Wednesday, May 02, 2012


The morning sun attempting to peek through the fog this odd morning.
Well, I said I'd be back when I had something to show you! 
The Parade of Homes has been going on since this last weekend and I was finally able to make a trip out (haven't been good leave-home days for me lately) with Dagan and Leah last night to see the model home of the house they are going to have built.  Yes!!  They are getting a house!!  :):)
This is the picture tour of the model home.  I will try and remember all the changes Dagan and Leah are making as I go along.  Here's the front view.  They are going to have a triple garage (so they don't have to pay for a storage garage anymore).
They're going to bring the front door forward so that the garage door inside the house will enter into this entryway hallway.  The door that is open is to the unfinished basement and you can see the stairway to the second floor.
In the Great Room is the living room... 
...dining room with patio door (they'll be putting in a deck)... (I don't think they're having white cupboards and they are getting a different island)... 
...and there's a bathroom on the left there at the end of the kitchen.  The door straight ahead is to the garage, but Dagan and Leah are moving the garage door and changing that back wall area into a pantry.
This is the other wall in the living room. 
When you go up the stairs (there will be a wood top and trim on the top of this stairwell half wall)...
...there's a kind of open area there for something or another.  On the right is the master bedroom and on the left is a second bedroom.
The master bedroom has enough room for their huge bedroom set. 
They want to put a pocket door on this wall (because the walk in closet is behind there) and push it back about a foot. 
Door to the master bath on the left. 
Double sinks (doubt they'd have white cabinets)... 
...a water closet with a pocket door... 
...and a shower.  They plan on putting in a tub and shower instead. 
The walk in closet...
...which they plan to make into a little smaller walk through. 
This is the other bedroom next to the master bedroom. 
Then walking to the other side of the upstairs (aren't these three little windows cute?)... 
...there's another bedroom at the opposite end of the hall. 
All the bedrooms are nice sized!   
And have decent closet space. 
There's a bathroom in the hallway... 
...and a nice sized laundry room... 
...and then a fourth bedroom... 
...with a smaller walk-in closet. 
The downstairs won't be finished off--so it will look like this with the insulation and plastic.  When you go down the stairs there's this storage area that runs under the front hallway... 
...more storage under the stairwell... 
...a big room... 
...with plumbing available for another bathroom in the corner on the right... 
...and a nice sized furnace room. 
So that's it!  Gives you an idea of what Dagan and Leah's new home is going to look like.  They were told it might be done by August!!
We drove over by the lot they have picked out, too.  That's a church back there that is going to be building on to the backside (facing us) and putting in a big parking lot.  So Dagan and Leah's back yard will face the corner of the church parking lot eventually.  This shot would be facing the front of the house and the lot would go from stake to stake.  
There will be houses all around two sides of the church parking lot.
It was so exciting to see the model home and get a better idea of what their house is going to look like.  They're in the process of picking flooring and fixtures and such.  I wanted to save it as a surprise until I had the pictures to show you.
 I'm so happy for them!!!!  :):):)
That's the big news from Fargo.
Happy, happy Wednesday!!  
"Who is the happiest of men?  He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as thought 'twere his own."


  1. This is wonderful Rita!! I am so happy for them. It looks like it will be very nice!

  2. Totally exciting for them! Nothing better than owning a home. :)

  3. Dear Rita, . . . how wonderful for Dagan and Leah. I'm so happy for them. And for you also because you got to see all of this in the making. The happening.

    Thank you for the photographs and the explanation. It's going to be a lovely, spacious home.

    PS: I read your posting of a new story on your story blog and left a comment there.


  4. This is beautiful Rita, I am so pleased that they have their own home, and re-decorating can be so exciting. I love the three little windows, but I'm a great fan of natural wood.

    Blessings to you and Karma.

  5. Great house! I would love to have one built just for me. :)

  6. I hope they worked in some features for Karma and someone else to enjoy when they visit!


  7. Wonderful news for Dagan and Leah. The house looks like it will be beautiful once built with their changes. Best wishes to both of them. (and thanks for the pictures) :)

  8. How exciting! I know it will be a big day for everyone when it's complete and they have moved in. Congratulations to them! Thanks for sharing it in such detail. :-)

  9. This place looks very nice. I am so happy for them.

  10. Wow! Great photos and am so happy for them ~ the house is going to be great! ~ Wow! ~ Hope all is well with you ~ hugs and namaste, ^_^

  11. What a lovely home...I'm so happy and excited for Dagan and Leah!! I like the changes you pointed out. Will they be living any closer to you than they are now?

  12. Wow it looks like a wonderful place it must be great to be able to have a home designed how you want it, since we rent we just have to deal with what we have but after 22yrs we are happy here

  13. Anonymous8:25 PM

    That is amazing! I can't believe how cute that is! Way to go for your kiddo's!

  14. How wonderful! It looks like a lovely home with lots of room! tell them Congrats! :)

  15. How exciting for Dagan and Leah! Always good news to hear of getting a house and this one sounds and looks like a great one!! Does look like a lot of room! I bet before you know it, it will be moving time for them!


  16. SUCH exciting news!!! I would be thrilled to have a home of my own, but built to all my specs too? HEAVEN!!! What a dream come true for anyone! "Unfinished" has changed a lot! I can't believe they aren't even putting up drywall! Somehow insulation covered with plastic doesn't seem safe to me.

  17. How exciting! And the house is lovely and is much more spacious than the front looks--I like that!

    Wow, do I miss basements! I grew up in Michigan, where every house has a basement, but in California it's really rare to find a house with one...

    I'm glad you got to go see the model home. I love walking thru those--

  18. That's awesome news! :)

    Hope it is done as quickly as planned for them; bet they're super excited!

  19. That house is HUGE and beautiful!!!! Congratulations to the hard working young couple. I'm sure you are proud. Wonderful, wonderful news.


  20. So exciting when a new home is built from the ground up. But oh the energy required! I've done it twice, plus renovated an old home and I went to bed shattered every night. And I didn't even do the hard stuff, burly builders did!

    They'll be so happy when they get given the keys - it will be dreams realised at last!

  21. Lots of fun and excitement building your first home. Best wishes to them and hope they are happy with their modifications Rita. - Dave

  22. Hello from your newest follower--both here & at "Stories"!!

  23. The house will be beautiful, and it will quickly become their home.

    Janie Lola

  24. How exciting! They must be thrilled at being able to watch their home being built and choose exactly how they want it to look. The quote at the end of your post is excellent. Very good reminder and mind-set to have.

  25. It looks like the kind of home that most young couples in England could only dream of. How wonderful. I will look forward to hearing more details, Rita.

  26. What a fantastic home they are moving in to. I enjoyed the tour. It's good that they can design it to suit their needs and tastes.

  27. Congratulations to them! What a wonderful house they are building!

  28. Just dropping by to say HI and to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you're just enjoying a nice break from blogging.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  29. Rita..Oh Rita hope you are okay! Thinking of you! :)

  30. No recent post ~ Hope you are doing well and Karma and your family ~ I have been 'down with a cold' ~ but 'chuggin along' ~ hugs and naamste, ^_^

  31. Really interesting post.
    Dropped by to say I was updating some posts on my blog and added a wee photo that I see CraftyWhippet had promised to show you of tatty Teddy in his fur hood. I sourced it from Google.
    is the Comment on Craftywhippet's Haul post October 2011.

  32. congratulations & lots of luck and happy times to Dagan & Leah!! it's exciting!! a HOUSE!! yay!!

    the rooms look so spacious...august will be here before we know it!

    HI KARMA!! :)


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