Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hope you all had a nice holiday.  :)  I have been so busy!  Still have not been online to visit everyone--sorry.  But the dominoes are definitely falling over here--albeit slowly--they are falling--LOL!
Christmas Day Miss Karma watched It's A Wonderful Life with me.  Well, for a few minutes, anyways.
Santa actually stopped by.  (Who knew she was a woman of color?--LOL!) 
We've had dark days and sunny days, but it was in the 20s! 
I did sort all the magazines into separate bags.  Will post them on freecycle some time in January. 
That gave me two empty shelves! 
That I filled with the Cuttlebug and supplies and all the bookbinding supplies I could find and fit in there--which was most of them, I think--tada!  :)  Happy me!!
While I was searching for my scattered bookbinding things, I found the box of half-finished "scrap" cards!  When I pre-cut all the covers for the bookcards from 12 X 12 inch paper I have all these scraps left over that are all the same size.   
 I had already matched the printed paper scraps with some solid paper scraps, glued them together, and picked out some old cardstock for the bases.  There was a ton of them and I had already made up way over half of them (this was several years ago)...until I got sick of doing them, to be honest.  So here was this stack of half-finished scrap cards---just begging to be stuck together.
All I had to do was find a ribbon to cover the seam...
...tape the ribbon down & around the back and then attach it to the card front.
I saw there were also small scraps left from cutting the various pieces down further to fit the I sat and matched up all the ones I could find so that I could just stick the strips inside on the corner.  I worked on these for a couple of nights while I watched TV...
...and finished up 42 scrap cards! 
Now, if I wanted to... 
...I could add more to them... 
...with do-dads and such, you know? 
But, knowing me, I may never get around to it--LOL!  Regardless, they will work just fine for tucking letters inside.  Anything but fancy...but they're all put together.  May take me years sometimes, but I do finally get around to most things.  ;)
Yesterday was gorgeous!  Low 30s!  Sunny.  Water dripping off the roof.  Snow melted off the porch and Karma thought it was springtime!  She asked to go out several times and she'd park herself by the door there to watch for swallows.  Long, long time till spring, Karma--LOL!  She can be such an optimist.  ;) 
This morning we saw the sun briefly--but it hid behind the clouds pretty rapidly.  The deep freeze is upon us once again and the temperature is dropping.  Supposed to get down to 22 below by tonight and stay below zero all week.  Karma only asked to go out once this morning.  She's a realistic-optimist.  ;)
The dominoes are falling.  I've now started working on the art & craft bookcases in the living room. 
Always gets messier before it is all organized, right? 
So that is why I haven't been around online and it may seem like I fell off the edge of the earth--LOL!  Looks like this cleaning and organizing streak will continue for the foreseeable future, too.  Well, you know right where I am and what I am doing.  :)  Feels good to take a break and sit here chatting with you with my friend the heating pad at my back, though.  I just do a little at a time...and as long as I keep moving the sciatica and my back have been behaving pretty well for me...unless I am up too long.  Never fear--my body keeps me in line.  ;)  It's been feeling somewhat on the mellow side lately so I am thrilled to be able to get all this done.  Whoohoo!!
New Year's is just around the corner!  I love the changing of the year.  It's one big dose of nostalgia, contemplation, and hope.  I may not see you again until then, but enjoy-enjoy-enjoy these last days of 2013!!  :):)
"The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. "
Oliver Wendell Holmes  


  1. The way I see it is that it's so cold that if you don't keep moving at least a little, you'll freeze solid!!

  2. Low 30s? Good Heavens! It was a heat wave. I love the cards just the way they are.


  3. cleaning and organizing is good - if you get somewhere with it. :) glad you had a nice melt for a bit.

  4. Busy busy you! I love the Santa sister. :) And I very much love Freecycle. I gave away dozens of things through Freecycle before I moved up here.

  5. From the low 30s to 20 below... that's quite a temperature spread. So glad to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourself. You've been quite busy, it seems. Love the cards, Rita! :-)

  6. You have been busy! It feels so great to get things organised, doesn't it? We're having hot and very humid weather here at the moment and they say we're heading into a heatwave. I sure hope they're wrong because I'm melting.

    Brad and I had just started to watch It's a Wonderful Life prior to Christmas but then, we had visitors and never got back to it.

    Glad to hear you're doing okay.

    Wishing you and Karma a very Happy New Year! xo

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Regarding Karma and the movie...I made my son watch The Sound of Music with me a few years ago. He thought it was utter torture.

  8. I am impressed with all your organization! And you are right-it can be quite a mess while in the midst of it but oh....when it's done. The cards are really nice and a good idea to match up the scraps. (and I have plenty of those!)

  9. Hi Rita - You are so well organized! I am also doing some organizing and throwing things out today. Sure does feel good to "lighten the load." I love the note cards you are making. Wow -- you are COLD there - I was feeling chilly all day because we only got up to around 60! You and Karma stay warm!

  10. RITA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the cards, and wish I could get myself out of slug mode and into organizing mode. I am in need of a home makeover...
    Our snow's all gone and temps in the 50's 2 days in a row. But tomorrow it's back to winter and temps will plummet into the 20's and 30's.

    I'm with Karma--and READY FOR SPRING !!!!

  11. You're so creative! I do love seeing how you work. I also admire your organizational skills. I definitely need to take lessons!

    Have a lovely rest of December. ☺

  12. The Weather Channel has been telling how cold it's been out your way. Way too cold for me.

    Your scrap cards are very nice and very colorful. :) Looks like you have lots of projects keeping you busy.

    Happy New Year, Rita and Karma!

  13. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Sounds as if you had a lovely time! Love all your cards too. And wishing you light and laughter in the new year.

  14. You have a great stack of cards. I was out of cards and had to make a couple. Should make them in batches instead of in emergencies.


  15. Happy New Year!! I hope it warms up soon!! LOL - it is "waay toooo cooo-ooo--ooold!"

  16. Wonderful progress on sorting and organizing....and I love your scrap cards! maybe 'Happy New Year' cards? hope it's a great year for you...

  17. Those cards look bloody great and today it is another lovely stinking hot day here in Newie..........

  18. Just wrote a big comment and my computer ate it! Sigh. It was brilliant, btw. Just sayin'...

    Love how you use your scraps! The ribbon is the perfect finishing touch--

    I'm going to hire Katie to clean/organize my studio once Jenny goes back to school. She'll be home for two weeks after that--she needs money and I need help, so it's win win.

    You should have seen Jenny's face when I mentioned twenty-two below! Hilarious. And Katie is visiting her roommate in San Jose--they went ice skating tonight--in San Jose, where it's fifty-five degrees! ROFL.

  19. It looks like you are making great progress. Happy New Year to you and Karma!


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