Friday, February 11, 2011


It was so dark when I took the video (below) that I took a picture here to show you what the new cat bed/box really looks like. Note the crinkle bag inside on the floor. Karma finally succeeded in killing the bird. It doesn't chirp anymore. She pawed it viciously and bit it repeatedly until the chirp mechanism was destroyed--all without biting a hole in the fabric. Well, Leah shouldn't mind--didn't activate it in the first place--hehe! I guess it will be soon time to send it home with Karma-smells on it to see if Sammy and Annie find it interesting. :)
Anyways, here's the video. I apologize for it being so dark.

And what came in the box? It was an order from Cheap card stock: 200 sheets of white, off white, and cream. On top of the stack...
...are all the vinyl business card holders (also cheap). And what do we plan to do with them?
We'll attach one to the front of...
...our many plastic craft satchels. We were just using some white card stock and a labelmaker.
We attached them with some of that tacky putty stuff.
But they do get bent and come loose.
And if you want to change the contents around, these are a pain to replace or switch. So, Leah came up with this idea. We'll attach these vinyl business card holders so that the one side hangs down in the front--very similar to what you see here. The thing is, we'll be able to change out the cards (that will list the contents) whenever we want--just slip another one in the holder--tada!
I'm thinking of using clear packing tape to attach them to the satchel. Not sure if Leah has a better idea. Anyways, we are always organizing and reorganizing, aren't we?
I finished the class several hours ago (Thursday night). My hours are so screwy that I am going to wait and see if I can make it over to sign the release at the dentist's office the beginning of next week. Hopefully I will have worked my way around the clock enough to be awake all morning by then. Been going to bed in the early morning and sleeping till afternoon right now, so there's no way I'll make it over there tomorrow. I don't dare try to force myself to stay awake to drive there in the morning when I am that tired. No way. Hopefully Monday. :)
More about the class later. I have to pick out another book for when I wake up...well, this afternoon, actually. Karma's sleeping in her new cardboard cat bed. The building is quiet. No wind beating against the windows tonight. Supposed to warm up during the day today and maybe hit 20 degrees--whoohoo! It's 8 below right now.
Well, have a great weekend!! :):) Be back soon.
"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little."
Jon Kabat-Zinn


AliceKay said...

Karma is a hoot to watch. She has to sniff and check out everything you bring her way, doesn't she? LOL

Your idea in labeling your satchels sounds like a good one to me. I'm sure it'll work better than the way you're labeling them now.

It's 0(zero) here this morning...very cold for us. I feel sorry for the guys working out in the mill...Terri included. It's colder out there than it would be standing in the parking lot. We have to keep most of the doors open in order to load customers and load our feed trucks so most of the time there's wind blowing thru the mill but no sun to warm it up. It's supposed to hit 40 on Monday. (heatwave)

I hope your weekend is a good one. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

You are seriously so very organized!!!

Me, when I organize... it is for the fun of organizing. It is not to help me do something-- often it is used as a proscrination tool to not have to do a specific project. But the organizing is fun! Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love how you have everything organized in those totes and then labeled what a wonderful idea. Karma is so cute in her box and she sure is gonna miss that crinkle bag when it is time to go home to the other kittys. I read online that you can make one using the chip bags that have the shiny insides. I guess you cut the bags flat and wash them good of course and then someone took a pillowcase and put those inside with some catnip and the sewed up the pillowcase and walla a crinkle bag, cool idea eh? I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend :o)

Rita said...

AliceKay--Oh yes! Can't get much past Miss Karma. :)
I think this way will be more permanent, too. We got a heat wave going up here. Hitting the low 30s during the day and it is expected to do this for several days--so maybe it will pass along down to you guys! :)

FurryNikki--hehe! No matter when you organize it always helps--even if it is just easier to find something later. I usually find organizing fun. The hardest part is getting started--but once I get going... ;)

Lynn--Karma isn't going to miss the bag so much now. The crinkle bag thrill has been gone now that she killed the bird inside--ROFL! Just lying on it to hear it make the crinkle noise--I had to put it inside the interesting new cardboard box to even get her to lay down on it. ;) But that is a cool idea--using potato chip bags. That would definitely work! :)

Toriz said...

I bet Karma is really proud of herself now. ;)

That's a great idea with the buisness card holder things.

Rita said...

Tori--Proud of herself, but less entertained now--hehe! ;)
I hope the business card holders work as well as we hope they will. :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Oh to live the life of Karma!!! I can't think of the last time my life was that interesting!! Lately it's been all wake up, go to work, drive home, eat supper, go to bed....repeat!! Love the fact that you've got your days and nights circulating. You probably don't but to me it sounds marvelous to be sleeping and waking in alternative spaces! Congrats on your heat wave ~ we're having one too!! It's going to be in the 60's today ~ WooHoo!!

Rita said...

Donna--hehe! Karma and I are easily entertained. ;)
I don't mind my hours being irregular and going around the clock and actually am more of a night person, but it gets to be a problem when I have appointments or things I need to do in the daytime during "normal" people's hours--ROFL! That can be annoying. Or when you want to sleep during the day and the kids are playing and screaming outside under your window in the summertime. ;) But it is nice that it is just Karma and I and she doesn't mind when I am awake or asleep. :)

Intense Guy said...

Leah had a brilliant idea!! She is so smart! :)

Krisp Krinkle Karma of Fargo's Funland - would be Ms. Karma's full name if she was a full-bred with papers. Hey! There's an idea... Kat Papers for Karma (or other Krazy Kat) available at your Etsy place!

Rita said...

Iggy--Leah is so smart. Always coming up with ideas. We haven't gotten to trying out those plastic holders yet. Lord only knows when we'll get to it (she has the labelmaker), but we will. ;)
Karma was overwhelmed with all the interesting things to check out all at once. As you know, we are both easily entertained. :)