Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, this is my "morning". I finally slept again and have no headache (like when I woke up Monday in the actual morning) so I certainly can't complain about when I am sleeping. It is only annoying when I have appointments or places to be. :)
Last "night" when the sun came up this morning (is it any wonder I don't always know what day it is) Karma was taking advantage of the rays.
And she's been enjoying being back out on the porch again. I'm glad she doesn't complain that she can't go out all day because I am sleeping it away. ;)
During the night I made up a lentil curry with sweet potatoes and cauliflower. I've showed you this recipe before. I just love it and make it at least once every winter. Never make anything exactly the same twice--hehe! This time I added extra lentils and, since I didn't have any diced tomatoes, I used crushed tomatoes. Delicious!
Since the crinkle bag's bird died, Karma's lost interest in it and is back to snuggling in her blue suede cat bed. And I'm back to moving it around the apartment to keep it interesting.
This just may continue to be a comfort item for Miss Easily Bored.
Well, I just woke up a few hours ago and I slept well, so maybe I can finally get back to you later on during the night about the class. About time--hehe! Nothing in my life seems to move at a rapid pace anymore. So many hindrances, limitations, annoying delays (or shall I say tests of patience), and jack-in-the-box road blocks. Perseverance...or what stubborn Swedish genes I have left...keep me going--ROFL!! Later....
"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
Duke Ellington


Serena Lewis said...

Cody loves to lie out in the sun even in our summer...crazy dog! lol

That soup had my mouth watering, looks so YUMMY!

I understand totally....I never seem to do the things I want done because of constant distractions in one form or another. Ah well...such is life.

I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend ~ xo

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you woke with no headache. I hope that continues for a good long time.

Karma looks so comfy in that bed. That first shot of her was precious. :)

Soup is good for cold winter nights (or days if you prefer). It was 60 or so here yesterday, but it's only been around 32 most of the day today. It was 30 when I was outside earlier. We've had snow showers on and off all day, and right, now it's snowing like crazy. The wind is still ripping, too. Last I knew, we were under a high wind warning. I put Ryan's sled out in the shed this afternoon so it wouldn't blow away. (i had it stuck in behind our trash can on the porch before that)

I'm looking forward to reading all about your classes when you get to it. :)

Rita said...

Serena--Karma likes to go lay out in the heat and humidity in the summer, too! Beyond me how she can stand it!
I know! You get bad headaches, too--and know how they can mess up your plans. And I have a variety of other issues, too, that can pop up lie a jack-in-the-box--hehe! ;)

AliceKay--Me, too! :):) We have snow up here again, too, after all that springlike melting. Normal stuff. That kind of wind--we have that a lot up here. True--you never leave anything outside that could blow away. We automatically think about that. Do you remember that receipt I found that had gotten blown under my screen on the porch? The guy googled himself and found me talking about his receipt on my blog! He lives blocks away on the other side of our building--other direction, you know? Crazy, crazy winds up here.

You can read our conversation in the comments here:

Queenie Jeannie said...

Does Karma sleep with you in bed? Nothing better than cuddling a cat at night...even if your *night* is day, lol! Love the pics of her!

Your soup looks amazing! So glad you enjoyed it!

I hope this week fills you with loads of new energy, no headaches, and all manner of wonderful things!

Toriz said...

The important thing is that you're getting sleep. If it's weid hours, never mind... As long as sleep happens! :)

I don't know if I told you, but I tried your lentil curry recipe one time... A little before Christmas... And it was really good! Well, I say, "your" recipe, but I've never hought to ask if it's yours, from somewhere else, or your adaptation of someone else's. Doesn't matter... It's good either way! :)

Anonymous said...

Im so glad you got to sleep at night :o) Karma looks so peaceful on her pillow there and that soup looks delish, never thought about putting cauliflower in soup I will have to remember that I love the stuff, Happy Sunday to you :o)

Rita said...

Jeannie--If I had a bigger bed, I think she'd be there with me all the time--but I only have a twin bed and she likes to sprawl, as you know. She comes up and sleeps by my head or behind my legs sometimes, but only here and there. I love it when she does, of course, and I try not to move much--hehe!
Wow! All manner of wonderful things sounds delightful!! You, too! :):)

Tori--I agree! Whenever I can sleep, I am happy! I am making my way around the clock and sleeping well the past couple days, too. :)
I'm not positive, but I think I might have gotten the curry recipe out of Vegetarian Times magazine when I used to get it. ;)

Lynn--I would have never thought to put cauliflower and sweet potatoes together like that, either. I like both, tho--and this curry is yummy. (Never thought I'd eat anything with curry powder in it, either--hehe!) Happy Sunday back atcha! :)

Intense Guy said...

Ah... I'm glad you woke up headache free... nothing sucks the fun out of a day faster than waking up with head that hurts.

I wonder if some of that nice bright sunshine is helpin' some?


Rita said...

Iggy--Headache free is good! It certainly can put an immediate damper on your day. ;) I have to say that, with me, whether it is a sunny day or not has nothing to do with whether I have a headache. In fact, when you have a real doozie, you would be thrilled to have a dark, cloudy day, because the sunlight hurts your eyes. Such is life. :)