Tuesday, April 29, 2014


OMGoodness!  I just realized it was Tuesday!  LOL!  And a whole week has flown by without me blogging.  Heavens to Betsy!  Just been busy, I guess.
Well, let's see...
I added the pump for some air in the fish bowl.  The tiny 3M removable clip worked perfectly to hold the tubing so the air stone doesn't flip out. 
 Yes, the pump needs a good cleaning, but I noticed the fish needing air more than a clean pump--LOL!  I'll get back to it.
All those bags on my little green cart are full of gravel in ice cream pails.  I wheeled them and my trash out to the dumpster.  Then later wheeled out the ten gallon tank with cover and light (when I got the light strip cleaned which isn't in there yet in this photo). 
Before Dagan and Leah arrived on Thursday I worked on Leah's baby shower thank you cards... 
...and got all the thank yous stamped. 
I know other people love StazOn ink pads, but they drive me crazy.  They dry up so fast and don't give solid coverage if you have textured paper.  Regardless, they were all stamped before D&L got here.
Leah worked on cutting out the baby buggies and finished!  Dagan did the SpotBot for me.  (After the fish tank project my back was pretty bad.)  And I got a new belly shot before they left.  So this would be somewhere around 7 months along now.  Hard to say when they changed her due date to three weeks earlier.  McBaby will arrive when he's good and ready.  ;)
Since then, I have not been moving very quickly...but I have kept moving.  Been working on putting together the thank you cards (T Stands for Tuesday folks over at Elizabeth's, note the trusty thermal coffee mug) on the several rainy days we had in a row... 
...while Miss Karma slept... 
...and slept the dark days away.  
Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the fauxdori covers.  I have been diligently dealing with them every day, believe it or not.  When I used the heated coconut oil--well, I got way too wild and crazy with it.  Put way too much on, I guess.  I have been trying to leech the oil back out ever since.  I was pressing them using old washcloths between and around them...then used computer paper...switching them out every day...and there is still oil soaking on to the computer paper.  Yesterday I decided to try to air dry them for a while. 
Not that this will actually do anything for all I know, but I keep working on them.  They are definitely not as hard and stiff as they were when I got them from Amazon--ROFL!  Just have to keep working at getting the oil out of them now.  I don't know why this cracks me up like it does, but I am sitting here giggling as I am telling you this.  First I want it in and then I want it out.  Murphy's Law, I guess, eh?  ;)
I am really hoping to get over to the art table again soon.  I even got my deck of Mixed Media Inspiration Cards (Kiala Givehand's) in the mail last week...
...but I was too busy saving fish and snails to play--LOL! 
There are 52 suggestions of what to do next on mixed media or an art journal page... 
...and since I do get stuck a lot (actually almost every time I finish a background--LOL!) I thought these might give me a push.  Soon!  Soon!
I found Kiala Givehand on youtube last year when she was making a-book-in-a-day once a week all year long.  Every one had to be in a different style and I was absolutely enthralled, of course.  I got her deck of cards from her store on her website here.  She's doing these 10 on 10 videos this year where she picks 10 cards to make an art project with on the 10th of the month.  Anyways, these looked like fun to play with. 
That's about it from this last week.  I've been reading The Plan, copied the recipes I'll need for the first 20 days, and tweaked shopping carts.  Been pretty much caught up online now recently--whew!  Feels good!  Caroline comes to clean this afternoon.  Dagan and Leah will be back on Wednesday (to finish the thank you cards).  The sun actually came out today!!  Haven't seen it since last Thursday or Friday--can't remember now.  We're at our high of 51 (11 C) apparently today, but it is so windy that it feels much cooler.  We're supposed to stay in the 40s to low 50s for days with the possibility of rain every day.  As long as we see the sun some days that will be nice.  Should green up around here.  The Red River already crested at around 33 feet and is subsiding, so we should be okay locally this year with no major flood.  Nice! 
Anyways, hopefully it won't be a week before you hear from me again, but you never know.  Seems life has been busier since my sciatica has been behaving so well for me.  (Numbness and burning I can tolerate quite well--it's that sharp knife pain that slows me down.)  Have a wonderful rest of the week!!  Happy T-Day to all those visiting from Elizabeth's!  Keep smiling!!  :) :)
"A good heart is better than all the heads in the world."
Edward Bulwer-Lytton   


  1. I really love the cute thank you cards you are making. You are so creative. Greetings to Karma. have a good day.

  2. I wonder if you heated...very gently of course...the coconut covered covers(say that 10 times fast)if it would help or hurt the process of getting the oil out. Jsut a thought....don't shoot the messenger if it doesn't work. Oh wait...you wouldn't do that...you can't even flush a fish. *grin* Just givin' you a hard time. I love that you are compassionate. :)

  3. glad your fish are surviving! air is good! :)

    leah looks cute. :)

  4. Karma looks so peaceful just resting there. That is a good thing to do this week because of the rain and gloomy days!

    Nice thank you cards and a nice shot of Leah and the baby!

  5. That's a pile of cards! Looks like a very happy Mom-to-be :)

    Love your little fish bowl! I've had big tanks and they are great too but, more work!

    Karma looks very cozy :)

    Thanks for the link, I copied and will check it out later.

    Happy T Day :)

  6. I always read your post and feel worn out by the end of it. You cram so much into your life! You must meet yourself going round!
    I am with you on the Stazon. I prefer Archival or Memento. Stazon tends to dry out so fast.
    Nice to see Karma isn't bothered by your goings on! Don't animals sleep in awkward positions? I am looking at our doggie as I type this. He is sleeping with his back part of his body on his bed and his head and shoulders on the floor. Spark out!
    Happy T Day.

  7. Glad to hear the sciatica is behaving! Good to see your post today :)

  8. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Weird question:

    Behind Leah there is a large bag hanging on a plastic hook. Does the hook ever break off? They do in my house.

  9. this post is so filled with happy :) happy fish, happy kitty, happy mom... sweet!

  10. It was good to read that your sciatica is not acting up this week. That's always good news.

    McMom and McBaby look like they are coming along nicely. Those cards may be needed sooner rather than later. Of course, I've always thought she was further along than the actual date that was predicted.

    Karma looks good sleeping away the days. Bleubeard is doing the same, except here it's very dusty and dry. He even sneezed several times yesterday because of the dust, I suspect.

    Thanks for sharing a week in your life, the fish, and your thermal mug with us this T Tuesday.

  11. It actually didn't seem possible it was a week already since you posted. It's because you've been out commenting and I see you pop up everywhere! I think I heard you giggling all the way over here, Rita. :-)

  12. So cute to get regular baby bump photos. All sounds pretty good.

  13. Hello and Happy T Day, a little late. Glad you could join in with us this week. The cards are coming out so nice, I like the stamp. The mom and baby look great, how nice to get these pictures and get excited for the arrival. We have had rain and wind here and less spring since last Tuesday. Karma has the right idea I think, we could just hide in bed and sleep away these rainy days.
    Have a great week!

  14. looks like you are on a busy highway of productivity Rita! I think Karma got all tuckered out just watching you :) It's wonderful to have handmade cards. Umm, I love my Staz-On ink pads. I have learned to get a reinker when I get a pad and that has been a lifesaver for me. Happy T day a day late.

  15. Busy times at your house. That baby will arrive before you know it. Good thing you are making such progress on the cards.


  16. Sweet Miss Karma- so snug and comfy! Love those thank you cards- the time is getting closer and closer!

  17. Hi, and Happy T Day (a day late)! Those mixed media videos sound very interesting, so I'll definitely check them out. Thanks for the tip.

    I read back to the previous post to find out about the fish tank saga, and I can definitely relate. I, too, would try to do everything in my power to save the fish and snails. My husband and I have kept fish since college, and it's still sad for me whenever a fish dies.

    Take care, and good luck with the rest of the fish tank swithcheroo.

  18. I guess it's one of those trial and error things with the oil; you'll just have to figure out how much is the right amount to use.

  19. I love how creative you are and those thank you cards look good

  20. my, you have been busy. that's a lot of cards to stamp! love the baby bump photo too...

  21. Those fish look like they are on life support!!


    Leah looks great!!! (as in good and as in big!)

  22. You must be so excited for BABY to arrive!!! So much anticipation! Best of luck and good wishes to Leah!

    Looks like you have fish now. What does Karma think of that???

  23. I know I commented on this one when I saw it last week, and just as I feared, Blogger ate my comment that night. I didn't have time to retype what I wrote then, and I'm pushing for time tonight. (but i did read it) *hugs*


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