Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The sky this morning is dark and cloudy...
...but the sun is valiantly making bright appearances between the cloud cracks. Looks like it could go either way today.
We've had a lot of grey and occasional light rain, but it has been very warm. We've broken heat records right and left--sometimes by 20 degrees! Last night was chillier so I closed the porch door part way. Karma was spying on me from the dark porch.
What crazy weather! Mid-March and sleeping with the bedroom window fan and the porch doors wide open! We seem to have gone from November to May in these last two months. Very, very odd.
Miss Spy is loving this. I don't know if it's spring fever or what that makes her full of the devil when those doors to the wilderness of the porch open--LOL! A couple days ago I caught her spying at me from the porch door glass...and waited...
...till her eyeballs popped over the bottom of the glass--LOL!
It has been windier than all get out! See the ripples on the big puddle in the parking lot. The wind was blasting our way so that for three days the dryer flap pounded against the side of the building...day and night.
Between the heat and the wind that snow pile was almost gone a couple days ago...nothing but a frosty shadow.
This morning...totally disappeared. Can't believe how warm it has been!
Yesterday I got a birthday package in the mail from England!! All kinds of goodies from Tori & Kelly and their dogs Kero & Willow! Handmade candles...treats for Karma...
...a handmade card...
...four CDs with various Victorian pictures on them...
...and a seal on a sled Christmas ornament made from pompoms and pipe cleaners that Karma begged to check out (she didn't hurt it--I think it may have smelled like dog or something else equally fascinating). Thanks so much, Tori!! You shouldn't have! That was so sweet! :):)
I finally felt un-sore enough yesterday to haul the sewing machine out. It works this time--TaDa!! I sewed all afternoon on repairs and alterations.
Karma wasn't happy with the noise of the sewing machine, hid under the desk...
...and fell asleep. If she thinks that's bad, wait till I start shredding that whole box of papers that are in the bedroom from when I cleaned my files. (I do eventually get around to things--LOL!)
Why alterations? I will never understand why because I am short and round that when I buy something big enough to get around my "round" the manufacturers seem to believe that my neck simply has to have grown to the size of a gorilla and I most certainly must have the long, long arms to match. I can't do much about the gigantic neck holes that barely cover my bra straps, but I took 4-5 inches off some sleeves that came to my fingertips. ;) I'm sure I have a few more tops where I could shorten the sleeves, but I was done in and packed it up. My next sewing project will be the custom journal covers...but that will take some sketching and planning. So glad the machine is in working order this time. It felt so good to be sewing again!
Meanwhile, the other black tetra died. :( I am down to the two tetras that I can't remember what kind they were when I bought them years ago. Weren't familiar to me from my pet shop days long ago and slipped out of my memory shortly after I bought them. I think the last black tetra was so lonesome and hated the barren tank so much it just gave up the ghost. Had been hanging miserably up in a corner most of the time trying to hide...either that or was cruising the tank like it was looking for its buddy. They are fairly old for tetras...5-7 years maybe...can't remember. Been so very long since I bought fish. These last two seem to be hanging in there and are less freaked out by the "new" tank. So hopefully they'll be okay. :)
Today...I am working on a couple of letters and I hope to get back to Cathy's class. Thought maybe I'd try to draw in the leaning church with ink first and see if I can maybe straighten it up a little before I paint it. Then I can erase the pencil drawing. And this time I'll get out my good table easel. I just kept remembering how my calligraphy teacher stressed using an easel to keep from over-slanting. Maybe it would help me with drawing, too? Does sound awkward, though. But then I thought calligraphy on an easel would be terribly awkward and difficult, too. I did get used to it at the time. Well, gunna give it a try. Obviously, if anything can help me..... ;)
Okay, I am off. Waves from Fargo. (Karma would wave, but she's sawing logs.) Happy Tuesday!! :):)
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
Mark Twain


TexWisGirl said...

glad your sewing machine works! yay! 'bout time! :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita and Karma, Here,too, temperature records have been broken. But yesterday afternoon the clouds burst open and we had what seemed to me to be a torrential rain. Today dizzle and cooler. So the cats and I have slept off and on all day.

I'm glad the sewing machine is enabling you to fix your clothes. You do sound more chipper.

And I'm not sure of the birth date, but "Happy Birthday" --early or late or belated!


Beth said...

Hooray for a working sewing machine and a melted pile of snow. I am so happy spring is here. It is 80 degrees again today here.

Megan Adamson said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

It's great to get gifts, especially from abroad.

Personally, I quite liked your "wobbly" church...look at Picasso or Lowery, they saw beauty in all sorts of things and places.


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh Rita, what a nice package! There is something so very exciting about getting a package in the post. One of my best things.

Did Karma like the treats?

Those clouds looked interesting. I like it when sun peeps through numerous gaps in the clouds. IN the morning and evening, it can sometimes mean that there are long golden rays.

Weird to have the doors open at this time of year, even in England and I think we have a more moderate climate than you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you weren't to sore today! I'm ready for spring. I have been for awhile~ Happy Birthday whenever that special day is!

AliceKay said...

We've had crazy weather here. Not sure what to make of it. I'm thinking we're gonna have a hot, dry summer this year, but I guess only time will tell. We had quite a bad thunderstorm around supper time last night that lasted a long time and dropped a lot of rain.

Those are great gifts you received from Tori and her family. Very thoughtful of her. :)

I'm glad you're soreness went away. I'm sure you'll keep yourself well occupied with all of your projects you have lined up, so try not to overdo. I'm glad the sewing machine is now happily sewing away, too. :)

Loved the pictures of Karma. She sure does keeps an eye on you, doesn't she? When she isn't sawing logs, that is. LOL

Hope the rest of your Tuesday was a good one. (loved the quote)

betty said...

Wonderful box of goodies from Tori for your birthday! How thoughtful of her! Neat about the warm weather, at least if a snowstorm comes through after this you knew you had a few enjoyable days of spring like weather!


Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm so happy to hear about your warmer weather! We're enjoying our currently too! YAY on a working sewing machine!!!! I'm glad all that mess got sorted out!

Karma is just so funny! I think cats forget about their ears poking up, lol!

Love your birthday goodies!! Prezzies in the mail is always so nice!

I hope you have another fabby day in paradise! *waves* from Italy!

DJan said...

You have some really good friends here in Blogland, Rita, and deservedly so. I am so glad to have found you myself. Isn't it wonderful to learn about the differences and similarities we all have? I am always pleased to see pictures of Karma, too.

I think this weather is totally spooky. We haven't been in the warm sections like you all have. I wonder what is going on...

Jennifer McLean said...

Your cat is prescious! Your musings about your fish, sorry about the black tetra, reminded me of when I had fish as a child. I remember I was cleaning the tank and took the female out into another container for a short while as I scrubbed her home. When I went back to retrieve her she had like 20 tiny little fish keeping her company. So cool, she's a mommy! I was so surprised and SO glad she'd waited until I'd moved her into a smaller dish because I can't imagine HOW I would have caught all those tiny little baby fish!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so enjoying the new art supplies.
Jenn of www.justaddwatersilly.com

Friko said...

Seems like you never stop. I'm glad your sewing machine works and you can do these clever alterations.

You really are terribly handy, aren't you? I can't do half the things you do.

1artsychick said...

Just wanted to let you know, I've been reading all your post, but have been a bit overwhelmed with everything lately to comment on everything.
But know I'm keeping up with you.
I'm sorry about your fishes.

Loved the cat eye glasses!

and just can't imagine being able to stay friends with someone for so long. I'm "friends" with a girl from 1st grade, but really we are friendly aquaintances. we don't really know each other that well.

you are an amazing woman.
hope you aren't too sore.

If you need to work on your perspective, think of a grid on your page, even draw out a very light grid. That will help you get your lines straight, and visualize proportions, then just erase them when you're finished.
(it works for me anyway.)

thanks for all the encouragement, I've really been appreciating it lately!!
love and hugs

Toriz said...

You've certainly had a mixture of weathers, haven't you?

You're very welcome about the package; the treats are a late birthday present for Karma that I never got around to posting in time for her birthday so figured I'd send them with your stuff. The Christmas ornament Kelly wanted to add, I already had you in mind when I made the candles, and the CDs were given to me but I thought you'd be able to make use of and enjoy them more. Oh, and you had to have a birthday card! :)

I have the same problem with clothes; and if you get them so they fit around the neck and on the arms, you feel like you're being squashed in to them (or to go around you they ride up so much your stomach sticks out). Very annoying! I wish I could sew better, then I'd make my own clothes!

Sorry about the fish; hope the other two hang in there!

I love that quote!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Oh my gosh, Rita. Your comment about the neck hole being so large and clothing manufacturers thinking your neck must be the size of a gorilla with long arms to match had me laughing so loud. My poor cat, Meenie, was startled by the outburst. ;)

But, it's true, isn't it...it is so difficult to find clothes that fit women properly. If one part fits right, then another part (or several) are out of proportion.

That's great that you have the skills to alter clothes....and that your sewing machine is working again.

The pictures of Karma peeking at you from behind the glass were cute. Karma has such a sense of humor!

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

It was crazy windy here a few days ago too - though spring in Santa Fe is always windy, and not in a good way! Ellen DeGeneres was posting funny pictures of Hiding Kitties this week too :D

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Just stopped in to say thank you for visiting me so often! You always make me smile!

Gwen said...

Love your grey skies and posh sewing machine...mine is like a relic from times gone by.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

a box of goodies, hand made cards, a working sewing machine...sounds like a great day to me!!

(when i run the vacuum, milo just about has a heart attack...she can't get far enough away!)

Intense Guy said...

I hope it greens up a bit, it looks so brown out there in the fields.

Peek-a-Karma, an exciting brand new game from Fargo! Can you stare down a kat like Karma? :)

Sawing logs... yes, that sounds like a nice idea....