Thursday, February 17, 2011


We had sunny days in the 30's and even low 40s!
On Tuesday I finally left the porch door open for a while so Karma could sit by the screen door (I pulled the storm window up an inch so she could smell and feel the air). That was the only way she'd believe me that it was warmer on the porch--LOL! That 20-30 below windchill stuff completely put her off the porch for the last couple months. She finally did decide to ask to go out. Here she is telling me all about the shockingly warm porch. ;)
She just seemed amazed that all the snow was gone...
...but delighted that she could just sit on the porch listening to the birds. Yes--birds! The birds were singing and thrilled with the warmer weather, too.
After she came inside she was all lovey dovey happy girl.

I never made it over to the dentist's office until today. That's my life sometimes. Took me a week and a half to make it over there to sign the release form. But it is finally done. :)
We've had a lot of melting, but there's a long way to go. I took this looking out the main door downstairs (should have moved over to avoid the sign on the door). The snowbank has gone down maybe a foot or two, but there's a lot more left yet to turn the lawn into mud.
The dentist building kind of has the look of a warehouse. It's been a dark day with light freezing rain and wind advisories--but it is still 32 degrees right now, even if it doesn't feel like it. ;)
So--today was my last visit to the Family HealthCare Center with the "no weapons allowed" sign over the receptionist's desk.
I told the receptionist I would miss her. She's always been so nice and friendly. :)
I snapped a picture of this church I always look at from the parking lot.
Has such an old look to it.
I've kind of been on days, but still not sleeping well except for Monday night. When I don't sleep well I get, I'll be back again when I am feeling better and more chatty. Almost the weekend...and we're supposed to see a little bit of sun...along with a little bit of colder weather. Above zero, tho. Hope you have a really good weekend. :) :)
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
Soren Kierkegaard


Furry Bottoms said...

That is something I miss about having a cat... the kneading!

Barbara said...

A little glimpse of sunshine can go a long way in February.

Rita said...

Nikki--ya! There's something about a purring kneading cat that just reeks of contentment--ROFL! ;)

Barb--You betcha!! ;)

Deanna said...

That is a beautiful church. I would have been tempted to peek inside.

The temperatures got to 70 here yesterday! That is insane. It is supposed to get only into the 50's today, which is still warm for this time of year. It does this every year it seems - the temperatures creep up just long enough for my flowers and fruit trees to bud and then ZAP - here comes a freeze!

Karma definitely appears to be in heaven. Hope those headaches don't plague you too much. Yuck on those!

AliceKay said...

Karma sure looked content...for a very long time. I miss my cats. They used to knead their paws like that, too.

I liked seeing the pictures of the church. Do you happen to know what denomination it represents?

I hope you're able to get some more rest so those headaches go away. Take care of yourself.

Loved that quote, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Karma is so funny lol I sure hope you get your sun and happy some of your snow has melted, we are having wonderful weather here but I still would love snow LOL I hope you sleep well and have a lovely weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

OOPS, wanted to say also that the church is beautiful, thanks for sharing the picture, hugs!

Rita said...

Deanna--70!!! Whoohoo! That is insane! 50s still sounds really nice. I agree--yuck on headaches! ;)

AliceKay--I did sleep today, even if it was all day long again. I'll take what I can get. When I get some longer sleep, now I don't have a headache! :)
Nope--I never did look to see what denomination the church was. :(

Lynn--I'm not in any hurry for the spring and the mud and the water sitting in the lawn--unlike most who live up here, I suppose. Winter is just fine when it isn't below zero. And even below zero is fine if it's not windy. Trouble is, it is seldom not windy up here--hehe! My most unfavorite weather is anything above 80 degrees and lower than about 20 below. I like everything inbetween and I do like my snow.

That is a pretty, solid looking church. :)

Serena Lewis said...

I tend to get headaches when I don't sleep well either...I've been kinda like that all day today actually. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

I'm sure the receptionist appreciated knowing that you would miss her.

Maybe if you're over that way again, you can check out what denomination the church is just to satisfy our curious minds. :)

Rita said...

Serena--I hope you got some sleep, too.
I'll try to remember to peek if I am up that way, but it is doubtful. Not an area I would normally go to for anything. Maybe I can find it in the yellow pages?

Aha! I found it! Pontoppidan Lutheran Church and it's evangelical. I had to google that odd name and several pages came up an author (his father was a Danish Lutheran minister) who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917 for social type Danish literature. Not sure why a church would be named after him? Maybe there's some other reason for that name for the church? Anyways, that's the denomination. :)

Toriz said...

Karma always makes me miss my cats! She seems like such a sweetie!

I'm glad you're enjoying some nice weather for a while, and that Karma can have some outside time. Everyone needs some outside time!

I'm also glad you finally got over there to sign that form.

Rita said...

Tori--Sweet, but moody! I'll have to get a video of her growling and hissing at Dagan and Leah sometime and she won't look so sweet--ROFL!
It was nice to have some melting weather and to get that form signed--yes! Hope you have a good week!

Intense Guy said...

I bet even a cave dweller cat would like some fresh air and birdie song to lift it's spirits.


I'm glad you got the dentist biz finished up... now I hope you feel chipper and get back on daylight time!

Rita said...

Iggy--Yup! Karma was a happy camper that day!
I waited until I was on days and finally called this week to make an appointment with the new dentist. I think it is on the 14th. A Monday--whatever that date is. Soooo sick of dentists! But glad to be meeting a new one. :)