Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve- 10:30am

It's 18 below this New Year's Eve morning.
I think T stands for liTTle by liTTle this Tuesday--LOL! 
My leg (sciatica) started acting up the last few days and will only let me stand for maybe ten minutes at a time... 
...so I gradually emptied the parts of the art&craft bookcases in the living room that I want to reorganize.
This is what it looked like by Monday morning.  I have become such a creature of habit since morphing into a day person that, when I couldn't even get to my craft table for my morning journaling and letter writing...
...I discovered that I really missed sitting by those windows to greet the day.  ;) 
Oh, also I hung the fancy Danish whisk next to the colanders.  Love it!  (Will get to my sourdough experiment later this winter after I am done dealing with this domino-cleaning-avalanche.)  
Karma and I got a late Christmas package from England!  Tori sent me a calligraphy set... 
...and Miss Karma got three flavors of these treats she goes nuts for.  Haven't seen them in the cat head containers here, don't know why she thinks they taste so delightfully different than any US Whiskas treats, but there you have it.  Tori spoils her rotten!  Thanks, Tori!! 
 I kept puttering for my 8-10 minute sessions yesterday. 
At least I cleared off the end of the table so I can do a little writing in my favorite spot today--whoohoo!  (There's a shot of my thermal mug of coffee for T Stands for Tuesday.) 
I feel like I am doing some kind of dance shuffle--LOL! 
I put something put on a shelf...but then don't like it there and move it someplace else...or I decide it really needs a different container and go on an apartment search...which leads to a box shuffle in the bedroom--LOL! 
I keep shifting, switching, tweaking, and shuffling things about.  I'll eventually settle on where things should go...for now...and I haven't even started in the bedroom!  As I have been organizing the hallway and living room bookcases...well, there's been a slight tornado effect going on in the bedroom from all this shuffle-dancing--LOL!  ;) 
Because of all the chaos I am not going to be doing my usual gathering up of all my crystals, angels, rocks, and Tibetan stuff this New Year's Eve.  That takes up the whole table...which means I'd have to move all that mess off of there...and since my leg also remains only hesitantly cooperative at the moment (my body is the boss of me--feel free to add your own expletives)...well, I shall just happily do a regular sacred circle ceremony tonight (angel cards, burning bowl, light a candle)...which up until a few years ago was all I used to do on New Year's Eve anyways.
[Note: For those of you new to my blog this year, you can snoop in the beginning of January for pictures of all my "stuff" I've been dragging out for dusting, cleaning, and reenergizing every New Year's Eve.  :)  There have been pictures for the last several years.  Can't remember when I started doing that, though.]
Anyways, tonight is the night!  Today I shall keep puttering, write lists for 2014, be a heating pad for Karma several times a day (funny how cuddly she gets when it's colder), journal, work on letters, and Caroline comes to clean this afternoon.  Tomorrow--New Year's Day--the first day of 2014--I have something special to tell you!  But I shall leave you in suspense for now.  (Mean, I know!)  Till then...
Happy, happy New Year!!!
I just love New Year's Eve!!  It is overflowing with reflection, nostalgia, contemplation, anticipation, planning, and hope!  Filled with lessons and memories.  Brimming with anticipation and wonder.  Ahhhh!
Yes!!  Yes!!
Happy, happy New Year, everybody!!! 
"Be in love with your life.  
Every minute of it."
Jack Kerouac

"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
Carl Bard

"If you want to fly give up everything that holds you down."
(Anonymously flying about the web)

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."
Nelson Mandela


Intense Guy said...

Happy, happy New Year!!!

Tori is a wonderful friend. :)

TexWisGirl said...

love the 'heating pad' job you have. :) i hope the sciatica dies down again.

Dana said...

Happy New Year, friend! I'm looking forward to your announcement. Do we get a hint? ;)

Funny in My Mind said...

I admire your organizational stamina, despite your pain! I have been inspired by you and have done much of the same but with both kids home these days, it seems like one step forward, 10 steps back! Have a wonderful new year!

Anonymous said...

Glad January is almost here... Happy New Year, Rita.

Beth said...

Happy New Year Rita to you and Karma!

GrandmaG said...

So funny! I decided to take a break from cleaning/re-organizing my own craft space and read some blogs only to find out you're doing the same. LOL

Happy 2014, Rita!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So glad you joined T today, even with your organization shuffle. I know how frustrating that can be when you aren't sure where you really want things. And I know what a neat freak you are, too. So, can Carolyn help you with any of the organization?

I remember the circles and bowls from last year and was in awe, since I had never heard of this before.

Bleubeard wants to wish Karma a lovely new year. He's snuggly today, too. And he's going to be even more so tonight when temps drop to the teens, or single digits.

Hope you both have a lovely New Year, filled with the organization dance that will bring happiness to your soon-to-be stress free space.

Halle said...

You win...we saw -14° this morning. I guess that's -1° per hour northwest of here. :) I can see why you enjoy the light from the windows. My craft space is in the cold basement...no wonder why it's been nearly vacant lately. I haven't even kept up on the laundry...poor boy is wearing the same jeans for several days now.

Janie Junebug said...

I bet I know. I bet I know. I bet I know what you're going to tell us. I won't say a word. Not one word. Not me. No, ma'am. Stay off your leg or I'll visit with my nail file and perform an emergency amputation.


Anonymous said...

I'd go to bed if I were you--I'm afraid of Janie!!


DJan said...

Wonderful pictures (you've definitely been busy) and wonderful quotes. I wish you and Karma the best of new years, and yes it's mean to make me wait. :-)

Cazzy said...

Happy New Year to you both! Sooty hated the fireworks tonight, so he was my heating pad!
I can empathize with the sciatica, I have been suffering with my back and knees and hip too.
I forgot to apply gel this morning so really sore now and about to take pain killers, see in 2014 watching it on TV, then maybe off to bed. Well done on the reorg, I miss T for Tuesday, just don't seem to get there lately!
Carol x

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Having just gone thru the reorganization dance myself, I can sympathize with you! I didn't get half of the things put back before the holidays arrived. I hope your leg pain eases up soon,too. Happy New Year!

Krisha said...

Happy New Year, and thanks for the visit earlier today.
Great job on the reorganizing! I need to start that is a week or so. Did the house this fall but this craft/office space needs a good going over.

Desiree said...

Rita, I have been so bad to check in with your blog, it is very hard for me with blogger being gone, I so miss blogger! I thought I was signed up to get emails but guess not, will double check that. Anyway, Happy New Year. The weather looks lovely...from the window lol

The new organization looks awesome, I love it!

Darla said...

Late with my T blogs tour. It looks so organized at your place. I think that little whisk is a treasure. I like kitchen goodies, especially unusual ones.


PS - it is 2014 as I write and I'm tapping my toe and waiting for the news :-)

Deb J. in Utah said...

You are very ambitious! Wow - all that rearranging and reorganizing is impressive. Happy New Year from Arizona! I love that quote from Nelson Mandela! Thanks. Love to you in 2014!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Today is the 2nd and it is another bloody hot day we have the air con's going and I have both my granddaughters here for the day while Kathy is at work. 18 below sounds cold........and I complain about our winter days with temps of 20°C...........lol

AliceKay said...

Happy New Year, Rita!

Carol said...

Your place is really coming together and looking so organized. I wish I was a neat freak or at least a partial one...alas I am a clutter bug no matter how hard I try. I absolutely love those little kitty head treat boxes. I can vision so many second uses for them...too bad they aren't available here :( My only New Years tradition is to have Blackeyed Peas on New Years day. I'm kind of digging your New Years Eve Ritual though ♥ Happy New Year to you!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Your organization is impressive and your sacred circle traditions sounds very special indeed!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year full of good health and all that delights your soul...

Thank you for sharing all of those very special quotes...

I promise to not be as late for tea next week...I have been challenged knowing what day it is exactly ;)

Stay warm and (((hugs))) to Karma too!