Monday, May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022 Monday--1:30pm

Good afternoon!

I have lots of pictures today!

Thought I would take before pics of the patio.

The grass is green and it has been warm enough to qualify for spring.
Dagan had been more exposed than since the pandemic started.  On Wednesday last week he had a meeting/meal with the big wigs because of his new position...and no one wore masks, of course.  So, to be on the safe side we postponed everything a week (Leah and my Craft Nite on Thursday and doing my patio on Saturday).

I know it is hard to tell and I forgot to take pics in progress but I worked on bookcards.  The covers we had cut previously I folded and paired up with the signatures...
...and I folded more signatures with this watercolor-y paper I ordered...must have been last year.
So, I am finally back to doing a little something with my next batch of bookcards!

Annie wanted to be up next to me but can't jump that high anymore.  She let me pick her up and put her in her spot with her memory foam cat bed.  :)
She's been jumping up regularly on to the footrest on my chair, though, this past week!!  A little less appetite, but otherwise seems like she's doing well and is happy.

I also set up letters ready to go (10) and did laundry.  Lately it is easier for me to do smaller loads more often and I am down with that.

Katie came to clean.  Nice to have such good news to share with her.

The stamps came for card making.  A couple of line-drawing type bird stamp sets.
About 5:30pm there were suddenly masses of people running and jogging down the sidewalk--most of them kids.  They were doing some kind of marathon--had numbers and headbands.  Mother's with strollers.  A girl in a wheelchair with a broken leg being pushed.  Dog companions--who loved the running and the crowds.  I've never seen so many people on that walkway!  They ran from right to left and I could hear a crowd clapping and cheering somewhere off in the distance.  But then they all came back going from left to right...very few still running, some determinedly jogging, and many too tired and just walking.  So a lady went by with some kind of big bells around her ankles clanking away.  Sounded like she stopped at the end of the sidewalk and just took them off and clanked them endlessly to motivate the runners--either that or she was running in place for 15 minutes!  (Cow bells?)

Later that night we had our first tornado watch of the year.  Nothing here but some rain.  I'm not sure there were any tornados that touched down anywhere.  Between the runners, bells, and thunder...I didn't see Anne all night--LOL!

Leah went plant shopping with a girlfriend.  Sent me pics and got all my plants for the patio!!  We changed plans again--decided that if McFamily stayed outside and I stayed inside they could come and fix up the patio for me on Saturday!!!  Wonderful!

My big purchase this month arrived...a hepa air filter.  Figure it can't hurt and might even help with my chronic sinus.  I'll appreciate it more come winter, I'm sure.
That was a project for me.  Moving out one side of Grandpa's desk and back so I could plug it in.  Good place for it--centrally located.
No, I haven't even turned it on yet.  Haven't read the manual and it has been so nice out that I have had the patio door wide open all day every day it hasn't rained.  Been in the 60s and even hit 72 one day I saw.  Been gorgeous out there!

So exciting!!  Lots of pictures!!
They moved back to let me decide where the pots would go.  The boys handed me the pots.  I took some quick before pics.
The little marigold plants were just filling in here and there so they waited on one of the little tables.
Dagan made trips to the garage and went around the building so he never came inside.  He brought the bags of dirt, fertilizer, my patio chair, pot with the hose in, and the bird water dish.  He also planted.
Ian and Liam did a lot of finger-stirring in fertilizer and then planting.

That lonely guy from our building showed up and tried to give the boys candy again.  No thank you.  He hung around for quite a while.
Leah did a lot of planting and overseeing the boys.
Then everybody took turns soaking the planters.
Dagan sprayed off the chair and tables.
The boys were getting restless.  Eventually they ran down the sidewalk to the big cottonwood tree and back a couple of times.
Leah started spraying the entire patio plus patio door and screen.
All done!
I wanted pictures of all of them so I went out quick.  I do enjoy the candid shots the best, I think.  ;)
Family shot.
Liam wanted them all to jump--so they did.
Funny how they race over to see themselves jumping.  Kids are growing up in such a different world in so many little ways like that.  Just being able to take a picture and see it instantly on a phone!  What a world.  But to them this is normal, you know?

Anyways, the newly cleaned and potted patio!

You might notice on the front planter on the far left there's a coleus that has fallen over.  I tried to put it upright and pack some dirt around the base to hold it up--but it felt broken.  
Maybe too hard of water spraying or something.  But it is the only plant that didn't fare well.

After they left Annie came out to inspect the patio.
I sent Leah a picture of the poor coleus.
Here's the matching one in the opposite planter.  (I have three different pairs of coleus.)  
Leah said she has to go back to Baker Nursery for some things so she could pick up another one for me if this one doesn't make it.

  I think it is a goner.
Totally collapsed.  :(
I was so tired again that after McFamily left about 2pm...I was asleep by 3pm and didn't wake up till 7pm!  Another marathon nap.  No wonder my hours are messed up--LOL!  But I am sure getting sleep so I can't complain.

I already got my JetPens order.  The pens are uni-ball one gels.  I'm really liking how smoothly they write.  I got a "new colors" set of three (I have the original colored set) and a couple more of the ones I have been using a lot (blue and blue-black).  Yes, I am a pen junkie!!
This is a Lamy cursive nib!  A brand new type of nib for them.  Can hardly wait to try it out.
But these!
OMG!  The smallest post-it type notepads I have ever seen!!  Look how tiny they are!
They just make me smile when I look at them!

Anyways, that's about it.  I watched the rest of the new season of Billions.  Been renting Netflix DVDs of Inspector Lewis.  Have now started the final season of Ozark and when I need a break from the heaviness I watch some of Death in Paradise.  (I know doesn't sound lighter but it is--LOL!)  I've been writing half of them sent off.  Beautiful, quiet days--except for the unexpected hundreds of marathon runners--LOL!  

If nobody gets sick, Leah and I plan a Craft Nite on Thursday.  Otherwise I only plan to try to get more letters written, to make cards, and to sit out on my patio!  Have a fabulous week!!  :)  


Anvilcloud said...

I hope you have many fine hours on the wonderful little patio this summer.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The patio and flowers look great! Fun to see the boys! What great help you had with the patio and the flower boxes! Have fun on craft night!

Bonnie said...

Your family are so sweet to come out and fix up the patio for you! And at least you got to see them from a distance. You got some great pictures, I love the one of them all jumping. The patio really looks great too! It will be so nice to be able to sit out there again soaking up the sun and fresh air.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

The patio looks great. Nice that everyone was able to pitch in and help. No doubt it will bring lots of pleasure as the flowers grow.

Arkansas Patti said...

Your patio really looks nice with the planted planters. Good you had all the help.
Had to smile about Annie. Since Minnie turned 18 she can still get on the couch by herself but asks for me to lift her onto the bed. Happy to oblige.

Divers and Sundry said...

The patio looks inviting. They did a great job! That's the brand room air filter I have :) We _love_ Death in Paradise lol I'm happy to see a new season is coming out, but we'll wait 'til it's all out so we can binge it. I'm happy you had such a good week :)

CrystalChick said...

Wonderful photos, Rita!! I enjoyed looking at them all. What a sweet family you have. And such a nice cleaned patio with fresh plants to enjoy. That process is starting for me, too... lots to go from porch to patio.
We watched the final season of Ozark. Yes, heavy, but also really good. We're watching a true crime one now called The Staircase.
Hope you get to enjoy Craft Nite. I miss card making, hope to get back to it one day soon.

Serena Lewis said...

Nice green grass!

A shame they don't wear masks when in close vicinity of others. That said, now that the majority of our restrictions are lifted, they only recommend that we wear masks if the 1.5 metre social distancing can't be adhered to. Brad and I continue to wear masks when out in public.

I received my bookcard! YAY! I mailed a letter off to you 2 days ago.

I hope Annie continues to do well, bless her heart.

How fun to watch the marathon go by.

Nice to see McFamily helping out on your patio. It will look amazing when all the plants grow and bloom. I wonder if the brokn coleus will sprout some new leaves from below the break? Better to add a new one in case it doesn't. It did look like it was beyond saving.

My eyes turned green when I came to the pic of the pens. You know I'm a pen junkie too. hehe I'm interested to hear how the Lamy Cursive nib works.

Enjoy your craft night on Thursday if it eventuates.

Wishing you a wonderful week too. x

Serena Lewis said...

Just wanted to add that I loved the pic of McFamily jumping in the air. Fun!

DVArtist said...

It looks so nice there. Thanks for sharing.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Looks great Rita!!!

Unknown said...

Your patio looks so inviting with the beautiful flower containers and reclining chair. I can see why Annie wanted to hide with all the activity going on. Glad she came back out to check out all the hard work that everyone did on the patio. Hope the HEPA filter works out well and you notice an improvement in your health.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a terrific and productive week. I like your patio. You are so much more ahead with any planting than I am. (Art, too, for that matter!) I'd be sitting out there all day, every day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a great job, McFamily did with the patio, cleaning, planting and watering. Your chair is all ready for you to sit out there and enjoy the blooms, Rita. All the new art supplies look like you will be having very colorful creative times. Also glad that you and Annie have both been feeling better.