Monday, September 20, 2021

September 20, 2021 Monday--1pm

Another week with lots going on.

Good afternoon!


We did get some rain and it cooled off--ahhh!  Someone above me is putting out seed for the birds and it ends up all over my patio.  Have to sweep a lot and lay my chair sideways to keep seed off of it.  Free seed?


My right eye had been a bit red for a few days.  Thought I had scratched it or something--but by Tuesday night it was wildly red and I knew I had pinkeye!


Leah took me to the walk-in clinic so I could get eyedrops.  Needed to have taken them for 24 hours in order to see my oncologist, Dr. Kobrossy, on Wednesday.  

Got the replacement for my new laptop that wouldn't keep a charge and this one is working fine so far.


Dr. Kobrossy with Leah.  Well, he was even more positive than he was last time.  The bloodwork he had done was for genetic testing and he said that I am a perfect candidate for immunotherapy.  And he thinks the immunotherapy would work great on me.  I wouldn't even have to do the surgery after the tumors had shrunk to freeze or burn the areas.  

BUT--insurance won't allow it until you have tried chemo.  So, I am starting chemo on October 1st.  Weekly.  Three weeks of the milder stuff and then the fourth week is another cocktail that's stronger.  In two or three months we'll do a scan.  If my platelets drop or if I have a diffiuclt time with side effects he will switch me over to immunotherapy (in a heartbeat, sounded like).  So, I am hoping to get switched over in the next couple months.


Pajama day.


Sauna Day!!

Dagan, Leah, and Leah's brother, Aaron, made trips in a borrowed truck and hauled up huge boxes to my lawn.  They emptied them, collected the styrofoam & cardboard in big bags, hauled them in, and got the parts all put together.  Afterwards they hauled all the trash away and rode off into the sunset.  Not really, but it was after dinnertime.  

I watched the boys.  We played games at the kitchen table and inbetween trips they made we could go in to peek and see how it was coming along.  

It's beautiful!

I didn't last long my first go round but I was definitely sweating!  I will work up on my time.

Annie isn't sure what to think.


Pajama day.

With my chronic fatigue, all these appointments, doctors, procedures, surgeries, and lab work has been exhausting.  And then I got pinkeye on top of the rest--LOL! (It's about gone now.)  I've been sleeping 9-10 hours or more the nights I don't have anything scheduled the next day.   Like Saturday night I slept 10 1/2 hours...last night over 9 hours.  I'm doing okay--just drained.  Glad to have gotten good news and that the oncologist is positive and hopeful I can get rid of the cancer.  Excited to have the new sauna.  It was a good week--exhausting, but good.

This week:
 Wednesday I now have another out-patient surgery to implant the port in my chest.  Will also need it for immunotherapy if I get switched over.  Friday I go see my osteopath again for a yearly visit.  Already filled out three questionnaires for that visit.

Hopefully this week will be the same.  
Exhausting, but good.  :)

Short but sweet this week.  I am just plain beat.  Till next time...bless you all!!  
"Head up.  Heart open.  To better days."
T.F. Hodge


  1. Hope to visit all your blogs even if I don't always comment. Know I appreciate every one of you. :) :)

  2. Sounds like good news on the treatment front. Keep getting all the rest you can and enjoy the sauna now and then.

  3. Such good updates in this post, Rita, and the immunotherapy was the best of all. A family relative had that treatment as well for lung cancer and it helped tremendously. Too bad the insurance rules make you go through the chemo before being eligible, all part of the games they seem to play (sorry for sarcasm, but sometimes it gets me so angry).

    The sauna looks great and had no idea if its size and hope it helps you feel better. Glad you are getting so much rest as it will probably help too.

    Also glad the pink eye is better, what an unexpected surprise.

  4. I can imagine you are absolutely bushed! That's a full week and another to come, but good news regarding your candidacy for immunotherapy. I hope the chemo isn't too rough, but you've got this.

  5. You have so much on your plate. Sorry to read you got pink eye and even sorrier the insurance won't cover what you really need until you've done it their way, rather than the doctor's suggested way. Like the looks of the sauna, dear. Hope all turns out really well, too.

  6. Hi Rita - great news from your oncologist. Sorry you have to go through Chemo first, I think that everything will help and work together for your good! The sauna looks so great. Lots of rest is just what you need. I hope you are over the pink eye soon! Thanks for this upbeat post with lots of positive news! Thinking about and praying for you always! :-)

  7. A tiring but a good week! It's wonderful to hear good news from the doctor. If you have to have some chemo treatments first then maybe when those are followed by immunotherapy it will all work even better. So happy to hear you have the laptop replacement now too! And that sauna looks amazing! Work up slowly with it and enjoy! Take care Rita!

  8. Good that you have a plan! The port surgery is may be a bit sore...mark where the seat belt comes over your it can be uncomfortable if it is implanted right there. If you are mainly a passenger then left side is good.
    Rest when you need to, be kind to yourself! Thank you so much for the Birthday Card!

  9. I hope you enjoy the sauna. It fits well in that corner.

  10. Thank goodness that we have universal health care. You need treatment, you get it. No plan to consult, no worries about whether you can afford it. Good luck with these new developments.

  11. The sauna looks wonderful. Enjoy it, hugs, Edna B.

  12. Yeah so called health care in the states is horrible. The insurance makes more money by having people go through all the "other" procedures first that doctors know are not needed. It is so bad in the Us. I am sorry you have to go through chemo. You have had a busy week so a PJ day is called for. Sending healing energy to you.

  13. So sorry you got pink eye but glad to hear it is already improving.

    I hope your new laptop behaves itself. I love my Microsoft Surface laptop 3! You got the same, didn't you?

    I'm so happy that Dr Kobrossy gave you some good news. I hope all goes well with Chemo. It's crazy that you have to do that first before being eligible for the immunotherapy. I'm assuming the immunotherapy would have less side effects too.

    The port will make things a lot easier.

    YAY on the sauna! It looks great!

    You rest up now and know that we're all on your team.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xx

  14. I'm glad you are taking time to rest and have pajama days. You have been through a lot with all those appointments and tests. I will be thinking about you on October 1st and hope all goes well that day. Your sauna is beautiful! It comes at a perfect time as you heal your body!

  15. The sauna looks good, not so good is you needing chemo I hope it all goes well

  16. Oh, the joys of pinkeye. What a pain in the butt--and the eye. The sauna looks great. How often do you think you'll use it? I have to look up immunotherapy. I don't know anything about it, but it sounds positive.


  17. I do hope you can get the immunotherapy, and congratulations on getting that sauna! Yay!!!

  18. I'm glad the pink-eye is clearing up and that you're getting good news about the cancer treatments. I'm excited about your sauna! Wow! That sounds like the perfect home addition!


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