Friday, February 04, 2011


I thought Miss Karma needed a touch of spring so I drug in the frozen cat grass planter from the porch, let it defrost, planted some new cat grass seed, and set it up under a light on my craft table (since we didn't have any sun for many days).
Where have I been all these days? I have been right here, of course--diligently focused on my online class. I wake up (am on days now--tada!), no TV, and just start in on the class. I take laptop breaks in my comfy chair so that I can pretty much keep up with blogs and emails. I have been spending the better part of my day immersed in thought, I guess you could say.
It has been warmer the past couple days! It is 33 degrees right now as I am typing this and the sun is out again--whoohoo!! Chunks of ice and snow have been falling off the roof. It's supposed to go back below zero by Sunday, but this is really nice!
Karma is even keeping me company all morning--lying on the floor (sans cat bed or crinkle bag) under the table while I do my classwork. The floor isn't as cold--hehe! ;)
Oh, and I forgot to post this. It completely slipped my mind, to be honest, about calling the fire marshall to ask about them clearing the sidewalk from the emergency exit. Maybe somebody else did? Suddenly they decided to use the snow plow to clear it off. Odd way to do it, but it has been cleared twice now. Nice! Who cares how they do it, right? ;)
Karma's been one happy grass-eating cat the past couple days! [Note: She really isn't quite as fat as she looks. See how thick her fur is. Karma is like a cushy teddy bear--hehe!]
Smell well.
Locate the perfect spot and take a big mouthful.
Gnaw the clump of grass off with the side of your mouth.
Lick your chops...
...well and long.
Australia was hit with double cyclones, it snowed in Texas and in the desert out west...strange weather we're having all over. I pray everyone is safe and sound.
I have six more days of the class--more if they take another break day. I have already gathered up a stack of books to read and CDs to listen to because I want to keep up some kind of daily spiritual practice once this class is done. I can't continue to spend almost all day every day on it like I have been, but I want to figure out something that will work well for me. :)
Anyways, Karma and I are doing well. I just heard another thunderous chunk let go off the roof. Life is good. :):)
"Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you."
Aldous Huxley


Intense Guy said...

Ahhhh! So nice to see something from you (and Karma the Cow)!

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your online class - it sounds like it has given you plenty of "food for thought".

Melting ice is the best kind of ice :)

Rita said...

Iggy--I know--I was so busy the days just flew by.
Karma does remind me of a cow over her grass there--LOL! ;)
We have another couple of warm days before the cold returns--during the SuperBowl it sounds like--hehe! :):)
I hope you hear clumps and drips soon, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh man the weather is definitely crazy all over for sure, its kinda scary. Karma is so funny eating that grass and I am so sure you made her day with it also lol Im glad you are enjoying your class time and I hope all is well :o)

AliceKay said...

I've been wondering if you were feeling okay or whether you were so into your class that you didn't have time or even want to blog. It sounds like you're really enjoying it, and that's what's important.

That cat grass grew very fast. Karma looks like she really enjoyed it. :) (what cow wouldn't like to eat some nice fresh green grass after a long winter?) :p

Yes, there is crazy weather all over the globe. Makes you wonder where it will hit next and what kind of punch it will throw.

Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Toriz said...

Great when you're on days, isn't it? I've been on days for almost two weeks now... It's fantastic! I hope it continues. ;)

Karma's so funny... And she sounds so cuddly! I wish I could come and cuddle with her... It's so cold here, and I love kitty cuddles! Mind you, she would probably be scared and hide from me. But I'd still like to cuddle her!

I'm glad you're enjoying that class, and hope you do manage to work out some time each day when you can do something spiritual. Be it just a few minutes of meditation, or something more! :)

You're reminding me of some of the habits I want to get in to buut keep finding excuses not to... Got any of that motivation stuff to spare? I could use some! ;)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Karma, what a sweet ball of fur ya got there.

Yep, the temps are all relative. After our sub~zero temps left (we are promised a return soon and very soon) this mornin' I went out to clear a path with no outer wear and it felt goooood!!! It was 30 degrees...heeehehehe!!!

You have yourself a good weekend sweetie and don't stand under the edge of your roof! :o)

Rita said...

Lynn--All is really well. :) Being an inside cat, getting to eat some cat grass must be akin to an outdoor cat rolling in the grass and climbing trees and chasing birds--hehe! ;)

AliceKay--I can't believe that much time slipped by, actually, so I am definitely enjoying the class. Lots to ponder. :)

Tori--Yes!! So nice to be on days for however long it lasts. Yup--you're right--Karma wouldn't actually let you cuddle her. I'm only allowed when SHE chooses and I the only one allowed at all--ROFL! That's what I was thinking--if I just even did a meditation at least. Motivation? Taking the class gave me some motivation. Now--keeping it up after the class is done...?? Wish me luck! ;)

Nezzy--Ha! I know about 30 degrees feeling good--like spring up here when it hits 30. ;) You have a good weekend, too. I'll watch our for falling clumps! :)

Parsley said...

CUTE KARMA the grass nibbler!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sounds like you have been so productive lately!!! My cat likes to eat the grass outside sometimes too. She's basically an indoor cat, but loves to go out and *roam* everyday too.

Good luck on finishing up your class!

Rita said...

Parsley--Green grass was a nice sight for me, too--hehe! ;)

Jeannie--I've heard grass settles their stomachs, but I'm not sure if that is really true or not.
Three days left of the class. Been enlightening! I'll talk about it more when I am finished and have had some time to absorb. ;)

Toriz said...

Thought as much (about Karma). Still, I'm sure she's nice to cuddle with. You'll have to try and cuddle her for me. :)

Good luck!

tattytiara said...

See I love growing indoor grass for my cats, but they always manage to pull the entire little lawn right out of it's box! Maybe I need a deeper one like yours.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Good to see you again!!!

Love Karma!! What kind of grass to you plant for her. I have a kitty at home that I'm sure would love her own patch of grass.

Rita said...

Tori--I'll try--ROFL! ;)

Tatty--I plant the seed about a half inch down and she will still pull individual seeds out by the root and leave them ends on the floor, but they grip in pretty well. :)

Donna--I got the cat grass seed at the pet shop. Petco or PetSmart. They sell sets with the planter and all, too. But I like a big heavy planter because she yanks on that grass--hehe! :)

Serena Lewis said...

I haven't been online much myself this past week and rushed over here thinking I had a lot of posts to catch me up. It looks like you've been busy too, Rita. :)

I LOVE that lamp shade!

Karma certainly seems to enjoy mowing her patch of grass. ;)

It's great to hear you so involved with your online class, Rita. It must be so interesting and obviously gives you lots to ponder. I've started up my daily meditating again and I really hope I can make it a lifestyle habit this time around.

Enjoy a lovely week ~ xo

Deanna said...

The classes sound very cleansing. I can see the value in devoting your mind and energies to just that.

Karma and her grass. Too funny.

Glad to hear you are still on a night schedule! Glad to hear you are experiencing a "heat wave" too!

Furry Bottoms said...

For some reason, your new posts havent been showing up in my google reader! Sad face!!!! I was just thinking I hadn't heard or seen anything doing with you in awhile so I came to investigate.

That grass, my cat would have fallen in love with. Does Karma throw it up, though?

Rita said...

Serena--Yup! Been really busy with the class. But will be done in a couple of days.
Oh I love the new lamps on the craft table! Leah found them at Target and knew I would love them. She was keeping her eyes open at the time for something we could put the daylight bulbs in--emailed me a photo and I said--yes! yes! LOL! What a world we live in these days. ;)
Keep up with your meditation if you can. Really does help in keeping a calm perspective and in feeling grounded and centered. I always wonder why I have quit--hehe! Duh! ;)

Deanna--I know--on days and we had a heat wave. It was over in two days, but it was nice while it lasted. I saw a couple of college-age looking guys in the parking lot who wearing shorts!!

Furry Bottoms--Is this Nikki, by any chance? I rad 14 I wondered if this was "Aunt of 14" Nikki? Maybe that's why? Or are you somebody new? I don't recognize the handle. But welcome, glad to see you, regardless. ;)
No, Karma doesn't barf up her grass. She doesn't eat a lot of it at a time, tho. She nibbles all day--but she can't keep up--it is getting tall! :)