Monday, January 17, 2022

January 17, 2022 Monday--11:30am

Good morning!

Not a lot to tell you about from this week...and it is so nice to have a basically uneventful week, I tell you.  :)

Well, there were a couple things--but nothing major.  Did have trouble with the garage door.  You may remember my garage was broken into and the management installed a keypad for it.  Well, when the blizzard went through look at the amount of snow that blew in under the garage door.

Yes, there's a drift a ways out from the garage door, too, but that's normal.

Never had snow blowing in under the garage door before.  Leah said that the door is up off the ground a bit and all loose and wiggly at the bottom.  I called maintenance and they just said it was fine.  So today I sent these pictures and asked them to check it again.

Then, Blogger was behaving badly this week.  For me, anyways.  It wouldn't even let me open up my email notices of new posts for a few days.  Been working since the weekend again.  So far I don't notice any issues with writing this post.  Fingers crossed.

Otherwise it was a very quiet week.  Nothing got worse really.  Just stayed about the same...and that is a good thing.  I did get all my Thank You cards sent out and got FP tray #4 all done and ready to go.  Only one more to do.  It's the messiest one to deal with because of pens that have to be dunked in ink bottles and can't be filled with syringes.  Yes, I prefer the clean, less messy, no-ink-on-the-fingers method of FP filling with a syringe--LOL!  I should get to it this week, I hope.  In case you're curious...

Tray #1
Tray #2
Platinum Plaisirs
Tray #3
Pilot Metropolitans
If you look closely above you can see the old highlighters (yellow and pink) that are being used as place-savers in my rotation.  Yes, I am already into tray 3!  I won't be able to procrastinate for much longer.  ;)

Tray #4
Two TWSBI Swipes and my Platinum Prefontes
Yes, I actually ran out of room in my TWSBI tray--LOL!

Tray #5
You can see how most of these really do need a good cleaning and a filling.  They're not as easy to clean, either, but you can take them apart (which I've never done to be honest--because I'm afraid I'll never figure out how to put them together again--lol!).  Despite all the extra work and inky fingers these are my favorite pens to use.  They start up easily even after they have been sitting for weeks (or even months) and they hold a lot of ink--so you don't have to clean them as often anyways.

This may be my final tray to deal with but it will probably take me more than twice as long.  Worth it, though.  ;)

Leah was over Thursday night.  (She noticed the garage door on a trip out there for bird seed.)  We had another snowstorm come through that night, too, I believe.

The Critter Cafe was quite busy all week, as usual.  Got visits from the cottontail while the sun was still out!  :)  
You can tell it was still really cold because the partridge is fluffed up like a basketball with legs.
Here you can tell that it got warmer out.  Was close to freezing... you can see more the true size of the partridges when their feathers are smoothed out more.
Today is also a warmer day-- 31F right now.  You can see next to the planters how far down the snow sank with the warmer weather.  They all come to eat, though.  Not quite as frantically--but with a bit more bickering between the partridges.  Maybe it gets them thinking spring--LOL!  Spring is quite the battleground out there when they are pairing off.  Lots of chasing back and forth then, I tell you.  Coveys are really a winter thing from what I have seen.  And even the coveys do battle all winter for time on the patio--LOL!

I did also get all my regular correspondence letters set up this weekend, too.  They're all ready to go now--envelopes addressed, paper picked out, and each in a padfolio next to my chair.
I have ten set up at the moment so that's why it takes me a while to answer everyone.
But these are all so precious to me.  I would rather take the time to have a leisurely paper chat than ever try to rush to answer back...but that's why it can take me quite a while.  Especially the last many months, of course.  I do so love my snail mail family.  Thanks to every one of you who have written even when I could hardly write back there for a while.  All the pretty, touching cards and letters...have meant the world to me.  Also--each and every comment on the blog or personal email, too.  Wow! Thank you so very much!

Okay--enough emoting for this old swede.

Joke insert:
[Did you hear about the old swede who loved his wife so much he almost told her?!] 

Things are going along well up here.  I am soooo enjoying being able to just be home slowly getting better with no appointments to go to every single week.  I think McFamily is appreciating it, too--LOL! 

Till next time...know that you are appreciated.  Even those of you who just read and never comment...if there's a kind thought my way I believe I can feel it.  Thanks!  Have a really good week!  :)   


Arkansas Patti said...

Impressed that you still do snail mail. My handwriting has deteriorated so much thanks to emails that I'm waiting for the bank to bounce my checks for they don't recognize my signature.
Don't think I have ever seen a partridge up close. Cute how they and the bunnies share.
Quite a snow you had. Stay safe and warm.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's good that you took photos of the snow in your garage for maintenance to see. Hope they were able to fix it for you. You have a lot of fountain pens! You'll have a lot of choices to pick from and enjoy writing with.

Had to laugh with your description of the partridge who looked like a basketball all puffed out. They really to do get big compared to the normal-size one.

Hope this week continues to be a good one for you, and that you are able to relax and heal as the week goes along!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So much snow, none Too hot

Deb said...

Hi Rita. I always enjoy seeing your Critter Cafe. Looks really cold and snowy where you are. It is still cold here, but our snow is all gone now, and I am not sure at all we will get any more for a while. Nothing in the forecast. So glad you had a low-key week and are doing so much better. You are always so organized with your correspondence. I need to do better at writing snail mail. Have a good week and I will see you again soon. :-)

David M. Gascoigne, said...

After a long, difficult struggle it sounds like you are turning the corner, Rita. We had serious snow here too, and I was very grateful when the teens from across the street came to help me shovel the driveway. They are big and strong and made short work of it.

Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations on your uneventful week. After some of your other weeks, it must be appreciated.

Mary said...

Good to have had a week without appointments and to be able to do things at your own pace. Great entertainment with the Critter Cafe. Stay warm.

Jeanie said...

As one who has unearthed some snail mail from family from long ago, I can tell you it is so dear to future generations. I'm glad you do that. Love the critter cafe and the bunny and so glad that the week was relatively uneventful. That can be very good indeed!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You sound so much better!! Good to hear you are up and doing stuff!! The wind was really bad a couple of days so it isn't shocking that you had snow in the garage. Stay warm!

DJan said...

Yes, nothing quite as satisfying as an uneventful week after your latest events. You do have a lot of pens, Rita! I am afraid I am one of those who doesn't send cards, but you are in my prayers every morning. :-)

Divers and Sundry said...

I hope they get your garage door fixed. I notice your 31. Our high on Thursday is predicted to be 31F, and I've been thinking how _COLD_ that'll be lol I'm glad you're getting some low-key recovery time. I'll think of you while I'm watching my own bird feeders even though we don't get the same birds :)

Jon said...

I'm glad that some semblance of normalcy has resumed in your life. It's a shame about the garage door - there's obviously something wrong with it. Hopefully maintenance will come to their senses and fix it.
Thank goodness for your Critter Cafe! I always feel so sorry for the animals and birds in that freezing weather.

Janie Junebug said...

That's a great joke. You deserve uneventful weeks. It's chilly here. We've had freeze warnings the last two nights, and I have a little fire going in the fireplace.


pearshapedcrafting said...

Fingers crossed that this posts OK - been having problems! On last weeks post - great see the wild life visiting in the snow. Your toilet seat story made me smile, no actually - really cheered me up to know that in your discomfort that is progress!
We haven't done one Wanderlust 22 yet but pages are being prepared - went for a walk yesterday to collect dead plant bits!!!
I have just gone back to fountain pens so love seeing your collection.
The snow in your garage looks bad but with the critters outside snow looks to be a bonus! I'm sure Annie appreciates that!
We have a frosty but sunny day here so are off out for a walk...and food!!
Glad that you are on the up, hugs, Chrisxx

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We are all so happy to read that your week was uneventful, Rita, and that is meant only in the best way. That said, you have not been un-busy because maintaining all the FBs is quite the project, but one which you obviously enjoy.

That is a lot of letter writing by the look of all the portfolios and you are so organized in that area, my friend.

Always enjoy seeing the visitors to the Critter Cafe, and I wondered if any other neighbors also enjoy seeing them besides yourself and Annie.

DVArtist said...

An uneventful week is one you want and need. Enjoy your day.

Jenny Woolf said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog which I started again after nearly a year of not posting. Glad I made the effort! Looking at your photos it makes me glad I don't live somewhere with lots of snow. It looks pretty when it falls but it is the way it goes on, a little goes a long way doesn't it? LOL

Juli said...

We occasionally get snow in the garage as well, but it needs to be a bear of a blizzard to do so. So far, (knock on wood) we've been lucky with snow. I think our luck is running out on Saturday though. :(

We've had a few under zero wind chill days lately, I think we have one 40 degree day this week though. It was 36 today, not so bad. Mother nature is clearly off her meds. :)

(((HUGS)) from the North East.