Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It is Tuesday morning already and I forgot to take a picture with my trusty thermal coffee mug.  :(  Trust me.  It is right here by my side.  I'm sure the folks over at T Stands For Tuesday can visualize it quite easily--as could any of you, right?  LOL!  ;)
We have had the most gorgeous days!!!  I've even believed the weather app on my cell phone when it has said 0% chance of rain and left the living room windows open all night, too, so that it is nice and cool in here in the mornings.    
Been somewhere around 80 (26C) during the days...
...and around 60ish (15 C) at night.  Perfect, perfect weather!!
Even when we have had more clouds than blue sky there's been no rain to speak of the last couple days. 
I've been reading away because Pam from the library was coming Monday afternoon to pick up my books.  I had one book I never got to, so she renewed that one for me and brought two more.  She's waiting for some Cat Who books from another library and will bring a bunch of those when they arrive, too.  We had a great long visit.
Miss Karma loves it when the windows are open.  
She spends a lot of time watching the swallows dart in and out of the balconies. 
They love to build nests on top of the balcony lights. 
Kids run about. 
She can watch the construction workers over at that apartment building... 
...and people come and go in their cars. 
These guys scared her, though, and she fled.  The sound of the big black flapping tarp was too much for her, I guess.  Makes me wonder if cats have a natural reaction to anything that sounds like giant wings coming to snatch them up for lunch?  Karma probably knows she'd be a banquet, eh?
  No clue what they were up to.  The one guy moved a bicycle out of the way? 
They were measuring and cutting pieces of tarp.  Leaks?  Landscaping up by the building maybe?  Sorry about a few of the pictures.  Shooting through the screen...the camera won't always focus past the mesh. 
Sometimes Karma sat in her chair on the other side of the table, too. 
But this morning something else caused her to bolt from her spy perch.   
This guy was shooting water out of the fire hydrant for a little while. 
Maybe fear of loud hissing sounds is an instinctive snake aversion?  Karma definitely cherishes her well-being, let me tell you.  ;)
Haven't made it over to see McFamily since Friday.  And I can't seem to copy and paste the pictures of Ian that Leah has shared in her dropbox file.  I'll have extra pictures of Ian I can post even if I haven't been able to make it over, she said...well, if I can figure out how to move them.  Copy and paste is not working for some reason.  I am planning to go over today...we'll see...plans are always tentative in my world--LOL!  But whenever I go over next time I am bringing my laptop so Leah can show me how to steal her pictures of Mr. Ian.  ;)
This gorgeous weather is supposed to stick around for a while.  Karma and I are in seventh heaven!!  I hope you are having beautiful days wherever you are.  Happy, happy Tuesday!! 
"And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love."
William Blake 


  1. So glad to see a day in Karma's life. It was fun watching as she took in the sights and sounds. And it was good that you were there to record the entire process.

    Would love to know what the tarp was for, but guess we'll never know for sure. I wonder if there's such a thing as having to drain the water lines every so often.

    It's a bit hot here, but I'm hoping for cooler temps, because Bleubeard insists we use the AC.

    Thanks for sharing and joining for T this Tuesday dear Rita.

  2. lovely skies! congrats on the great weather, too. love to see karma enjoying her view.

  3. Lovely clods and Miss Karma is a cool cat ..reminds me on my grandma always looking out of her kitchen-window to be part of every day life!
    Happy T-stands for tuesday!

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Best Karma pictures ever! The screen actually looks cool.

    It's 69 degrees here right now.

  5. Lovely day in the life post.

  6. I hope you get to see Ian this afternoon. Have you read any more Anne Tyler?


  7. The weather has been beautiful here too. Karma really enjoys her window time :)

  8. We are enjoying some of those lovely temperatures here on the East Coast, too! Just beautiful sleeping weather. Our clouds are not as dramatic as yours--you have a great view.

  9. I'd love to be your cat with a life like that, if only she could speak, but I wouldnt like to have her name. all I hear is KARMA WILL GET YA
    Bridget #1

  10. You always capture the most fantastic sky photos no matter the temps. Fun to see how Karma spends her day.


  11. Hey, I don't like hissing things, either. Karma is no dummy. Love the pictures of here and hope you are able to visit McFamily soon. :-)

  12. I always enjoy your photos of cloud and sky! cute pics of your beautiful cat, and...just wondering, what is a Cat Who book? anything like the science fiction Dr. Who? :) happy T day!

  13. BEautiful skies! Visiting via Hilary's blog this morning.

  14. Hmmm, wing flapping and hissing sounds... I think Karma knows she would taste good to a Dragon (especially with some Ketchup).

  15. Hi Rita and Karma, thank you for stopping by for T-Day

    I LOVE the sky pictures, such blue skies and puffy white clouds. Here is has been heat bleached skies with dull gray clouds, NOT our normal summer. So much humidity for this area. Yuck!

    Enjoyed the pictures of Karma, she definitely knows what sounds she doesn't like.

  16. Jinx's day mimics alot of Karma's day...lol..... He loves the windows open too and i can accomodate him for most of the morning....We've been 100 degrees for almost 2 weeks now..sigh ..i envy you your weather... Jinx likes to 'talk' to the birds..he's so funny...I can just imagine what he's saying...is he insulting them or trying to coax them closer....? :)
    Alot of construction going on here too.. We are having a walkway put in and its taking FOREVER... Thanks for stopping by for T! Hugs! deb

  17. Last week it was way too hot here, but this week the temperatures have gone down a bit so our temperatures are like yours, though we've had the odd bit of rain. Well, more a quick storm here and there than anything. We've had the windows open pretty much constantly for close to two weeks now. I love having the windows open to catch the breeze! Also, I do love storms - especially when they come with thunder - so I'm perfectly happy with the weather this week. I dare say Kero, the degus and the gerbils would prefer it if the storms hadn't existed though.

    Sounds like Karma's had lots of shows to watch on her personal cat TV lately; DIY shows, nature shows, and even a horror movie or two, LOL!

  18. Looking forward to more pics of Ian! I think it would have been quite hilarious to see poor Karma jump. A little bit of excitement for her. We got up to 36 C today. Tried to work outside but it was just too hot.

  19. How great was this post, it was good to see life through Karma's eyes so to speak

  20. We've had some lovely days here too. It's winter and I'm sitting here in a summer skirt and short-sleeved-T shirt. I love your cloud pics!

    Karma makes a great people watcher. At least, she is quiet. If Jack or Cody see someone walk past our house, they are very vocal about telling said people to keep walkin'. Drives me nuts at times. Jack is worse than Cody...Jack is very territorial and feels quite smug about it.

    Cody is terrified of anything that makes loud noise, poor baby. :(

    I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of Ian.

    Love and hugs ~ xo


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