Sunday, November 07, 2021

November 7, 2021 Sunday--2:30pm

Good afternoon!
I decided to post a day early since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Was an eventful week...but first...I forgot to show you how McFamily had arranged the yard for the trick or treaters.  A skeleton to greet them...
...all the pumpkins...
...and glow lights strung for the plucking.
Quite a few people are doing the "self-service" type of dispersal during covid.
A good idea but a lot less personal, of course.

My week.

I did get scheduled for an hydration infusion on Tuesday at 1pm.

I was so weak that I actually had trouble standing waiting while the lady called to the infusion center to ask if it was okay if I came in with a cough and sore throat (probably from all the barfing).  I had to go sit down and the lady brought me a wheelchair.  Yup--used a wheelchair to get around that day.  Not exactly getting better or stronger.

Used the Lidocaine prescription that day and the needle hurt a lot that was nice to find out.  

Dr. Kobrossy wanted me to see the GI/gut lady ASAP so I was set up with an appointment for Wednesday at 2:30pm.

The GI doctor was really nice, but she wanted me admitted to the hospital--right away.  She called Kobrossy and they agreed.  I was just wheeled across the building to the hospital side and admitted for dehydration and the vomiting.  The gut doctor was wanting a possible examination of my esophagus to see if it was inflamed or damaged from the month of vomiting.  But first they wanted that CTScan I had to cancel because that would show some of the throuat issues and Kobrossy wanted to know the size of the cancer tumors in my liver for a baseline for the immunotherapy.  

I was continually pumped full of saline and anti-nausea medication. 
Door to the room covered by curtain and my bathroom.

Leah went to my place to feed Annie and bring me my laptop and a few things.
The blue round plastic thing is a barf constatn companion--lol!
My biggest accomplishment was eating dinner that night.  Fish, meatballs...
...and wild rice soup.
I thought I'd try the french vanilla cappuccino but after having nothing sweet really for a couple of years--OMG!  I couldn't even drink it. Like syrup! 
But I finished the soup...
...and all but one meatball.
Was really pretty good--even though things still don't taste quite right.  (I took the photos to show Dagan and Leah I had actually eaten more than I had in a month!)

I have a terrible time sleeping in hospitals.  I was so tired, though, that I did sleep for a few hours early in the evening but then I was up till almost dawn.  Slept again for a couple of hours.  I was on no food or drink from midnight on because they didn't know if I was going to have that endoscopy of my throat and they had scheduled me for a CTScan first. 

Since I was being worked in for the CTScan I was told it could be afternoon before mine could be done.  Empty stomach not good for my nausea, of course.  *sigh*  But they came in really early and asked if I wanted to go right now--YES!  The girl wheeling me down said she had never seen someone go down that early--must have been like 7am?  Was really quick and easy.  Back to my room to await results to find out if I could drink or have to go through another procedure.

Leah came later in the morning.  Then she left and Dagan came by in the afternoon for a couple hours.  (Different role for Dagan to be visiting me in the hospital.)  His wound is healing really nicely!!  So amazing!  

Waited for hours.  Finally they said--no endoscopy!  Hurray!  I was so thirsty.  I ate lunch but couldn't eat nearly as much as I had the night before.  Got too nauseous from all those hours on an empty stomach.  BUT--I kept lunch down.  Had only thrown up once since I got into the hospital.  If I kept down some dinner I could go home.  They wanted me to go home since there was nothing more they could do and I had been switched over to being classified as being there for observation only.  (I was very concerned as to what would be covered by Medicare/Medicaid also.)  

I managed to eat a small amount for an early dinner and kept it down. Leah came back for my discharge and she had stopped at the pharmacy on her way to pick me up.  All I wanted was to get into my comfy chair!  Could hardly keep my eyes open.  By the time I was leaving the hospital I was finally back to peeing like normal again, thank goodness!  

I don't know what I would do without Dagan and Leah.  

And I do miss the boys...who sent me letters while I was in the hospital.  Liam (on the right) insisted on writing everything himself--LOL!
Can click on to enlarge.
Since I have been home I have been sleeping a lot, managing to keep a little food down and drinking as much water as I can manage.  I am still throwing up maybe once or twice a day--but not after I eat.  Usually when I wake up...which I still think is due to a night of sinus crud running down the back of my throat, to be honest.  So, an improvement.

Since yesterday I have been tackling a month's worth of laundry--little by little.  Nothing has even be put away yet, but I am halfway done cleaning them, anyways.  Clothing and towels are layered in stacks, hanging from doorknobs and dresser knobs--draped all over--LOL!  I run out of steam--LOL!  But at least I have a tiny bit of steam.  That's an improvement, too.  

This coming week I have follow-up hospital visits on Monday and Thursday.  I don't see the usual appointment for Friday for Kobrossy/infusion so I sent a message through My Chart asking about that.  I would imagine I have a Friday visit, too.  Too many appointments--awk!  

But I think I am doing better...finally.  On the mend...finally.  Turned the corner...finally.  I really do.  Even though I am notorious for always thinking I am doing better than I am...I do think maybe things have finally changed for the better.  I am hopeful that pretty soon I can start immunotherapy.  :)

Meanwhile--the weather has cooled considerably.  The partridges are flocking up.  They're here right now chowing down.
So happy to see them forming their coveys for the winter.

Anyways, there's snail movement over here again.  Less barfing.  More food and water consumption.  Lots of sleeping going on.  I'll know more after the dr visits this week.  Haven't gotten the results from the CTScan from oncology yet.  Just have been glad to be home with Miss Annie for a few days.  But tomorrow afternoon it is off to another new doctor.  Can't remember--I think it is the oncology follow-up?  Whatever.  I just go where I am told--LOL!

So, an early blog this week.  Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes and support.  I keep saying it but it is the truth--you are the best!  Till next week...


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear from you! I am so glad they got fluids into you and you are somewhat improved! Moving in the right direction! I hope they find some answers and that you can do Grandma days again too!

DJan said...

I am so glad to hear you are keeping some food down. It was very worrying to think of you in such pain and suffering. I also think you have turned a corner and will continue to get stronger by the day. I am also so glad you have Leah and Dagan to help you! And give that sweet Annie a pet for me. Sending lots of healing energy your way. Hugs, too. :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I'm glad the doctors took the barfing seriously enough to take real action, and I'm extra glad you've kept some food down. It's so hard to rest in a hospital, even at night. Nurses talk to each other and walk down the halls along with all the techs and you're in a strange place with a bed that can't compare to your chair. The boys wrote beautiful letters to you and put their hearts in the task. They love Gramma! The Halloween decorations are cute. A lot of people in my neighborhood had elaborate Halloween decorations. I wanted to walk around to take pictures but I've spent most of my time cleaning out my closet. It took forever. I didn't realize how much stuff I'd allowed to pile up on the backs of the shelves. Ralph carried out 4 garbage bags of trash for me! I hope you continue to see an improvement in the way you feel and your ability to eat.

Much, much love,

Deb said...

Hi Rita. I am just so glad to hear that you are doing better. I hope the progress continues and you can get that immunotherapy started. You will continue to be in my prayers, and I will keep you on the prayer roll at church. So glad that you have Dagan and Leah, and of course Ian and Liam. Please continue to let us know how you are doing as you continue the journey. Love from UT.

Bonnie said...

I'm glad to know you are at least a little better, I've been worried about you. It's also good that you had the CT scan. The time in the hospital was helpful so you could be on the IV for awhile and they could make sure you were improving and not throwing up as often. I am actually surprised they did not admit you sooner. I know you are glad to be back home now though. Rest easy and love on Annie - that will help both of you!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's nice to read you are slowly getting better and the barfing is finally getting under control. At least in part. I'm glad the doctor took your condition seriously and they admitted you to the hospital so they could give you some real help. Get better soon, dear.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

It must have been good to get that food down without it coming back up. Meat balls will never taste as good again! It's great to hear that you are feeling a little better. We are all hoping that it will continue.

Anvilcloud said...

I don't know if we can say you seem better, but you do seem less bad, so that is good. 👌

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm so happy you're doing better and are able to keep food down. I'm glad they admitted you so they could get a closer look and a better idea of what's going on.

They went all out with the Halloween decorations, didn't they!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

While there was good news and not-so-good news in this post, Rita, at least you were able to eat and keep the food down, so that was a positive. Hospitals are never places to rest and your comfy chair will do better for you and Leah and Dagan and the boys are all angels. You have the support of your fellow bloggers as well, so if good thoughts and well wishes can help, I'm senind loads you way, my friend. Thanks for the update.

Serena Lewis said...

You went through quite an ordeal and I'm so glad you are starting to recover...from all the barfing etc. Hopefully you can start the Immunotherapy sooner than later. I hope the CT scan has some promising results.

Great that Dagan's wound is healing well too.

I'm sure Annie will be happy to have you home again. Poor little thing has been quite unsettled of late.

Get well dear friend. x

Mary said...

Good that you were able to get re-hydrated with the hospital visit and have the GI specialist added to the case, especially since you were so very weak. Glad the vomiting has subsided. Hope that this week brings more improvements.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The yard looked good, I am pleased you are improving some

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you Rita for visiting my posts. I read every post you write and am keeping you in my prayers and positive thoughts. You are brave and you have the best family in your corner. It is good that you are being listened to and that you are getting treatment that is working before you begin immunotherapy.

Diane F. said...

♥️💜♥️💗♥️I hope you continue to improve.

jinxxxygirl said...

Love you bunches Rita! Just cleared off my desk and hope to get back to letter writing soon.. Love,deb

Rajani Rehana said...

Awesome blog

Dee said...

Dear Rita, have been and will keep on praying. Also saying the Julian of Norwich prayer for you. Hold on to the knowledge that you have touched so many lives for so many years--with this blog and with the optimistic attitude that seems to be part of your very essence. All of us are cheering you on, hoping for the best for you, praying and visualizing and thinking thoughts that enclose and embrace you with loving concern. Peace, ever and always.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's so fun to see the partridges! They are such big birds compared to the ones we see at our feeders here. I'm glad you get to use Lidocaine. Making the skin not feel a needle can sometimes make just the difference you need to get through a procedure.