Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I feel kind of badly when I take part in WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) because there's no way I can possibly get around to the over 100 people who connect up every week, even though I'd love to.  It is fun to see what everyone else is up to and what their crafting or art areas look I will probably hook up once in a while even though I am not the best participant, to put it mildly.  ;)
This is what I was doing until about 12:30am.  Finishing up cutting and folding all the parts for the Christmas cards.
If you catch the light just right you can see the shimmer on the top and bottom of the red ornament. 
Today I will start final construction and get as far as I can before Dagan and Leah get here tonight.  Then Leah will help me if they're not finished yet.  (And hopefully Dagan will get my TV computer set up working again.)
Got my Ink Drop for December yesterday.  I thought it was really nice of the Goulets to do this.    
The owner of Private Reserve Inks died and as a tribute they sent eight of their favorite Private Reserve ink samples instead of the usual sample variety of five that we get every month.
Lots of rich colors! 
I know I am easily entertained, but this really cracked me up.  Yesterday that little ink pad refill came all by itself in that big box!  There was a ton of air padding, of course, and it was inside of a plastic bag, too.  Arrived very safely, indeed.  ;) 
I really thought I had already posted this.  I went back to look and--nope!  How could I have forgotten!  The people next door put up a new Christmas wreath right after Thanksgiving!!  :) :)  I wonder if this one will hang there till next Thanksgiving--LOL! 
It did take me several days to actually get this picture.  I do always take my cell phone with me when I go down to get the mail (ever since I almost got trapped in the elevator once) and this new smart phone takes pictures, but I couldn't for the life of me remember how to take a picture.  Two different days I stood there in the hallway trying to take a photo of the beautiful new evergreen wreath (makes me grin every time I walk past).  I pressed things that shut the phone off or did nothing whatsoever or might possibly have even started a video for all I know, but there was never the click of a photo.
  I have a hard time finding anything after I do manage to take a picture or video, too.  Dagan and Leah would be just shaking their heads at me because they've showed me a couple of times already--LOL!  
Well, I finally gave up and took my camera with me on the third day--and voila!  :)  I can't be the only person who is this technologically impaired, right?
Now, granted--I was more nervous and rushed in the hallway.  I mean what if they opened the door and found this crazy woman taking pictures of their Christmas decorations--LOL!  But last night--believe it or not--all on my own--I figured out how to take a picture and send it to Leah in a text!  Whoohoo!  (We were conferring by texts and emails about colors, fonts, and other card decisions last night.)  Now...whether I will actually remember how to do this next time I want to take a picture with this cell phone...well, that is another matter altogether.  ;)
Happy Wednesday!!  
Oh, and I may not have had TV since Monday but I discovered the DVD player works without the computer!  I was able to watch the last episode of the final season of Dexter yesterday on the bigger screen of the TV instead of the smaller McLap screen--TaDa!  Decided to watch A Christmas Story, too.  Earlier than usual for me, but such fun I will probably watch it twice this year.  I usually watch A Christmas Story and It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I have very few DVDs, but I have those!!  Wouldn't be Christmas for me without them.  :) 
Anyways, I am really going this time.  I have card-making sessions ahead of me today!  :):)  Got to get these done so I can start addressing envelopes.  Would like people to actually get them before Christmas--LOL!  Wish me luck!  Again--Happy Wednesday!!  Smile brightly at somebody today!!  
:) :)
"I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish."
Mother Teresa


TexWisGirl said...

i like the quote by mother teresa. :) and i like your cards, too. glad you figured out your cell camera.

Victoria said...

Hello kindred...great post...and Wonderful workdesk today..yay..Fabulous cards..very festive and everything. That wreath is gorgeous and enchanting...looks fantastic!
Wishing you a magical and creative day!

Beth said...

Your cards are going to be beautiful Rita.

I love the Mother Teresa quote!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on remembering how to take pictures!!

Janie Junebug said...

Your cards are beautiful. I thought I would send my cards no later than yesterday. Life intervened. I'm shocked by the new wreath and in awe of your technological abilities. I have videos and photos on my phone that I can't put on my laptop. I was so organized and ahead of the game on everything, and now I am falling behind. I'm tired.


Hilary said...

Those cards are looking good, Rita.

DJan said...

You are so funny! And now you're posting almost more than I can keep up with, Rita. Love your pretty cards, and I'm enjoying all the Christmas hubbub as well. :-)

Darla said...

You are going to have to work on those photo skills if you plan to be a sneaky wreath photographer, LOL!

The cards are great, I'm impressed with how many you made.


Carol said...

Your cards are looking nice and I would have laughed at the big box with the small bottle of ink too. Kind of like when I get a script filled and they send it in a huge bottle for 15 pills and a huge wad of cotton.

andi filante said... can never be too careful with those ink bottles! And thank you SO much for saying you watched the last episode of Dexter, but you DIDN'T say anything about what happened! I haven't started watching the final season yet. I have mixed emotions. I'm dying (pun intended) to watch it, but I'm so sad it's going to be over! Did you watch Breaking Bad? They did a tremendous job ending that series. I hope Dexter fared as well. But don't tell me!!!!! :)


Ali H said...

Your tiny ink bottle in the vast box did make me laugh ! Glad you finally got to get your wreath photo !! Ali #96

Intense Guy said...

:) Someone needs to select one of her 2,000,000,000 pens and one of her 19,000 sheets of nice paper and write herself a short "how to take pictures with my phone" note.

:) But hey... you had plenty of time to get this photo... months and months huh? LMAO!!! :)