Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Good Morning!
We had the most gorgeous fall days (40s to 70s) Sunday and Monday and it is still cool this morning (55 F right now), but we're suppose to be right back up close to 90 again today.  Oh well.
Elizabeth said we don't have to have pictures actually from Tuesday for T Stands For Tuesday...so I'll show you what I was doing and drinking over the weekend.  I finished a page spread for the "Following The Wild Winds" workshop (from 21 Secrets).   
I was wondering what to do with those gessoed layers and the hockey tape border...add more layers, right?  May as well really test this acrylic thing out to the max, I figured.  So...for this workshop we were supposed to add some collage...including a picture of ourselves (see toddler me down in the corner).  I added small sections of the local newspaper's pet ads, too, with pictures of cats and dogs.
All those small craft bottles of paint with the white caps in that tub were a gift from Joe's wife, Betty, after he died.  I worked in the office (days) and was the live-in emergency services person (nights and weekends) in an independent living senior building in Minneapolis before I moved up here to Fargo-Moorhead to go to college.  Joe had a stroke years before I met him and had lost the use of his right side but he never complained and was always grateful for any kindness.  He loved to play cards, could walk with a leg brace, and learned to paint simple drawings left-handed.  He also had a woodworking friend that cut shapes from thin balsa wood that Joe would paint and then add a magnet to the back.  When I left he painted a card...with a picture of Dagan and I driving away in my car...
Anyways, when I was still able to travel, I made it back down for a visit.  Those people had become like a big extended family to me.  (I still hear from Betty at Christmastime.)  Joe had recently died and Betty wanted me to have his paints.  I was honored to take them...even though I had been trying to learn watercolors and didn't know much about acrylics.  It occurred to me that was over ten years ago...as I was finger painting--(yes, using my fingers!)--to add another layer of color to this page spread...
I was thinking of Joe.
Then I added another thin layer of gesso.
BTW--I am using an Agave Nectar bottle for my Dick Blick gesso.  I spied this in my pantry and it has a spout of sorts--so I moved the nectar to a glass jar, cleaned this out, and it is exactly what I was looking for!  Works really well and is much easier for me to handle than the big quart jar.
I digress
Face it.  
I am going to always be in trouble for long posts with T-Tuesday and WOYWW.  Those of you who already know me know that I really can't tell a short story...ask Dagan and Leah--LOL!  ;)
So, I gessoed... 
...and left my baby face peeking out. 
It was hot as Hades.
Naturally, Karma was outside heat soaking. 
I added stencils and splattered (with my fingers!) some yellow about. 
I knew it needed something else.  
Let it sit overnight. 
Just stared at it. 
Still didn't know what to do with it.  
Went to check the mail.  
"Ever since I first watched the videos on the Vision Quest walk I wished I could go on one and find a feather.  Feathers were my favorite things to find since I was a kid.
When I am working on this--lo and behold--what do I find in the hallway...
a gift from the angels."
I've lived here since February of 2005 and I have never once seen a feather in the hallway...let alone on third floor.  Yes it was right down the hall waiting for me on the carpet.  Looks like a wild bird feather, too.  Must have come in on the wild winds, eh?
The page was finished.  :)
And all the while I was drinking black coffee in my dented thermal mug.
You can go here to see what others are doing and drinking. 
See you tomorrow!  :) :)
"A heartfelt smile gives warmth enough for three winters."
Mongolian Proverb


~*~Patty S said...

great post with so much to take in and enjoy

wonderful feather ♥ gift to finish your special layered pages

sweet story about the significance of those special paints too!

your lovely quote sums it all up very nicely!

Happy T Day to ya!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Don't worry. I will never get upset that you have a long post. You know me. Why say it in one word, when a thousand will make it more precise and palatable (grin).

Enjoyed the story of the acrylics and loved the finished journal pages. I'm sure that feather was sent your way at just the right time, too. It really completes the spread.

Happy T today to both you and Karma.

Marianne said...

Dontcha love how the gift of the feather arrived just in time?
I love long posts. I try to keep mine short but they always feel rushed.
Today I felt like I could talk/write all morning.

Zue said...

Loved the story of your page with that very serendipitous feather.

Halle said...

I like the long posts. The layers you have are wonderful. Makes such a rich piece. I am enjoying the cool morning as well. It was 47°F when I got up. Love crisp Fall mornings!
Happy Tuesday!

Beth said...

A very nice post Rita! I am so glad the feather turned up for you.

TexWisGirl said...

sweet memories of your friend, joe, and nice feather gift from heaven.

dawn said...

Happy Tuesday!!

Love when anyone writes long posts, they feel real and from the heart. Sharing stories and our art, lives, anything here is why I started linking up. It's my Tuesday family kinda day and it warms my heart and makes me smile.

I enjoyed everything about your post. The art is amazing and color happy!! The stories touched my heart and feel thankful for dear friends we have in our lives. What a nice gift for you to have. He sounded like a wonderful man!

How magical is that feather!!

Happy Tuesday to you, thank you for the long visit and chat.

Mimi said...

Looks like a crow feather, they are molting here.
You seem to have a lot of fun with your paint.

Darla said...

Enjoyed the post (never too long for me!) What a happy chance that you found the feather and had the words to go with it. I like the complex look you achieved with your many layers.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

That feather was the perfect "gift" for your journal pages! I, too, enjoyed the story of your friends and the paints. Use them, enjoy them, and enjoy the happy memories, too!

GrandmaG said...

Love the feather story. Thanks for sharing!

We've been finding a lot of feathers in our yard this summer. Jim has several bird feeders, but this year the feathers seem to be more abundant. We also have a small entry into the trunk of one of our trees that Jim's convinced the grandsons is a hobbit hole. One day I took several feathers and placed them in the hole. When the boys saw them they just knew the hobbit must be making a bed! So cute!

Take care :)

Intense Guy said...

Maybe it was Joe's feather....


Cazzy said...

That is a heartwarming story about Joe, maybe he sent you the feather!

Thanks for visiting on WOYWW too, I haven't caught up one bit! I thought I would go round everyone here today, and deal with tomorrow - tomorrow!

Cazzy x

voodoo vixen said...

They do say that finding a feather is a message from someone who has passed on... so maybe Joe knew you were using his paints! Love the face peering through the layers of paint, I so wish I could do that sort of page.

Janie Junebug said...

I love your pretty baby face.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Someone sent you a feather for sure! :)

AliceKay said...

I've picked up a few feathers in the past few weeks. Mostly from crows, but also one or two others. One was from a bluejay...wasn't sure of the other one.

Joe sounds like he was a special man. It was nice of Betty to give you his paints. :)

Loved the proverb.

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

my daughter is working on an art project like this. Yours is beautiful!