Thursday, February 10, 2011


We had a couple days of sunshine! But very cold again. Right now it is 15 below.
Karma's grass has gotten quite tall, as you can see. She keeps nibbling at it regularly, but she can't keep up with the growth--hehe! I just might have to trim it again--and save the cuttings for handmade paper, of course. ;) It always dies off eventually, but it did seem to fade away faster when I trimmed it, for some reason, so I am hesitant to dive in with the scissors. I have more seed, maybe I'll go wild--ROFL!
Obviously I am working my way around the clock again. I was worried about that because I had a dentist's appointment this morning, but I cancelled it. Not because I would have been so tired I might have fallen asleep in the chair (never!), but because my god-sent new worker figured out that I qualify for medical assistance (medicaid) and told me I should apply. My maximum payment would be $8.00 a month! Even if I went to the dentist once a week it would be just the $8.00 that month. (Told you I was poor--LOL!) AND that means I can switch and go to a dentist who takes medical assistance. She had a name for me--so I called and Dr. Coffey is still taking new patients--hurray! Now I just have to drive over to the old dental clinic and sign a release form in person so that they can mail my information over to my soon-to-be new dentist. Dagan and Leah suggested I wait till Friday because it is supposed to warm up some by then. (We've had dangerous wind chill warnings.)
Dagan and Leah came over on Tuesday night. We hadn't seen each other for three weeks, so it was nice to catch up. I love them so much! And Mr. Dagan came up with something I have been milling on and chuckling about ever since. Has to do with my class and I'll tell you about it all soon. One more day and I'm done!! :):)
Was six years ago February 7th that I moved in here. And Miss Karma was six years old on Saturday. Caroline was here to clean on Tuesday afternoon and said she's heard that people like this dentist Dr. Coffey. Nice! I am actually looking forward to being able to see the same dentist every time. I honestly can't remember if I have ever had the same dentist twice at the Family Health Care Dental Clinic (volunteer dentists from the area). You get tired of long explanations every time you go. Since my chipped tooth doesn't bother me, whenever I can get in is fine with me. :):)
Medical Assistance may help for part of the eyedoctor this spring for my glaucoma check, too. And it helps with the regular doctor...if I ever decide to go to one again--hehe! I've only been seeing my rheumatologist for years (for the fibro and arthritis)--and it should help with him, too. I am just so happy to have some good news for once when it comes to medical stuff. ;)
The kind of bad news is that they have discontinued Darvocet, as I think I mentioned. And the Tylenol with Codeine they wanted me to try gives me an upset stomach--even when I take it with food. So I had to let them know. All the other stronger pain meds are also related to morphine (which gives me nausea--even vomiting if I have it more than about the first 12 hours or so after surgery). So, what's left is Tramadol--which is what I was on for about four years that I had gotten more or less immune to and had to switch up to the Darvocet. Hummm...? Well, I haven't been taking pain pills every day since I weaned off of them this last year. Just take them here and there. So maybe the Tramadol will work again since I haven't taken it for a couple years? Maybe I will feel better and better--and not have to take pain pills hardly at all? Time will tell, right? :)
Anyways, that's what has been happening up here. Right now, I am heading for bed. Just wanted to do a catch up and let you know Karma and I are safe and warm. ;) In the next day or two I hope to be back and have some time to tell you more about my own personal experience with the class. Till then--keep smiling!! :):)
"Nothing is a waste of time if you use your experience wisely."
Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917


Parsley said...

Karma looks like she's protecting her grass LOL

I hope your meds get sorted out. It's no fun to be switched around and have your body go on a roller-coaster effect.

Furry Bottoms said...

Are you able to take Vicodin? I don't know if its in the morphine family. It must be really hard to be in so much pain for that long!

I'm glad you're enjoying your class! :)

AliceKay said...

That's great news about the help from Medical Assistance. Wow...maximum of $8 a month? That would be fantastic. I get one tooth filled and it will cost me around $150. I'm with you...I'd rather see the same dentist each time I went to the dentist.

I'm glad you had the chance to visit with Dagan and Leah. I wouldn't want to venture out into that cold often if I lived there. (gives me the shivers just reading those numbers)

I hope the Tramadol works for you whenever you need to take it again. I had to take Darvocet once...made me sicker than a dog. Meds and me don't usually get along very well.

Nice to know you and Karma are safe and warm. Will be looking forward to your posts about your class. :)

Rita said...

Parsley--I hate taking meds in the first place. Have felt more clear-headed since I weaned off the daily pain meds and just take them here and there now. On bad pain days you can't think straight anyways, so you may as well try and relieve the pain level--ROFL! Karma does love her grass. ;)

Furry--My doctor didn't think so. It's in that family (related to codeine) plus it has ibuprofen, if I remember correctly. (We were going thru what was available on the phone.) When I hurt my fingers, then wrist, then arm...they were giving me high doses of ibuprofen for years (like 800 milligrams) and it about ate my stomach out and didn't work anymore. Which is why I have had acid reflux troubles ever since. Meds! It does suck being in pain 24/7, but you adjust. You have to. The only pain free days I have had in over a decade were the two days I was on OxyContin after my jaw surgery--ROFL! That's life, tho. You just play the cards you're dealt, right? :):)

AliceKay--Well, that's my co-pay with what they cover. Anything that isn't covered I have to pay for, of course. We don't know if they will cover the glaucoma testing I have to have this spring because they only allow a visit to the eyedoctor every two years, but I have to go back in a year. But anything is a help, right? I am grateful for any help I can get.
Dagan and Leah didn't want to stay very late because of the freezing cold wind. Don't want your car to freeze up, either--wanted them back in the garage and to be back home. Don't blame them one bit. ;)
Yes! It sucks to need pain medication and then get sick from it. I can totally relate to that. Stay warm!

tattytiara said...

Dental for $8/mo? Awesome! I do absolutely adore our healthcare, but if it were to cover dental (and optometry) that would really be a dream come true!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Karma layin her head on the floor and just staring at whatever is just cute. Sorry about your pain med situation I hope everything works out for you there I know it has to be frustrating. Im glad you got to spend time with the kids :o)

Rita said...

Tatty--Well, you do have to own nothing and be living on very, very little to get this--but I am glad to have it. Even if they didn't tell me I qualified for six years--and the dentist will still pull a tooth because Medicaid doesn't cover root canals either. Your coverage is limited. Anything not covered you have to pay cash for--and if you're this poor to begin with you don't have money to save a tooth, etc. This new Medicaid is thru the state of North Dakota. The federal (Medicare) doesn't cover much of anything with teeth or eyes.

Lynn--I was wiggling my toes so she'd look away and I wouldn't get those glowy eyes--hehe! As far as the meds--I'll live. If you're in more pain, you just get less done--but I'll live. ;) And I try not to let it ever get me down! :):)

Toriz said...

That's good news about the medical stuff! I'm glad someone could actually do something helpful for you! :)

Rita said...

Tori--Me, too! Thanks, Lady! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Yes, a little help is better than no help at all, I guess. I am very happy that you have a case worker who is looking after your best interests, Rita. I do wish the States would offer people on disability a better deal though.

WOW...three weeks since seeing Dagan and Leah? How exciting it would have been to catch up with them again. You have me curious about Dagan's suggestion re. your class.

I do when they discontinue a line. They used to sell a great Cold/Flu medication over the counter....was the only thing that gave me any relief if I had a heavy cold. Unfortunately, as with a lot of medications, they stopped selling them due to people buying them up big to use in the making of more potent, illegal drugs. Now, when you buy a stronger than average medication over the counter, they ask for your driver's licence so they can keep a record...a good thing if it helps them hinder illegal drug labs. Have you tried Mersyndol? It contains paracetamol, codeine and doxylamine. Of course, if codeine is the one that sets off your tummy upsets, it would be no good for you.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your class.

Serena xo

Rita said...

Serena--I'm on the same thing the seniors are on, too--Medicare. In order to get better coverage you need to go and buy supplemental insurance on your own. If you are poor enough and own little or nothing, then you can qualify for the state Medicaid or Medical Assistance--which is also what poor mother's with young children, the homeless, and some of the unemployed are on . But you do get what you pay for, as they say. The government will only cover what they decide is necessary. Keeping your teeth is considered "cosmetic". True, I suppose--one can certainly live on pureed food if you had to. Beggars can't be choosers.

It was great to see Dagan and Leah. I promise I will talk about the class sometime soon when I am sleeping well again. :)

Never heard of Mersyndol. Codeine is a relative of morphine, so I'm sure that's why he didn't mention it. He said most of the rest I had to choose from were related to morphine. Maybe it's the Universe telling me to just keep trying to stay away from pain meds as much as possible. ;) I wrote it down tho--hehe!

Intense Guy said...

Happy 6 years in Fargo!!! and I'm glad you got to hook up with Leah and Dagan!

I'm a bit behind with my reading - but I won't miss a moment from Karma's World!

Rita said...

Iggy--Karma and I have missed you!! :):)