Saturday, June 26, 2010


I cut up the first set of bookmarks yesterday afternoon. They're about 2" X 5".
I really liked these!
Bold with gold--hehe!
I was restless and aching all over. One of those days where I was up and down a lot because I couldn't get comfortable anywhere in any position anyways--so I started on another set of saran wrap bookmarks.
This time I used the Cheap Joe's watercolor tiny palette. Felt like Jackson Pollack there for a few minutes--hehe! Then got out the plastic wrap and crumbled and squished. :)
The second I am out of the chair Miss Jumping Bean was up there with her nose and front paw on the table. I gave her a sharp "no!" and she quickly went to the other arm of the chair...
...with her--"who me? I'm not the least bit interested in what's on that boring, boring table. Really. You can just forget I am here because I have absolutely noooo interest in licking paint water or pawing on the crinkly saran wrap"--act.
She didn't fool me for a second. :):)
Since I have fans going all over the apartment to try and move the AC air from next to the living room windows (aims at the porch door-duh?) into the apartment, around the hallway, and into the bedroom...I decided to set the wet WC block in front of a fan. Several hours later...TaDa!!
I didn't add gold ink this time. (No shaking jars for me--hehe!) My plan was to use LuminArts Shimmering Mists for a more subtle, overall shine this time. So I got out our fancy box for spraying...
...and misted with Solar Gold, Pewter, Bronze Metallic, and Golden Bamboo...
...and left it to dry overnight. I'll show you tomorrow.
The office folks never came yesterday, either, for the apartment check. ?? Oh well. I've been here for so many years now that they probably do know it looks about the same every time they come--hehe! Or I was just plain overlooked? Doesn't matter to me.
I was glad to see that the next three DVDs of True Blood were due yesterday...and they arrived! (I only have the very last DVD left to watch after that one comes--there are five of them.) I had a True Blood marathon after the mail came in the afternoon--watched two of the three DVDs--five episodes. I have to say that I am just not sure about the new creature with the bull's head and toxic claws. Don't want to give anything away about that--but not my favorite storyline--at all. I hope it ends soon.
I have been so sore and not sleeping well that I decided to take a pain pill last night. First one since I quit the beginning of May. I slept nine hours last night and only woke up once! Nice to have them work again because I was in desperate need of sleep. I had gotten almost immune to them, as you know, so I wasn't sure they'd work yet or not. Nice to know. Now I can use them here and there again when I really need them. :)
OMGosh! Karma spotted a huge moth on the porch screen. Guess I need to hobble over there and let my pseudo-hunter cat out--hehe!
"So much has been given to me; I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied."
Helen Keller


  1. Your bookmarks turned out great. I hope the laminator person does a great job laminating them for you.

    That second pic of Karma cracked me up. What a comical cat you have there. LOL

    I have air conditioners and fans circulating air all thru our trailer. Tomorrow (Sunday) is supposed to be another day in the 90s. :\

    I loved the second watercolor project. The colors were beautiful. I hope they turn out as well as your last project.

    I'm sorry you've been hurting but I'm glad you took a pain pill and got some much needed sleep. I haven't been sleeping well either. Will do a post about what's been happening with me sometime next week.

    Did Karma catch the moth?

  2. I can hear the Queen of the Jungle a'roaring and snarling from miles away - Karma and Huge Moth... the epic battle of survival in the animal kingdom....

    She's a goofy cat... Thats why I likes her. :)

    Your cut up artwork looks really cool! And you made another piece of art by taking that picture of it jumbled like it is...

  3. AliceKay--thanks! I love these first two sets a lot. Sometimes I wish I had an AC in the bedroom so I didn't have to run three fans just to try to cool it off in there. I don't think they allow them, in the first place, and it would really mess up my porch, too, because that is where the bedroom window is. It's small enough out there. At least it isn't hot and humid for very long up here--hehe! Karma kinda caught it--not sure if she ate it. :)

    Iggy--Karma and Mothra!! Not sure if Mothra was spared or not--hehe! Thanks, Iggy! It's been fun making these sheets for bookmarks. :)

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Those bookmarks are just so pretty to me I need to learn how to do that LOL like I don't have enough to do already with crocheting :o) I just love seeing the pics of Karma, she is so pretty.

  5. Lynn--Thanks! I know what you mean. These are already on my list of projects and I have too many things on that list to add any more--ROFL! Not enough time to get to the list I have. Glad you like the pics of Miss Karma. I think it is half her blog--hehe! ;)

  6. What? You think that sweet little innocent kitty is going to be in to your stuff? How could you think such a thing? LOL!


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