Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Good time to put those bicycles away till spring.  Since they walked them to their garage, I don't think they were riding around on them.  
T Stands For Tuesday already.  I've been working on Christmas cards...assembly-line.
The days have been crispy cold--whether they have been dark...
...or sunny. 
We've mostly been below zero.  
Sometimes dangerously so.  
During my assembly-line process the table has been cleared off between embellishment additions to the card fronts.  A couple nights ago I was writing letters on a cardmaking break and needed to cut some more linen business paper in half.  (I use that for stationery, as many of you know).  I cut a nice big stack.  Then, since I've been out of my bookcards for months and I also use that paper inside of those, I grabbed my pre-cut cover papers, picked out some darker colors (for winter), and started folding.  Thought I'd at least begin the assembly-line process with the bookcards, too, while I was at it.  Ambitious me, eh?
  Well, I was catching some dinner as I was doing all this...and--OMG!--managed to knock over my glass of soy milk all over the table!!  AWK!  What a mess!!
What is it with me spilling things lately?!  Remember my water container and the frig? Sheesh!
Luckily I am a neatnick, as you know, so all the Christmas cards were safely stacked away for the next round and I had moved all the cut linen paper away when I was finished with those.  But I lost about a dozen or more of the bookcard covers.  Could have been much worse.  I had soy milk on the bottom of my camera and timer--but they both work fine.  Whew!
  Soy milk is just as sticky as regular milk, BTW--LOL!
Never fear!  I still had a lot of covers left.  
The bookcard assembly-line will be next after I finish up with the Christmas cards.  ;)
Meanwhile--cold, cold days.
I hope we're not going to have troubles with the management not clearing off that sidewalk from the Fire Exit Door below my window again this year.  Last time it snowed they didn't clean off that sidewalk but, as you can see, people use it all the time and have made a footpath.  Time will tell.  And I will call and complain if they do this again in their misguided attempt to force people not to use that door.  *sigh*  I hope it was just an oversight.  
My December orders have started to trickle in.  :)
A couple of stamps.
A couple more like the one on the left (the tree-scape) are coming that we can use for simple to make Christmas cards in the future.
Some glycerine for crafts/painting. 
A big jar with a cool cover that I plan to use to make and house sour dough starter.  Don't laugh!  This may or may not work well.  I tried it many years ago but killed it somehow.  Either fed it too much or too little.  I even have a special whisk coming, too--LOL!  Maybe I can manage to keep it alive this time.
My new toaster!  It was frozen, so I left it in the box till it warmed up.  Didn't want my warm fingers to stick to it like that boy's tongue to the pole on It's A Wonderful Life--LOL!  (My favorite movie!!)  Oops!  That was in my second favorite Christmas movie--A Christmas Story!!  Thanks, Susie!
 Doesn't it look good in my kitchen--all red and shiny?!  Smelled like burning plastic when I tried it, but it didn't burn my toast.  ;)
The Christmas card fronts went through three liquid pearl colors--one at a time. 
Lastly, I painted glitter glue on the red ornament.  Finally finished last night! 
Let them dry overnight. 
This morning I was able to gather and stack them all up for the last time--no more embellishments--tada!  Next is paper cutting and layering. 
As soon as I put away the TV trays Karma reclaimed her sun bathing spot by her toy box mess. 
Sunny winter mornings are the best! 
I love the way the snow sparkles like glitter!
Besides spilling all over the craft table...that self-same problem day...my TV computer started making a startlingly loud noise.  It was not recording anything and I didn't even have the TV on.  I shut it down, blew it out with canned air, let it cool off a few hours, and then started it up again.  Nope!  Loud whirring noise still there.  So I called my tech support (Dagan) who previously mentioned that he thought that computer was on its last legs.  
Dagan asked me to feel if there was any air coming out of the side.  Faintly.  If I could stand the noise I could probably use it.  He'd find an old reject computer and set it up for me.  Since they were coming over Wednesday, I told him to wait till then.
Not 20 minutes later the computer started a new careening cry.  Obviously in even more distress, it was trying desperately to soldier on--but I felt no air movement from its hot little sides.  I put it out of its misery and shut it down.
Apparently one of those last legs is now firmly planted in the grave.
I have been watching Netflix streaming on the McLap.  I hope my tech support can get me up and running again tomorrow night.  ;)  
It's a balmy zero degrees in Fargo.  The sun has disappeared as I have been writing to you.  I am heading over to the craft table to cut paper...smiling and singing Christmas carols.  Yes, I am annoyingly bright and cheerfully filled to the brim with holiday spirit from Thanksgiving till New Years.  Spilt milk and no TV cannot deter me--LOL!  This is the season of love, peace, goodwill, kindness, and joy.  I always pray that mankind will pick up that torch and carry it all year round...forever and ever!!   
Happy Tuesday, All!!  :):)
"When one has once fully entered the realm of love, the world - no matter how imperfect - becomes rich and beautiful, it consists solely of opportunities for love."
-Soren Kierkegaard


TexWisGirl said...

bitter cold up there. we had 22 here this morning again, but at least the sun is shining and it is now above zero for a few hours again. we're not insulated well for this cold stuff.

glad your milk spill was not worse.

DJan said...

Wow! Soy milk all over and tongues stuck to toasters? You made me laugh out loud with this own, Rita. :-)

Krisha said...

Oh yes, I remember how COLD Fargo can get, as a kid I LOVED it, now SOCAL can get cold enough for me...LOL Down into the 20's at night here but warming up to the 40s and 50s during the day.

Your cards sound beautiful, and so much work you have put into them. I'm ahead on Christmas things except cards. I don't send many, but I guess I should get back to getting them done. Just so cold in craft room, might drag it all out to dinning room table too.
Happy T-day, stay warm!

GrandmaG said...

Do you ever get used to being so cold for so long? I just can't imagine! One of the crafters I follow who lives in the middle of Canada said it's been -50 already this year. Crazy! How do people work, go to school, and, in general, stay safe?

We're normally in the 40s this time of year, but have been in the 20s. It's horrible! I don't want to leave the house!

Take care and keep singing :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am glad that Karma is doing well. Talk about cold. It was so cold overnight that Bleubeard's water dish had ice on it this morning. And yes, it was in my frigid kitchen.

I am like you. I also do assembly lines. However, I have never made as many as you.

Sorry about the computer. I hope you had everything backed up. Not sure what a TV computer is, though, so maybe you didn't need to.

Thanks for joining T today. I had to shake my head at your soy milk saga, but it made a great story, anyway.

Darla said...

Glad the spill didn't ruin any more than it did. I try not to eat and drink at my work table but once in awhile it happens.

I shiver just looking at your snow pictures. I'd be holed up in the house for the duration.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I can't quite imagine zero degrees for a sustained time, but I guess you "get used to it?" At least Karma looks snug and warm in her sunspot.

One of these years I am going to make my own cards, too! Keep being happy, singing and smiling!

Halle said...

I hear you with the cold...BRRR! It looks like I'm parked outside your window. Red minivan...they certainly made too many that color!!!
Glad the milk didn't do too much damage.
Your new toaster matches my new crockpot...sassy red.

dawn said...

I LOVE your assembly line of cards, wish mine were coming along that good. They look great too, I love the colors.

Always love to see Karma enjoying the sun, especially on cold winter days. WOW, that is a lot of snow you got. We haven't had that much yet, not ready for it yet either.

LOVE the new red, shiny and pretty!

Thanks for sharing with us, Happy T Day!

~*~Patty S said...

Very impressed with your card making!
Stay warm...I am sure it can be challenging in such frigid temps...
I ♥ snow but maybe because it is not all that often here in Northern Virginia...
Karma must make a nice lap warmer ;)
Nice to visit with you for T today even if it is almost tomorrow...
take care Rita

Jenny Woolf said...

Hope your computer gets fixed soon Rita! and lovely to hear of how cheerful you are, brightens things up for everyone that reads it! I think if the management got a hint that someone might sue because they have been warned of the dangers, then they might shift themselves a little. Not that anyone would sue them probably but it's always a possibility I suppose. :)

Carol said...

You're being so productive these days!!!! The spilling and clumsiness just go with the fibro :( I've been making unsightly messes all week due to it and even managed to break one of my favorite coffee cups. I am so not ready for the cold this year and it's here to stay for a while :(

Anonymous said...

Kid,tongue, pole... Wasn't that "A Christmas Story?" Or did it happen in both movies?

Janie Junebug said...

I have frequent spills. Food usually lands on my chest. I ruin about one shirt/week with nasty stains. Hard on the clothing budget. It's A Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite movie, but I enjoy A Christmas Story very much.


Ariel said...

So nice to see the cards displayed this way. Good that they were saved from the milk spill.
Stay Warm

Intense Guy said...

That is a snazzy toaster!!!

I'm glad you didn't spill the milk into it!