Monday, August 02, 2021

August 2, 2021 Monday--10:30am

Good Monday morning!

The week that was.  

One surgery down.  A couple pajama days.  A few naps.  Visit from McFamily.  All went well.  This coming week I only have a quick covid test on Wednesday...and test results of the biopsy.

I had my apartment inspection on Wednesday morning.  He was 15 minutes early and rushed through pressing smoke alarms, flushing the toilet, and checking the patio door locks...and out he went.  

Dagan came by after work to do a quick dumpster and garage run for me.  I'd almost cried getting the bag out of the trash can from shooting pain in my thumb so I didn't want to try and lift that self-same bag up almost over my head to get it in the dumpster.  (They have told me to call them for things like that if I am having troubles--but you hate to, you know?)  

Anyways, he said Microsoft wanted him to put the new laptop back to factory settings to see if that cured the non-charging issue.  It didn't.  Have to return it.  Thank goodness they kept my old one so I had this one as backup.  I may have to hit 2 or 3 times to get the mouse to respond but at least it works.  :)

Miss Annie loves it when I have been up earlier and she gets extra sun without having to lay between the blinds and the patio doors--LOL!

She still keeps an eye out for critter visitors.
And what did I tell you!  
The geese brought friends!
Had seventeen here Wednesday.  Luckily they came to mow with the riding mower and he scared them off--LOL!  That pesky guy told Leah he is annoyed by the geese, too--so maybe he's not putting out bread so often.  I haven't seen them every morning...but then I don't have the blinds open on pajama days--ROFL!

The lone partridge seems to have teamed up...
...with the couple who lost all their babies.
I see three partridges together a lot lately.  That's nice.
Thursday was the big day with the liver biopsy.    Leah came in with me.  While we were waiting for me to be called I asked her to take a couple pictures comparing my two thumbs since I can't do that by myself.  You can see how the right one has changed shape.  Used to be straight up from my wrist like the left one.  Now it has hard protrusions around that joint at the base.  The tip is curving backwards (that first joint is effected, too) and it is generally a bit fatter and swollen.
Wasn't too bad that morning and not very red, but you can see how the shape is changing.
When the joints are bad (hands and feet) they get more swollen and red and hurt constantly.  But even when my thumb isn't as red and swollen (like above) it doesn't want to do what it used to do without screaming obscenities at me--LOL!

The biopsy went really well.  Leah stayed and kept me company in my own private tiny waiting room.
Once they have you all hooked up and BPcuffed and all that you wait till they are ready for you.  The procedure itself was quick (25-30 minutes) and then you wait around for two hours afterwards.  So I was really glad Leah was there to keep me company.

I was given something through the IV to relax me and it sure did.  I could hear everything they said while they were prepping me.  I had my right arm taped up over my head and then...was so funny...had no idea my liver comes up right under the right side of my right boob!  They had to tape my boob up and out of the way...needed extra tape--LOL!  I guess that was where the one mass was that was the easiest to get to.  

Was kind of like when you get novocaine for the dentist.  You know stuff is going on but you can't feel any actual pain.  Easy peasy...more or less.  Much less stressful than when I had my cataract surgery--for me, anyways.  

They had me on a CT Scan table as backup in case they needed it, but they were able to use the ultrasound machine just fine to see where to poke the needle so I never went into the CT Scanner.  Were quite a few people there, but between the surface numbing & antibiotic stuff they slather all over the area and the drugs they give you I was so relaxed that I felt my back pain and all my other body pains just drift away--ahhh!  That was wonderful!!  LOL!

I heard the clicks when he got the samples.  Got four of them.  I may have dozed off at some points but I wasn't aware of it.  I felt really quite alert afterwards and only slightly groggy--like I did after cataract surgery.  In fact, I was able to get up off the bed easier afterwards.  May have been due to more pain medication--LOL!  Because I ached all over, hurt under my boob on the side there, and felt a bit like crap later after the meds wore off.  

Anyways, I chose to walk down to meet Leah out front instead of using a wheelchair because I really needed to stretch out all my bones and muscles.  The nurse walked with me to make sure I was okay, of course.  Leah came in for a while to make sure I was okay and she made me something to eat.  Then she left and I took a nap for three hours.

With all that going on...I was lucky late afternoon to snag me one of the new TWSBI Swipe fountain pens that came out that very day.  I had planned for it and hoped I'd be alert enough to get one before they were sold out.  Got a prussian blue EF one from Goulet Pens.  Can hardly wait to show you!  TWSBI has never made a FP with a cartridge or a converter before.  Something new for them.  So that was exciting!

Then Leah came back that night with food and she even made some more food here, too!  I am set for probably all week.  She even watered my indoor plants for me.  :)

I was asleep early and up early on Friday.  Felt less all-over pain after the nap and sleeping all night.  Back to my normal pain level mostly.  :)

Leah brought over Costco groceries and I didn't even have to put them away as she came in and did that for me.  Am I spoiled, or what?!

Total pajama days Friday and Saturday...ahhh!  

Yesterday I got a short visit from McFamily--the entire crew!  The boys did mazes for a while and then got into some jigsaw puzzles Ian hasn't done for probably two years or more.  
Liam intently watches his big brother.

Then Daddy and I helped Liam put one of the puzzles together, too.  He was getting the hang of it pretty quickly.  Liam is about the age Ian was when he got into puzzles heavily for a while.  Helping his Great Grandma with her puzzle (see last post) must have gotten Ian interested in digging out jigsaws again.  ;)

Leah and Liam watered the planters.  The boys ran down the sidewalk to the big cottonwood tree and back.  Ian made another run down to the tree with Daddy before they left...and Ian stopped back specifically to get a big goodbye hug from Gramma.  Dagan got a Mommy hug, too--LOL!
Oh, one crazy thing...I got a comment on last week's blog from some lady (who has no blog or website, of course) who said right off she was from the US...but then wrote in occasionally broken English...telling me her "personal" story of how she took this drug/supplement/whatever from this certain doctor that cured her of cancer...and here's the link (I did not click).  Her post is not on my blog.  Glad I moderate.  Pretty sad that you can get cancer spam.  What a world, eh?  

I'll admit I am honestly not looking forward to the biopsy results.  I am not expecting good news since I had blood in my urine twice over a year ago (said were UTIs, gave me antibiotics) so I have probably had this for a long time.  The bleeding subsided for months and then started up again as soon as I got the covid vaccine shots.  So, another reason to be glad I got the vaccine.  Might not have had any more bleeding and never found out this wasn't just UTIs or stones.   

Anyways, this is going to be a nice quiet almost normal housebound week for me.  Except for the ornery, screaming thumb...a Qtip up the nose...and biopsy results--LOL!  But I really, really do try to take each day as it comes.  I am grateful for all you wonderful people with your positive energy and prayers...that I am safe and cool in my apartment I love...Annie is doing okay...McFamily is my greatest joy and biggest help (how did I ever deserve them)...I will get the medical help I need...that I have a stack of letters to write to people who are patient with my true snail mail...I got Grandpa's desk organized...and I have a new TWSBI pen probably arriving this week--whoohoo!  It's all good.  It's all good.  In the long run, it's all going to be good.

Has anybody watched Your Honor?  The British version of Life On Mars?  Still Game?  Jack Irish?  So much to watch, so little time.  But I have more time with the bum-thumb--LOL!  Should that count as a silver lining?  Reluctantly?  LOL!

Have a really sweet week.  :) :)
"To be hopeful means to be uncertain about the future, to be tender towards possibilities, to be dedicated to change all the way down to the bottom of your heart."
Rebecca Solnit


  1. I'm glad the surgery went well and hope you get better news than you seem to be expecting. That's a lot of geese! Yikes! I googled the pen, and they look so pretty.

    Again, I'm trusting your news will be good. I'm thankful you have such supportive family nearby.

  2. Joint pain is so awful in your hands...hope the pain eases soon. Praying for good results from your biopsy.
    Hope you got some good hugs from the boys:)

  3. You deserve your good, kind family. You are good and kind. It's too bad you can't have a pain reliever that only targets your thumb. Please don't feel you need to write to me. Rest your hands. I've had a cotton swab stuck up my nose a couple of times to check for flu. It felt kind of weird, but, for me, it wasn't painful. My kids loved doing puzzles, especially Katrina. You know how geese are. They find a spot they like and they tell all their friends.


  4. It is frustrating when one needs to ask for help to do simple tasks, a good kind, helpful family is a blessing.

  5. Hi Rita. Those are darling pictures of your grandsons doing the puzzle. So glad the entire McFamily came over to spend some time with you. So glad two procedures are out of the way. You are a strong woman. I had a bladder biopsy years ago (like 34 years ago) and I was kind of "big boob" about it I'm afraid. Wow, what is up with your thumb?!? What does the doctor say about that? I love the pictures of the geese. Sure are a lot of them. Glad you are relaxing and taking things easy. Hope your next round of surgery goes as well as this last round. See you again soon. Hugs and Prayers, Deb

    1. They just say the thumb and toes and other hand and foot joints are "some kind of arthritic flare". No one is concerned about that at the moment because there's so much else going on--LOL!

  6. I'm so glad the biopsy went okay for you and that Leah was able to be with you. Your family have been such a help to you. You are blessed to have them and they are equally blessed to have you! I love all your pictures today, especially of the boys and sweet Annie. I'm thinking and sending positive thoughts for the result of your biopsy. Sorry about your thumbs causing so much trouble. Things like that can be a real pain. I have arthritis in my hands and fingers and they sure love to let me know about it too.

    Take care Rita!

  7. You are certainly not spoiled with all of the medical issues that you have to deal with, but your family seems so very kind and good to you. I don't know how a person in your condition would manage.

    We couldn't get into Jack Irish, and I am surprised that there is another season. We just finished Outlier, a Norwegian series with subtitles. It was vey slow moving but interesting and memorable.

    1. With my wnky eyes I have to really be interested to watch a show with subtitles. Glad you liked it. I've just watched a couple episodes and shall continue. I think we like a lot of the same types of shows--LOL! :)

  8. We are all hoping for the best outcome for you. You are a brave soul to write about it the way you do. Good luck!

  9. You might want to reconsider your definition of an "almost normal housebound week." Sheesh! :)

    Good to hear the biopsy was handled well and that your family has rallied around to help you in all things. Big blessing. Hoping for the best for you. Sending good thoughts your way.

  10. Would some Hemp Cream help your sore thumb? I works wonderfully on some pains. I love doing those puzzles. Soon I'm going to have to put my puzzle program on my laptop so that I can enjoy doing them each day. I'm sending prayers for good results on your tests. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

    1. I do have some CBD cream I put on--very greasy. I also use arnica cream. Not sure it is doing much of anything, but what the heck, eh? :)

  11. My thumb swelled and became disjointed like that when I found (atb 19) I was born with a rare form of arthritis. I agree that the biopsy results have to come first, but I'm sure it is painful, none-the-less.

    So glad your McFamily is there for you. You truly ARE blessed, Rita. And so is Annie. Hope the other pain goes away soon, dear.

  12. I'm sorry you're going through all the medical stuff, but better to know, ya know? When my gall bladder went, and caused my liver to start failing... and my pancreas to grow to the size of a softball, and all the stress literally was too much for me and I had a heart attack... all on my 40th birthday (do I know how to party or what?) they tried all the basic drugs to no avail.

    Then they went to dilaudid.

    Holy heaven! I could have slept for days...

    1. You have been through the mill and back! Bless you. :)

  13. I'm glad the biopsy procedure wasn't painful and that any after-effects ease quickly if not already. I know it is hard, waiting for results. I hope they are better than you think they will be. And meanwhile, hope those thumbs stop hurting soon, too, so you can be back to creating.

  14. What a week you have had, Rita. While I was glad to read that the biopsy procedure went well, I can imagine that the waiting for the results can be tough. All god thoughts and fingers crossed too that they will not be as dire as your fears. Nice that you have such a supportive family and that Leah stayed with you so you were not alone before, during and after. I also looked up the new pens you mentioned and they look beautiful. I hope your thumbs will stop hurting so you can enjoy using them in the future. I know you must miss not being able to work on your projects, hard to do when hurting. I just signed up for BritBox this week and exploring all the programs there.

  15. Hi Rita, Thanks for sharing this update. You remain in my thought and prayers. Blessings to you this weekend. Mildred

  16. I'm happy to hear that the surgery/biopsy went well and it didn't take as long as anticipated. You are getting a lot of geese there. My parents used to have geese that would walk around part of their backyard when they lived on the lake. My dad despised those geese because of all the poop they left behind. Enjoy those bonus pajama days!


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