Monday, June 28, 2010


We didn't have rain. But it was a great cloud watching day all day.

I went to get out the metallic acrylic paints and ran across these Dr. Martin liquid watercolors that I bought on sale at Hobby Lobby around 3-4 years ago.
I had always wondered about them, having seen them in art catalogs over the years. Well, I discovered I would never buy them. I knew they were a bit "old" when I got them on sale. They didn't slosh in the bottles like they were a thin liquid, but I figured I could thin them out, right? Put them away and forgot about them. Well, they were like paste and they wouldn't thin out decently. Even the two that were thinner to begin with remained thick.
I thought I'd be able to work with them regardless. Well, they didn't really even behave like proper watercolors. I soaked the paper and tried to drop and dab on the paint--it wouldn't even spread in the water--except for the green which did move about some (so I used more of that). They just kind of sat wherever you dropped them. I've had acrylics that work better with water than these. Not impressed.
I sprayed--doused--the whole thing with water and what you see above was the most the paint would move--period. I didn't like it at all, so I thought I'd maybe try the saran wrap and see if that could force it to move around a bit. I am not expecting much. And will think of these as more like acrylics--crummy acrylics--in future. (If they don't end up in the trash!)
I'm puzzled by this product, to be honest. Watercolors can be dry as a bone (they even sell them in dry pans for goodness sakes!) and you can use them with no problem. Why would these go bad? You should be able to reconstitute them with water if they have thickened over time. Makes no sense. So--buyer beware.
Anyways, we had some very dark clouds pass thru during the day--quite ominous looking...
...but no rain. Dramatic. Beautiful!
I washed clothes. Was a quiet day. Slept a little better last night. Maybe see about the metallic acrylic paints today? When I do just a little a day--pace myself--that works best and I can keep at it longer over time. :)
Sunny day. Not as hot--mid 70s. Nice! Nice!
Have a good one!! :):)
"If a nightingale sings with her breast against a thorn, why not we?"
Susan Gilbert Dickinson to Emily Dickinson in 1861


  1. Oh great clouds! and I love Doc. Martins inks!Keep pacing yourself. Love seeing your creativity. cheers!

  2. I think I could watch cloud formations for hours on end. Your pics sure do show some different aspects of weather. Threatening weather. Sure looked like it would rain, especially in your last pic. I was surprised to read that it didn't.

    Sorry to hear your watercolors didn't work like they should have. I wouldn't know where to begin with painting anything. I don't have any artistic talents. (i can draw stick figures) LOL

    I liked that quote. Makes you think.

  3. I enjoyed your cloud pictures. There is something ethereal in them when the sunshines a beam of bright light into/through one.

    I remember water colors I had where rock hard chips and I had to add water to get them to change into "paint".

    I can draw some - but haven't in a long time.

  4. Little and often is best with most hobbies. So you don't get burned out.

    That's not good about the watercolours. Sounds like they can't have been good to start with if they're this bad now. My Dad had some that he kept in storage for ages and ages, and they were fine when he was finally ready to use them again.

  5. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Beautiful pictures of the clouds thanks for sharing :o)

  6. I wonder if the Dr. Martins are acrylic based or something. That might be why you couldn't re-hydrate them.

  7. Stephanie--Thanks! Maybe they work better when they are brand new. These weren't the inks, tho--these were the liquid watercolors. He has both.

    AliceKay--I love clouds, too! That was a great cloud day. Well, with the bookmarks I don't have to do any drawing--hehe! ;)

    Iggy--Sun shining thru/behind clouds make me think of angels. :) I know! Watercolors are made to be diluted with water. ?? Maybe you need a little sketch journal to doodle in. Have you heard of zentangles?

    Toriz--I have had watercolors for many years and even if a tube dries up you can cut it open, add water, and paint. I'll stick with tubes and the pans and avoid liquid watercolors from now on. ;)

    Lynn--Thanks! Glad you liked them.

    Sue--These were liquid watercolors. And besides--the metallics I just used are acrylics and needed to be reconstituted (had become like solid paste)--and they came right back to life with a little water and were just fine. Maybe that's why Hobby Lobby got rid of them? :)

  8. Those clouds are magnificent!

    On one of the websites I checked, it states if Dr. Ph. Martins dry out, they can be re-hydrated with water but, you have proved that isn't the case. It sounds to me like they aren't true watercolours. They seem to act more like acrylics.

  9. Serena--There are so many of us who love the sky and clouds, but we often forget to take the time to gaze and appreciate. A little sky meditation. :):)

    You're right--wasn't my experience. Even when they thinned out some, they didn't move and react with water like watercolors should. Maybe they lose something when they're rehydrated?? Not for me, anyways.


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