Thursday, December 05, 2013


Woke up yesterday to the sound of the snowblower on the sidewalk...
...reluctant cars warming up in the parking lot, a little snow on the porch... 
...and a solid grey sky. 
The storm kicked up a notch... 
...and the snow came down pretty steadily all day.  Outlying schools were closed and some in town were closing early, too.  Dagan and Leah are so fortunate that they can work from home if they need to.  
I even called Cashwise to see if I should change my delivery day, but the lady told me they were still delivering out of town and, even if they cut off the outlying deliveries, they planned to deliver in town all day as usual.  And they came!  I asked the intrepid delivery man--no, they don't have special tires or four wheel drive, either--just regular vans!  :)
I am sooo happy!!  Thanks again to my mystery Grocery-Santa!!  I am now stocked up on canned food for Miss Karma, coffee for me, toilet paper, and all kinds of goodies!  :):)  What a blessing!! 
  This morning there was a sun dog--quite bright--off to the left of the sun. 
Here's a close up.  Or as close as my camera will zoom.   
The windows were speckled with snow... that it was difficult to get pictures.  I wanted to show you the snowpile between those garages that appeared in the last 24 hours. 
Very crispy out there at 1 degree right now.  We're supposed to get down to 15 to 20 below over the weekend with dangerous wind chills of 25-40 below.  I hope everybody stays safe! 
Once morning bloomed...look at the sun passing through the cloud layer!   
Looked like this beam of light was shining down on the earth. 
I am captivated so often by the beauty of the sky. 
Miss Karma was captivated by a thicker layer of snow on the porch... 
...and the little clumps falling off the flapping screen as the sun performed its magic on this frigid morning.
Those of you who know Karma well will know why she asked to go out three times already this morning (three was apparently enough for her frozen paws) and will recognize what she is doing in this picture.
Yup!  She's eating her snowy footprints off the rug--LOL! 
Never fails to crack me up.  Silly girl!
Right now she's sleeping in the sun and warming up.  ;)
Me--still humming and working on letters and the cards with Christmas music on Pandora, so not sure when I'll be around to pop in and say hello again.  Just know it's holiday-bubbly time up here in Fargo!  Dagan and Leah passed on visiting last night with the storm, of course, and will come next Wednesday instead.  I am hoping to have all the Christmas cards done by then so we can get them in the mail...and you know I don't move fast--LOL!  Putter-putter-putter.  ;)  But one can get a lot done a little at a time.  (I just got the last of the groceries put away this morning.)  
Don't forget to play in the snow and eat your footprints if you feel like it.  ;)
"Patience is being friends with Time."
 Vanna Bonta   


  1. I hope that snow goes far south of me. It may hit my brother near St Louis along with some freezing rain.

    Enjoy your Christmas festivities. Hugs for you and Karma!

  2. brr, brr, brrrrrr. glad you got your delivery, though!

  3. So glad you're on a top floor so you can get such beautiful shots of the sky. Good to hear you're up and about and already enjoying the season! :)

  4. That is so funny about Karma eating her snowy footprints!!!

    Thanks for your late T Day message. I have missed the last two T Days, due to holiday busiy-ness, so I am even later at getting back to you! :)

  5. Happiness is having enough toilet paper.


    Karma the snowcat was a jolly happy soul
    With a corncob pipe and a button nose
    and two eyes made out of coal
    Karma the snowcat is a fairy tale they say
    She was made of snow but the children
    know how she came to life one day
    There must have been some magic in that
    old silk hat they found
    For when they placed it on her head
    she began to dance around....

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    The sunbeam looked kind of Star Treky.

  7. Your delivery man probably does a lot of driving in snow. The more you do it, the easier it is–if you're not a wild driver.


  8. Eating footprints - thats funny! :) Looks like your weather has really set in. I just don't know what a sun dog is. Your pictures were pretty though :)

  9. I think with cold that deep I wouldn't have gone hiking today. But we did, at freezing level, and it turned out to be just fine. I enjoyed myself but am glad to be inside, warm and cozy now. Love the sky pictures, Rita! :-)

  10. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Looks cold! I think your storm is coming our way!

  11. It sure looks cold there! It's great that Dagan and Leah can work from home if need be and I'm glad to see Miss Karma enjoying her snowy paw-prints again...too cute!

    LOVE the sun pics, especially when it passed through the cloud layers.

    Keep well and enjoy all the puttering!

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  12. Wow.gorgeous glowing sun shots..they look so magical and serene! and Karma is always so delightful to see!Enjoy creating and working on your cards..awesome!
    Wishing you a fantastic wkd!

  13. Eddie eats his snowprints too!!!! I'm still shivering looking at those pictures...


  14. Dear Rita, it's about 9 degrees F. here this morning and so chilly. The air crisp with winter. Thanks so much for sharing the winter arrival there in Fargo. I miss Minnesota at these times. Of course, being retired made all the difference as to how I greeted snow! I didn't have to go out in it or drive a car and get to work on time.

    Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew have never stepped outside and I have no porch that enclosed, so they've never known the taste of snow. Perhaps I need to bring a handful in when we finally get snow and let them experience Karma's delight.

    I hope all is well. Peace.

  15. Burrrr!!!!!! That's one big snow pile :( Last night snow pretty much missed up but they are saying we will get some far not yet. Stay inside and stay warm those are some frigid temps you're going to get. Now I must bundle up and go out and drag in some firewood for the weekend :) Nothing like a hot toasty fire and hot tea ♥

  16. Just don't eat yellow snow, Karma. That bit of advice came from Bleubeard who knows!

    Your sky photos make me want to start a sky photo a day blog. But I think I have enough to do, even though I now have an excellent camera. Yours are very inspirational.

    Stay warm and safe. It's dangerously cold here, too, so Bleubeard and I will be snuggling under the covers tonight. He only snuggles in the winter, and it's definitely WINTER.

  17. Beautiful sky photos. I can't even imagine the cold you have. We were at 46 degrees yesterday and I was whining when I got back from my morning walk. Stay in, stay warm.


  18. Your pictures of the sun are beautiful. Funny, I have never heard of the sun dog until now. It is all over the web.

  19. Beautiful pictures of the morning skies. Loved those last two showing the sunbeam shining down thru the clouds. Just beautiful!

    Sounds pretty cold out there. Don't think I could handle that kind of cold. It's been cold here but nothing like that. We have a good coating of snow with a little ice underneath. Getting another light coating tonight. We were lucky. Southern Pennsylvania got hit hard.

    I hope Karma enjoyed her footprints. lol

  20. Wow, you guys have had some major snow and chilly temps!!! So glad I don't have to drive in that anymore. Well, at least for now. I'm with you - stay inside and putter, putter, putter!! :D

    Smiles at Karma - silly cat!

    Stay warm and keep happy!!!

  21. I remember you had the same thing happening last year with the secret santa! This person really cares for you. HUGS


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