Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I am not moving very fast.  Goodness!  Like a three-legged turtle!  It is already afternoon.
We had a faint rainbow in the clouds a couple days ago.  
Can you see it? 
Yesterday was the first day I even managed to take pen in hand to work on the several letters I owe.  I have only been doing what I absolutely had to--like visit the new family and laundry and make food and cuddle Karma.  ;)
Black coffee in the thermal mug for T Stands For Tuesday today over at Elizabeth's.  I didn't make it last week due to Ian's long slow entrance into our lives last week.  (I posted about it last Wednesday.)  Karma and I are exhausted--LOL!  Well, Karma is always exhausted.  But let's just say that Gramma Rita pushed herself a bit too far and is taking it easy at home this week...possibly all week if I can stand to be away that long--LOL!  ;)
In all the excitement I kind of forgot that there is a very good reason I have been housebound for nine years--LOL!  Suddenly being out and about (even if it was just over to the hospital once and Dagan and Leah's several times) maybe three days a week was quite a shift and really caught up with me this week.  Yup!  This was why I was hoping to be a grandma in better physical health.  Oh well.  Maybe after I have some time to recoup from those three days with 7 hours of sleep things will go more smoothly.  Pretty sad when you are in worse shape than the mother who was in labor for 68 hours and 52 minutes--ROFL!  ;)  Pathetic, right!?
  I was last over on Saturday.  Dagan, Leah, and Ian are all doing fine.  They were all tired, too.
Dagan is also taking this week off from work, too, so he is there to help Leah as she recovers.  I am so proud of the new Mama and Daddy that I could just bust!  And Ian...can hardly wait to get to know him better and watch him experience the wonders of living and learning. 
But for right now, I have been sleeping a lot and am a total (aching) noodle...too tired to even read yet...or write till yesterday.  (So worth it, though!!)  Just trying to get back to my normal functioning...which is gradually returning.  :)  So very, very happy that I can't really describe it well.  It's like this new energy settled into my being and shifted my core.
Tuesdays child is full of grace.
(Better than mine with the Wednesday full of woe thing--LOL!)
Meanwhile, July has arrived.  I am balancing my checkbook and tweaking my orders for this month.  It was running about 80 degrees for quite a while and suddenly it is 60 today!  Damp.  Chilly even.  But then we go into the 70s for a few days--ahhh!  I wish it would quit raining, though.  The ground never has a chance to dry out.  
Anyways, have a wondrous, magical week.
Life is soooo good!!  :):)
"I love to think that the day you're born, you're given the world as a birthday present."
    Leo Buscaglia 


Feral Turtle said...

Gorgeous pictures of a stormy sky! Loved the pics of baby and mom and glad they are doing well. Glad grandma Rita and Karma are relaxing and better rested too! Well I have to get my butt outside to mow as I think I can hear the darn stuff growing. Off to town tonight for some Canada Day fireworks!

Janie Junebug said...

I am a Monday's child, who is fair of face. God bless Ian. I think you will build up your strength and be able to do more and more. I have faith in God and in you.


TexWisGirl said...

enjoy that cool down! and do enjoy some rest at home! sounds like everything's going well at dagon and leah's. :)

GrandmaG said...

Glad you included more pictures of Ian. He's sooooo cute!

I know it's tough to stay away, especially since baby's change so much from day to day. I'm praying you get some strength back soon, but I'm sure Karma's happy you're spending more time at home :)

St. Louis is getting a lot of rain, too, and I'm not complaining one bit! Our summers typically are so hot and dry, so I'm enjoying all the green for as long as God sees fit.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful quote!! Take care of yourself, Grandma!!

Serena Lewis said...

Yes, you need to rest and recuperate a little until your body adjusts, IF it adjusts to a new, more mobile, routine. I'm so glad that all is going well with the newest addition to your family. Love seeing the photos...that one of Leah admiring her precious son is beautiful! It's great that Dagan took a week off...that help is so important for a new mum.

I was born on a Monday and yes, I am fair of face. hehe

Enjoy your week, Rita.

Love and hugs ~ xo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think you are doing better than you ever imagined a month ago. Even with this minor (and I believe it is minor) setback, you are doing a great job of recovering after the diet you were on, and then the trauma of the birth. Even Karma looks different, like she's lost some weight. Bleubeard was the one who pointed it out (grin).

Thanks for catching us up on life in your world and the update on Ian and family. And as always, thanks for joining in on T this Tuesday.

Ariel said...

Congratulations! Your grandson is so adorable. I'm sure you are going to have a great time with him in the coming years.
Hope you take enough rest and regain your energy to do all your pending tasks.
Have a wonderful week

Deb said...

Rest up and get feeling better. That grandson of yours is just beautiful!

Beth said...

Your new grandbaby is adorable!! So is Karma!

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh you poor dear , you sound as tired as you are excited. I do hope you rest up as Karma is doing:) Congrats on that sweet bundle of joy that is Ian! Happy T day to you

DJan said...

I am also a Tuesday's child. I love your pictures and am very glad to hear you are beginning to recover from it all. I still gasp when I see the size of that newborn! :-)

Robyn said...

babies and rainbows! sigh!

Anonymous said...

Cute baby.
Cute kitty.

Nancy said...

Well Grandma Rita :) congrats to you and the proud parents, what a gorgeous baby!! Glad all is well and that you can rest with Karma this week :)
Happy T day :) I'm also a 'Wednesdays' child!

Divers and Sundry said...

Congratulations! What sweet pictures :) I think you've discovered why babies are had by the young ;) I'm glad all are doing well.

Eliza said...

So pleased to hear the new family member and parents are doing so well. You take it easy and rest up, it does sound like you have over done it a bit. Pat karma, cuddle karma and rest with karma and have a wonderful week.

Hugs Eliza

Ohhh Snap said...

Congratulations on your new family member!

Victoria Zigler said...

It's going to take time for everyone to recover from such an exhausting delivery. But I'm sure baby Ian is worth it!

I'm also positive that Ian won't mind if you're not in good enough shape to have the energy to run around with him or whatever. In fact, I think it will be a good thing for him having to learn from the start about some people having limited abilities due to health issues or disabilities.

Furry Bottoms said...

It hit 93 degrees here yesterday all of a sudden. Right out of the blue. I was a grumpy grump!!! I don't deal well with heat or humidity. I think your life is going to shift a lot more. Karma has yet to meet the baby, which will happen eventually when the family is ready to come back over. She will probably hide, but that will be traumatic for her-- never will she see Leah or Dagan alone again!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Glad mum and bub are doing well, sorry you have not been 100% yourself but I am happy to see the photos of mum and bub I do love babies

AliceKay said...

Little Ian looks peaceful and happy being in his mother's arms. I hope things settle down soon and you feel better. Having a baby takes a lot out of a grandma. ;)

It's been hazy, hot, and humid here all week. Highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s. (too hot for me) We've had bad thunderstorms blowing thru the past few days. They're hit and miss...never know when they will hit. There was a tornado warning south of me in the Pocono Mountains area of Pennsylvania this evening. Didn't hear of any major damage from the storms...just lots of fallen trees and power outages.

Friko said...

everybody may be exhausted but they’re all happy and everything’s good!

handsome chap you got there, gramma Rita.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are doing good Grandmothering takes lots of energy! Babies love being all swaddled up tight it makes them feel secure:)

Intense Guy said...


I will always enjoy seeing photos of Ian!! Don't you wish you could sleep like he does (I know I do!)

Carol said...

YOu'll recover...we always do and for awhile things will be ok until we over do it again. THe books look great and can't wait to see more baby pics..he's so adorable.

Denise Price said...

This is why I always regret it when I have to miss a week or two to tea...I miss out on important things...like BABIES BEING BORN! Congratulations on you gorgeous little grandson!!!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your grandson is so precious! What a peaceful and nurturing picture of him with Leah. Lovely!!