Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Good Morning!
Well, it's still morning...even if I am usually one of the last people in Elizabeth's T-Day group to post every week.  ;) 
Been a whole week again.  Just seems that this summer has been very busy...even though I have not even made it back to visit the McFamily this past week.  They were busy, had company, and then were gone all weekend.  I was going to go over yesterday but it was in the mid-90s, a storm was predicted, and the Paseo has no AC.  I also figured Leah would be tired from their first weekend away with a bridal shower and all...(Dagan's half-brother Bryan is getting married)...and she was.  Today Caroline comes here to clean, so I don't know if I'll make it over today or not...but soon!
It's been in the 80s and 90s...with that heavy, sticky air that makes it feel hard to breathe.  Apparently around 75 is the best this wall AC can manage...and when it hits the high 80s and 90s it gets sweaty in here, too.  You know how I hate this weather.  The humidity makes every bone in my body creak and complain...so I don't sleep well and I don't get a lot done.  Too uncomfortable to move much so I couch-potatoed my way through the week.   I watched the first season of The Bridge and am now watching the first season of Ray Donovan--both of those are Netflix snailmail.  On Netflix streaming I watched the six episodes of Annika Bengtzon (Swedish with subtitles) and two seasons of old Miss Marples with Joan Hickson.  I guess I've been in a murder mystery kind of mood, eh?  LOL!  They were all good!
Karma kept me company...    
...while I journaled and worked on letters. 
 I did play at the art table a little, though.  Remember my sample paper towels I used as I filled the little spray bottles?  Well, I had two of them and they were dry.  I ripped them into pieces and kind of collage-glued them on to another paper towel--both sides. 
Going for more crinkling and texture.
The next day I peeled it off the cutting mat.  Here's the crinkly front... 
...and the slick backside. 
Didn't leave much mess.  Just a little glue residue that was easy to clean off. 
So I wanted to see how wet acrylic paint would work.  (Note my loyal thermal coffee mug.)  I sprayed and glued...
...and made a real mess!  Took me longer to wipe off all this splattered paint than it did to spray paint and glue the three sheets together--LOL!  I guess I need to get my cardboard spraying box out, eh?  Then I let it dry overnight. 
Meanwhile--a package came yesterday!!  From Susan who's a member of the T-Stands For Tuesday group.  Two of us won a package of goodies!  Susan had a giveaway contest for her own birthday!  How sweet.  The ribbon was wrapped around the handmade paper envelope on the left and handmade paper journal on the right.
Here you can see the backside of the handmade paper journal (right) and from inside the big envelope--the folded deli-paper, two pens, handmade tag, and handmade card.  Lovely!
Here's a close-up of the card.  Very pretty! 
Thanks so much Susan!!  What a sweet thing to do on your birthday and I was one of the lucky winners!  :) :)
This morning I peeled the paper off the cutting mat.  Here's the front... 
...and the slick back. 
Wet acrylic paint does leave some staining mess, but cleaned off okay with a bit of scrubbing. 
You know what a neat-freak I am.  I will never be a truly messy artist.  I clean everything after I use it...palettes, stencils, brushes, bottles.  I even washed the outsides of my water spray bottle and the watered-down-glue bottle because I had picked them up with gluey, painty hands.  I'm the same way in the kitchen...clean as I go.  By the time I am done putting a recipe together (whether baking or cooking) the counters are already wiped down and things are in the dishwasher and ingredients are all put away.  Very annoying to some people, I know.  I can't help myself.  Even if I am having a serious pain day and am forced to leave things overnight--then it's the first thing I do the next day.  Compulsive, eh?  It's easy to tell if I've been in really bad shape for a while...if you came over and my kitchen or my art table was a big old sloppy mess--LOL!  And that does happen on occasion, believe me.  ;)
    But today--the cutting mat is scrubbed clean and the kitchen is clean.  I may have things piled and stacked about all over around here, but to me it's clean and sorted.  Thank goodness Caroline comes to deal with the floors and the bathroom for me.  Which means I need to go pick up the cat toys and gather the trash together.  It's only supposed to get to right around 80 degrees the next few days, so maybe it will genuinely cool off in here by tomorrow.  Even Karma has been lying on the kitchen tile and the new hard bench in the entryway to be cooler the last two days of 90s.  She loves to go outside when it's hot if she can come in and it's cooler in here, I guess.  It even got too hot for Miss Karma in the 90s--LOL!  She wasn't asking to go out.  But low 80s...
...and out she goes. 
That's enough gabbing for now.  
Happy Tuesday!!  :):)
Whether a hot or cold or perfect day.
"I try to remind myself that we are never promised anything, and that what control we can exert is not over the events that befall us but how we address ourselves to them."
Jeanne DuPrau


  1. I love you for cleaning as you go. The boys like the floor of my bathroom these days.


  2. I have to admit, I'm very like you as I clean as I go. I put things away after I use them. I've had people over to craft with, and I've put things away, only to have to bring them out 30 minutes later. But that's me. I can't stand a mess. And I always do my dishes before I go to bed, because I could NEVER allow a dirty dish to sit overnight. Of course, I have to do all the heavy (and not-so-heavy) lifting and cleaning, too.

    It's been ungodly hot here, too. Got to 100 + yesterday, and the humidity is a bear. I also know what it's like to not have AC in a car, so I can empathize.

    Bleubeard hopes Karma is keeping cool, because he sure is trying to.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday, dear. Hope you get to visit the McFamily soon.

  3. i like those flowers!

    i hate the hot and sticky weather, too. we had a couple of days of unheard of cool-down then now back to the real summer. :)

  4. I love the Joan Hickson Miss Marple series. She's my favorite of the Marples.

  5. I'm the same way in the kitchen. I definitely put everything away--Sometimes I even wash all the cooking pots while the meal is cooking.

    We are back to really hot, humid weather for a few days here--I'm not a big fan of weather change, but I make the best of it.

    Loved the paper towel play and congrats on winning some of Susan's beautify art and journals!

  6. Looks like things are going along just fine for you and Miss K. It was only 72 here yesterday; we've got a period of cooler weather before it goes back up above 80 by week's end. I'm enjoying it. Next time you see the baby, you should be able to see some changes. They are amazing at that age. :-)

  7. Dont like hot humid weather, not looking forward to ours in a couple of months. Love that I will get a good golden tan though. you made a right old mess the second time LOL
    Bridget #1

  8. I'm so happy to know that you liked the package Rita. I wish I had your clean and orderly ways. I'm so messy with my stuff and don't know if I'll ever get disciplined-:)
    Those colored tissue paper look pretty. Would love to see what you will make out of it.

  9. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I hate the heat as well. My house thermometer says 92. Yahoo says 86.

  10. Rita, have you watched The Killing on Netflix? Knew nothing about it until two weeks ago and now I'm hooked. The fourth season starts Aug 1.

    I'm "the clean as you go" type too. My mom wasn't and her kitchen was a complete mess at every holiday event. Could be why she hated holidays. LOL

  11. Good for you keeping everything clean and tidy. Hope your weather cools down and becomes a bit more comfortable. Regards to Karma. Happy Days!

  12. You always seem to have such interesting skies. I like what you've been creating even though you've been sort of stuck at home due to the weather.


  13. Fun when, and I love your paper Towel collage.
    You never know what will happen when you experiment!

  14. I have always loved the hot,humid weather but as I have gotten older and have some health issues my body doesn't appreciate it so much. It IS nice to have central AC, yet I do need to go outdoors and warm up a bit in between:) I used to be so neat-not so much any more though I try. Great paper towel art to work with! Oh, and sweet Karma... happy T day!

  15. I do the same thing when I'm cooking. Cooking and cleaning at the same time :) I guess I'm also a neat freak. Lovely images of Karma! She is so sweet.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  16. I so enjoy your posts. Wasn't that heat and humidity gross. So thankful that it blew out of here.
    Love the paper towel art...I often make messes such as yours. I don't think ahead or assume that I won't over-spray or drip.

  17. I love Netflix. We don't have cable out here in the country and we have always had crappy TV reception, but Netflix is awesome. We can now sit down at night and enjoy watching TV. Congrats on your awesome win too. How exciting!

  18. I try to clean as I go too, but it doesn't always work out so well as I often make more mess while trying to clean up, LOL!

    Glad you got some shows watched, even if it was too hot to do much else.

  19. The hot ans sticky weather has invaded us here also. I really can't complain much as over all we have had a beautiful summer. We actually need some heat for the tomatoes and corn to do well.
    I wish I was more like you and cleaned up after myself more... usually things just get laid around until I can't stand the mess any longer and then I clean it all up. Which is what I am supposed to be doing today :)

  20. Hi Rita, thanks for stopping by for T this week.
    The hot-humid summers there are something I really do not miss. Even though we had a good dose of it a couple weeks ago, but with 100' temps and 29% humidity. That is BAD for this neck of the earth.

    Congrats on YOUR win, lovely gifts.

    I don't always clean as I go, unless I'm spritzing and spraying inks and paint. But once I finish something I do have to clean up a bit, or there would be no room left on Betsy, and I'd have every pair of scissors out and still not be able to find one pair....LOL

    Have a great week, hope the weather breaks for you and Karma

  21. Happy Tuesday!!!

    I hope it is cool and un-sticky today (I don't mind warm - but really hate being sticky!)

  22. I have a sneaking suspicion that what you see as a mess, most of us would consider neat as a pin. Give Karma a scritch for me, please? :)

  23. How long have you had that air conditioner? Might be time for a new one...or one of those stand alone room ones that you could move into the bedroom at night. Thankfully it is a bit cooler now...but you know our area any time the weather can change.:)

  24. Anonymous6:01 PM

    oh my gosh I wish I was more like you! I am the ultimate messy artist. when I was going through everything to move..and purge..I came across so many art supplies that were not cleaned or not cleaned properly. so many dirty brushes. I broke out my tub of Old Masters brush cleaner and cleaned brushes for over a day! I donated a ton of brushes! Couldn't give them out dirty. and wasn't going to throw them out if I could help it. Some I had to....there was no help. There was paint in boxes that had spilled...oh I'm a messy artist, yes...yes I am. a messy cook too. Stuart cooks like you. Except for the stove, he leaves a dirty stove. I do clean the kitchen thoroughly after I cook! But I'll get up and leave a paining to rest and forget to go back....duh.

  25. I'm addicted to Netflix. Did you say you watched House of Cards? I can't remember. I have 2 more episodes to go. Wow...what a show.

    I wish I were better about keeping everything clean. I always have good intentions, and I always seem to have everything spotless, except for on the rare occasion when someone unexpectedly drops in. Then the place is a disaster. Of course.


  26. You are so orderly and clean as you create! I'm the opposite. Looks like a disaster zone until I'm all done. ;)

  27. It's been hot and sticky here on and off. We had a couple of really nice days this past week, but the heat and humidity are back and thunderstorms are on the way. They say some might be severe. Not looking forward to any severe stuff.

    Congrats on winning one of the giveaways from your friend. That was a really neat thing for her to do. Loved the card. :)

  28. I clean as I go in the kitchen, but hubby, our main chef, does not (fair trade: he cooks, I clean). But that's where it stops. Today, I finally finished unpacking from vacation (home almost 2 full weeks ago). I did really well to start - the laundry was done within a day of return but the bits and pieces of other things that needed to be put away stayed in the suit case until today (beach detritus for my front yard dry river bed). Which is to say, you can come visit and annoy me by cleaning up behind me any old day! xo


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