Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Been having beautiful sunny days in the 70s and even hit 88 one day.
The perpetual parking lot puddle finally vanished.
Been bringing the rose plant out on the porch with me during the day (still chilly at night).
Only glitch--we've had this dog whining, barking, and crying off and on most days for the past couple months--can start as early as 6am!  *sigh*  I've mentioned this to a few of you.  The office knows about it and thinks it belongs to some people who are leaving.  The dog must be just left out on their patio all day--poor thing!  (But it drives me nuts some days.)
Yesterday it was howling away, but as soon as I went to grab my quit.  Since I hadn't made a video for a long time, decided to chat with Karma a little since I had so rudely interrupted her afternoon nap.

The dog is loud enough sometimes that Karma hides under my chair..."on alert"... if she thinks he's going to magically show up on our porch or something.
This isn't the loudest it gets, but I finally caught a little this afternoon before Caroline arrived.  Karma was sleeping inside where it was a little quieter because I closed the living room windows. (You know how annoying it is if I am closing windows on a nice day!!)

Thank goodness they take the dog in at night, eh?  ;)
This looks weird, I know.  After Karma's cat grass collapsed in the cold I trimmed it down and dried it on the counter top for several days.  I actually use it for inclusions in paper making.  Just a little home-grown, green botanicals.  ;)  
Now this really gave me a chuckle!  I have never gotten a DVD from Netflix that looks like an illegal copy--ROFL!  Have any of you seen anything like this before from Netflix? 
I preferred the Swedish version, actually, of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to this newer English version, but they are both riveting.  It's a dark, convoluted mystery and the girl is anything but your ordinary main character.  If you prefer movies without graphic violence, these are not for you.  Very much a main ingredient of a couple parts of the storyline.  Fairly brief, considering the importance--not gratuitous, but deeply jolting.  Oh, and if you don't like movies with subtitles then definitely watch the new version in English.  Won't be everybody's cup of tea, that's for sure.
My mom sent me a little charm!  Purr-fect!  Thanks, Mom!!  What a sweet little surprise. has a sale going on their sets of decorative boxes.  I love their box sets!  Over the years I have purchased a couple of them.  Even paid full price for the rectangular ones you see below--so you know I love them.  ;)
They're really sturdy... 
...strong enough to hold heavier supplies... 
...come in five sizes... 
...and quite durable (I've had these since I lived in Moorhead and they look brand new).
I didn't want to ruin them with stickers or tape so have just labeled what's inside with a folded sheet of cardstock over one end.  
The covers keep the labels in place.
What a pretty way to store some odd things (like this one has blank coasters and ATCs).
I bought an oval set, too.  They are so pretty, but odder shape to store things inside, you know?  Perfect for textiles, ribbons, and lace, though.   
Some of the boxes are over at Leah's.  She's a fan, too.  ;) 
Anyways, I asked Dagan and Leah if they could buy some boxes for me and let me pay them back in June.  I don't know if Lang is phasing their decorative boxes out or what, but they have waaay less to choose from than they used to and I have never seen a $40 set on sale for $12.00!  ??  I haven't been to their website for a long time, though.  
I have three sets of boxes coming!!  Whoohoo!  Fortuitous that we have never gotten around to a complete reorganizing of the craft and art supplies after all, wouldn't you say?  LOL!  ;)  There will be pictures, of course.
That's plenty for today.  I think I am done with my semi-blog break.  Some drier weather for several days has helped thaw out the creaky bones and aching muscles.  I'll get back to commenting tomorrow, too--just start on the new posts.  I have been reading all your blogs, though!!  :):)
See you soon!
Keep smiling!
"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."
Margaret Fuller


  1. I watched the video of Karma. She doesn't get a lot of exercise, does she? Just sticking her paw out seemed to tire her out, or am I imagining things? Love your beautiful boxes, Rita! :-)

  2. Poor crying doggie. He should take over the house and lock out his parents and let them cry. I like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and that's how the DVD looks. It's not an illegal copy. I've noticed that more DVDs are starting to look artsy.

    Janie Lola

  3. Love the boxes I would love some like that myself lucky you......

    Karma had a look that said stop filming me will you...........

    Barking dogs are so bloody annoying we have a neighbour whose dogs bark a lot if left outside when they go out........thankfully they don't leave them outside very often......

  4. The boxes are gorgeous!

    I've never gotten a Netflix DVD quite like that. Too funny! :)

  5. There are THREE dogs that live next door to us & bark all day. I'm tired!

  6. That is definitely one unhappy dog. I hope the owners move soon, but I pity the neighbors of their new residence.

    Last summer I had a dog that was crying like that when the owners were gone. Considering they live in a cat only building, I talked to the Mgmt company about it. They tried to fix it, but the owners claimed the dog is "medically necessary" for one of the children then threatened to get their lawyer involved. It was easier for Mgmt to drop it instead (especially since they sold the property soon after). Now that it is warming up, I'm sure I'll start to hear the dog again on Sunday afternoons when they are gone. Maybe the new Mgmt company will be willing to fight them?

    Love the video of Karma enjoying the chair. So nice being able to sit outside and get some fresh air now.

  7. Ohhh! Pretty boxes!! How lucky for you that you have four new sets coming!!

    I love seeing photos of Karma, so videos are an even better treat. Hi Karma!!! That crying dog would drive me bonkers.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better! Our weather changes daily and you never know what you're going to get!

  8. That is sad about the dog; I know Koda barks for a few minutes after we leave him, but it would just sadden me if he did it the whole time we were gone. And I am sure it is irritating for those around, especially Karma!!


  9. I lived next door to a couple of mini pins and they were put outside in the fence each morning about 6 and they barked continuously until they were taken in at dark. Very nerve-wracking.

  10. Poor dog! That's what I used to get all the time when we had Daisy the Cocker Spaniel living above us. They'd leave her alone for hours at a time and she'd spend the whole time crying like that. Just breaks your heart to hear it, especially knowing you can't go and comfort the poor thing!

    Karma says, "you're chair? I think not! It's only your chair when I don't feel like using it!"

  11. A howling, crying dog would make me so upset. Poor thing.

    Karma is funny. And lazy. And sweet.

    Love your boxes. Perfect for storage. And the price... wow! Definitly sounds like they are getting rid of them all.

  12. Anonymous1:06 PM

    It was nice to hear your voice~ I feel so bad for that poor dog. That was some pitiful crying it was doing. I don't even make my big pups stay outside. Ok I have a mini horse I know but he still comes in. That' makes me angry. Karma seems very content in her life though! I'm so glad you came by today. I've been missing you.. I can't find anyone anymore unless they stop by. So irritating.

  13. oh...where to start. hmmm, poor howling dog. if the people are moving, then they prob just stick him outside so he doesn't run out the ap't door as they load stuff up...door opening a lot. poor thing. hopefully he'll get moved soon too!

    the Dragon dvd...yeah, that's how it looks. funny thing though, one of my client's returned it to netflix thinking they got a pirated copy by mistake! ha!

    karma's homegrown! she's not gonna start rolling & smoking, is she?

    too bad we couldn't hear karma's voice on that video too!

    cute puurfect charm!
    ALL those boxes!! pretty!!

    happy late mother's day rita!

  14. I think dogs bark during the day because they are lonely when their owners are at work. It is annoying though Rita. Karma is an atractive cat. She must have been a beautiful kitten? - Dave

  15. so sad about that dog. I hope that gets resolved soon and you don't have to listen to that poor pooch. Your cat is adorable:) I liked seeing your boxes and storage system. Its motivating to me!

  16. Good to hear from you ~ I have been posting but dealing with a miserable head/chest cold ~ YUK! I have no tolerance for anyone who abuses animals, humans or anything ~ would like to give them a taste of their own treatment ~ Why have a dog? if you don't care for it. Never saw a DVD like that before ~ too funny ~ Your choice of boxes is lovely ~ beautiful ~ do take care and stay cool ~ hugs to you and Karma ~ namaste, ^_^

  17. Poor dog (he sounds stressed) and poor you and Karma (you are both stressed by it). I hope the owners move to a better location for their fury friend. What a bargain- those boxes are beautiful!! Glad to hear the weather has dried out and you are feeling better!

  18. It was really nice to actually hear your talking, and Karma is so beautiful.
    Those boxes are so gorgeous...I want some too!
    Gosh, that poor dog seems to be in pain. Dogs need company too, and it is totally unfair and cruel to just keep it out-doors. I hope that the owner takes some responsibility for it. That makes me so sad. Here, in England, I would be straight onto the R.S.P.C.A. about it. There is nothing more annoying than a crying dog all day/night.
    We just took our two cats for their annual booster injections, and they are not happy tonight...but they will forget about it come supper-time! ;)

  19. Oh, I forgot to mention, we have had a few D.V.D.s like that. It makes them look cheap and "pirated", very annoying and I don't think it looks "arty" at all.

  20. OH, that poor doggy...he/she sounds like only a little thing too. It's missing it's owner, bless it's heart. Hearing a doggy crying like that all day would just tear me apart. It either needs a little companion dog or it needs to have it's human at home. :(

    Re. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I've heard good reviews on the book/movie.

    What a cute charm from your Mum!!

    Those boxes look so decorative...great way to store odds and ends.

    Sorry I haven't been by sooner...have been feeling out of sorts.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

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