Friday, March 02, 2012


Good Morning!
Another brief peek at a hot red-orange sun before it climbed up under the clouds this fine morning.
Well, I was going to do this yesterday but I was too dang sore from catching up online all day the day before to handle much computer time. (Same positions do me in.) Kind of funny because now I am behind again--LOL! Anyways, I wanted to share what little I know of the story of two best friends, Melynda and Elisa.
I only recently "met" them, read each of their blogs, and became an instant follower of both. In fact, at first I didn't realize they knew each other. I didn't know about Melynda having lost the eyesight in her one eye (due to childhood diabetes) until I read this blog post. There was a sudden, blood in the good eye, emergency run occurrence.
Now both these women are young mothers. I can't imagine what it would have been like for me to be raising Dagan and suddenly not be able to see! And to not have learned how to even be blind yet or to have the special equipment needed for daily living, you know? Melynda faces her challenges with honesty, grace and humor. These two wild and crazy, book-writing, BFF moms are something else...and so lucky to have each other. Elisa hatched a plan and posted about it here. Elisa and a couple other friends secretly finished off editing the book Melynda was putting together from her blog! They totally surprised her! All the profits will go to Melynda to help her get the things she needs to make her new legally blind life easier. She's having another surgery on that eye today.
Best wishes, Melynda!!
The book was just released yesterday. So far it looks like it's only available in the kindle version but I hope it will be available in paperback form soon. I know I will get a copy as soon as it's in paperback. I'll post a link when I find out it's available in hold-in-the-hand form, okay?
This post of Melynda's is why I enlarged my font and decided that I am no longer going to comment on blogs that have word verification. I got rid of word verification (which I wasn't actually aware I had in the first place) some time ago after meeting Tori who has lost both her eyes due to childhood glaucoma. My dad has had glaucoma for over 30 years (has lost the sight in one eye) and my son, Dagan, was just diagnosed with glaucoma last year. I, myself, am so nearsighted (and with astigmatism) that I cannot be corrected to 20/20 with glasses and word verification of any kind has never been easy for me, either. So, if you haven't checked, please take the time to do so. (See Melynda's post on how to do it.) You can choose to approve any comments before they are posted. I've been keeping a list and have almost 20 blogs I follow that I no longer comment on. Of course, you certainly may not miss my two cents--LOL! But if you are wondering why you haven't heard from me, that is probably be the reason.
Now, I also had to add--for being such an amazing, thoughtful friend--Elisa's book is also available at Amazon in paperback and the kindle edition.
Sadly, I am ashamed to admit that I won the book but haven't even started it yet. I have not been reading anything for weeks...not even my ACIM I was reading every day. Well, the only thing I have been reading is one of the chic-mystery paperback of Caroline's I keep in the bathroom to read a few pages at a time. But this compiled diary book about the loss of Elisa's baby boy definitely didn't feel like bathroom reading material and that's the only spot I've been cracking a book for going on a month--LOL! I've been saving it for when I had the time to give it full attention, you know? But maybe I should just dive in and lose a day or two. ;) Hummmm...maybe this weekend?
Meanwhile, since I couldn't spend any length of time sitting in computer position yesterday I was up and down printing off free stationery.
I can't even remember now how I ran across this idea online, but I had jotted down to google "free printed stationery". Found some I liked and printed away. Then I had to cut them down after they were printed off with my trusty Dahle Trimmer.
I temporarily was sticking them in the resume paper box I had finished off while doing this task. Later they went into a prettier flowered box, of course, that I keep writing materials in.
I laid the empty box with the rest of Karma's mess on the floor: toy box spilled out, fake treats in the flat toy bed, hunk of rug we put catnip on, and cat grass planter. She really does take up a lot of room sometimes--LOL!
Karma's been parked on top of the slim empty box most of the time since...because it has that triangular hole up in the corner...and the evil queen dropped a few kernels of cat food inside...and she couldn't reach them--LOL!
She paws into that hole like a crazy person every so often. Despite the fact that I removed the kernels and have showed her it's empty three times. Evil queen finds this vastly amusing. ;)
The cat grass is not going to last much longer. It gets enough sun in that spot but it is also cold there on the floor. The grass is beginning to turn yellow and brown. But Karma well knows the bounty fades quickly. She's been chomping and grazing many times a day..."making hay while the sun shines" came to mind. :)
Yesterday. After effects of the second blizzard...with an additional dusting of snow that arrived during the next night. What a dark day.
The plow never came until around 6pm Wednesday night. We always wait to get plowed out. They went down the center aisles of the parking lot and pushed away snow from some of the places where there were no cars.
Then we're left with this mess. Normally they would eventually put up notices to vacate the parking lot on such and such a day for a thorough plowing, but this late in the year I wonder if they will bother...or just assume it will melt soon anyways.
Below my window here there was so much ice under the snow that a couple people had a heck of a time moving their cars out of the spots where they had huddled during the storm. Then I watched someone else arrive, slip in, and get stuck after they left. Apparently the arriving driver noticed the slide and thud into the snow, changed their mind, tried valiantly to back out, came inside to recruit pushing help...20 minutes later they were quite hopefully parked in a different, very white looking spot that revealed no obvious slippery glare.
Sometimes forced retirement is such a blessing.
Well, having a garage is a true blessing up here, too. ;)
Do you notice anything is this picture?
Look between the far garages.
A big old snow pile!! Tall as the garages!! :):)
It took until the end of February, but it finally looks like winter here. :):)
Well, with is now a little after 11am. I'm not going to get caught up online much today, either, I guess--LOL! But then--am I ever caught up? Even when I have managed to succeed it only lasts for maybe an hour or so--ROFL!! ;)
Please be patient with me.
Have a great weekend!! :):)
To Elisa:
A friend is the one who is already there doing it when every one else is saying, "Is there anything I can do?"


Intense Guy said...

Ugh. That is way too much snow.


...I have to admit it... Your teasing Karma with the food tidbit made me smile... perhaps slightly evil-ly.

Desiree said...

Fabulous post, Rita!!! From start to finish!!!

Beth said...

Please keep the snow there!! It has been raining here today and to change to snow later on. Come on Spring!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is great! I love to support a good cause. I have a kindle so if I can get it away from my husband for a while I'll look into getting that book! I was laughing so hard at you teasing Karma. I am finally feeling like I'm getting better! I'm so glad. I think I'll actually make dinner tonight. I've been so sick my boys have been fending for themselves for almost a week! Hope you feel better too. Take it easy on yourself.

AliceKay said...

Eye health is something a lot of us take for granted until something happens to impair it. Still having problems with my right eye. Hard to work when your eye won't cooperate with you. I'll check out the links to your friends when I have a chance.

It definitely looks like winter there now. We had some sun this morning but it's been raining tonight.

So many areas of the country are being devastated by tornadoes again tonight. Heartbreaking to see the video from those areas. So far, my friends in northern Alabama are okay. The storms are heading toward my sister in South Carolina, too, so keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. The weather patterns have been so off-kilter. It's really scary.

The evil queen sure knows how to tease poor little Karma. LOL

Nice stationery. :)

Have a good weekend!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You got more snow than we did..lucky you! Poor are too funny tricking that cat:)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow, it really does look like winter now! I remember all the snow from MN and NE, and the HORRIBLE driving conditions too!!!! I learned to drive in that and it was always so scary to me. I'm glad you're all safe and sound inside with Karma!

What a brilliant idea of printing off stationary! The crazy prices they charge these days are silly. Although....not many people bother to send "real" mail anymore. Very sad!!!

I feel like I've been behind on everything for about a month. And I'm trying not to even stress about it because it doesn't help. Sometimes just having a day off is just so nice, and if you don't feel up to doing what "you should", then what better excuse do you need, really??? Although....I have so much to blog about, pictures, videos.....ugh, makes me tired just thinking about it!!!

Gwen said...

Thank you for this interesting and informative post. The stationery looks amazing and will be very useful. I can hardly believe all that snow.
Have a good weekend.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

ooooh, that's a lot of snow....finally, eh?

i think karma's playing with YOU...she knows how to keep YOU entertained...with her antics! ha!

(i just left Desiree's post on Melynda...and as i said there...Melynda's a lucky woman to have such caring & loving friends...)

DJan said...

I bought Melynda's book for my Kindle and started it last night. I don't think I can read Elisa's book, since I've been there and don't need to revisit the event.

That snow sure does look like a problem to get around in. Fortunately, you don't need to go out in it! :-)

Rita said...

Iggy--I do love a flummoxed Karma--LOL! ;)

Desiree--Thanks so much, lady!! :):)

Beth--Snow! You must hate that! I know how you are waiting for spring. ;)

AliceKay--I know! We can take for granted things until we have trouble with them--true!
I hope you sister is okay. Best wishes. :)

Connie--We may have gotten more snow this time, but you had more than us the rest of the winter. Not that there's been much snow at all compared to normal this year--LOL!

Jeannie--The only times it's really difficult driving is during snowstorms or when the roads are icy. But that happens every year, of course--LOL!
I know! More people should write snail mail!! It's becoming a lost art.
I hope you catch up. I have been behind online so much lately. Might have to change how I operate...hummm... ;)

Gwen--Thanks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too! :)

Laura--Yes, finally! I am happy to see some snow! :)
I do think Karma loves to hear me laugh and does things to get reactions out of me, for sure--LOL!
I am so far behind reading blogs, but I bet there were a few people posting about Melynda. Nice to hear! :)

Djan--That's so nice! Thanks! I forgot you have a kindle! I totally understand you not wanting to read Elisa's book. I think with the very close calls we had with Dagan in neo-natal and several other times--and then everything I saw in the hospital stays with Dagan...well, I have been working up to it, myself. :)
Yes, I am glad I don't have to go out in the winter too often--LOL! ;)

Celticspirit said...

Lots of snow! It snowed here yesterday for a few minutes but luckily it stopped. Great post. I am going to check out the link to those blogs. Very sad story.

Serena Lewis said...

LOVE that first pic!

I could imagine how tough it would be to lose your sight later in life. Bradley's legal blindness has been since birth so he's never known any different. I hope all goes well for Melynda and that she gets the assistance she needs. I wonder if Melynda is able to become a member of a Blind Association? Brad is a member of the Queensland Blind Association and he only pays $5 per year but that entitles him to a free white cane each year as well as discount on all the visual aids in their store and even financial assistance in certain cases.

You know my feeling on Word Verification...hate it! I've never had it on my blog and I'd rather manually moderate comments than inflict it on my readers. Thankfully, since blogger applied their Spam Filters, the spam is caught and placed in the spam folder before it gets a chance to hit my blog. The occasional spam may get through but that's easy to deal with...the delete button is a handy tool.

I didn't even know you could get free printable stationery. Cool stuff!

Cody and Jack can make quite a mess with their toys too. LOL

Evil queen...tsk! tsk! TSK! You big tease! lol

Yep, I say you have some winter in your neck of the woods. I'd be glad to be warm and cosy inside the apartment too.

Don't worry about catching up online, Rita...we understand. Just work at you own pace as you are able.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Anonymous said...

What a very inspiring post, when you read about things happening to people and then read how positive they are and become because of it sometimes makes me wonder could I handle it like that? Thanks for sharing this story and yes best of wishes for your friend and her surgery.

I dont know what all the fuss is about that snow I sure do think it looks mighty good, hehehe. We have not had one flake to fall and probably wont this year. We are gonna have a bad buggy summer this year because it sure didnt get cold enough to kill stuff like it should every year.

Hope all is well, hugs :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady! Imagine my surprise when I came to say hi and saw you posted about E and me! What a sweet heart you are! You can get a paperback on Amazon actually. BTW my book just hit two top 10 spots on Amazon! I can't believe people actually want to read my nonsense! I'm thrilled. Elisa is truly a wonderful friend and when you pick her book up you won't put it down. As for Karma she seems to be enjoying all your projects lol Thanks for blowing up your print and taking of WV. It makes it a lot easier for me! Big hugs.

Gwen said...

Dear Rita.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.
I have never in my life been neat and tidy, so my art just follows that trend. And, yes, those flowers are growing in the garden!
You are so lucky to such fabulous sunrises and have easy access to them. I am addicted to beautiful natural events like this.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The sunrise picture is lovely - such amazing colors.

Can't believe how much snow you received there. What a great sledding hill for little kids. Last winter there was so much snow that a Bobcat pushed it up high to make a hill for the girls. They enjoyed going down the little hill...the trick was to avoid the black raspberry bushes and the sharp brambles if they went in the wrong direction down the hill!

What a great idea to print your own stationary off the internet. Had no idea that resource existed.

Artoholic said...

Inspirational stuff Rita - I would have no job without my eyes. It would be simply devasting.

Karma knows a good thing hwen she sees/eats/lies on it...

carol l mckenna said...

You have been very busy ~ Karma is keeping kool and winter arrived at your state as well as mine ~ haven't seen the sun for a few days ~ We got very little snow on the coast ~ others got more and then it rained ~
Books ~ sounds like you have 2 good books and 2 good friends ~ enjoy you are gifted ~ namaste, carol ^_^

Rita said...

Barb--Sad story, but Melynda still writes posts that make me laugh! She's an amazing woman. :)

Serena--I think it would be a big shift with quite a learning curve. A lot of modifications you'd need just for daily living skills. Yup!
I'm glad to finally see winter. Looks like it should be Nov or Dec out there. Hardly had a winter.
Have a great week! xoxo

Lynn--Melynda truly is inspiring.
We had very little snow until these two blizzards. About time. Even though it won't last long. ;)
Have a great week, Grandma! ;) ;)

Melynda--Good to know! When I had checked it was't in paperback yet. Cool! Congrats on being in the top 10!!!!
I'm glad you can read my blog now on good days. Bless you!! Have a really wonderful week! Enjoy your success! :)

Gwen--You're so very welcome! :)
I think I've become addicted to the sunrises...if I happen to be awake and they are pretty I grab my camera. ;)
I love your work. Have a great week!

Ann--Ouch! Raspberry bushes are so prickly!! That pile would be dangerous on this parking lot side, but on the other side is a field. ;)
I didn't know about the free stationery, either. I just saw you can find free collage-type journaling goodies, too. ;)

Cindy--Yes, it would be absolutely devastating!
Karma thinks the world is her oyster--LOL! ;)

Carol & AMDog--Haven't seen too much sun here lately since the blizzards actually. Might peek out for a day but then it's gone again for a few. Snowing very lightly all day today, too.
I only have the one book, but I want to order Melynda's soon. :)

tattytiara said...

Checked out their blogs and holy crow, job well done! It's great to see you're doing your job and keeping Karma amused, too.

Akannie said...

Rita, Rita, Rita...

You are not going to believe this...every time (since you first posted on my blog) that I hit your name, it never showed that you had a blog. I thought you were just someone who read blogs but didn't care to write or had a private one.

For some reason today, it opened up for me and showed SoulComfort's Corner...

If you think Karma was flummoxed--YOU SHOULD SEE ME NOW!!!!!!! lol

I am delighted.
I am giddy!

BTW--I am with you 1000% about that stupid verification. My eyesight is minimally bad and it drives me crazy trying to read that crap. I have none on my blog either, as you know. And I always use the large font, but maybe I can go bigger?? hmmmm...

Happy Monday, my dear friend!!!

Rita said...

Tatty--Yah! Now that's true friends for you. I was duly impressed. ;)
I think we each keep the other amused--LOL! Have a super week!! :)

Rita said...

Annie--OMG! You're here!!!! I've been following and loving your blog for so long! I am just baffled by that, but I am glad you found me. Blogger has its glitches. I have had blogs I was following disappear, too? Cyberspace can be fickle. I'm so delighted you found me, though! I am also giddy!! :):):) Whoohoo!! Welcome! Welcome! :):)

Carolyn Dube said...

I saw the most beautiful sunrise and I thought of you and your photos! If you know the secret to being and staying caught up please let me know. I always feel so behind!

Crazy Life of a Writing Mom said...

Rita! You are the best. Thank you for your kind words and support ;) You're such a doll :0). I hope you'll love the book. The first is sad, but it does get better I promise ;)

Rita said...

Carolyn--My friend, Ruby, calls them my "postcards"--LOL! She'll say, I saw you had another postcard on your blog today. Silly!
I feel like I am always behind, too. I have not discovered the secret yet. ;)

Elisa--You're welcome! I have just started the book and am a slow reader. I think it was hard for me to pick up because I spent time in the hospital several times with my son, Dagan. Weeks in neo-natal watching him die...and desperate, last ditch surgery that he miraculously survived. They told me he wouldn't live long, anyways...a few weeks or months.
I'm the lucky one. Dagan is still alive...and, still, no promises each time death has been close enough to kiss. He's always been on borrowed time, but aren't we all.
I remember each hospital stay...the emotions, the smells, the sounds...all of it. I'm so sorry you lost your baby.

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
You know, I've said this before but it bears saying again--when I want to feel contented and at peace, I come to your blog. You share the daily-ness of your life as someone who is retired and dealing with a chronic illness. And you do so with such graciousness and good-heartedness and loving spirit that you inspire all of us. I bless the day I found your blog.


Rita said...

Dee--Thanks so much!! So very much! That is just the best compliments I could ever get. You are so sweet!! I am delighted that we connected and I look forward to every post of yours, too!! :):):)

1artsychick said...

Since you do comment on my blogs I assume I did it right and got the word verification off!!! : )

Your friend's story is so touching. I can't imagine having a new little one and learning everything I'm having to learn while losing my hearing, but losing my sight...whew. (but my sight isn't that great. Thank goodness they can still correct them with glasses, but past wearing contacts.)

You quote touched me. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Trying to forgive my "friends" and I realized I only have about 2 maybe 3, and they are a bit strange.
Some people have said, Is there anything I can do, but if I ask, they have excuses. Mostly all I've asked for is a visit. But no. People have said I'm not a good friend because on my "good" days i don't go out with the group. My good days aren't that good. I can't hear them. I've tried to explain, I can only hear one on one. I can't read 20 pairs of lips at a time. I can't hear anything in a restaurant. I can go with Stuart...I'm used to him and he knows some sign language, and he knows what to do if I have an attack.
What to do?

I've decided....I think our friendships had a season, and we didn't survive my winter.

So maybe I'm not a good friend any longer, but I'm not really given a chance, they won't give at all. It's either, see us in a big group or not at all...then not at all.

Good luck to Elisa.
what a beautiful story of friendship in a time of need.

(I feel all my friends now are on line....but you can't call on them in the middle of the night when you are lonely. Or when you want to get out of the house....
I miss them.
But not enough to get hurt again.

love and hugs