Friday, May 18, 2012


Well, yesterday it was 90 degrees and the air was thick as pea soup.  Today is less humid, but a little hotter--93 so far.  Karma loves the heat.  I hate it.  She's been outside baking in the afternoons.  I closed it up early yesterday and have been luxuriating in the cool air ever since.
The remnants of Karma's cat grass seems to like the heat, too.  Has grown an inch or so--just enough for Karma to nibble on.  ;)
I was hopeful when I saw somebody moving out last night that it might be the dog owners...but the dog has been crying all day today.  I can hear it despite the place being closed up, AC on, and three fans going to circulate that cooler air.  
I ran into the office lady when I went to get mail today and she said that she now knows the dog does belong--for sure--to people who are supposed to be gone by the end of the month.  So the poor neglected dog will be gone by June.
On to happy news...
UPS came this afternoon!!
The three sets of boxes arrived!
The corners are protected inside the cardboard boxes and each and every one of the boxes is wrapped in plastic and has a couple silica packets inside of the box.
I have never seen the seven square boxes. 
Got quite a kick out of how tall the stack is!  That tiniest one is so darn cute.
Slowly unwrapped the other two rectangular sets.
This is Wine Country.
Vintage Fruit.
The Dance.  
(I keep thinking of the sweet song by Garth Brooks.)
Box bounty!!
Meanwhile...we've had another bounty this spring.  Moths!  They crawl down the make-shift screen out there and, since I've had the porch door open a lot, I've been finding one or two in the apartment every single day for weeks.  Usually I might get one or two a year!  Even the mail lady said there seems to be swarms of them everywhere this year.  Kind of odd.
  The recent 90 degree days have caused me to close the place up so that the moths are trapped on the porch.  Karma spends her evenings parked by the porch door waiting for moths to flutter against the glass.
Cat TV.  The Moth channel.

Have a delicious weekend!!  :):)
"Now-a-days, people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."
Oscar Wilde


  1. I've never seen those pretty boxes before. Just think -- that poor dog is trapped outside in the heat. We don't know if he even has water. I think you should call the Humane Society.


  2. Oh how I've missed seeing your blog featuring Karma! I've reopened my blog and look forward to catching up as 'Parsley'.

    Love the boxes. Really cute designs.

  3. The boxes are so pretty. What will you store in them?

    Love the video!

  4. Hi Rita......Isn't the heat horrid!? Hot and humid here as well.... hope it is not a preview of the summer....

    I love your boxes!! Simply adorable!

    I feel for the dog...and in this heat a s well...ugh ya I wonder as well if he has water....that is terrible!! I agree with the Janie.....Id call the humane society as well....the dog did not ask for this..... just hate it when stuff like that happens.....

    Hope you and little Karma stay cool.....


  5. It's annoying to have to hear a barking or whining dog all the time. I hope the neighbors move soon, but I feel sorry for the dog. :(

    Those are really cute boxes. What are you planning on putting in them?

    Loved the show on Cat TV. LOL Karma is something else.

    I saw on tonight's weather segment on TV that it was hot out your way today. It was in the mid-to upper 70s here. Tomorrow is to be warmer. The grass is growing like crazy since the rain the other day, so the lawn needs mowed. Terri left for Camp Brule before I got home from grocery shopping today, and he'll be out there until Sunday sometime, so I won't be getting any help from him this weekend. :\ Will start working on the lawn after I get home from work tomorrow afternoon.

    Have a great weekend and stay cool!

  6. Karma's "TV program" looks about as interesting as anything else on TV today.

  7. The boxes are really pretty!

    Love the video. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Karma is a character. Love the Wilde quote. Hope it cools down for you! 90 is bit hot for me too!

  9. Is there an animal welfare society in your town? Maybe you could call them to just check on the dog? It could be at risk if it's being kept outside on the balcony all day in the terrible heat. I hope it will be okay wherever it goes to next.

    The toy poodle I had close to 16 years ago would pine for us if we went out for even a couple of hours. My neighbour told me that they sometimes heard him crying for us. He was always kept indoors but I'm so glad he was never alone for too long. I hated the thought of him pining for us. I'd come home to find one of my slippers up on my bed which is where he would take it to lie beside while I was away, bless his heart.

    Now, I have Cody who suffers separation anxiety when I go out for even 30 minutes, even if one of the kids are still at home. He doesn't cry and whimper tho.

    You have quite a collection of decorative boxes there now. They're lovely!

    Moths are common here in summer too although I feel like there aren't as many as there used to be.

    Our weather is cooling down so we shut up around 2PM to keep the warm air inside. Also, the cooler evening air tends to kick start my coughing bouts.

  10. Love the video of the Karma and the moths so cute and those boxes are just great I do love boxes like those but whenever hubby sees me looking at boxes when out shopping he will say you don't need something like that........which is really frustrating

  11. Wow, 90 degrees in May!! But I'm sure it will cool off a bit soon before the summer heat comes. Cute boxes, love the sizes of them!


  12. OK, first off...THOSE BOXES!!! I had to stop reading, and backtrack to your other post to see this site for myself! Holy Macaroni!!!! Did you ever hit the mother lode! I placed an order myself, 2 trunk types (reg $64 for only $20!!), and the wine country set as well. SO perfect for my yellow, Tuscan themed stamping room! Now I'll have Italy with me no matter where we go!!!

    OK, where were we....oh yes, your post...

    BE CAREFUL about those moths!!! I've had an infestation before in Wisconsin, and they got into everything!!! It was so yucky, gross too!

    Karma is a hoot! Such a warrior-hunter she is, lol!

    Sorry about the dog. Poor dog. Poor you. Poor new neighbors!

    Ohmygosh those boxes are delicious!!!! And they even ship over here - for $5!!!! Happy Snoopy Dancing! THANK YOU!!!!

  13. It gets to such weather extremes in your part of the country: super cold in winter and super hot in summer. I am amazed at how hot it is there. We haven't seen 80 yet, and I'm happy!

    Karma's ears look like headlights in that video! Two little patches of white going this way and that way... :-)

  14. That poor dog trapped out there in that heat! I hope he has water!

    You just reminded me of Topsi (one of my first cats). She used to literally climb walls tto get at moths, then eat them. It was disgusting!

    We had loads of moths last year. Guess it's your turn this year.

  15. we've had a bounty of butterflies this year - you get moths. :)

  16. I love those boxes. Did I miss something? What are you going to do with them?

    Your dog and my cat should get together and go after moths. This is exactly what my dog has been doing for weeks.

  17. Love it! Cat tv--the moth channel! My dogs will sit by the windows at night, thinking they can eat the moths--beware any moths that find their way in!

    I do not miss humidity. We have it very hot here during the summer, but NO HUMIDITY. It's actually pleasant until it gets over 100.

    I love those boxes. Living with four other people makes it tough to stay organized--I only manage out in my studio, and not very well there, when I'm busy painting--

  18. OOOh such pretty boxes! :-) Hope it cools off for you

  19. Wow that is a lot of boxes! Cool ones! It is getting too hot too fast. I'm glad Karma likes hot weather cuz it is here!

  20. 90 degrees? Yikes.....we are nowhere near that here on the east coast yet but I think I would actually welcome it if it were that hot.
    I love the boxes. Where are you going to put them all. So many....and they are beautiful. Have a good week Rita!

  21. Dear Rita, like Janie, I'm concerned about that dog. Does it have water? Have you considered calling the Humane Society? I had to do that a couple of times in Stillwater.

    The boxes are lovely and I went to the website but couldn't find them on sale. Is that sale over?


  22. Love the boxes - just to look at, never mind filling and having on display!

    The cat video was good too, I like cats. Say Hi! back to Karma from me.

  23. Beautiful boxes ~ awesome ~ Love Karma and all the antics ~ such a dear ~ you too, LOL ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  24. Oh I love those boxes..I am going to have to order me some..I hope they are still on sale:)

  25. Yay! I love the boxes. Just great! Enjoy organizing:)

  26. The boxes are lovely! Since you mentioned moths - have you seen the white-lined sphinx moth? Saw one yesterday and today. It looks almost like a hummingbird - same size, same flying pattern (fast-moving wings, hovers, can go backwards). The "giveaway" that it isn't a hummingbird is that it has antennae and a probiscus. Otherwise, at a quick glance it could be mistaken for a hummingbird.

    Here's a video of a moth that looks just like the one I saw in my pasture today. It was drinking/feeding from the wild irises:


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