Monday, January 24, 2022

January 24, 2022 Monday--11am

 Good morning!
Got a few things done last week--whoohoo!  I am slowly regaining control of my home.  At least the surface areas that have all become dumping grounds along the way since my diagnosis in June.  First I got my kitchen counters back and was able to maintain them at my normal level of clean.  Then it was my kitchen table.  Been able to maintain control of it, too.  Last week it was my desk.

First I had to purge my file cabinet (down on the right hand side) because I had no more room to squeeze any more paperwork down there.  This is the before picture.  These were the stacks that had been growing for the last six months. 
I have a lot of papers to shred.  I had everything from since I moved here in 2015.  I know--I don't need to save every electric bill, etc--LOL!
Leah said she has boxes of papers from back when her mom died that need to be shredded so she'll just add mine to it because she found a company that will shred them for you.  That's marvelous!  I have them packed up and ready to go!  
Don't even have to worry about staples or paper clips!  Nice!  Would have taken me hours and hours.

Leah and her brother, Aaron, made the Costco grocery trip.  First time in I can't remember how long that I was able to bring the cart out to the parking lot for my drop off groceries.  :)  I did laundry and ordered my free at-home covid tests from the government.

Leah came over in the evening.  She changed the batteries in my smoke alarms for me, brought out trash, watered my plants...the things I still have trouble with.  We had a good gab session.  I never know where the topics will end up--LOL!  I told her a story I don't think I've even told Dagan about how senior year some kids planted marijuana seeds in the empty lot right behind the police station.  My boyfriend, Alan, took me over there to see it.  Was a good sized patch that had grown way above my 5' 1" head.  Was hysterically funny to Alan and all his friends who smoked grass that it was growing wildly right behind the police station.  They finally discovered it, cut it down, put it in a big pile and burned it.  Alan told me he and his friends gathered around the empty lot making a big point of sniffing the air while the cops were watching.  

They had been sampling it, of course, over the summer and he said it was really crap grass--LOL!  So none of them cared that they burned it.  In the Fridley paper the police valued it some ridiculous amount of money--hundreds of thousands of dollars--but, in reality, they couldn't give it away.  People would ask--this isn't the stuff from behind the police station, is it?

BTW--I did try grass later on after I graduated high school but at that time I was still quite the odd but clean-cut honor student.  Alan's so-called "druggie" friends called me Sunshine and apologized when they swore.  Were like big brothers to me.

I digress...

Friday--well, all week long...

...was busy on the patio.
But often this is what I actually see.  
I usually keep the blinds partially open.  I don't want the critters to actually get used to me--a human--as a good thing, you know?  For their own safety.  If I keep the blinds partially open like that they can't see me as well when I am getting up and down inside the apartment so I don't scare them away as easily.

Since Friday the nighttime visitors have been coming earlier.
They're a little braver than the birds so I walked very slowly over and twisted the blinds open farther so I could get some pictures.
I even took a video--I'll try to add below.
But I must apologize that I still keep calling them jackrabbits.  I grew up hearing that but they are actually arctic hares.

I'll try to put the video of the hares and partridges below.  If you don't want to hear me gabbing and giggling the whole time feel free to turn the sound off--LOL!

Well, I can't figure out how to embed anymore since Blogger changed things.  I've tried Blogger's direct way and the old way I used to do it--no luck.  So I will just put a link.  Let me know if it works please.

I don't think it worked so I tried a direct link too.  Now it won't let me update.  ???

Anyways, the arctic hares are really huge...
...compared to the cottontail rabbits.  
One cottontail stopped by after the hares were gone.

Why would this countertop make me so happy?
[And--yes--I have an Alexa and a Hey Google--both from McFamily.  I use them both and still wonder if they get jealous when I use the other one--LOL!)

Anyways, I had all kinds of fountain pen supplies for cleaning and filling trays on that counter for some time.  Well, I finally finished FP tray #5!
Now I am finally back to cleaning and refilling as needed as I make my way through the rotation.   Ahhh!
I still have the bedroom, pantry, and studio to reclaim.  Here are the studio "before" pictures.  
Sadly, I have already been in here working a little bit on clearing off this table...
...and this die cut machine table, too, but they still are this messy.  So much for being organized, eh?  LOL!
Pretty obvious I haven't gotten near the little red-legged table.  Quite the dumping ground.
I don't even care if the bookcases and all the rest are organized or not in there.  I just need the three tables cleared off enough so that I can PLAY in here again.  ;)  Leah helped me get most of my gessoes and gel mediums in one box for the first seven Wanderlust classes so that is at least one step closer.

Anyways, my infusion got switched to this Thursday instead of Friday.  Covid has really been bad up here recently so we plan for Leah to just drop me off and pick me up--and we will keep our masks on in the car.  I want to reduce her exposure--for the boys, you know?  We're back to isolation and quarantining when we have exposure, like before.  Not that we got far from that ever.  

The hospitals are near capacity.  Schools don't have enough staff to stay open in places.  We have more cases now than we have had since the beginning of the pandemic.  So, until next time--please stay safe and well!  :)


Bonnie said...

Hi Rita! You sound wonderful! Isn't it a great feeling to get surfaces cleaned off? Our kitchen table and buffet are major dumping grounds around here and then as soon as I clean them off Tom starts loading them up again - it's never ending. You have things looking really good. Actually considering all you have been through this year I think your whole apartment looks great! Your organization system is always fantastic. You have to give yourself a break sometimes. I enjoyed the video. Both links worked fine for me. I think your Bird Café is "the" place to hang out!

Arkansas Patti said...

The video played fine for me. What a fun show you get to watch. That would amuse me for hours.
Love your Ta Da moment. I would love to have one of those. I have a ton of shredding to do also and I keep waiting for a crummy day to start. As bad as the days have been, they still haven't been crummy enough for shredding:)

DJan said...

Those jackrabbits (er, hares) are huge! And it does look like you've gotten quite a bit accomplished in there, Rita. It's good to hear you sounding like yourself again. :-)

Deb said...

Wow, look at you go! You are really getting organized and everything looks great. The best part is that you are feeling better! I love that part. Yes, Covid is exploding here too and we have had a lot of teachers and students out which is why school went online last week. Who knows what will happen next. We always mask up and Charly and I are still doing church online, but our state legislature cancelled the mask mandate, so before long, few people will be wearing masks. I really am glad you are feeling so good that you are getting so much done. I hope things continue to go well. I love your winter critter cafe. See you again soon!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Sounds like your energy is returning, Rita, and life is getting back to normal. Just keep it going now!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are getting back to somewhat normal!! Good to hear!! Stay warm sound like a really cold day Tuesday:(

Janie Junebug said...

One time I called the Google in my car Alexa by accident and then Google wouldn't speak to me so yes, they get jealous. Isn't it lovely to have a clean desk and clear countertops? Everything looks great.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading about the Arctic hares and cottontails. It is nice to get organized and things picked up and put in their proper places. I think you have done a fabulous job. Sorry to read about the COVID numbers. The same is true here, too.

Jenny Woolf said...

The Arctic hare video worked for me, it just showed up as a link and I had to open a separate page. You always seem so organised. A place that shreds everything for you sounds like a good idea so long as they don't dip into the pages and read them I am sure they have some precautions against that. Leah sounds like the best daughter in law in the world!

Mary said...

Good to hear you are able to get things done--must feel great.

The wildlife outside your door sure provides a lot of entertainment. I've got feeders and a plugged in bird bath on my deck that attracts plenty of birds (and the occasional squirrel). No Arctic hares--though we've had cold enough weather for them. The biggest surprise I ever had was when I look out the kitchen window to find a huge hawk sitting on the deck rail just 10 feet from me. Never realized quite how large they are!

Jeanie said...

I'm simply wild about your big bunny! He's one handsome hare and I'm glad you shared so many photos. I so admire your organization. My file cabinet needs quite an overhaul and so does every shelf in my office. Well done indeed!

Divers and Sundry said...

I just copy the embed code at YouTube and paste it in the blog post using the html tab. It always works for me.

It sounds like you've had a busy, productive, and fun week :) Sweet!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You got a lot more done thenI would

Anvilcloud said...

When I want to embed the occasional video, I get the code form YT and then switch to the html tab in blogger to insert it. Then I switch back to the compose mode.

DVArtist said...

Wow you really got a lot done. Lovely photos too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

If you ever run out of reorganizing projects, I have a few of my own, Rita. Seriously you are giving me the kick needed to do a better job on the bookcase next to my PC. Glad that your energy levels are returning and have allowed you to do things in your place as I know it must be rewarding too. Even though the video didn't work, it was great to see the Arctic hare and cottontail rabbit size comparisons.

Serena Lewis said...

Well done on sorting the filing cabinet. I'm so grateful that I went paperless for bills, etc. years ago. All digital now and loving it!

Funny story about the marijuana growing behind the police station. I'm surprised they didn't notice it sooner. I've never tried weed or any other drugs, apart from prescription. I used to say that I wouldn't know it if I fell over it and I was always told it has a specific smell. In fact, I do believe our previous neighbours may have indulged fairly often as there would be a weird smell wafting over to our backyard at times.

The Critter Cafe sure was busy! I would enjoy watching them too. The video link worked fine for me. I hope Blogger allows you to embed them again soon.

I have Alexa Echo Dot and Show speakers plus Google Nest speakers throughout the house too. Love them!

Your studio looks organised to me. Very nice! I'm sure you will get to more sorting when you are able.

I hope you stay Covid-free as you already have enough to deal with, my friend.

I'll write you more on our situation. There is a letter on the way to you which I mailed a couple of days ago.

Stay safe and well,
Love and hugs,
Serena xx

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

That's SO cool that you have arctic hares there! They are really large compared to the cottontails. It's interesting that the little rabbits stay away from the arctic hares. They must know something that we don't.

I ordered the free COVID tests from the government too. That's good they are doing that. Hopefully, things can get back to normal if people are using them and staying home when they may suspect they have COVID. This pandemic has been going on way too long.

Your desk and craft supplies are so beautifully organized!