Saturday, August 23, 2014


Good Morning!  Good Morning!
We've had some interesting clouds... 
...drifting across the horizon... 
...on these hot, sticky days. 
I went over to visit McFamily on Wednesday.  While Ian slept Leah and I finished cutting out all the furniture (and some future furniture) paper representatives and played around with floor plans.  There's no comparison to the one with den--OMG!  I could really have an art and craft room!   
It would be similar to how I live now with the regular one-bedroom.  I'd even have to put a couple of bookcases in the pantry--LOL! 
No matter what--the curio cabinet was another piece of furniture I wondered about getting rid of and there was never extra space for it, so that will go, too.  Amazingly I would have room for the triple dresser in the bedroom in either.  Bigger bedroom.  But there's less actual wall space elsewhere because here I have the half wall between the kitchen and the living room and have a hallway and an entryway.  But with the den...ahhh!  Perfection!!  
Now I can really visualize!  Miss Karma would have her fancy cat box under the bedroom window.  I would fix her up a place to lounge right on top of it where she could (hopefully) see out the window.  Of course, sliding glass doors to the balcony would give her a good view, too.  And I guesstimated the size of a loveseat with a recliner built in so that (besides Karma) a little grandboy could come up and sit right next to me.  Wouldn't that be nice?
Anyways, Ian woke up.  Mama fed him.  Then he had playtime...kicking feet and swinging arms.

And now (gift from somebody Dagan works with) he gets propped up on this colorful mat to do some belly time. 
That triangular thing there has a mirror on it! 
Ian does pretty well lifting that big, heavy head of his for a while. 
Can watch the other baby.  What fun! 
But exhausting fun.  That head is a lot of work to heft about... he chews and sucks on the bracelet-type toys on his wrists.  (I've never seen those before--cool!) 
Meanwhile, at home...Karma was catching a few rays one morning when we actually had some.  (Been clouded over half the time.)  I called her name...  
What do you want?  Oh, just the camera?  Not treats?  Or anything even remotely interesting to me?
Geez!  I'm trying to take a nap here.
Leah's going to cut Dagan's hair tonight so I plan to make a trip over so she can trim mine, too, at the same time.  I plan to put up the lift chair on freecycle this weekend.  I started going through all the files already.  Been watching Boardwalk Empire.  Expect more episodes in the mail today.  It's a grey, blanketed, dark day.  Rained during the night and we expect more light fact, could be drizzling now.  The humidity is higher than the temperature.  Perfect day to putter inside.  ;)
Enjoy your weekend!! 
Don't forget to dream big!  
"May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder."
John O'Donohue 


  1. ian is so very cute. :)

  2. I hope you get that new apartment!!

  3. My fingers are crossed and re-crossed for that apartment. It does look almost perfect. Sending little Ian and Karma some hugs. :-)

  4. Darling pictures of little Ian. He sure has some fun toys to play with! Glad to see that you are planning and visualizing your new place! Keep praying. I'm sure it will happen. Have a good week. Regards to Karma and McFamily.

  5. Ian's head is big and heavy because his brain is so large. He's a smart little guy already. I like the thought of a grandboy next to you on a love seat.


  6. Don't know who is cuter, Karma or Ian. But I think Bleubeard knows (grin).

    That visualizing is giving you a project. I sure hope you get put on the list, because it would really be a blessing.

    Lovely cloud formations, too.

  7. That new apartment sounds as if it would be ideal. I really hope it happens for you!

  8. There are all these positive thoughts about a certain apartment coming over to you, can you still feel them?

    Woudn’t it be wonderful if you were the lucky lady who got to move there and enjoy weeks of fun arranging (and rearranging, if I know you) her bits and pieces to her full satisfaction.

    Ah well, back to the crossed fingers. . . .

  9. Still saying a prayer for your move soon!! That little Ian is so darned adorable, and we can't forget about Karma!! Love your layout board! It is the best. Are you watching The Bridge with subtitles? I searched Netflix and that's the one that came up.

  10. The lay out of your new apartment is great and I know you will be so much happier there :) Ian is growing by leaps and bounds and so cute :)

  11. Ian sounds like he's doing well with his development, and getting properly spoiled too!

    Oh, yes, you have to have a special spot for Karma to watch cat TV, and room for a certain little boy to climb up on the loveseat... No apartment of yours would be complete without those things!

  12. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Your description of Ian's head was cracking me up. He seems to enjoy tummy time more than most little ones.

    Karma's head looked heavy too. :)

  13. Oh what a good uplifting post, with some wonderful photos of one cute baby who is growing well

  14. I hope the apartment pans out! What a precious baby Ian is- and growing so fast! And Aunt Miss Karma must be loving it~

  15. Just stopping to say hi. Your little Ian is looking so alert, must be fun to see him growing. I'm still sending those "new home" thoughts.


  16. Hello Rita! It's Melynda. I don't know if you remember me. I had some eye surgeries and now see a little better so I am back to blogging. I see you had a grandbaby also! Mine is a baby girl named Lily. :)

  17. Dear Rita, thanks for showing us the two floor plans. I got a little lost, however. So, is the top one where you hope to be living? and is the second plan the layout of where you live now? Or are both these plans the layouts for apartments where you hope to move? If so, are you deciding between the two possibilities?
    It's so wonderful that you are going to have a craft room! Peace.

  18. So cool how you and Leah have the floor plans and furniture all figured out for your new apartment. :)

    Loved the pics of Ian. He's really active now. I bet he'll be crawling before too long.

    Dream big!

  19. Sending positive thoughts that the new apartment becomes a reality! I'm on Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire--just a few episodes to go!

  20. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Oh, Ian is just adorable!

  21. You were able to get floor plans of two possible apartments? YAY! Lots to plan...what fun! I can hardly wait for you to move.

    Ian seems to be enjoying his play mat. Babies achieve so much in their first year. The play centres are great! They certainly have a lot more gadgets and things available for babies nowadays. It's big business!

    I cut 4 inches off my hair the other morning....join the club. :)

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  22. A place without cat tv is just an apartment - not a home. :)

    Someday I'll come up with a quote others will remember me by. :)

  23. I can't believe how big Ian is getting! Seems like yesterday Leah was pregnant...and the birth was announced. How time flies.


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