Saturday, May 28, 2011


Since it has been cooler Karma's been sleeping in her nice warm cat bed again.
Leah was over on Wednesday night to make a couple of guy graduation cards.
She used this technique to make the cardstock look like wood. The "Congrats" oval sits right inside the oval window hole... this is what you see when you open the card.
I thought this was a clever idea! The "Congrats" is attached with brads that look like screw heads.
She made two of them.
Leah's family has always gotten together over Memorial weekend. They left yesterday to go visit with her mom first. :)
Early this morning there was this dark wall of clouds along the horizon.
The sliver of a moon was still out as the sun was rising.
Later in the daylight you can really see that is becoming a road over there. Won't be too long now, I suppose.
Anyways, I am taking care of Sammy and Annie for Dagan and Leah while they are gone on their long weekend. Since my days and nights are flipped (am slowly working my way around the clock) I left early this morning for West Fargo.
Iggy had asked me what was on the other side of my apartment building...pretty dull stuff. Here's the street that runs in front of the complex.
Endless new housing developments across the street.
Oddly, there's this public playground--right next to this busy four lane road.
Here's looking a little bit the other way down the street. Somebody came up behind me, so I had to go.
My view is more interesting, I think--even if there is some construction and I will probably end up overlooking a lot of small businesses. It's also quieter in the long run on this side because I don't get the louder constant traffic noise. Pretty barren around here because I think this all used to be farmer's fields at one time. But I do get to see a lot of sky! ;)
I forgot to get pictures of Sammy and Annie. I'll try to remember next time. They're much friendlier now than when Dagan and Leah first adopted them.
I started watching Justified and I love it! Will definitely follow this series. Of course, I loved Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood, too. And he was in the movie I Am Number Four that I just told you about. This morning I began watching the series The Darling Buds of May with a very young Catherine Zeta-Jones that Serena mentioned on her blog. Cute!
I hope everyone (in US) has a nice long weekend with decent weather. :):)
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."
From a headstone in Ireland


Desiree said...

Oh those cards are awesome. I love how she put them on the inside, sly!

Still waiting to see I am Number four, but cannot wait, I think it is next on my Netflix.

I remember seeing the previews for this Justified show and wanted to follow it, but alas we have nothing but Netflix now so I may have to look it up on the internet and check it out. Even though I need less distractions and more art made! :)

Rita said...

Desi--The cards did turn out pretty cool!
FYI--Justified is available on Netflix. That's where I got it from. I don't have cable TV, so I have to get all those series from Netflix (when they come out about a year later). I surely do love my Netflix!! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

How cute Karma is curled up in her bed.

Leah did a great job on the graduation cards!

Fargo sounds like quite a busy place with all the new housing estates going up whereas, in my mind, I've always imagined it to be small and quiet for some reason.

With the Darling Buds of May, I loved the way the Larkin family are so close-knit and very caring. They are very happy in their own skins so to speak. Some aspects are a little silly and annoying but, for the most part, Brad and I enjoyed it. It certainly made us wish we lived on a farm like that. :)

Enjoy your long weekend, Rita.

Serena xo

AliceKay said...

Yes, those cards are really cool. Leah did a great job. :)

I'm still amazed at the wide open spaces out there. You can see for miles and miles. Nice sky pics. (you can see for miles and Just don't have those kinds of views where I live.

That IS a bit odd to have a playground so close to a four-lane road. I don't see any fencing around it either. Not good. (or else my eyesight is bad)

Beautiful quote for Memorial Day weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the card and the screw heads add a nice touch for sure. Those sure are some dark clouds looming up. I started watching Justified with hubby but I'm not really into it so just told him to watch it when he wants without me lol Its amazing how people think in this world to build a playground right next to a 4 lane highway, well you have a good day and I hope your times get back on track for you soon.

Carol C said...

Looks like that sky view is an entertaining one. you seem to take a lot of inspiration from where you live!

Toriz said...

They often put playgrounds closer to the road than they should around here. I think it's stupid. I mean, what were they thinking? Or, more to the point, were they thinking at all?

Karma has the right idea... Hey, Karma, can I join you? I'm cold and tired too!

Sounds like a nice idea with the cards. hope the people they are for appreciate all Leah's hard work!

Hope you had a good weekend!

giddy up said...

Thanks for sharing the card, that is quite clever. I looks like you are having the same kind of weather we have been having here in Idaho. The sun finally came out late today and it felt so good!

Rita said...

Thanks everybody on the cards. I'll tell, Leah. :):)

Serena--There is so much building going on up here you'd never know there was a recession or whatever they're calling it. Houses, townhouses, apartments, businesses...they just keep on building. I was looking around on the way to and from Dagan and Leah's and thinking about all this farmland--the richest black dirt is up here--and how it is being scooped up for all the expansion--southern Fargo and West Fargo, especially. I should try and get pictures one day.
I watched the first DVD of TDBOM and they are just so happy, partially oblivious, and clever. Seems like a sweeter, simpler time to escape to. :)

AliceKay--Not all of the land up here is like where I live. (You reminded me of that song--I Can See For Miles And Miles--who was that by?) We have a lot of trees and the usual cityscape in the older parts of town or by the river, like where Dagan and Leah live. But I DO have a view. ;)

Lynn--I watch all kinds of movies and series. This one is pretty violent. (Don't ever try to watch Deadwood!) Not everybody's cup of tea. Hope your hubby likes it. I'd probably watch anything with Timothy Olyphant--especially if he has on jeans, boot,s and a cowboy hat--ROFL! ;)

Carol--I do love my trees and wasn't very happy with the barren fields when I first moved here. Yes, I have grown to love the ever changing expansive sky. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. :)

Tori--It does seem a strange place to have a playground. Has always bothered me and I'm glad I don't see kids playing there, actually. It is usually empty when I see it. ;)
Karma's pretty selfish--ROFL! Not into sharing. She hardly wants to share my single bed with me. ;)

Rita said...

Karen--I heard that the whole north of the US from the west coast to the Great Lakes has been wetter and cooler than average. Doesn't look like it is changing much. I am writing oat 4am early Tuesday and we had a doozy of a storm go through last night when the humidity jumped up to near 100% and it got a little warmer. The whole building shook, tornado warnings, torrents of rain, and the whole shebang. I hope you guys didn't get that your way!

Deanna said...

I am positive I left a comment here earlier... like a couple of days ago? Oh well!

The card is perfect. I like simplicity and style and that card has it.

I like the picture of the sliver moon. Hopefully the weather is improving in our little part of the world and you are feeling good.


Furry Bottoms said...

That neighborhood looks a lot like where my sister lives in California. With sun, of course ;-)

Intense Guy said...

Leah is half of a gifted crafting duo. :) She's got talent - those are really cool cards!

Ugh, more housing developments - less farms - how are all those people going to have food to eat? Eventually we will have to tear houses down to plant food.

I hope you are "around the clock" into the daylight again (soon).

Rita said...

Deanna--I've had troubles posting comments on Blogger lately, too! So frustrating! Thanks for coming back again, sweetie!
It's hard for us to make cards for guys. Most of our supplies are more feminine, you know? Flowers and shimmers and such--hehe! ;)

Nikki--I do think most of the average new housing developments look alike all over the country--just like they did back in the 50s--LOL!

Iggy--LOL! We are a duo. We had seen the fake wood technique, Leah came up with the framing with the screw brads, and I came up with the using the hole that way idea. We often seem to collaborate--as many crafting friends do while they're sitting at the same table together. ;)
I was talking to a friend of mine from Hibbing and she said that this black dirt we have up here in the Red River Valley that's so rich for growing is only also found in Russia someplace. If that is true, extra sad to be covering it over with buildings and stores. Of course, I have a place to live on former farmland.......;)
I'm getting closer to being on days. Up in the middle of the night now--(3am Weds). Hope you're off to the boat this weekend! :):)

Toriz said...

LOL! Losing your bed to a cat (or dog) is common. I always fear needing to get up for a pee in the night, because if Kero spots the space where I was laying then I've lost it, and there's no bed for me. We have a kingsize bed... OK, there's two of us (three with Kero) but Kero's only a small dog. How is it he manages to take up almost the whole bed so that we're lucky to have room to curl up on part of it? I mean, he's onnly a Westie. It's not like he's a St Bernard or something else huge like that!

Rita said...

Tori--Can you imagine Kero and you in a single bed--ROFL! I've had to fight for my bed sometimes. She'll just get annoyed and go sleep someplace else. Karma has learned that if she wants to stick around she'd better quit trying to move over and don't steal my spot if I get up to use the bathroom--ROFL!!! When I was a teenager I had two chihuahuas sleeping with me in a double bed and they'd double team me till I'd be sleeping curled up on the edge. They are so funny. ;)