Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The glimpse of a orange sun rising yesterday must have indicated more rain on the way--hehe!
Well, the nasty, aggressive, hunchbacked killifish finally died yesterday. Been on it's last fins for a week or so.
Have you ever had a fish you wish you had never bought in the first place who terrorizes all the other fish in the tank but won't die and lives on for years and years? That was Old Hunchback.
Killed its partner right off. Harassed and worried it to death. Wouldn't let it eat. Same thing with several tank mates. Not sure if Old Hunchback was a male or female, but it was homely with a right nasty temperament. Would splash water at you when you came near the tank. Watched you. Was smart. I'd hear it splash water at me sometimes when I got up at night to go to the bathroom!? In the dark! I didn't even turn the light on! Apparently I woke it up and pissed it off, tho. Old Hunchback always let you know when you pissed it off.
The only fish who have survived with Old Hunchback, monarch of the top of the tank, have been a couple of bottom feeders and some tetras who normally live in the middle range of a tank, but relegated themselves to as far down as they could swim, hid a lot, and have been willing to catch anything to eat as it floats down from Old Hunchback's surface territory. I think they are going to be shocked with their new-found freedom--LOL!
Goodbye Old Hunchback! The strangest thing is, I will probably miss your angry splashes, threats, and scowls. (Do you hear the sound of a toilet flushing?)
On a lighter note. I took out my tabletop easel and the piece of board I use with it when I use it for painting, etc. See how nicely flat it folds up.
Karma was there in a flash to check them out and smell them as if she had never seen them before--sheesh!
Here's a side view of the easel on the table. It is made to hang over the edge of the table so you can get right up close to your work. There are adjustable notches to raise and lower the acrylic front.
What's awesome is that for craft or art projects where you need to trace something--you can just place a light behind the easel because of the clear acrylic and it works fantastic as a light box of sorts, too.
This piece of pressboard came inside of a travel case I actually bought for the easel. It fits nicely on the easel and I do use it whenever I am taping something down to work on it. Then I can easily remove whatever I'm working on and leave it taped to the board if I need to get the easel out of the way because I need the table for something another project...or possibly even eating--ROFL!
A piece of gator board fits nicely on the lip, too. (I staple watercolor paper to gator board for WC paintings.) I love-love-love my table easel and have used it for all kinds of projects. And yes--I am quite anal with the neatness factor, as you can tell. The easel still looks practically brand new even tho the wood is unfinished. What can I say.
Anyways, if you remember, I mentioned that we had swastikas etched into the paint on the elevator door. Next I saw a big smiley face. Then it was the "N' word! Several times! I wondered when they were gong to paint the door again. But the next thing I saw was this!
They attached a huge sheet of silver metal on the whole inside of the elevator door! (And we thought the elevator door made noise before!)
Really? Do they honestly believe that a person can't scratch with a key on a piece of metal?
I'm pretty darn sure that the graffiti war will continue. ;)
Raining. 65 degrees. We're supposed to see the sun tomorrow and then back to scattered showers. Hope everyone is having a good week. Giggle. Be sure and giggle today. :)
"I find ecstasy in living--the mere sense of living is joy enough."
Emily Dickinson


  1. Poor Hunchback :-(

    I had a fish in my office for about 4 years. It was a beta fish and I had named him Harvey. Everyone in my department would stop by and say hi to Harvey when they were in the neighborhood. They'd check on him when I was out of the office. I miss having him around.

  2. *Gasp* That's it! I now officially will not pee in your toilet! Not now you flushed a fish down there... OMG! Flashbacks from the past alert! No, no, no! I can never, never, never use a toilet I know a fish has been flushed down!

    R.I.P. Hunchback fish!

  3. What a beautiful shot of that sunrise. So awesome! :)

    Sorry to hear Old Hunchback passed away. (i heard that toilet flush, by the way) LOL I've never bought fish, but I've had a lot of goldfish the kids won at carnivals and fairs. Speaking of which...Ryan's two goldfish from last year's Troy Fair are still alive and swimmin'...much to my dismay. LOL They're just in a small goldfish bowl, so I have to clean it often. (pita)

    How do you keep your crafts on the easel without them falling off? I couldn't figure that part out from looking at your pictures.

    People will distroy property, no matter what it is, if that's what they intend to do. It might take a little longer, but they will do it just the same. Sorry to hear your elevator doors go thru so much.

    We had a beautiful day today after a very chilly start. It got up to around 80 or so with clean, fresh air. Showers are to come back tomorrow afternoon and Friday.

    I've giggled a few times today. :)

  4. Donna--I often had a betta in a bowl and sometimes two (separate bowls, of course). Dagan named the first one Bubbles. I think we were up to Bubbles Eleven and Twelve with the last two. The last one died a few years ago, but I still have the bowls in the garage because I'm sure the urge will come for Bubbles Thirteen one day. ;)

    Tori--OMG! There must be a story to this fish-toilet-fear! ;)

    AliceKay--Sounds like you're going to need a bigger bowl if they don't die--LOL! ;)
    Well, I can only use the easel for flat projects I can tape to the board--like coloring in stamps, tracing, or something like that as far as crafts go. I use removeable tape. With the WC painting--the lip at the bottom will hold the gatorboard up, just like it holds up the particleboard I showed you. I'm not sure if that answers your question?
    Keep giggling!!! :):)

  5. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I sure wish it would rain here, its thundering out now but not a drop of water. That fish of yours sounds pure evil for sure, I would have had to introduce him to the toilet bowl or just got a smaller bowl and let him live by himself, rest in peace now hunchback! I hope you are having a good week :o)

  6. Yep, it answered my question. Thanks!

    I went to the dentist today so didn't do a whole of giggling. :\

    I hope you had a good day, tho.

  7. Lynn--I wish I could send you some of this rain!! I thought of that, but I don't think it would have survived a small bowl. I was tempted--hehe! Old Hunchback is lucky I let him live out his natural life--ROFL!! ;)

    AliceKay--Okay. ;) Dentists do not make a good giggle day for me either. :(

  8. Yes, there's a story, but I'm not posting it on a blog!

  9. It's so funny to hear of a fish with such a distinct personality, especially one that was so grumpy. Sad for him that he's died but I'm sure the rest of the fish won't be mourning him at all.

  10. Tori--Email me!! ;)

    B--I have tried again to subscribe to your blog feed. Sorry I know so little about these RSS things. I hope I don't lose you again. :)
    The tetras (who are not bright) still think Old Hunchback must be hiding and are still hunkered down near the bottom out of habit. But the two bottom feeders (smarter) are out and about now! I rarely ever saw them at all. I think the tetras will catch on eventually--LOL!

    Yup--different fish have different intelligence and some have distinct personalities. I've had fish off and on since I was about 9 years old. Started out with guppies in a big bowl and got to see babies being born. I was hooked. :)

  11. Rita! You must have really not liked old hunchback, because I've never heard you mention him before!!! I always wanted an aquarium... a full wall aquarium but can you imagine all the work that would take. And how come Karma hasn't attacked old hunchback? I knew she was a good kitty!

  12. Nikki--True! You got me! I didn't like Old Hunchback because it was mean to the other fish and killed some off with its meanness. Karma probably liked Old Hunchback because it splashed and she always found that quite ear perking--LOL! ;)

  13. *peers at Tori, whom he thinks has gone off her rocker*

    Seems there is always one ornery old fish that outlives all the others... My dad had an aquarium for years - one tank had a red-belly fire fish (not sure if that is the bred or not) that outlived thousands of others, guppies, mollys, tetras, angel fish, neons, you name it - year after year it stared at me while I ate dinner (it was a in-the-tank and overlooked the kitchen table and was in direct veiw of my seat.)

    I wont say if any fish ever got flushed.

  14. Iggy--LOL! She hasn't spilled, either. ;)
    Not sure what kind of fish that was, but some of them are very smart and watch you moving outside of the tank all the time--yup! I imagine it could be unsettling to eat your meal under fish observation. ;) Now you've got me wondering what kind of fish that was...?? (I used to work in pet shops).

  15. I'll bet you are already missing Hunchback. RIP mean ol' fish.

    It'll be initeresting to see the new ways of doing the grafitti. Maybe the metal will be easier to clean when unspeakable things appear on it besides the grafitti.

  16. I wouldn't have liked Old Hunchback's nature either and I would have been silly enough to cry at his passing. I'm such a sap! I think you can put tanks within tanks for fish that are better isolated. The smaller isolation tanks attaches inside the big tank is that makes sense.

    What a cool easel...I like the fact that it's clear. I have three wooden easels...two of them are desktop types and ALL of them have dried paint all over them. Shame on me! lol

    I was thinking the same thing about keys scratching the metal although it's such a shame that vandals/graffiti artists cause this dilemma to begin with. :(

  17. Deanna--Yup! I actually miss his threatening splashes every morning when I went to feed them.
    I'm always surprised at how people waste their intelligence thinking of new ways to be destructive. Could be put to so much better use. ;)

    Serena--I did say a little something over the toilet and feel badly that he was
    finally leaving this world. I miss his nasty glare. I'm a sap, too. ;)

    I know about those smaller tank containers, but OH was too big and active--would have honestly killed it to live in a small space like that. OH would only have been happy if all the rest of the fish were stuck in there and it had free reign of the tank. ;)

    Yup! Figures your easels would be full of paint. I have been told that "real artists are messy"--I don't know how many times--even by those art teachers who were constantly telling me to "loosen up". So, not shame on you. It is proof!! You are a real artist. I am an OCD dabbler more compulsive about the cleaning than the painting--ROFL!! :):)

  18. I'm sorry about your "nasty" fish! Hopefully you pick out a nicer replacement, lol!

    Your easel is very cool!! I've never seen one that folds up so compactly before!

    I'm hoping you get some sunny skies SOON!!!

  19. Jeannie--I think I am leaving the population as is for a good long time. They deserve a break--LOL!
    Still raining here. :(


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