Thursday, June 03, 2010


Food for Miss Karma's soul...

...a feather toy.
Food for mine? Just having Dagan and Leah over for a few hours. ;)
Speaking of food...
They both tried a taste of the Vegetable Lentil Curry...and thought it was okay, but bland--ROFL! (I leave out the salt and pepper to taste, so that might have helped for their taste buds--hehe!) Even Leah, who hates lentils, said it tasted better than she expected. But they opted for Boca burgers with cheese and broccoli--hehe! I had curry and some of the broccoli.
Leah and I made labels for the essential oil bottles whose labels have been fading away. Leah printed the labels and I put them on the bottles. Meanwhile, Dagan worked on getting the translator on my blogs--tada! Iggy had sent some information to me--thanks, Iggy!!! You may have noticed on the top left of the blog. So--that's done--accomplished!
Leah and I decided we HAVE to try to work on the etsy shop--been "going to get to it" for months. I have to learn my way around this McLap so that I can find the photos of our products and I need some help. Between us we should be able to figure it out. And Leah and I can work at the same time on our laptops on our etsy account--cool! I am planning on going over to their place next Tuesday night with my McLap. Maybe the laptop messenger bag will come before that (to Leah's--she also ordered some other things from Amazon)? Cool!
Anyways, we've been slacking on new posts in the etsy shop. Our good intentions have never come to fruition. :( I've also been slacking on my youtube and flickr for months, too. Seems like time just plain gets away from you sometimes. Well, pretty easily in my world these days, actually--ROFL! Oh well, you do your best, right?
Was a chilly 45 when I woke up. Wonderful sleeping weather! :) The sun is shining, the geese are calling...ahhh! I didn't sleep long, but it is nice to be up with the sunshine. I'm going to watch some of Supernatural (3rd season) and/or Precious today, I think. Feel kind of noodle-y so far this morning, so that sounds like it might be a good plan--hehe!
Quote for the day:

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou


  1. Great quote.

    Sounds like the curry got a pretty good review considering the fact it got a "ok, but a bit bland," from a lentil hater. ;)

    I really do plan to try it some time. I even put it on my recipe blog to make sure I could find it easily. :)

  2. :)

    I like Maya's words of wisdom on this ...

    ... and I'm thrilled Dagan got the tranlator working!

    I'm still giggling at that first picture of Karma with her nosed stuffed in her toy.

  3. Cute pics of Karma!

    In all the years I've been vegetarian, I have never tried lentil curry. I do add lentils to my vegetable soup sometimes though. I like to add salt or a vegetable stock powder to boost flavour a little.

    I love that quote by Maya Angelou too.

  4. Toriz--Yah! I figured if it got an okay from Leah it passed the test, that's for sure--hehe! I have been thinking of putting quotes on the blog. I get them from a couple places every day and enjoy them. Uplifting quotes. Maybe I'll try it for a while, if I can remember. ;)

    Iggy--Thanks so much for helping with the translator. You are such a good friend! (And so smart!!) Karma kind of hugging her feather toy and burying her head in it is my fav, too. :)

    Serena--I love lentils, so that is why I was brave enough to try this recipe--hehe! It's just as good today, BTW. ;)

  5. I loved that quote, too.

    The pics of Karma are cute (as always). What an adorable cat. We have three new kittens (could be more somewhere) at the feed mill and I finally saw them yesterday and again this morning. One is black, one is yellow, and one is black and white. I have a pic or two of the mother that I intended to post along with pics of the inside of the feed mill, but I never got to it. I will one of these days. (maybe) Kinda like you and your etsy shop. I should do these things but I don't and then it slides by.

    I'm not sure if you realize this, but my Flickr account name is weiners73. I comment on Iggy's pics all the time and see your comments there, too. :)

  6. AliceKay--Oh! Try to get pictures of the kittens at the shop! I'd love to see them.

    Yes--We've been terrible at letting things slide by with the shop. Mostly my fault because I was starting to do all the posting and then got two new systems for the laptop and the desk computer--and got totally lost. Been putting it off for months about trying to learn how to use the McLap system. (There's basically nothing on my desk computer now--empty brained-hehe!) I have to figure it out and deal with it--or get the stuff over on the desk computer and figure it out over there. Not easy for me. I am not all that computer literate in the first place. I've used windows since I got my first computer 11 years ago. Now I have Safari and Umbutu. *sigh* :):)

    No--I didn't know that was you! I see you on Iggy's flickr, too. Takes me a looong time to get there sometimes--hehe! ;)


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