Monday, November 30, 2020

November 30, 2020 Monday--9:30am

Got a notice last week that we have covid in our apartment complex. 
More than one case, apparently.

The day before this notice went around the guy across the hall from me knocked on my door because he said he had gotten a bunch of my mail in his box.  He fumbled the many envelopes and dropped them all on the floor...picked them up...and then went through them one by one handing me mine.  He did have a mask on, which isn't something he usually ever did.
But the next day after we got the covid notice letter outside our doors I saw this taped to his door!
Now why didn't he at least warn me that he'd tested positive for covid a few days before!?  I would have had him leave the mail outside my door.  And yesterday the sign was gone from his door.  So he didn't think he needed to even have it up for 14 days of quarantine, I guess.  But he very likely is one of the unbelievers who thinks it's a hoax.  We have many people here who I have never seen wear a mask even though they send out notices and put up signs.  It's probably surprising that it took this long to get into our senior building.
Anyways, Leah's grandparents decided to skip Thanksgiving.  Her brother, Aaron, came over, though.  He lives alone in an apartment complex in downtown Fargo.  Leah sent me some pictures.  Looks like they had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving.
Mama and the boys.
Ian's "I am thankful for" turkey he made for school.
Video games.
Liam hanging big bells on the tree.
I'm glad Aaron got to go over for Thanksgiving, anyways.  :)
I've been in the deep doldrums.  :(
Still have the sinus issues that hang on and I often have every winter.  Been very tired and decided not to fight it.  Just napping and dozing whenever.  Been through at least one box of Puffs.  But now I really do need to start working on getting Christmas cards ready to mail.  I have had no mojo.  Need to turn things around somehow.  
Too tired to even look up a quote.  Sorry.  Hopefully this will be a better week.  My very best wishes to each and every one of you to stay safe and well.  :)


  1. Well that guy is a real jerk. No common sense at all. I do hope you are feeling better soon...maybe you should contact your Doctor. :)

  2. What sweet boys and family you have. How thoughtless of your neighbor to handle all your mail after having tested positive for Covid. I hope he respects the quarantine, or gets retested, maybe that was a false positive. Be well dear blog friend.

  3. We all get down on occasion, but with the covid virus, we need to be even more careful. I hope you sprayed your mail with Lysol or similar and immediately sanitized your hands. I never go outside my front door without a mask or gloves on. We can never be too careful, especially those of us who are immune compromised.

    Looks like McFamily had a nice Thanksgiving. The boys look SO cute, too. Please feel better soon, dear friend.

  4. Good grief! That guy sounds like a real jerk, as Far Side says. I wish I could send you some healing vibes that would make you instantly healthy! I'm trying to send them.... Love you!

  5. Some people leave us speechless about how stupid they look with their head in the sand. Sorry you are down hope yout mood lifts soon. No Covid around here thankfully

  6. He shoulda _said_ something! How maddening :( People don't really think, do they. I hope your energy level goes up and you feel better soon.

  7. Hi Rita - so happy your shared your McFamily pictures today.

    Shocking really to have a person knock and hand your mail over (and dropping it several times while doing that !!!) and knowing he had tested positive - you have been SO CAREFUL and then stuff like this happens.

    I am sending you love and hopefulness that you feel better and your energy returns soon Rita. Keep up the resting and listening to what your body tells you what you should do. Sinus issues hurt. Hope you have another box of Puffs handy - I am sure you do.

    Hugs and Love

  8. Hi Rita. Yes, we have people out here in Utah too, who just refuse to wear masks or keep them up over both mouth and nose. Very frustrating as the virus is exploding out here too. Supposed to get worse before Christmas, I understand, because some people just don't care. I am so sorry the virus has literally hit close to your home. Take care and do watch yourself carefully. See you again soon.

  9. OH NO, Rita! I just saw your post and I agree with Djan and Far Side — that guy is a total jerk! I fear that too many Americans are complacent about how serious Covid is which, the packed airports during your Thanksgiving period attested to. Covid is deadly and it's unbelievable to me that they would put family members at risk. Masks are only part of a solution. Social distancing, frequent sanitising, and staying home apart from necessary travel are key factors in helping to stop the spread. We also wore disposable gloves and, of course, lockdowns if needed. As a combination, it worked here. I truly don't think Trump helped with his complacent attitude on Covid either.

    I hope you sanitised well after handling the mail from your neighbour. I am worried for you!

    Don't you worry about sending Christmas cards out this year. We understand. Your health is much more important, my friend. Rest up and recuperate and I'm sending prayers that you stay clear of Covid.

    Glad to see McFamily had a nice Thanksgiving. I think it was wise for Leah's Grandparents to stay home. Can't be too careful.

    Much love and big hugs xo

  10. Your neighbor makes me so mad! Anyone that has tested positive should have better sense than that. I don't understand how so many people can see and hear what has been going on and still not believe about the danger of this virus.

    I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest and liquids. If you don't feel better soon or if you run a fever maybe you should see your doctor? If you are sick I wouldn't worry about the cards. Your health is more important!

    I love the pictures of the family. The boys look like they had a fun day. You take care and get to feeling better!

  11. Some people are not chock-full of brains.

    Hopefully, that brief encounter wasn't enough to lead to infection.

    Now, why did the expression chock-full pop into my brain? I didn't even know how to spell it.

  12. It’s so easy to be in the doldrums these days and not feeling well sure makes it worse. Added to this is the covid outbreaks. While I agree the neighbor may have acted carelessly it is also possible that a positive test result had not been confirmed at the time he brought your mail. We have been tested several times and in all cases did not get results, all negative, until a few days later...just saying.

    It seems the same all over, Rita, where people living in muti-family communities as we do simply do not follow all the rules. It is the same here with management sending out precautions and some residents ignoring them, but there are those who do comply, so not shaming all.

    Writing holiday cards is on my to do list this week, but it is hardly a chore as I am listening to holiday films and remembering people as I write a note in each card. This year more than ever, people need a bit of cheer. Thanks for sharing the photos of the McFamily turkey day. We celebrated just us two.

  13. Thinking of you ❤❤

  14. Too many people still believe what the president told them about the virus. I'm afraid you are right about your neighbor thinking it's a hoax. Although businesses have signs that a mask must be worn to enter, on the rare occasion that I must shop, I continue to see people without masks. I wonder if they enter with a mask and then remove it. Security people at the stores don't seem to do anything about it. I don't blame cashiers and other workers for not confronting them. They're probably afraid of getting punched. I'm afraid of the reaction from those people, too.


  15. Hi Rita I found you one divers and Sundry. There are so many people who have their heads, well you know where, including my family. However, what worried me about your post are you symptoms. They are the same that my DIL had and tested positive for covid. I am sending you healing energy and hope it is just the blues and sinus. These photo are lovely of your family. P.S. I am a huge scary movie watcher.

  16. Oh my friend i'am so sorry to hear you are down and not feeling good. So hard to get in the Christmas mood when you feel that way. Take care of you! These are scary times.. Love, deb

  17. Cute shots! Hope you are doing well.

  18. People are so uncaring. MY friend is dealing with her husbands cancer diagnosis. They see a specialist, high and mighty, she sends them back to the VA to get his treatment. Of course, the tech giving him his injection has the virus. Now they are both exposed. What is the matter with these folks? I am praying you will be fine. Thinking beautiful thoughts for you and hoping you are surrounded by them. HUGS across the miles and I do love your photos. Take care

  19. What a silly,selfish man! I hope that you wren able to open your post safely after that! We have been leaving packages to isolate for 72 hours each time although we do open letters, cards etc and wash hands immediately! Taking precautions isn't a bother at all!
    How lovely to see your family pics! Liam was really concentrating! Sorry to be so late, vertigo won time after time! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. That would be SUPER frustrating to have a neighbor who had COVID and didn't care about how his actions were affecting others. I hope you are starting to feel better. It sounds like you are really sick. :(


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