Monday, July 30, 2012


We had a gathering of rainclouds...
...(love the dark and light contrast)... 

...that finally produced some rain.  The proof is in the puddle, people.  ;) 
Okay.  I was working on the Doodles Unleashed class and wasn't even going to post this butt-ugly page...but what the heck.  It's proof I did the lesson, right--LOL!  We were supposed to scribble a big flower with India ink using a pipette!  I actually have pipettes, but I have never tried to draw with them.  What a disaster!  Obviously takes skill I don't have.  I'd have huge blobs and then no line at all.  I know I'm supposed to be learning to be looser, but this was NO control at all.  I kept practicing with the pipette as long as the page was a disaster anyways.  Even got out some magenta drawing ink to see if that was any thicker or easier to control--not really.  I just doodled squiggles all over.  
 I did keep going, though.  I scribble-colored with oil pastels (also something new for me) all over the place.  And I did take paper scraps and randomly glue them all over the flower and page--after all, I wanted to cover up the ugly flower, right?  LOL!  Done.
I hate it.
Days didn't look one lick better--ROFL!
I think I might gesso over the whole thing and use it as a bumpy background for something else.  ;)
Anyways, still thinking of flowers, I decided to give kindergarten a go--and try out some of my new liquid watercolors to see what they do.
I used India Ink and a dip pen and just randomly drew cartoonish flowers all over the page.  Then I dipped the brush straight into the liquid watercolors and slapped on some color--paying little attention to staying in the lines. 
The good thing?  I did not have nightmares...and I really do love my new spot for the art table.  ;)
Meanwhile--between rainstorms--it had dropped down to 80 during the day and down into the 50s and 60s at night, so I had the place open for two days.  Karma was sitting out there listening to more baby swallows being fed someplace close.  It may have been "cooler" but the humidity was 97%.  I kept the door and windows open (even though it makes me ache all over), because our days for fresh air are fleeting up here.  
Then it went back up to 90 and I closed it up on Saturday.  Last night--Sunday night--I went to turn on the bathroom light and whap!  A big old moth, spinning in those circles they do, hit me in my left lens--moth dust blurring my vision--and then upside the head!  Thank goodness I wear glasses or I would have had moth in the eyeball!
Then it fluttered out into the hallway, landed on the closet doors, climbed quickly as it's many little legs could carry it up to the very top and over the door crack to escape into the closet...never to be seen again by a frustrated woman armed with a paper towel and a fly swatter.  I swear they are like flies and sense you are coming.  It hid in the closet someplace...just to creep me out and make it hard for me to fall asleep.

I lay there thinking it was going to land on my face in the night.  Wondering--when did it get in here?!  Has it been hiding for a day and a half?  Are there more of them in here?  Did it sneak in behind me while I was busy painting shelf boards?  And WHY do these insects fly right at my head?  You'd think I was a dang street light or something--awk!!!  
I'm looking about for flapping wings as I type.
On to something pleasant.
Just for leaving a comment I won an ATC card from Patsy in the Philippines!  It arrived Saturday.  Isn't it pretty.  The quote on it is:  "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  Luke 12:34
Thanks, Patsy!!
 On Saturday I did the first coat of black paint on the undersides of the shelf boards. 
Hard to find a place to set that many wet boards in my place, so I cleared off the ledge between the living room and the kitchen. 
We had a thunderstorm.  
Proof in the puddle.  ;) 
I realized I had forgotten my three glass pens, so I had to show you those.
Sunday...I started in on the second coat.  Realized I had forgotten the one board I had tried out with the pegs, so I did that one first so that I could finish up with a second coat on that one and be done.
Removed even more stuff from the ledge so I could fit them all up there.  Karma has to watch when I am up and down.  Goodness, I might actually do something interesting one of these times--LOL! 
That Behr paint really is like painting with pudding!  So smooth and creamy! 
I am so tickled to be done with that task.  Now, today, I can put some things up on the shelves...even if I don't have the baskets yet.
Karma was exhausted from watching me work... 
...which kept her from her 5-6 hour afternoon nap. 
When I woke up Sunday morning I was still behind 173 blog posts to read.  And since Friday I had been getting these emails from the blogger "mail delivery subsystem" that at least dozen or more of the replies I had sent to people who had commented on my blog couldn't be delivered and they would try again???  I've never gotten any notices like that before.  Have you?  I'm really not sure how many of my witty replies got through because they were apparently trying again every 24 hours and I was getting swarms of these warning alerts for three days.  But now they seem to have stopped.  ??  So, if you didn't hear from was because my reply was lost in blogger's subsystem---whatever that is?
I had thought about just skipping reading the 173 blogposts (which was probably more like 200 by the time I finished last night, of course), but I just couldn't do it.  Did a marathon skimming.  And now I am caught up and commenting again as of today--whew!  Sorry if I didn't comment on many of your posts.  :(  I can't let myself get sick, can I?  Goodness!  
I'm sure this will keep happening.  Even on days I am just busy doing painting or drawing I get rapidly behind.  What do you guys do?  How do you keep up?  I am so interested in what you all are doing and what you have to say...but maybe I just can't always comment in your blogs all the time?  I am so grateful for each and every one of you who bothers to come and read my blog...whether you comment or not.  You all enrich my life!
  But something has to give...I think?  I want to know, if you had to pick, would you rather I post less often or that I comment on your blog?  I always try to reply to your comments on my blog--if touchy blogger subsystem will let me.  I will never be a short-winded blogger and will always be an erratic poster, so keep that in mind--LOL!  I am really wondering and curious.  If I knew how to put up one of those polls I would.  Anyways, let me know what you think?  And please tell me--how do you keep your online time down?  
I have people who just come to read--most of my family and several of my friends, for starters--LOL!  I don't plan to stop blogging.  Just need to figure out a way I can spend less of my "good" hours during the day on the laptop--so I have a little more time to play with paint and art challenges and Karma.  Only joking.  Don't listen to her.  Karma gets played with.  ;)
Have a stupendous week!
Keep smiling!
Stay safe!
"To finish the moment, to find the journey's end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dee said...

Dear Rita, I know you consider that first large flower painting you showed us as ugly, but I liked it a lot!

As to this blogging business and time, here's what I'm doing now so as to cease being so addicted to the whole process. I post only one time a week--on Tuesday. I respond on my blog to the comments as they arrive during the week--normally I do this around 10 pm right before I climb into bed and begin my journals and reading before turning off the light.

On Mondays (today) and Fridays I read the blogs I follow. I now follow only 60 so as to keep this in proportion for myself. It takes me about four hours on each of those days to get through the 60. If I've missed several postings, I watch my time--sometimes I go and read all I've missed and comment, and sometimes I just read the most recent posting and comment.

You have your art to which you are dedicated. I have my writing. And so while I love this blogging we are doing and so enjoy hearing from people and reading their wonderful stories and the doings of their days and want to be true to their writing, I also need to be true to my own. So I need to have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to write. Does all this make sense?????? Peace.

Beth said...

I liked the flower painting too!
Karma looks so comfy snoozing in her bed.

TexWisGirl said...

i like your 'proof is in the puddle'. :)

karma is sleep-deprived.

i accidentally hit a reply to a no-reply commenter and i did get 3 or 4 of those warnings saying they'd retry to deliver. that was new to me, too.

i spend to much time at the computer reading other blogs and commenting. i try to set up my posts ahead of time. i don't reply to comments unless someone asks me a question.

AliceKay said...

You've been very busy...painting and creating. Love the bright and colorful.

One reason I don't read or follow a lot of blogs, and one reason why I still keep my blog private, is because I don't have the time to spend reading a lot of blogs. I'm having a hard time just sitting here most of the time anymore. Not been easy. You read my blog today so you understand what I mean.

You do what you feel you can do without worrying about the other stuff. It will all fall into place.

Love the pictures of Karma. They brighten my day. :)

Janie Junebug said...

How can you call that flower butt ugly, silly girl? I love it. I prefer that you write and not worry about commenting. I can comment on quite a few blogs because I don't sleep well and I'm antisocial. I don't go out much, don't have much of anyone over. The dogs don't care if I spend my entire life on the computer. Plus, it's too darn hot to do anything else.

Janie, who loves your art

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Ok what I don't blame Karma for being exhausted I got exhausted just reading this post but unlike Karma I can't curl up and have a nap since I have Little Leo here for the night...

I had a heap of blogs to read over the weekend but in the end I gave up and just read what I

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Rita,

Personally, I think you're being too hard on yourself as far as the Doodles Unleashed piece goes. It's really not that bad although, in saying that, if you're not happy with it then that's what's most important. I've had pieces like that myself where others have liked them but I haven't.

Your doodle flowers are cute and I'm glad you didn't have nightmares with them.

Sorry to hear you were terrorised by a moth. They don't bother me but I don't like them in the house so I normally 'catch and release'. A pity that one got out of your reach.

Congratulations on winning the ATC...very cute!

The shelf boards look great! Poor's such hard work, her watching you for all those hours. lol Just look at that sweetie, sound asleep after wearing herself out. lol

The returned replies may have been as TexWisGirl mentioned...see if they were no-reply comments that you were replying to?? Other than that, I have no clue as I haven't had that happen before.

Skip reading those 173 blog posts and start afresh. Like you, I follow a lot of blogs and, sometimes, it can feel like a real burden trying to keep up with them all. I do enjoy them all which is why I followed them in the first place can be very time-consuming. Sometimes, I just have to let some slide and not get a chance to even read them. I do have my favourite blogs where I try to read every post but, even then, it's not always possible....especially if bad health kicks in.

I have people who just read and never comment on my blog and that's okay so just go with what feels right for you.

Sometimes, I feel like most of my time is spent reading blogs of others actually creating...where I should actually using that time to do some creating of my own. lol

Have a lovely week ~ xo

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

my comments were just about a repeat of theresa's/Tex...
i loved 'the proof is in the puddle'!! haha.

cats. so easily entertained...and so easily...sleepy...

i like your flowers rita!! especially the second one...the little garden!

as for blogging...i'm not really one to give advice i guess because i'm always pretty much behind. BUT i'll tell you what i do anyway...if i'm behind in reading...i START with the latest post of those people that have left comments on my blog...then i catch up with others...but only with their most recent post. AND if i'm behind on stuff...i don't comment back to the comments people leave, unless there's a question to answer.

ok, that's it. OH yeah...LOVE the clouds!! happy tuesday!

Trixie said...

MEOW! From Mr . Dude Kitty. Then Hi from me.

I set an egg time for one hour and that is for reading other blogs or commenting. That is daily. Don't let the internet suck you in

Darla said...

I enjoy reading about what you are doing and like both flower pictures.

As for blogs, I'm usually on the computer (blogging/reading) early in the morning while enjoying my first cup or two of coffee. I don't reply to every comment left on my blog. I don't mind if people don't comment on every one of my blog posts although if they NEVER comment I usually lose interest in following them as I do see the whole process as some kind of exchange.

I suppose everyone has a different reason and expectation when it comes to blogging.


carol l mckenna said...

Both your art creations are very creative and well done ~ Glad you have your shelves painted ~ looking good and dear Karma is always a delight to see ~ enjoy the week ~ Always good to have you 'visit' ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

Toriz said...

Glad you were able to have the place open for a bit.

Stupid moth; now I have shivers and am wondering if any are hiding in our place and I just haven't noticed them. Mind you, like with you they like flying at me - not nice suddenly having little flying things in your face - so they'd have probably attacked me by now! Still....

How do I keep up with blogs? I don't! I try desperately,, but I don't manage to. By the time I catch up someone else is posting. And every time I shrink my blog list I end up following new blogs. And then I make it worse for myself by doing blog parties... *Sigh* I actually almost stopped blogging all together several times (most recently yesterday, when I discovered Blogger's new changes mean that other than typing I can't do much for my blog on my own any more).

fishducky said...

Post whatever & whenever you want! I enjoy reading you & seeing your artwork & your supplies--AND KARMA!!

DJan said...

I use Google Reader to keep track of who has posted what. When I get up first thing I check to see how many blogs I've got to read, and usually I can finish them in a half hour to an hour or so. Then I read the news and head off to the gym. Sometimes, like yesterday, I don't get a chance to read at all, so I get behind.

I usually do like you do: a quick marathon scanning, only commenting when I am really compelled to do so. If it gets as bad as you describe, I "mark all as read." I know I'll miss something but, as you said, it's not worth getting sick over.

And I'd prefer to read your blog over receiving a comment from you, no question! :-)

Deanna said...

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I liked the flower painting. Your cartoon flowers were really nice too.

I have no answers about computer time. I find myself on mine way too often. I've limited my comments to those who comment on mine. I read others, but don't comment. I figure they don't really care what I have to say anyway! You've probably noticed I do fewer posts than I used to. Just not enough time!

Your shelves are turning out nice.


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh darn I wrote a long comment and it said Service Unavailable at the end. Well, the gist of it was that I don't know what to do to cut online time down :) when you find out I will know. :)

Tracey FK said...

I love those glass pens.... they are stunning, and the shelves are looking suitably perfect... and I think you should keep blogging... and yes I had some of those notices too... never had them before, and no clue why, but glad it wasn't just me.... and at times we all get a bit behind on our reading and commenting, and I certainly tend to read more and comment less these days... otherwise the day disappears and I get no work done... I think everyone understands that! Have to sau the Doodles unleashed thing did my head in and I can't bear to look at the rubbish I made... they are still buried in the I hate this draw... loose woman be buggered... I would rather be uptight than make things I hate!!!!
Trace xx

Neesie said...

Well that's taken a chunk out of my blogging time today Rita (LOL) but I really enjoyed reading your post.
There's so much there I don't really know where to start....
I've never had those comments so can't help there, but as to time management I think we all can get lost along the way sometimes.
I tend to post a few times a week but Wednesday I devote to commenting and visiting blogs. I need more time but unfortunately I need to sleep too.
See Karma has the right idea! ^..^
So cute!
The flower certainly would have challenged me too but at least you carried on experimenting and that's the way we learn.
Just remember have fun! ;D

Dave said...

Rita, I thought your flower picture in the early part of your blog looked good. I wonder why you hated it? Your shelves look good too. Bet they look great now they are finished - Dave

Cindy Lane said...

Lovely creative work Rita - the colours are just so fresh!

That is seriously a lot of blogs. I hear other people say that they suffer from blog overload and never end up doing their own creative work. They become "spectators" rather than "participants".

I don't think anyone minds that you don't have time to comment or email. Another blogger mentioned to me that she'd rather be remembered for her creations rather than her comments.

At the end of the day, you need to do what feels right for YOU.

Karen Smithey said...

Well. Lots going on here. I liked all your flowers, but sometimes I think we have to make things we don't like, realizing that we will use the technique somewhere else/some other way.

I love how Karma gets tired from watching you work! Sometimes I think my kids are like that! :)

I have decided that I'm not going to make the blogging and responding a chore. I read the blogs I enjoy, skim when there are entries that don't really get my attention, and try to comment when something strikes a chord.

That said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments. Somewhere a long time ago, I read on a blog where the blogger said "I'm a comment-whore" (implying she'd do anything for a comment). I'm not quite like that, but I feel so good when someone really seems to 'get' something I've written or created.

It shouldn't be a chore. I'd rather you marked them all as 'read' and created (and organized!) LIfe is too short to feel obligated by something that's supposed to be fun...

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I had to laugh about how much your disliked the flower you created. That happened to me when I was making window stars awhile back. I thought they looked terrible, and hesitated posting.

To me, it's interesting to see what an artist or crafter doesn't like about her work as much as what she likes about her work. It also helps knowing that others have work that they aren't particularly happy with.

Your flower picture with the watercolors is delightful. I like all the bright colors!

Intense Guy said...

For Christmas, I'm thinking, "Send Rita a copy of ""Mahara Mothra" - Godzilla vs. Mothra (1964), Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth (1992)"

Skip the unfortunate ad...