  Good because I know I have some more stationery someplace...lol!
Even got the top fold-down section with the cubbies filled with writing paper and mostly cleaned up.  I may be very slow, but I keep plugging away.  Do as much as my hand joints and back will let me and then rest up for the next go-round--LOL!  I'm loving the desk!!
On Saturday I saved a bee that was drowning in the shallow water dish on the patio.  Tipped it into the planter and the bee climbed up the coleus, cleaned itself off, and fly away.  It was a big bumblebee--the pretty kind.  I may be really scared of them (and wasps), but I want to help the bees out and am glad to see them here at the flowers.

Leah said she didn't think I'd be up for a Gramma Day this weekend and she was right.  Saturday and Sunday--totally R&R.  Sunday was a pajama day, to be honest.

Then Monday I had the labwork done for pre-op.  Leah and the boys came in to visit afterwards for a while.  :)  Leah and Liam went out to water my planters.  Liam made a beeline for my new chair.
He watered for a very short while but it was too hot for him (90-something and thickly humid) so he headed inside.
Ian had made his beeline for their bookcase.  (I was going to say his bookcase, but now it is actually both his and Liam's.)  He was busy cutting out a monster he had previously drawn.
Liam went right over to see what big brother was up to, of course.
I looked up and that old guy had made his beeline over to my patio because he saw the boys go by with Leah from his apartment.  He had pencils for the boys--apparently remembered they don't get candy--but also had some kind of candy, too.  Leah politely took the two pencils. 
We decided to quarantine them and didn't tell the boys who were too busy to notice that guy was there talking to Mama or that he gave her anything--LOL!
Yes, I feel badly for the guy but I have to say he is most annoying because he has no social skills or boundaries, you know?  This is an entire apartment complex of old people (yes--me, too, even if I don't feel old inside) and I am sure many of them are very lonely...but they don't accost people minding their own business, you know?  And people say hi to kids or dogs but they don't hang around forever bothering them.  He needs a girlfriend or a guy to hang with--something--ROFL!  But I am not in the running and I don't like him bothering Leah and the boys.  Oh well.  Just glad Liam had already gone in because it was too hot.  ;)

I have been getting some really special artwork from the boys recently.  Liams "love you to pieces" heart on top.  And he keeps adding to his rainbow picture below it every time he is here--now it is earth and sky and meteors.
Ian had been into hand cutting out his art lately.  The bottom one is a person (Ian, I assume) with hearts all over him for me and above is the 12-eyed monster with 8 tentacles he cut out yesterday for my frig.
The boys love to play with my magnets and had quite a time with them yesterday.  I could use another set of them--LOL!

Leah took a picture of the geese crossing the road.  This happens quite often on the back streets here near me.  Most of them nest and hang out by the water a few blocks away from me.  
So much noisy construction may be driving them to find a more peaceful place to spend some time.

Oh--senior moment!  Now I can't remember what electrical surge caused Dagan and Leah's microwave to not have as much power?  A storm?  Can't remember.  Anyways, they have needed a new one for quite a while--pandemic and all put it on hold.  Their stove was having issues, too.
They finally were able to get new ones!
That microwave looks half the size of the old one--LOL!
So exciting to have appliances that work!

The park has this water puddle fountain that looks like a blast for the kids!  What better place to be when it is in the 90s?! 
Ian and...
Ian inside the fountain spray.
Leah and the boys also visited their great grandparents.  Leah's grandma had been working on this 1000 piece puzzle for ages and had gotten frustrated with the last bit of sky and quit a while back.  Ian and Leah finished it up for her and she was very happy!
So, that's it from Fargo for this past week.  I have the apartment inspection early tomorrow and then the biopsy early Thursday.  Leah is going to be with me for the surgery.  She'll stay with me for a while to make sure I'm all functional and everything.    

The covid test got moved to August 4th.  Better to have only one thing to deal with a day--LOL!  I think I already had changed that on here last time.  So many appointments and changes so quickly that day while I was chatting with you.  I had to double check at the clinic if I went for the covid test there or at the hospital next week--LOL!  Clinic.  Nice.  Much less busy than the hospital.

I've never had a covid test.  I'll let you know what the Q-tip up the nose is like, too--LOL!  

Hopefully I will sleep through the biopsy.  That's pretty likely as I know I won't get much sleep the next couple nights.  Fine with me.  I hope to show up yawning and not remember much afterwards.  ;)  Nobody likes surgery.  Well, I'm sure there's some masochist someplace who absolutely loves surgeries.  Never make blanket statements, right?  Never say never.  Never say always.  ;)

In the meantime--today--nothing but laundry.  Hallelujah!!  Every day I can just be home feels like a blessing these days.  

If I have appointments it can change my Monday blogging schedule.  My bladder surgery is on a Monday (Aug 9th) so I don't even know if I will be doing a regular blog on Tuesday that week.  Depends on how fast I recover, you know?  If I am not up to one of my normal (face it they are always long) posts I will try to at least give you a heads up that I am alive and kicking by Tuesday.  But this next week--ahh!  Only a quick covid test on Wednesday.  Whoohoo!  Love it!

Meanwhile--I look both ways before I put out any seed because the goose family can come running as fast as they can waddle from almost a block away--LOL!  And they don't even like bird seed much and act disappointed...but they force themselves to eat it, of course.  I do manage to find times of day I can put out a little seed for the rest of the critters at some point most days.  The geese need to leave and go back to their swimming supply of water several times a day.  ;)

Thanks for all your kindness.  I will be thinking of you all on Thursday.  Bless you!
"You belong.  Everywhere.  Yes, you--with all your history, anxiety, pain.  Yes, everywhere--in every culture, community, circumstance.  You belong in this body.  You belong in this very moment.  You belong in this breath...and this one.  You have always belonged."
Sebene Selassie


  1. Hi Rita. Nice post. I love how you are organizing that old desk. So glad you have Dagan and Leah and those sweet grandsons close at hand. Sounds like you are taking everything in stride, which is actually about all we can do with the stuff life throws at us. You sound good. I will look for your posts whenever you feel up to doing them. Know that you continue in my thoughts and prayers. :-)

  2. Rita you are so very kind. I appreciate that you share your family happiness. I keep you in my thoughts always.
    Love, Joy

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the Canadian geese and their poop. We have lots of them around the harbor, and you can't miss their leavings. I will be thinking of you during these next few weeks and hoping that you will have good news after the surgery. I am keeping you in my heart, close at hand. I LOVE that picture of Liam in your chair! :-)

  4. That old desk looks great, Rita, and looks like a great place for all your writing materials in it and so organized as well. Glad to have red this update, as always, and to read that you have received support from fellow bloggers, all wonderful folks for sure. Hope all goes well on Thursday and that you can catch up on some sleep. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well, my friend.

  5. You rest when you are tired. I am so glad Leah will be with you for the surgery. Yes I am thinking good thoughts for you!
    I agree those geese are pooping monsters:(

  6. You sure do get a lot of visitors on your patio especially with the geese coming now. I have never seen a ground squirrel like that, it sure is cute. Your Grandpa's desk is working out very well for your supplies. That is such a cool desk! I'll be thinking of you Thursday. You will probably get some good sleep and still be sleepy when you get home. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Love Annie for me!

  7. Liam sure knows a good chair when he sees one cos' that is the exact chair I have. I laze on it every afternoon for a bit of TV and it is so cool and comfortable. I read with laughter the bit about spinning cars in goose poo. Nope we hardly have any geese visiting here, not even chickens in the c.ity. Grandpa's desk looks grand and a real classic

  8. Our Canada Geese are making a statement in every way, some not quite as welcome as others! Better make sure they don't get up on your desk, or your writing paper will have a unique watermark!

  9. I also used to be a bit of a night owl. Now I am just a dumb cluck.

  10. I love your desk. The little guys are so cute. As for the geese, yup, they are pesky but fun to watch. Except for cleaning up after them. You have a wonderful day, and I hope your test goes well. Hugs, Edna B.

  11. Yes, geese are a mess. Most people I know try to repel, not attract, them. Maybe that old man isn't from around here. His behavior wouldn't be considered odd here. Save The Bees! You're doing your part :)

    I hope the biopsy goes well. {hugs}

  12. Glad you are getting in PJ days. Good for the body and the mind. I had an encounter with a goose at a campground when I tried to prevent it from attacking my daughter (small at the time). The goose thought the camp bathrooms were his to guard. Took us ages to get out and I got nipped on the knee by the little darling. :)

    Good luck with the biopsy. I've had that kind before and it wasn't too bad. Hope that you have a decent time of it (and a good outcome, too). Will be thinking of you.

  13. Will be thinking of you. Hope all goes well.

    (Google ate my initial comment...kind of like the goose that once bit me on the knee.) :)

  14. Oh, the geese! We have them here, too. They sure can stop traffic, which isn't too much of a bother, since they are neat to look at. I don't fish or hang out at the ponds nearby, but they do... so I guess the icky poop is there as well. LOL
    Desk is looking very nice with all the stationery/envelopes.
    Wonderful artwork from your grandboys!!
    Best wishes for your procedure, and heal well!

  15. My grandson Leo likes that I have his artwork on my walls, hanging artwork on my walls is something I have always done. Leo also liked the clip he watched it before he left for school.

  16. The boys' artwork is priceless, and so sweet. Here it is Thursday already and I'm trying to catch up on the first part of the week. Liam looks so cute in your chair. It's a shame that man feels compelled to bother people. I always like seeing the geese, but I know what you mean about the poop, although I didn't know it could get bad enough to make driving difficult. The desk is so cool.


  17. Very nice post with lots going on.

  18. My Goodnes Rita! There's a lot going on! I do hope that you got through all the appointments OK! Lovely photos of the boys! Talking of the goose poop reminds me of my Uncle's smallholding! I used to help feed the ducks and geese - the worse thing was trying to get out of the way of the geese to get through to the ducks - slipping and sliding everywhere - I have never really liked geese since! Good job with sorting out the stationery. I will try to get a letter off soon - I had all good intentions a few weeks ago and then couldn't even keep up with blogging! That guy does sound like a real pest! Lets hope he finds a friend soon! Take care, hugs, Chrisx

  19. The boys looked like they were having lots of fun in the water cooling off. I can't help but feel sorry for the guy who keeps bugging people there. He must either be very lonely and desperate for conversation or in the early stages of dementia/Alzheimer's and not reading social cues well.


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