Monday, November 05, 2012


I have felt worse every day since last Monday.  I finally slept better last night--and during the night--so I thought I could finally order groceries today.  It said the last slot was almost full (8-10pm) and I didn't get my email confirmation like I usually do, so I am not sure if they are coming or not.  If I don't get confirmation in a couple of hours I will call them to see if they're coming tonight.  I hope so.  God only knows if I will sleep tonight or what shape I might be in tomorrow.  Old Mother Hubbard needs groceries--at least more Puffs!!  ;)
I've been sleeping--or I should say napping--here and there around the clock.  I took pictures, but don't ask me which day it was.  The following shots were all the same morning when I was up pre-dawn. 
The sky was beautiful and I wanted to watch the sun come up over the horizon. 
The clouds magically transformed! 
Couldn't see all that fluffy texture to them until the sun reached a certain angle. 
When I zoomed in all you could see was that splendiferous orange and gold. 
They have been up so early working on the mystery building that they had floodlights working before dawn.  Trying to beat the winter weather. 
And speaking of winter--it snowed again one day, too.  My brain is too foggy to search back and try to remember which day that was, either.
My November Ink Drop arrived. 
 Definitely "autumn leaves" colors!
Since I have been hot and cold--one day I had the porch door cracked open and Miss Karma was sitting up watching something on the carpet by the door.  Karma doesn't sit up if she doesn't have to, so I knew something was up--LOL!  Yuck!  This alien bug was making his way into the apartment! 
I caught it in Karma's bug jar.  I know.  Insects bring out the worst in me.  The foolish bugs that enter here can be killed or worse...become cat entertainment for a few days as they slowly die in the bug jar.
Karma spends hours and hours watching them.  She touches the jar now and then but, oddly, doesn't bat it around.  She's very gentle with her captives. 
She smells them--and intently observes with endless fascination as they crawl futilely in circles. 
She doesn't appreciate me watching over her shoulder, either. ten gallon tank.  The four new tetras and one spotted catfish survived...and a few snails came in with the live plants.  I now have a snail farm--lol!  There are eggs everywhere!  They're even laying them on the underside of the cover! 
Snails of all sizes everywhere!  The babies are just tiny brown specks.
I've been feeding them a lot of extra fish food and they've been multiplying like crazy!  In the mornings the snails apparently know I am going to feed them (except the feeding schedule was all over the place this past week) and they are up at the water's edge waiting.  I also sprinkle some granulated food over the side with this rock (that has fake algae coloration on it).  If I come back an hour after I've fed them--this is what I find... 
...feasting snail party! 
 I wonder what you call a whole bunch of snails?  Or if there is even a word for it?  I'm getting a real kick out of them.  Wonder if they will just all die off after while or keep thriving?
Hurray!  I thought I'd check again so I didn't leave you hanging--my grocery confirmation email came through!  I am sooo happy!  This is the best day I've had in a week--tired-wise.  I can always take a nap this afternoon, too.  I may still be dealing with coughing jags and nose blowing, but I'll try to stay 10 paces away from the delivery person...well, 3 or 4...this is a small apartment--LOL!
I have more to tell you, but it will have to wait.  Running on empty over here.  Hopefully I'll feel lots better next time I post.
Oh, and tomorrow is election day over here.  I already voted by mail long ago.  I just hope, whatever the results are, that people can stop fighting and begin to cooperate.  I shall be so relieved to see an end to the nasty political advertisements and the endless phone calls (interrupting what little sleep I've been able to snatch) wanting me to reveal my "private" voting intentions.  No matter what--please get out and vote if you haven't already.  Each voice has a right to be heard.  :)
"There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way."
A. J. Muste


  1. Those are spectacular pictures! Karma is a cutie to be so gentle with the "captives". Hope you are feeling better soon~

  2. your sunrise pics are beautiful! even the string of lights dotting the horizon make it pretty!

    i hope you get more rest and can feel better, soon.

  3. Really good pictures, Rita. I love those sunrise shots, very brilliant and beautiful. And of course the Karma shots... :-)

    Feel better soon and glad to hear those groceries will arrive!

  4. Your early morning photos are beautiful, but I'm sorry you couldn't sleep. I always love photos of Karma, and I'm so glad you were getting your groceries.


  5. The sunrise shots are so pretty and Karma is adorable. I hate bugs too and they come to a quick demise as soon as I can catch them.

  6. Beautiful sunrise!! Love those orange hues....I get a kick out of Karma.....wish she could talk! LOL

    Hope you feel better soon....

  7. I had to laugh at karmas entertainment!! a bug in a jar!! I hope yous tart feeling better soon!

  8. Karma and her bug jar is too cute, but the snails kinda gross me out! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Hugs Rita, I hope you get to feeling better, karma def was cute with the bug! and the sky was glorious!

  10. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. It's no fun when you catch a bug.. even if you can put it in a jar for your cat. ;) Lovely pics.. feel better!

  11. So true, Rita, that each voice deserves to be heard! I'll be voting tomorrow! And win or lose, I too hope that people can start working together to turn this country around!

    So sorry to hear you are still sick! That has been such a long haul for you!

    But I do love the pictures of the, beautiful!!!

    Too cute with Karma and his bug jar! He does look fascinated with it all!


  12. I love the quote, its a great one!
    I am glad you got to vote. I am ashamed to say that I registered a day too late. I am besides myself but I have other things to worry about with the aftermath of the storm. I hope you are recouperating as quickly as possible! I love your photos by the way, they are gorgeous!

  13. Sharing in your insomnia and tiredness!!! At least you are still bravo to you! I hope we both feel better soonest!!!

    I had forgotten about your fish tank! Very cool!

    Karma is awesome. What more needs to be said??

    GORGEOUS sunrise photos!!! I need to remember to do the same over here too!

    FEEL BETTER!!!!!

  14. Sunrise, inks, kitty & fishtank - what wonderful companions!

  15. Enjoyed catching up with you. Naps are my favorite part of the day, LOL!
    Karma is so cute with her buggy friend.


  16. Dear Rita, the photographs are awe-inspiring. And thanks for updating us about your health. Keep on taking care of yourself. I hope that the grocery order was for some good sustaining soup! Peace.

  17. Like you, I voted early, and now I'm watching the results. For someone who sticks bugs in jars for Karma to play with, you sure are pleased about those snails. I think snails are gross. Of course, I've had slime crawl over my shoes when I'm in the garden, so that's my reaction.

    Love your sky shots and hope that mystery building gets identified soon.

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  18. Hope you are starting to feel better Rita. Glad your groceries got sorted. I have never heard of anyone keeping snails for pets? Strange.... :-) Why not toss the bug back outside Rita. I feel sorry for it dying slowly in a jar... - Dave

  19. Oh Rita, am so sorry you aren't feeling better. And yet you capture these beyond spectacular photos of the sky - I am really: WOW! And share Karma and her bug with us. You are such a trooper. Love your quote: Peace is the way. Let us hope for that for our country! xo Take care of yourself!

  20. WOW! Those sunrise pics are STUNNING!!

    That's a late delivery...our home deliveries go until 7PM. Hope your order arrived okay.

    I feel sorry for the bugs that find their way into your territory. :( Sorry, can't help it, you know what a sad sap I am. Did you know Buddhists believe that we can re-birth as insects? They believe insects have a soul.

    I mentioned to Aaron about getting snails for his tank but he has a snail phobia it seems. lol Maybe just as well if that's how easily they multiply. I know nothing about aquarium environments but I'm wondering is too many would be a bad thing the tank?? ;)

    I'm glad you're feeling a little better now.

    I was surprised to learn that you get constant phone calls re. election choices. Here, we just get an abundance of political mail and lots of TV ads. I think Obama gave a great speech and Romney's speech was very nice and supportive too.

    Hope you feel much better in the days ahead, my friend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  21. How nice those sunrises are. Though the sight of snow... hm... no....
    It's lousy being ill. I see from your post above that you are now feeling somewhat better which is really good news!
    I havent been reading blogs or posts much either.

  22. Beautiful pictures of the sunrise! I'm never up early enough to see one.

    That's cute that Karma has a new pet of her own (for a little while anyway).

    I hope you're feeling better, I think this winter will continue to be bad for colds and the flu.

  23. I love your sunrise shots. Always so beautiful and so many amazing colors.

    Looks like a stink bug to me. They can be nasty.

    I hope you're feeling better by now.

  24. I hope you feel all better soon! Your sunrises are beautiful!! We voted before we left on a little trip..we are back safe and sound..and tired:)

  25. A group of snails is called a rout (I Googled it)
    It looks so cold there, I dislike snow.
    I am loving the photos you take from your window.

  26. Enjoyed the beautiful sunrise photos. What a view you have!

    Every once in a while we get those bugs that you pictured. We call them "stink bugs" because when they are killed they let off a very putrid smell. They've started showing up within the past few years. Never had them before then.

    I'm happy the election is over too. Too many advertisements and wasted environmental resources.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like you are really sick!


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