Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Happy Tuesday Morning!
It's been cooler here again the last couple days.  I believe we missed the record for the lowest high temp since 1908 yesterday by one degree (68).  I'm loving it, of course.   
Karma's been keeping me company.
Glad I was home all week--LOL! 
(How can that be comfortable?)
My packages finally arrived.  I now have some beautiful thinner red leather that I am going to try to turn into journal covers... 
...and a gallon of Elmer's glue.  [Was cheaper online with no delivery charge than going over to Office Max in town.  I do worry about local businesses.] 
I'm still using up the rest of my watered down ModPodge first, though.  I wanted to test out gluing the paper towels together on one of the cutting mats I bought to use as liners for the drying rack.  I wanted to see if they stained...cleaned easily...would the glued down paper peel off?  Dried it overnight. 
Peeled it off (no problem) in the morning.  This is the other side.  Notice anything? 
It absorbed the black logo right off the cutting mat! 
So I will just have to be careful which side I use--LOL! 
Since I have only been using water reactive color (Dylusion sprays and watercolors) I decided to make up some acrylic sprays to test.  Karma kept me company. 
You may recall I purchased some little spray bottles quite a while ago.  Well, this was what I had in mine.  I used the Dick Blick tube artist's acrylics, distilled water, and some steel ball bearings to mix up a dozen colors.  I was testing them out on one of the paper towels...while drinking my Sumatra (favorite of mine) black for all the gang over at T Stands For Tuesday.  ;)
I lined them up with their tubes as I went so I could come back and make the labels for the spray bottles... 
...with the new erasable labels I got on Amazon.
Was trial and error.  I got a couple of them too thick, I think, but at least I will have some acrylic paints to test out on the cutting mats, too.  That stack of paper towels I found gives me all kinds of play time.  I want to try crinkling, collaging torn pieces, varying the number of towels I glue together, different mediums for adding color, using different amounts of glue (I am too heavy handed, I think), and find out whether I can draw or doodle on the paper after it is dry.  Lots of experiments to come!
Meanwhile...I made an envelope for the really odd-sized bookcard I made from the first paper towels I glued together.  (That We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board is great, BTW!) 
 And then yesterday... 
...I spent the afternoon... 
...visiting Ian and Mama...and got in some personal gramma-time, too, of course.   
He is three weeks old today! 
I will have to learn how to take pictures of moving objects.  (No offense, Karma.) 
Ian did sleep soundly with Mama for some time while we visited.
Well, as soundly as Ian sleeps--LOL!  He is constantly making sounds and wiggling--even if it is very softly and just twitches.  Ian is seldom silent or still for long.  ;)
I stayed long enough to spend some time with Dagan after work, too.  :)  Ian's up a couple times at night.  Mom and Dad are tired, but very happy.  Ian has already been out and about to a restaurant and shopping.  They want babies back up to their birth weight in two weeks and Ian was 11 lbs 1 oz at his doctor visit last week.  He's doing great!  :)
I always check with Leah before making arrangements for a visit.  They are still quite busy.  That hasn't changed much--LOL!  They've had out of town company staying for nine days (he comes and goes, though) and Leah's sister, Ariel, is coming up from Minneapolis for an overnight this week.  They have two weddings coming up, I believe, and various plans and appointments here and there.  Are hoping the patio might be poured this week if all goes well.  Busy.  Busy.  I'm not really up to visiting two days in a row, either.  So once or twice a week seems to be working well for me right now.  I could certainly go more often if I wanted to, but I want to be able to still be functional at home and able do things here, too.  Kind of playing it by ear, you know?  Makes me wish I was younger and healthier sometimes, but it's all good.  We're all adjusting to life with Ian--LOL!  ;)
Anyways, it's a gorgeous day up here with windows wide open and birds singing.  Happy, happy Tuesday!!!  Life is good!!  :) :)  
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust     


  1. So glad you could join us for the T Stands for Tuesday anniversary. I like Sumatra blend, too. It's high on my list after French Roast, of course.

    Karma looks cozy, at least as cozy as a cat. They DO get in some weird positions, don't they.

    Had to laugh at the paper towel experiment. Who would have thought the label would come off like that?

    Thanks for sharing all the fun with Ian, too. He's grown. And thanks again for taking part in this special T event this week.

  2. You always have the nicest quotes that always speak to me Rita.
    Your grandson Ian is one darling boy...what a blessing (we have a 40 year old son Ian and I Love that the name means "gift of God"...he likes that too).
    Fun color experiments you have going on...I used a plastic shopping bag as backing and sure enough some ugly red and black write transferred and it was nothing like my color scheme...learned my lesson on that one and will use freezer paper next time.
    Happy T Day...here's to continued fun and sharing!

  3. You have a GORGEOUS grandson!!

  4. ian is just a cutie. :)

  5. so, Karma's keeping you company? Looks like the other way around:) Always fun to get new art supplies-I love how organized you are with your paints and home made sprays! I think the accidental "print" just adds to the painted page. And Ian- OMG- how utterly sweet! Happy T day!

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Ian sounds like a sleeping puppy. I wonder if Karma got a headache. It's 63 here right now. :)

  7. Cats can relax in any position, can't they!

    Happy T Day Anniversary! :)

  8. Having the words rub off on a project would be the kind of thing that happens to me! You look well stocked with sprays now. Had to laugh at Karma's sleeping position. Happy T anniversary!

  9. Ian is so beautiful. To my amazement, last night I saw Sweet Young Allison sitting on her porch with Caroline, who is adorable. I told her I will teach her to play the piano and I'll read to her (Caroline, not Allison).


  10. What a handsome grandson you have! I know you are so very proud. So glad you get to see him a lot. I rarely get to see my grandkids who all live out of state now. Makes me sad, but I love them just the same and we really enjoy the time when we do get together! I love your current project. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  11. Awwwww. What a lovely calm baby.
    I like your coloured papers. I love my envelope maker too...great for those odd size cards.

  12. I really like the looks of those paper towels and like how you are experimenting with everything. Of course I like the pictures of Ian most of all.


  13. Ian is a doll! His twitching and noises brought back a memory.

    My oldest slept in a bassinet in our room until I couldn't get any sleep with all his twitching and gurgling. I think the sleeping in mom and dad's room lasted barely a week! LOL

  14. Hello and Happy T Day! I love your PT project, even if you can't use it. I love paper towels for art projects and just hanging on to.
    LOVE your clouds as always, was cool here today after 3 days of HOT, YAY!!
    OMG, that grandson is soooo cute. I would sit and hold him all day, already warned my kids to have a bed or couch made up for me and for an extended stay, lol. They told me they won't announce when their babies are born then, lol. Enjoy him and all the snuggles.
    Have a great week.

  15. I just can't get over how big Ian is. He sure doesn't look like he's just three weeks old. And I'm so glad to learn that you are taking care of yourself and not trying to be all things to all at once. Yay for you! :-)

  16. Loved the pics of Karma, as always. I've often wondered how cats can be comfortable in some of those sleeping positions. lol

    Ian is adorable, and he's growing, and most importanly, he is healthy. Nice little family you have there. :)

    My daughter goes for another pre-natal checkup tomorrow. Next month will be weekly visits until the baby is born. Hoping all goes well.

    It's been very hot and humid here the past few days. Yesterday and this morning was like a sauna outside, and it's still pretty warm tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to bring in the cooler, fresher air. Can hardly wait. lol

  17. hahaha taking off the logo was very funny, that is what glue does so when you really want to transfer images remember .

    Awww my gawd that baby is so cute, give Ian a big hug next time for me
    Bridget #4

  18. Lots going on here!
    sweet baby!

  19. oh the bright colors of paint in the bottles look just like candy!! love all your experiments! you do need to clean out the spray nozzle with clean water after you are done using them, right? rinse them and then spray til you get clear water...so the paint doesn't dry inside the nozzle. I think. keep us posted on your progress...happy T anniversary!

  20. If I haven't mentioned it before, Ian is beautiful!

    Please keep the cooler weather, and give me back the warm weather! I'm not liking a high temp of 68. That is just SO wrong for mid July.

  21. Oh my goodness Ian is growing so fast and he is such a handsome little man. Pleased to see you got some arting done and making your own sprays too is so much fun. I did it this last month and went a bit mad to be honest and came up with some really interesting blends. I added some mica powder to some of mine to get the shimmer you only need a tiny bit on the end of a paddle stick and the result is stunning.

    Anyway I hope you have a wonderful week and give Karma a pat from me.

    Hugs Eliza

  22. Hi Rita, thanks for coming by for T this week.

    What an adorable GS you have, makes me miss mine.

    Was laughing at your paper towel experiment. I have use Mod Podge for photo transfers, wouldn't have thought of the logo on a matt. The way we learn things can be hilarious at times.

    Have a great week.

  23. I just wanna squeeze that baby! He is so darned cute! Love your paint dyed paper towels. Looking forward to seeing your newest creations!

  24. I'm glad Ian is doing so well, and that Leah and Dagan are adjusting well to being parents.

    I'm also glad your packages arrived, and you managed to get some crafting in.

  25. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Ian is such a cutie. So alert!

    I'm not surprised the words came off of the mat...ha...you will need to be careful, do I sound like I'm speaking from experience?

    you amaze me with all you do! all the time. <3 wendy

  26. You know what made this post awesome, baby photos, just saying oh yeah you have so much talent unlike me who has none

  27. So much going on in your life Rita! You're a super busy lady, just like Karma! :p

    Love the idea of the ball bearings in the spray bottles. Where did you buy the bottles? Over here the same bottles are $1 each, and I'm not buying anymore at that price.

    Good luck with your journal covers, that red is gorgeous!

  28. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Oh, that baby is gorgeous!

  29. What a lovely upbeat post. Of course, many of your posts are all bright and cheerful.

    Do you exhibit any of your work anywhere? What happens to it when you’ve made something attractive?

    Ian looks like a jolly handsome chap, doing well and keeping his mum and dad busy and gramma too, when she can get away from that lazy Karma.

  30. Such a sweet little baby..cutie! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful skyscapes..Karma is adorable..and lovely magical art!!

  31. Great post to help me catch up Rita,
    fantastic online purchases and lots to play with now ;D
    What a beautiful little bundle...so cute. You must be thrilled. He looks very contented. Not as contented as Karma but very relaxed.
    Muffy can rest her head in the most awkward positions too ^..^
    Never a dull moment is there?
    Have a great week xoxo

  32. Aww what a cutey pie Ian is!!! I hope he sleeps without the "wood block hard" pillows!! Do you think Karma would lend him one anyway?


    That red leather looks beautiful!

    Hugs - hope YOU are well.

  33. Good to see photos of the baby! Sounds like he is growing perfectly! Good that you can visit him anytime:)

  34. Hey...you've come up with a new method for transferring images without even realizing it! And that Ian is such a doll. He'll grow so fast!


  35. Ian is just adorable! Congratulations on becoming a Grandma!! Loved the quote that you had at the end of your post.

  36. Babies grow so fast!!!! What a darling boy he is! I remember that kind of "tired" very well, lol!


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